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Brittany-Santana relationship | Brittana Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia (From Glee Wiki)The Brittany-Santana Relationship, also commonly known as Brittana or Santittany, is the romantic relationship and friendship between Brittany Pierce. Santana Lopez is a fictional She has several romantic relationships, briefly dating Rivera has been vocal in her support of the Santana/Brittany. The Brittany-Santana Santana questions their relationship and asks if they're dating. Brittany asks her if dinner and taking baths together count as dating. (From Glee Wiki)The Brittany-Santana Relationship, also commonly known as Brittana or Santittany, is the romantic relationship and friendship between Brittany Pierce. Santana Lopez is a fictional She has several romantic relationships, briefly dating Rivera has been vocal in her support of the Santana/Brittany.

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You are like the awesomest girl at this school. Sue hands her an acceptance letter from the Brittany of Louisville, and has a full scholarship in Cheerleading.

However, she still has some sort of attachment to him and becomes extremely jealous when Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes and Lauren show interest in Puck. It dating revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity. She looks really sad but by the end of the Warblers performance of Santana Love Songs she is smiling. Santana is wearing her friendship bracelet through a lot of the episode while Brittany is only wearing it randomly.

They perform Pure Imagination with the others at the funeral. Brittany says they should sing a duet together and says they could do "Come to My Window" by Melissa Etheridge. In honor of the Brittana wedding, we take a look back at our favorite Brittany and Santana scenes.

When she learns that Artie and Brittany are dating, Santana tells Artie she believes Brittany is only Brittany, and Santana Lopez are one of her most successful.

(From Glee Wiki)The Brittany-Santana Relationship, also commonly known as Brittana or Santittany, is the romantic relationship and friendship between Brittany Pierce.

Santana is demoted from Head Cheerio to the "bottom of the pyramid" after Quinn informs Coach Sylvester that Santana got a boob job. Furious at her demotion from head cheerleader to the bottom of the pyramid, Santana angrily attacks Quinn and accuses her of being a slut because of her past pregnancy. She somehow enters the same dream fantasy as Brittany performing their duet of Me Against the Music.

Santana supports Kurt, whose father just suffered a heart attack. At the end sings with New Directions, One of Us. Santana gives Brittany a hickey in Duets. She is seen lying on a bed with Brittany and nuzzling her neck. She then proposes a duet with Mercedes, stating that she believes they are the two best singers in the club and in teaming up, they will be, "the undisputed top bitches at this school.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show. She portrays Magenta, alongside Quinn. Santana seems primarily interested in seeing Finn and Sam walking around in their underwear, and makes loud sexual comments regarding it, making Finn feel self-conscious. She spies on Mr. She and Brittany make fun of Emma for being a virgin. Santana, along with the other girls in New Directions, participates in the boys vs.

She and Brittany go on a double date with Puck and Artie. When Will is sick, he imagines Santana as a five year old in her Cheerios uniform where she compliments younger Puck. When Rachel tries to have all the focus in Glee Club on her, Santana attempts to attack her, but is held back by most of New Directions.

Rachel dismisses her by stating that they have boyfriends on the football team who can help defend Kurt, while she is only having sex with Puck, and that Puck cannot help protect Kurt without risking being sent to juvie again. Angered by this, she seems intent on getting back at Rachel, and threatens Finn with the fact that she has taken his virginity.

She seems surprised back in the choir room when Kurt says he is leaving for Dalton Academy , she gives Rachel a disgusted look when she says that Kurt will be competing against them.

Rachel protests for not having her solo at Sectionals , resulting in the Santana and Finn hook up being revealed. Valerie is her first solo in a competition.

She sings backup vocals again in Dog Days Are Over. A Very Glee Christmas. Santana sings back-up vocals in We Need a Little Christmas , only to be scared out along with the rest of the club. Santana asks Santa for bling.

Later in the episode, she is seen ready to cut her hair off - which is revealed to be mostly extensions - for charity. She sings back-up vocals in Welcome Christmas and is present with the club at Mr.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Santana can be seen practicing the routine with her fellow cheerleaders, and then she eventually talks and sticks up for Brittany when Sue wants to shoot Brittany out of her "Sueclear Weapon. Santana gets offended and walks out of practice. Brittany comforts her as she vents about trying to be honest, but people suck. She decides to do what she does best, revenge.

As revenge and to further prove her point, she gives them mono by kissing a sick boy then kissing Finn at his booth, effectively spreading the germs.

Santana talks to Sam about his relationship with Quinn. Blame It on the Alcohol. Finn describes Santana as the "weepy hysterical drunk," as she is crying and yelling at Sam, accusing him of liking Quinn more. She gets jealous when Sam and Brittany kiss in Spin the Bottle. After they recover from their hangover, Santana thanks Mr. Schuester for being there for them when they need him.

However, she does decide to sit down with Brittany and Holly Holliday to discuss the nature of their relationship. Still unable to fully open up, Holly suggest them to sing a song and Santana has the perfect one already figured out.

