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Looking in Montana and Wyoming… | Thrill Of The Chase The following is an excerpt of The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir by Forrest Fenn Release date: October 25, Somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New. At the end of The Thrill of the Chase, on the last page, are two Omega symbols. They rest near the top of the page and sit side by side. They obviously hold meaning. I thought I would outgrow enjoying the thrill of the chase, but I can't get over it. The following is an excerpt of The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir by Forrest Fenn Release date: October 25, Somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New. At the end of The Thrill of the Chase, on the last page, are two Omega symbols. They rest near the top of the page and sit side by side. They obviously hold meaning.

thrill of the chase dating


The thrill of the chase | Inquirer Opinion

Your approach defies Forrest, and his advice as to how to solve the poem…. They truly are such precious moments. I think you early birds have more in the hippocampus than late bloomers like me.

They are gifts that keep on giving……each time they are read a new and interesting tidbit is discovered. You get those butterflies in your tummy every time you see that special person. One man’s trash, any antiques dealer will tell you with a wink, is another man’s treasure. Rummage through the shops in Bangkal, Makati, for furniture and. Please click on the comment balloon below to add to the discussion about looking in Montana and Wyoming.

Please do not use this area for any other discussion. So perfect how he wrote it. I could be wrong but logic says it was probably done with a car in any of the four states in play.

Jake – The key word for me was not any one of the words in the poem. By now, many of us have read’s published account of a date between “Grace,” an anonymous year-old photographer, and actor Aziz Ansari. You’ve.

At the end of The Thrill of the Chase, on the last page, are two Omega symbols. They rest near the top of the page and sit side by side. They obviously hold meaning. By now, many of us have read’s published account of a date between “Grace,” an anonymous year-old photographer, and actor Aziz Ansari. You’ve. One man’s trash, any antiques dealer will tell you with a wink, is another man’s treasure. Rummage through the shops in Bangkal, Makati, for furniture and.

The Key Word…Part Three

It provides dating, publication, and printing details about the book. In my mind, then, the double Omega colophon if that is what it is could conjure an image of two mountain peaks.

Forrest has hidden his treasure in a place which holds special meaning to him. The location would be where two ends meet. Is the double Omega colophon a subtle hint of the treasure resting between two peaks? Certainly, if you follow the poem and your location is not between two peaks, by all means search.

And while two ends will surely meet once the treasure is found, no one except for Forrest as of yet, knows where that precious place will be. You are basing a place on the book and not his poem. Your whole interpretation is great but it lacks the poem. Just reviewing old threads before my trip next month. On the topic of omega sign s , here is one in YNP — Omega.

If when I do find the treasure, I dont think I will ask myself what took me so long but to say to myself, Yes I can do what needs to been done in what the Poem ask of me and earn it.

The first thing I would do is go Facebook live and then plant some more seeds in the hearts and minds of the meek. Your email address will not be published. Warm also can mean; close or maybe closeness… and not just a temperature or variation of temperatures. So could warm waters reflect something close or comfortable that fenn is content with? Seeker, think of riches new and old as the riches brothers. Find out all you can about them, first name first.

I find it in the 9th line. His name, to me, offers a date and a degree. That date and degree go with the 9th clue, which supports that key with a time and distance.

That key, when added to everything else up to that point, gives me a shadow length. So, the importance of the key is vital to me. In the book, and solving the poem. From the poem stanzas. I think you are making too many assumptions about what forrest means by what was quoted. Your explanation adds words that are not there.

Forrest seems to not be so concerned with exact quantitative measures. He prefers words like: I think nine clues means clues of nine in nature. Personality type 9 for example. The trouble is, if you take this method to the extreme e. Jake, you rent vacation cabins when you go? I did last time I went and it was pretty good. Actually, better than hotels, and cheaper. The other method used is to write out the poem on graph paper without breaks.

Make a note of the words that contain each of the letters, and see if they hint at something. Just for the sake of fun, I wrote a quick program to compute how many words can be formed using only the letters in the first stanza — it returned over 16, results. Yep, imajin … thus the need for the method to be non-random. Zaphod, to me it sounds like you kind of gave a legitimate counterargument to your own idea.