The trio sing Landslide and throughout the song Santana becomes extremely emotional and even cries. After the song is over, she hugs Brittany and when she asks her is that how she feels, Santana replies "Yes. She is afraid of what will happen to her if she does, using Kurt as an example. She states that she only wants to be with Brittany and that she loves her and only her.

Santana leaves, angry and heartbroken. Later in Celibacy Club, Santana appears even more cynical after the incident and stares sadly at Brittany sitting next to Artie. She finally discovers that she is a lesbian. After deciding that New Directions will perform original songs, Santana says that everyone should have a chance to write an original song for a Regionals contender.

It is found that even Santana voted for Rachel, despite finding her annoying. Santana mentions that even though they won Regionals she still got slushied. She then refers to this slushie later on when she stands up to Karofsky for Kurt and Blaine right before the benefit concert, mentioning she keeps razor blades in her hair. After defending Kurt and Blaine, she receives word that Sunshine Corazon is not coming to the benefit and neither are her Twitter followers.

Later she is seen in the corridor looking longingly at Brittany, musing that if she were to become Prom Queen, she might be able to trick Brittany into being with her by making it "law. Blaine says that he would be perfectly fine if Kurt were to come back to McKinley, just as long as he was safe.

This is when she thinks up her plan then gets up and leaves saying "I gotta gay I have to go. She decides that she and Dave will be "beards" using each other as cover to appear heterosexual. She says that this will mean they will "Win Prom King and Queen and rule the school. Santana joins him in front of the rest of the New Directions telling them that she took it upon.

The next day, "The Muckraker" writes about "a prom queen candidate who spends most of her time in the closet," whom everyone recognizes as Santana. She confronts Brittany, who says that what she meant is that she used to be on the Cheerios, to which Santana retorts that she could of put it differen tly. This hurts Brittany, and she goes to Santana for comfort.

Santana decides she will be "the law-and-order prom queen candidate" by loudly and ostentatiously protecting Kurt from anti-gay bullying.

At the prom, Santana and the other candidates wait on stage and hope to be crowned Prom Queen. Santana auditions for a solo at Nationals, singing Back to Black. Jesse comments that she did not have emotion in her singing and Santana replies by shouting back v erbal threats, she also said she will go all Lima Heights on him. She argues with Mercedes, Kurt, and Rachel about who will win the solo.

When the results of the auditions are revealed, Santana does not win the solo, nor does anyone else — instead, Will decides to repeat their winning formula from Regionals and have the group sing original songs. She comments that she sings with a raspy voice because of her cigar smoking. Santana and Brittany stop Quinns plan to tell Mr.

Schue about Kurt and Rachel sneaking out, and calm her down while offering her to get her a haircut. Out of anger, Santana yells at Rachel in Spanish, while trying to physically attack her, but was held back by Quinn, Mike, and Sam.

Back at their final days of school, Santana and Brittany talks about the future of New Directions. Before ending their conversation Brittany tells Santana that she loves her more than anyone in the world and Santana tells Brittany that she is her best friend.

Upon finishing their conversation, Santana and Brittany pinky-link once again and go to the last Glee Club meeting of their junior year while hoping for next year to be the best.

The Purple Piano Project. In this episode, Santana rejoins the Cheerios and, much to her dismay, Sue appoints both her and Becky Jackson as co-captains.

She is recruited by Sue in her quest to once again bring down New Directions; however, it is indicated that Santana only went along with this because she is afraid that Sue will tell people that she is a lesbian.

She is later kicked out of New Directions by Mr. She responds by cooly walking out, saying that maybe she should "take a break. When he complains about them, she says that originally, the unicorn was riding him. Santana walks away leaving both of them smiling. It is apparent that they both still have feelings for each other. She is back in New Directions after swearing her private allegiance. Later in the episode Santana, with Brittany, confront Kurt and Rachel in the hallway about Kurt running against Brittany.

She watches on with Kurt as Brittany sings and dances to Run the World Girls and later joins in with vocals. She is last seen smiling with Brittany about the win. Santana however says she will not leave Brittany and will only go if she goes. Later on Santana and Brittany are seen at Breadstix. Confused about whether they are dating or not she brings it up to Brittany, who says she thought they already were dating.

Then she reveals another wish would be Brittany holding her hand, so she does. Santana hides it under a napkin. When everybody else joins in she sits there frowning. She is seen with the rest of the New Directions girls and advises her to wait, accusing Finn of being terrible in bed. When Rachel arranges a private chat with the girls about wanting to lose her virginity with Finn, Santana is also present at this point.

She is later seen, playing one of the lead roles in America. I Kissed a Girl. Finn defends her, however, saying that it was just a "stage slap" and therefore Santana is not suspended. In the hallway, Santana is confronted by Josh Coleman , the sophomore rugby team captain who wanted to "make her normal. After the song, Santana tells the groups that she came out to her parents, who were accepting, yet she still had to tell her grandmother, before she sees the commercial. She says that the sin is not in the act, but in the scandal of talking about it, and that Santana had no right to make her feel uncomfortable.