When one starts busting up the words of the poem to the atomic level i. As Seeker pointed out, there are words in the poem. Hi Blex — I was just pointing out that some methods have too many degrees of freedom. Zap, the problem is… ISA is not an anagram. Those three letter or simple a mirror image of the words in the poem. Might the hint of riches be opposite… that is what new is to old, right?

However, you are starting to go down what I would consider to be a more productive path. You are the master of quotes on this blog, so even you can agree with this one. Zap has explained that altering even one letter could potentially destroy a clue or more. I would agree with this. If we cannot rearrange anything ie anagrams then what method would need to be used? Is it messing with the poem? The other thing is… in an anagram letters are normally move in order and changing the order creates another word completely different in spelling.

So the simple suggestion is, does reading the poem backwards change anything? Or messes with the poem? Lets take another method where one may use the first letter of each word in a sentence or line and now creates a word from that [ or a place ] … that would be, in my mind, messing with the poem… you are taking letters from different words to create a new word. That last example seems more coded… I guess the question falls to… is reading the poem backwards and using the same letters in the same order a code?

I see nothing wrong with reading the poem backwards or in a mirror if you like. But your example does add a degree of freedom: An example from the first line is Neal: As more complex variants are permitted e.

Some take it to the extreme of anagrams though not as extreme as an actual cipher where the letters themselves are altered! I would add that Venn said to read the open aloud. When you do so new words form from the sounds. Back to The Poem. It would be interesting to find out what the original few thought about a word that is key.

Did they focus on a word this is or is not in the poem? Mr Fenn said some people were in tight focus with a word that is key. I believe that there is a key word involved, but as usual Mr Fenn gives another hint here. Tight focus anagrams to Touch Gifts. Word that is key anagrams to They ski toward. Touch gifts they ski toward. Fits in well with the area Mr Fenn hid the chest. What would that little girl know?

What is that all about? Further erosion causes the arch to collapse, leaving the pillar of hard rock standing away from the coast—the stack. Eventually, erosion will cause the stack to collapse, leaving a stump. While this talks more about the affects of waves… erosion over time has the same effect inland as well.

Tract An area of indefinite extent, typically a large one. I am firm believer in the anagram theory, i think also iron will is as well.

Maybe iron would share a line from the poem. The answers I already know anagrams to: Sneakers down the railway. Fits with my solve.

What do you get? The blaze as I see it. Considering it is at the end of the clues I find it hard to believe that the blaze could recognizable from GE. There is a chance that it could be seen, depending on how large it is, but doubtful you would recognize it as the blaze. I found a pillar of rocks near a river that looked like the top of it is shaped like fire on GE.

Could that be the blaze? Maybe, but I cannot see the rocks in enough detail to know that it does actually look like a flame.

I believe this is the biggest mistake that searchers make: Where has Forrest ever indicated such? People are making that assumption based on a preconceived notion of what they believe the blaze is or how it is being used. Get back in the box. Straight forward at least 4 times. It seems like the longer one thinks about the search the more they complicate the problem. Save your money on the hats Bert.

Buy some fried kiwifruit. I agree with Jake on this one, but just to be safe I have taken up the habit of wearing hats made out of chocolate-covered bacon. How many times does F have to state the poem is straightforward until it gets through thick heads?

Wise is an obvious word to see as important. Brown being capped in a sentence is as well. I mean, if Brown is important, whether it is key or not, home seems just as important. Fenn could have said put in below the place of Brown or location of Brown or feature… yet he deliberately chose home. In regards to the word that is key. Just for fun, Fun Home; Habitation. At ease, at rest, interned. Just a few meanings and usages. Why is it only meant for Brown?

Are we breaking down the clues too much to make them self reliant? Is the blaze a separate entity to the other clues? Or maybe being wise could have to do with the understanding of what the first clue has in common with all the other clues?

Halt to be that downward or vertical drop from a horizontal flow… A temporary change in direction. Could it be that the poem is telling us we need to find hoB for the correct beginning of wwh? So we need not to be concern about wwh anymore if we have the correct hoB. So why did those searcher pass all the remaining clues? Maybe they went looking for hoB as the third or fourth step.

We might be where we need to be at. F -Success is an omniscient guru. Tim — well, ok then.. He uses solve as a noun when the proper use of the word is as a verb. Seeker, your thinking is spot on IMO. Is it Brown you ask? In an earlier conversation with you, you stated that Pillars, was an Architectural form and I see pattern repeating throughout, so not only do his poems have rhyms, the hints two or so lines above which frame in the space between the Pillars, making these columns support the structure of the 9 clues in a repeating pattern; hints then clues.

I highly suspect several thinkers on this Chase might be visualizing, imanining and creating images to form their opinion, in answer to my q above; but what color is his home? Is there a possible repeating pattern here in poetic structure, or is that thought too obscure?

As each clue moves one closer to the TC, each hint confirms the next clue…??? If true, what a masterpiece this poem is. Something that contains the colors that makes brown?

Try Websters first actual dictionary, found in a library. Knowing where to look for your research. It is the spot you park at, and begin your botg, we all know that.

By picking a natural feature actually called Brown is just too easy, it has to go in conjunction with the canyon. Jake and CH… F also says imagination is the key…so to be tight focused on your imagination more than knowledge, but some knowledge is still helpful, like geography, consulting a good map and or Google earth, is the key to solving it. When this land is explored, what is left for us to be amazed by, to dream about, to wish upon?

The final frontier, it amazes you, surprises you, deserves respect and defiantly reverance. F said the treasure location will encompass all these things. We see evidence of his respect and awe of the heavens not religiously in his books. But he did get as close as he could, by soaring the skies like an eagle.

One idea is as good as another! Who knows, this may be a bunch of babbling whispers that everyone will skim over and flush in the throne. All ideas and subject matter is entirely my own opinion, or those of my dogs, she gets in my head sometimes. My ideas on the blaze visible on GE…? Use those brain cells figuring out WWWH!

This is not a true statement. Please re-read what Forrest lists as useless in the chase, and anagrams are not in that list. He does not specify anagrams in his comment. However, he does mention cyphers. Anagrams are transposition ciphers.

Actually an anagram is a transposition cipher. Although it is the simplest type of transposition cipher. I think i have a pretty good solve based on anagrams, and feel that the poem would have taken a long time to perfect using lines as anagrams. The only 9 letter word from butterfly is butterfly. Unless you make it into two words, you then could have your flutter by.

He writes it as one word though, so flutterby is not an anagram of butterfly. So, b must equal fl. The only way you can make flutterby an anagram of butterfly is if you were solving the whole poem as a child would. Hard to see architects using many anagrams, but I guess could be possible.

Tough to make a cake, for sure. Donna, I think you are right that Brown is likely not the actual name of a canyon or other natural feature. I know he said they get easier but that easy? Well I am sorry for that outburst of pseudo psychiatric gibberish but trying to overthink the poem does this to a body.

PS When I stated above about thinkers I admire, you are one of em. Liked your line of reasoned thought, Kudos! With it center aligned, very important You get two parallel lines which is the beginning or part of transforming the poem into a map i think. An architect would have done this by design. Unless it is, what us architects refer to as a fortunate coincidence.

It is when aspects of the design mesh together without having been deliberately placed. Ive drawn all over many copies of the poem. I think the wise play a major role in the poems mutation into a map. I mean the Ys. But the link on the searchers discussions goes to the last closed key word page. The turtle image has been used as a a glyph for treasure by more than the Spanish.

A glyph with the head off means treasure is here… With no legs means end of trail… You get the point. They live for decades. Dolphins have their own language, and elephants never forget! Imo, wise is used here, for something else than what you have to be to figure this all out. Love your anologies, Jake! My mom always insisted that my wild imagination was in over-drive, and often got me in trouble with the whoppers I tried to use to get me out of trouble as a child. After all, aliens never stole my lunch box, I left it in the playground, but it sounded like a grand tale, non-the-less, and I stuck by it.

Imagination also helped while working at the police dept. Imagining the next step of a criminal is most rewarding!

Seeing the HOB as the home of the treasure is exactly right. But you have to have a tangible location for the HOB or you will go right passed it, not realizing the importance of where you are at. F mentioned that thought before, making me realize that to understand the HOB, you had to imagine what grand destination is worthy to house this treasure.

What would represent the whole basis for the chase. A place that will be memorialized and visited by all the kids and families of the future that have treasure dreams twinkling in their eyes, a chance to visit the sight, where a man with no limits to the out reaches of the imaginitive desires to explore a world right at our dooestep, dared to go and do. So, in MY wildly imaginated is that a word, F? F gives that person a hand-up to make a difference in the lives of anyone who ever dared to dream.