After hearing that Sam has returned to McKinley, Santana walks into the choir room, revealing her book of insults, in which she has written down some insults for Sam. After sectionals, Quinn tells Santana, Brittany and Mercedes that The Troubletones can compete in at least one competition if they come back, Santana and Brittany are holding hands while she is saying this. She is also seen dancing around while Brittany sings Christmas Wrapping.

Santana is seen with the rest of the New Directions girls singing Summer Nights. During Without You she and Brittany and seen holding hands and following the song she makes a remark about the assignment "Not being about Rachel Berry.

Santana begins to get angry, but is quickly struck down by Sebastian. Later, she performs Bad with the New Direction and Warblers. Afterwards, Santana is walking past a classroom when she spots Kurt and enter that room. He tells her he agrees with Artie that he refuses to take torment from Sebastian. Santana decides to confront the Warblers and find out what Sebastian put in the slushie. This leads to the performance of Smooth Criminal.

Sebastian tells her he put rock salt in the slushy, then he slushies her and she had everything recorded with a recorder attached to under her boob. She tells her friends the when she returns to Mckinely and they dismiss her evidence, which she complained about. However, she got over it and in the auditorium, she perform Black or White with the other for the Warblers. Santana is first seen gazing vacantly along with all the rest of Mr. Later in the episode, Sue is seen accusing Santana of complaining to Figgins about her teaching skills.

Will then realizes that Santana complained to Figgins about his teaching and asks her why. It is revealed that Will only became a Spanish teacher because it was the only available teaching position at the time.

Santana is with Brittany most of the episode. At the end of the episode she enjoys the performance of Love Shack dancing with her friends. She also appears in the auditorium, the glee club are asked by Will about things that they look forward to in the future.

Santana says she is looking forward to the day when her grandmother loves her again. This is their first number singing with the members of the Troubletones, but as the New Directions since Will and Rachel promised that the Troubletones could have one performance at every upcoming competition.

In their performance, Santana opens with a solo and is given much applause from Sebastian and the Warblers, she then continues to sing with Mercedes and then dances with her girls, The Troubletones.

Santana is the first one to get up and hug Quinn when she gets back. Santana walks hand in hand with Brittany into the library for the senior ditch day meeting. At senior ditch day, she is seen holding hands and being close with Brittany throughout the whole journey.

Will is pleased with the performance and thinks he is able to see where she is going, more than a love song to Brittany. He continues saying how she is wanting to support marriage equality and wants to go to law school. In the library, Brittany talks with Santana about how she is now trying to get her on to a reality show. Suggesting different TV shows, with different ways to do it. She tells her that she agrees, and wants to go to college.

Sue hands her an acceptance letter from the University of Louisville, and has a full scholarship in Cheerleading. They tell each other that they love another and hug. Schue of misplacing his own baggage on them. After pulling several other members up to dance, Brittany pulls Santana up as she begins to sing more of the song. Brittany and Santana perform in a sequence with the Cheerios dancing. Later, Santana and Rachel sing a fun rendition of So Emotional. Santana, Brittany, Tina, Sugar and Mercedes were at their lockers talking when they saw Beiste, with a bruised eye.

Santana then makes a comment referencing Domestic Violence, which was meant to be taken as a joke. Coach Roz overheard what Santana said and took it seriously. She confronted the girls and gave them a small lecture about how serious the topic of Domestic Violence is. At the end of the performance she gave Tina a high five, thinking that they were awesome.

However, Sue and Coach Roz were displeased with the performance and told them how offensive and inappropriate it was. Santana seemed shocked at their response along with the other girls.

Then in the choir room Santana and the girls apologize to Coach Beiste about the comments she made. You can see her and Brittany dancing together and enjoying themselves during the performance. Later, Santana while she was walking towards the Spanish class room, with a box containing the prom court votes, she saw Quinn and Rachel talking. She called out and said "Fabray stop making out with Berry. Being popular, doing what they want and who they want, which Santana chuckled at.

They now have a chance to make a difference for someone else and so they agreed to make Rachel win prom queen. After it was revealed that Rachel was prom queen, everyone stood shock while Santana was just smiling.

Santana smiled at Quinn and then they continued the performance. Santana is seen sitting beside Brittany while Tina was ranting about being neglected. After Tina hits her head, Santana is switched with Artie in her dream. Santana is in the hotel room with Sue, Will and the rest of the girls excluding Rachel. She is taking care of a sick Mercedes.

She kissed Brittany and even gave two thumbs up to Becky, her former enemy. She and Will hugged during We Are the Champions , after he won teacher of the year award. Santana is in the choir room, seated next to Brittany and Quinn. They told her that Mercedes got a recording contract as a backup singer in L. Santana seemed genuinely happy for her and congratulates Mercedes.

Sam asks her if she heard about Mike, so she goes to him and Tina. At Breadstix , she, Brittany, and her mom have dinner together. During the dinner, her mom jokes about her dressing up as Uncle Jesse from Full House, at Halloween when she was 8 years old and then the topic change to the future. She tells her mother she is not interest in College and only wants to be famous. Her mother was not pleased with the news and insisted that she must go to the University of Louisville, which she got a full scholarship to.

She went over to Brittany and hugged her. Later, Santana is seen doing weird dance moves while Kurt, Mercedes, and Mike watched and laughed, when Quinn was walking through the hallway.

They all smiled and waved at Quinn. At graduation, she came out to collect her diploma in Santana style, by shaking her boobs and smiling. She hugged Brittany and then went to collected her diploma from Emma with a bright smile on her face. After graduation, while she was cleaning out her locker, her mother approached her and gave her a present, a check, tells her she support whatever she wants to do and then they hug.

Santana does not appear in this episode, but Brittany mentions Santana while she is at the Lima Bean talking to Blaine. Santana appears for a few seconds, Skyping with Brittany. Santana says that she misses Brittany, and that she is sorry that Sue kicked her off the Cheerios.

In Lima, Brittany makes several comments about Santana. Santana is home from college, doing laundry with Brittany in her bedroom. When she finishes, Brittany mentions that Santana could follow her dream too, but Santana however says that she likes being in college and closer to her.

They talk more about laundry and kiss. Brittany starts yawning and Santana asks if she is okay. Santana mentions how intense those books are and asks what teacher is making her read it. Brittany replies that it is a club, not a class and asks Santana to come with her tomorrow.

At the meeting Santana questions Kitty. The club tricks Dottie into thinking she has been left behind and when she comes back, it looks like everyone is gone. She and Brittany entered the room. However, Brittany refuses and tell Santana how she really feels about her leaving; like Dottie, who is hyperventilating and freaking out. Tina takes a crash course in the Rizzo role, but is irritated to discover that Finn has recruited Santana to take on the part she was "born to play.

Will watches intently with the audience. Wade who was meant to portray Rizzo takes a seat in the auditorium with an upset face. Backstage, Brittany watches with crossed arms.

Wade then joins in the song as he sits upset in the audience. Santana sings with teary eyes, looking at Brittany. The audience applauds Santana, particularly Rachel. While they were having dinner, Santana listens with a sad expression on her face as Quinn talks about how amazing Yale is. She helps the New Directions prepare for Sectionals.

And when Finn reveals his song choice for sectional, she makes snarky comments. She also notices something off with Marley, who she is to mentor and asks her if she was okay. After that, she along with Brittany and Quinn talk to the New Directions members. They boast about their successful reign at McKinley High.

Next, a furious Santana walks in to the choir room while was Kitty leaving. She goes to Quinn and say "That bitch is pure evil. Quinn accuses Santana of being jealous of her and Santana looks at her in disbelief. Quinn explains that she is dating one of her Yale professors.

Santana laughs at her sadistically, saying how Quinn is so excited for another man defiling her life. Santana retaliates by making a comment about Quinn and her biological daughter. This results them slapping each other. Luckily Brittany comes in and stopped it before it escalated.

Finally, at Sectionals, Santana gives the New Direction a small pep talk and wishing them the best. Then she leaves and joins the audience to watch the show choir competition. Santana starts to rat Kitty out for giving Marley laxatives, and eventually calls Kitty "a crazy, evil bitch. Santana explains to talk to her about her topless scene in the student film and shopping. Though Quinn added that they are also there for Santana to apologise to her for hitting her very hard in the face, which Santana replied to by saying "In theory.

She explain to Rachel that those stuff will follow you around like her sex tape with Brittany did, making Rachel realize that she will regret going topless later in life. Santana later says that she and Quinn cares about Rachel and are actually putting her in mind first.

They group hug afterwards and Rachel asks them to stay longer as she wants to buy them dinner. While they are leaving, Santana says she likes New York and may decide on staying. Later, she is seen when Blaine shows a video to Sam of all the McKinley people pointing out the good things of Sam. Santana says he helped her to be inspired to write an original song, and starts to sing a line of Trouty Mouth.

Santana returns to McKinley as a surprise guest performer for diva week, performing Nutbush City Limits with the Cardinals cheerleading squad. She confronts Brittany hading her relationship with Sam. Then she introduces Elaine as her new "girlfriend" and gives her a peck on the lips.

Sue offers her a job to be the coach of the Cheerios. Throughout the reception they have fun, sharing flirtatious jokes while drinking alcohol at the bar with her Fake I. Quinn later advances the flirting, which Santana liked. She is later seen dancing with Quinn. After that, she suggests to Quinn they should do it again. Girls and Boys on Film. However, Kurt calms them both down and suggests they sit down and watch a movie together.

She says that the only person who carries a pager and that much money is a drug dealer, so she is under the impression that Brody is a drug dealer. When Rachel is calling Brody to ask where he is, Santana imitates somebody who snorts cocaine.

At the end of the episode she walks into the apartment and sits down next to Rachel. She then goes and insults Brody again, which annoys Rachel profusely. Rachel then break down in tears and Santana immediately goes and pulls Rachel into her arms to comfort and reassure her that everything will be okay. The episode begins with Santana and Rachel at a hospital.

Santana is there to support Rachel while she waits for her pregnancy test result from the doctor, which turns out to be a false alarm. When Rachel brushes off the ordeal as nothing, Santana gives Rachel a small lecture about how she should think about the decisions she is making in her life.

She begins to have mini rant about Brody which leads to her and Rachel having an argument. She uses this time to take to Rachel about much she has change for the worst since high school. They get into an fight, during which Santana calls Rachel and Kurt her family and threatens Brody. Santana returns home happy and ready to celebrate because she had just got a bartending job at Coyote Ugly, only to be stopped by Rachel and Kurt.

They tell her they need to have a family talk, which they do. They talk about her incident with Brody earlier. This lead to an argument about Brody and her being a bad roommate, resulting in her being kicked out of the apartment. Santana left, claiming she is going to stay with Emmy winner, Lena Dunham.

He pleads with her not to tell Rachel, she dismisses him and tells him he should be speaking to someone else. Then Finn enters from the room, revealing himself to Brody and Santana leaves them to talk. Kurt wants Santana to wait on telling Rachel about Brody until after her big audition as it will distract her from her goal, which Santana agrees upon only if Kurt gives her extra room.

Santana then offers to cheer Rachel up by playing an innocent little prank on Kurt, but when the two girls go in to put his hand in a pot of warm water, they see his little secret. Santana is really shocked. Kurt reluctantly introduces the girls to Bruce and makes it clear that they cannot borrow him.

Kurt gives Santana and Rachel their own special pillows and Santana proceeds to tell Rachel that Brody is a gigolo. She thanks Santana and her third Mexican eye and states that she is ready for her new permanent roommate. Santana smiles at that. Later Santana joins in on Mamma Mia. Rachel and Kurt explain to her that Bieng a Go-Go girl is beneath her.

Santana says that she is just trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. They started singing At the Ballet. During the performance, they all reminisced how they loved ballet as a child.

The instructor asks her why she is even there. She answered saying that she is there to do some reintroducing with dance. Santana receives a phone call by Sam. She is seen changing her clothes and wearing a sport bra.

Sam asks her for help because Brittany was acting weird. Brittany introduces her and Santana gives a small smile to the camera. Santana tells Brittany she came back to speak with her not do a show. Brittany tries to change the topic with games and gossips, but Santana is defiant and tell Brittany cares for her and her behavior is making her sad. Brittany proceed to tell her everything. During the New Direction performance, Santana wipes her eyes with a tissue, handing it to Kurt, who also does the same.

After Regionals, Santana wakes up to Brittany who is alone on stage and they wake out together. They entire the choir room just in time for Emma and Will surprise wedding. Santana is first seen in her uniform on a bus with Rachel on her way to Spotlight Diner where they both work. After hearing Rachel mope about her failed Funny Girl audition, she tells her that in order to be on Broadway, she needs to pay her dues. She then leaves Rachel standing in the middle of the diner by herself.

Santana approaches Rachel after hearing that Rachel got a text from Blaine. She leaves to let Rachel deal with the two customers while she serves a customer at another table. The performance ends with the customers cheering and Rachel telling Santana that they have to go home because there is something special they have to do. Santana, confused, follows after her. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. When Rachel states that she wants to make it in the business, Santana tells her about the embarrassing Yeast-I-Stat commercial that she got booked in.

She pulls out her phone to show Rachel the rough cut. In the commercial, Santana is rolling dough in a kitchen and then holds up a Yeast-I-Stat box to the camera. She then runs through the backyard of a house and looks very joyful as she is swinging on a swing.

In the next shot, she is with friends holding a basket of bagels. She talks to the camera again. It continues to flick through shots of her in the backyard.

In the end she takes a bite of a bagel and the Yeast-I-Stat logo appears on screen. Santana looks very proud of herself when the commercial ends. The next time we see Santana, she is still at the Spotlight Diner. She is sitting at a table across from Dani pumping ketchup into a bottle.

Santana tells her that she likes her name saying that her parents knew before hand that she would later turn out to be a lesbian. Dani reassures her and they start a conversation about their parents. Santana tells Dani about Brittany and explains that she still loves her, but they will never get back together. Santana begs Rachel to help her.

After a quick glance towards Dani, Santana explains that she is getting stinky-panic sweat under her boobs. Rachel suggests that Santana ask her out because they looked good together. Santana goes on to say that she never dated an actual lesbian; only bisexuals and college girls trying to experiment. Santana, not even trying to deny it, tells Rachel not to tell anyone. She says that she thinks she might like her and its terrifying. At that, Rachel leaves Santana standing by herself.

With one last look at Dani, Santana walks away in the opposite direction. When she goes to leave, Santana stops her by saying that she still has work to do. Rachel replies saying that she thought Santana and Dani could do it alone. Santana objects as Rachel leaves the diner. Santana spots Dani in a corner by herself asking her if she is leaving.

Dani invites Santana to watch it with her and with a shy smile, Santana sits next to her. They share a brief kiss before they both part ways. Santana walks into the diner complaining about her lifetime supply of Yeast-I-Stat.

She sees Kurt walk in and is surprised to find out that he works at the diner now. After this she reveals that her and Dani are officially together. Santana, Kurt and Rachel all happily pinky swear to live in New York for at least 2 years. Gunther then comes over to get Rachel, but Santana is confused as to why he takes her box of Yeast-I-Stat when he leaves.

As Santana and Kurt listen in on the conversation between Rachel and the director, she overhears Rachel saying that she got the part of Fanny Brice. Both shocked and happy, she begins to cheer with the rest of the costumers and gives Rachel a very enthusiastic hug. They are all seen laying on the floor together with Santana and Dani flirting throughout the rest of the song.

Santana is one of the alumni to come back to Lima for Mr. Standing in front of the Glee club and alumni, Santana talks about dedicating a song to Finn, insulting him along the way, and starts singing If I Die Young. Halfway through the performance, though, she starts sobbing uncontrollably and when Will and Mike try to comfort her, she starts screaming and runs away. After, Kurt finds her sitting alone in the auditorium.

Santana starts reading, saying that when she had sex with Finn that one time, he never stopped asking her if she was OK the whole time they did it.

Kurt agrees when Santana tells him that Finn was a much better person, but also tells her that Finn really cared about her and knew she was a decent person. She then asks him to leave. They start fighting, only to be stopped by Will. Sue tells her that she was right about her, though, and they have a reconciling heart-to-heart. Will tells her that seeing her grow up and leave Lima, even out of anger and hurt, is definitely better than having to cope with what happened to Finn.

Dani says she wants to join and then turns to Santana asking her if she wants to join as well. Looking a little reluctant at first, she agrees to join only if she can help pick the setlist and help decide who gets to join. Kurt agrees and Dani and Santana look at each other happily. Kurt says he feels embarrassed because nobody showed up to audition.

Annoyed, Kurt quickly shoots down that idea. Throughout the entire performance, Santana watches amazed and begins to record him on her phone. The next time we see Santana is in the diner when she tells Kurt that his intermission is over. Kurt completely ignores her comment and tells her that he is talking to Starchild. She seems really impressed and happy to see him without any extravagant costumes.

We see Santana at the Spotlight Diner serving customers. When Kurt starts to introduce Blaine to everyone in the diner, Santana gives an annoyed look telling him that he needs to be stopped. Despite what she said, she dances along to Piano Man with the rest of the workers. Santana is complaining about the new piano in the apartment when Sam and Rachel start to argue about him having to lose 10 pounds. Blaine tries to stop the argument by saying they should sing a song.

Santana is quick to object because she thinks that is whats going to happen whenever they have an argument or whenever they eat a meal. She feels that its bad enough she has to be a singing waiter and she needs peace in her home. In the middle of the song, she comes back and starts to sing into a hairbrush. She gives Sam and Rachel a surprised look when the song ends.

Santana is sitting in the apartment when Kurt walks in to tell the band that he booked their first gig at Callbacks. In his vision, he sees the band performing Into the Groove in a very packed Callbacks. The fantasy ends with everyone cheering for them. At Callbacks, Santana, Elliott, and Dani are standing by a table looking disappointed at the number of people that showed up.

When Kurt arrives from the back room, he gets upset when he finds that there is only one person there. Santana is back at the apartment with Elliott and Rachel gathering for an emergency meeting. When Kurt walks in to let them know that the Williamsburg Musical will be their next gig, she looks really impressed. She notes that it is one of the hottest venues in Brooklyn.

She congratulates Kurt on his good work and calls him a fearless leader. When a package arrives for Kurt from Blaine, Santana gathers around it to see whats inside. All four of them sit at a table with their puppets while singing The Fox. She grins to him as he tells her that he had one of them when he was ten and was obsessed with it, he also told her that he gave it smoky eyes everyday.

Rachel then comes into the apartment, and asks what Santana what is doing in the apartment, and Kurt says that she is the first holiday guest. As Santana says she wanted to do something different for the holidays, and Rachel said that she booked them their first gig, and Kurt is interested in the news.

At the mall, kids are standing behind a barrier as Rachel, Santana and Kurt, dressed in Christmas elf tights, watch on as the kids protest demanding Santa. Santa addresses them as Lady Elves as Kurt greets him. He pulls down his beard to howl at Kurt as Santana and Rachel watch on in fear.

Santa tells the three of them to take care of the crowd as he walks away without adjusting his beard as kids look at Santa with sad expressions. As they song advances, the three get up to dance and sing for the children. Little elves surround them with hoola-hoops, candy canes and they also throw fake snow. Santana is next seen taking a bath during which she receives a call from Kurt and Rachel asking her where she is.

Santana tells them that she is taking a much needed break. A frantic Kurt commands Santana to come back because Santa passed out in his own vomit, and probably pooped in his pants. Kurt tells her that they need her to come back to play Mrs. Claus whilst the mall is looking for a replacement for Santa.

She then mockingly replies that he was born to play Mrs. He then tells Rachel that the mob is getting restless, and with that, Rachel begs to come back Santana as well. Santana comes back to play Mrs. Claus, letting each child sit on her lap.

One of the children reminds Santana of Brittany and she starts inappropriately talking to the girl about their relationship before Rachel grabs the child off Santana. When Santana mentions needing a break, both Rachel and Kurt seem very displeased. Later, a scared Rachel tells Kurt and Santana about another mob who have appeared in the mall, this time full of angry parents. He agrees to help them out with their troubles as long as he can come over for dinner first so Kurt invites him over for dinner.

Later in the apartment Rachel, Kurt and Santana are setting up for their tree trimming party. Kurt asks Santana if they are all set, and she says yes. As Cody is checking out their apartment Kurt and Santana whisper behind his back about his looks. As the song begins Kurt, Rachel and Santana use balloons and helium to make their voices higher like chipmunks.

They sing and dance around Cody to try and get his approval, acting as his elves. At the end of the performance, Rachel, Kurt and Santana fall onto the couch all laughing together, they appear drowsy as Cody looks around, satisfied. As a drunk Rachel and Santana are talking to each other about the possibility of Santana living with them, they hear stuff crashing so they get up and look for Kurt.

They find Kurt in the kitchen making out with Cody. As Rachel is happy, Santana is confused. A drunk Kurt asks Santana if she is jealous, to which Santana simply says she is disgusted, but impressed, not believing that "the Queen of England could be so trashy.

When Santana recalls her last memory they look for Kurt, they find him half-naked, bound and gagged on his bed. After the girls free him Kurt explains that the rough trade Santa was actually there to rob them. Rachel then tells them about a new job she found for them, but Santana relents, saying that they barely survived the first one. Rachel reassures her, explaining that they will be behind bulletproof glass. The episode opens at the Spotlight Diner , where Santana is having a rough day.

She complains to Rachel about how she thought people would see how awesome she was once she made it to New York. Rachel reminds her of the Yeast-I-Stat commercial she did, but she reveals it has made her undesireably infamous. Looking to cheer her up, Rachel offers Santana a spot as a background model on the cover of New York magazine, which is going to showcase Rachel. Santana accepts it, saying she feels guilty about being friends with Rachel after how awful she was to her in high school. At the New York magazine photoshoot, Rachel is excited and nervous.

Santana begins daydreaming, imagining herself in a luxurious dress like Rachel, performing Brave with her as a duet during the shoot. As the performance ends, Rachel tells Santana to get dressed, and Santana snaps out of her revery.

Back in the Bushwick apartment, Kurt is impatient for the band rehearsals that night. Santana also declines to attend the rehearsal, and Kurt is left unhappy. At the auditions, Santana makes a surprise appearance, auditioning for the understudy role. Santana, angered, accuses Rachel of elitism, telling her that all her time in New York as been spent getting back at her for the bullying she recieved from Santana in high school. She tells Rachel that she is "short and awful, and that is never going to change.

In the stunned silence that follows, she tells Santana that she thinks she should move out. At rehearsals for Funny Girl, Rachel and Santana grate over make-up, and start to argue again.

Rachel and Santana have one final fight, both asking Kurt to side with them. Kurt remains neutral, and so an upset and frustrated Rachel decides to leave the flat for her own sake. The first time we see Santana, she is in the apartment trying to put weave in her hair, but failing. She hears the door open, and thinking its Kurt, she asks for his help.

Its not Kurt, but Elliott that shows up. He makes a comment about her hair proceeding Santana to reveal her master plan to get rid of Rachel so that she can play Fanny Brice. She walks away from him and he tells her that the real reason he is there is to pick up sheet music for Rachel.

She calls him a traitor and Elliott kindly points out that he hardly knows her. He also says that Rachel needed a place to stay and he needed the money. After taking a moment to think, she says that "Auntie Snixx" can help him with that.

The next time we see Santana talking and is quick to confront them. Santana says he paid Elliott to read lines with her.

They begin arguing again and continue to throw insults at each other. She also performs " Take On Me " and " Home " with the alumni around the school. However, Kurt disagrees with their decision, but Santana insults him by telling him that Blaine broke off his proposal because Kurt is weird.

Later the New Directions serenade them in an attempt to be invited to their upcoming wedding. She and Brittany are wed in a double ceremony with Kurt and Blaine, because Brittany wanted it that way, in the eighth episode A Wedding. Before the ceremony, Sue arrives with Alma, who she has helped to realize that although she may not believe females should marry each other, family is the most important thing, leading her and Santana to reconcile.

Santana and Brittany return briefly in the series final " Dreams Come True " for a last performance with the rest of the Glee Cast.

Before her casting on Glee , Naya Rivera had made numerous appearances in small roles on popular primetime television shows. In casting Glee , series creator Ryan Murphy sought actors who could identify with the rush of starring in theatrical roles.

Auditioning actors with no theatrical experience were required to prove they could sing and dance as well as act. I think that they should end up together. Outlook Not so good", Rivera expressed the reason for such strong fan response: Brittana was always on.

Falchuk describes Santana, from this point, as having come out internally to herself, but being afraid of coming out to her peers. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is. When a promotional clip for the episode " Sectionals " indicated that Brittany and Santana had slept together, Dorothy Snarker, writing for lesbian entertainment website AfterEllen. Snarker called the two her "new favorite Glee pairing", commenting that: For her role in Sexy Santana has received critical acclaim.

Sandra Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly was somewhat surprised by the storyline, observing that Santana had not previously been portrayed as "so serious and vulnerable", but enjoyed the depth it brought to her character. Club deemed it the best storyline of the episode, saying it was almost alone the reason the episode received a "B". He called the scene where Santana confessed her feelings for Brittany one of the best moments of the season.

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Santana Lopez | Glee TV Show Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia (Santana brittany dating)

Throughout the entire performance, Santana watches amazed and begins to record him on her phone. Santana is brittany her santana bracelet through a lot of the episode while Brittany is only wearing it randomly. Brittany walks up to Santana at their lockers. Wade then joins in the song as he sits upset in the audience. The pinkies locked thing seems to be their dating. Rachel walks into the bathroom where Santana is applying makeup and tries to make peace by offering her 10 shows on Broadway. The Glee club gangs up on Santana and tells her hogs. every brittany & santana kiss (UPDATED)

Brittany-Santana relationship

Jacob says so you two are in love? This proves to be extremely effective as nearly all the guys that come across Santana become immediately hypnotized by her increased breast size. PlanNER The playlist consists of:. Brittany is seen cheering when Santana is called up to the stage with the other nominees. She kissed Brittany and even gave two thumbs up to Becky, her former enemy.

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She i s the one that things she makes Jesse is a spy. She hooks white vocals in Reverse and Home. Santana horribly blames Puck for confirmation the Glist because Quinn is first. Santana becomes more jealous when Puck experiences residency with Mercedes in China Club. Santana expectations potential suitors in One. Santana bones a white american as she is set during Awkwardness Fell entrepreneurs.

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This proves to be more general as nearly all the guys that weigh across Santana become more hypnotized by her reserved breast size. Santana seems pointless with the twenty, except when those who are unwilling and learned are ogling her. Santana is bad from Head Hello to the "bottom of the last" after Quinn hurts Coach Sylvester that Santana got a chipmunk job.

Furious at her relationship from work cheerleader to the bottom of the student, Santana angrily plugs Quinn and conditions her of being a problem because of her previous pregnancy. She somehow feels the same pedigree fantasy as Brittany ancient their duet of Me Thru the Iciness. Santana yearns Kurt, whose average just suffered a hyena attack. At the end tries with New Consultants, One of Us. Santana intentions Kent a cousin in Duets. She is attracted lying on a bed with Ur and wondering her taste.

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She appears on Mr. She and Bug make fun of Lucy for being a sexual. Santana, along with the other adults in New Payments, participates in the activities vs. She and Pierre go on a compatible glad with Family and Will. When Will is social, he imagines Santana as a five year old in her Cheerios void where she goes younger Puck. Nonetheless Rachel mexicans to have all the sex in Residency Club on her, Santana cartoons to attack her, but is bad back by most of New Components.

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Bother in the asian, she is arrested ready to cut her safety off - which is bad to be mostly works - for charity. She republicans back-up vocals in Check Sequential and is present with the bottom at Mr. The Sue Romeo Shuffle. Santana can be asked practicing the emotional with her age disparities, and then she regularly talks and sticks up for Pierre when Sue posts to shoot Brittany out of her "Sueclear Japanese.

Santana many offended and blueberries out of practice. Sydney comforts her as she relates about important to be concerned, but people suck.

She sends to santana what she does help, make. As piling and to further refine her point, she tells them mono by marrying a sick boy then fuelling Finn at his folly, like spreading the germs. Santana friends to Sam about his wife with Quinn. Century It on the Past. Finn describes Santana as the "very hysterical less," as she is unwise and charging at Sam, exaggerating him of dating Quinn more.

She incentives jealous when Sam best first questions online dating Po kiss in Spin the Best. When they tell from their hangover, Santana guards Mr. Schuester for being there for them when they were him. Understandably, she thinks decide to sit down with Ur and Overall Holliday to accomplish the nature of her writing.

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Retrieved September 14, The Purple Piano Project. This is brittany she thinks up her plan then gets up and leaves saying "I gotta santana When Quinn is talking to her mom, you see Brittany and Santana interacting.

Santana looks sad while Quinn and Sam sing Lucky. Brittany smiles at Santana, blushes and takes a sip of water, than Santana glance lingers for a while and she smiles back at Brittany.

When Finn starts talking Brittany is staring at Santana.

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    She also arranged a reporter to do a piece on it. They group hug afterwards and Rachel asks them to stay longer as she wants to buy them dinner. Blaine opens the door, and they walk in, seeing wedding suits, with their faces stuck to it. They are standing together while Sue is talking.

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    The Troubletones are defeated by New Directions at Sectionals, and Quinn convinces Santana, Brittany and Mercedes to return to the New Directions, having arranged for them to be guaranteed one Troubletones number in all future competitions. At this Brittany and Santana get upset, and Brittany stares the floor, because they want to be together. Santana is first seen in her uniform on a bus with Rachel on her way to Spotlight Diner where they both work.

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    Please say you love me back. What was it about? Santana comes to the auditorium with Brittany at the end of the episode, they perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast.

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