Yes, the HOB will be a glorious door to opportunity. Why else would we need a key? To open a door. The door to the treasure, which is located in the HOB.

The blaze constitutes not only the final clue to discovering the treasure, it is wisely trodden path taken to get TO the treasure. You would have found the blaze route needed to get to Indulgence, where the tip of the clue points to the reward, the sparkling gem, that fuels this Chase. That is your claim to wisdom. This is a place worthy of my last breath! What target object now propels those dreams of this modern world?

What Frontier that lives harmoniously with nature, leads us into new frontiers? Look quickly down about a million times in the area of the football field.

This message is a response to Tim zosorocks1. He sure does Jake. Reminds me when I was in Arizona for a time. So hot, birds wings were on fire.

They liked to hang around this old Westchester apple tree. They would rest for awhile then resurrect themselves from their laziness and fly again. Was so hot though, trees were scarce. You find one then would not want to look any further. I believe the key word is Bold, or is it Bowled?

And yes it is in close proximity to Indulgence. IMO, where the word that is key is placed in the poem is just as important as the word itself. I agree with Blex who wrote: I appreciate your input Donna M.

If you were to imagine there is a key word in the poem could you choose one? This is not a unique opinion, because I have read other commenters on this site state this same opinion.

I know Zaphod was one, but there were a few others that I apologize I cannot remember specifically. I neglected to voice my agreement because I was trying to keep my cards closer to my vest. I think that a lot of searchers have publicly posted partial solves related to the location of one flowing body of water flowing into another as the fixed location of WWWH, and that Forrest noticed this as a fairly common misstep IMO.

He has gone on to clarify that WWWH is not at a dam. Where else can waters halt except at their source? There are so many other words in the poem, so I could very likely be wrong, but I wanted to share my opinion in case it helps anyone else find the treasure or at least stay safer.

I will be willing to explain this in detail about the end of summer But that word only helps regarding one clue vital to a correct solve.

Randawg, The word that is key will be the beginning and the end. I believe I have found that word that represents the location of Indulgence. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.

The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated. How do you get it in tight focus? With a magnifying glass.

Also, to best see the key in the magnifying glass you must zoom in on GE, or again, get in tight focus on the key. John, I think you have misquoted FF.

This makes a big difference. I would love to hear some day in the future how With a word instead of ON a word made the difference in your discovery of the treasure! DelaYah, you can scroll through earlier views of the same scene, using GE. Generally, they get better through the years, but not always. Rhetorical example of where water can halt is a sink, as in Humboldt Sink in Nevada. However, a sink is not part of my solution, fwiw.

Canada means basket in spanish, so any of the rules of the game mean anything? Maybe we should started a Canasta club 7 years ago lol. If so just say that. Your solve cannot hinge on that since anyone can look that up. Are you aware there is a Wood River? If you are in Kirwin Wyoming you may be standing in the Wood. I like your handle, which reminds me of a story.

A guy was driving a small Toyota sedan and had a flat tire along side a mental institution. He pulled over to the curb to change the tire. Some inmates gathered inside the fence to watch and started yelling at and teasing the driver. He got flustered and after removing the flat he accidentally kicked the four lug nuts right into the nearby storm drain.

He could not now mount the spare tire. The driver seized upon the suggestion. Only FF knows for sure what that meaning is. I can have a guess as well as anyone else what that meaning might be. I do not know; perhaps it is hot springs. Only solving the puzzle will tell.

That seems a bit presumptuous to me. Again, thank you for your concern about my attempts to solve the puzzle. May the best person win! Lots of people come here and dont tell us where they are kooking. Lots have tod us ovet the years. Im suggesting that I can tell you all about your special place that many people have been there. Lugnutz- Kirwin is also a place where mining has been done aka riches old? Brown basin and Brown mountain just north west of Kirwin. Now all we need to do is force everything else fit so we can claim we know where the treasure is!

The keyword in deciphering the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone was the cartouche of Cleopatra. Are there 3 languages of the hunt? Or maybe 3 uses of a word in the poem? Knowledge of the 2 informed the 3rd. The big surprise was that the little symbols in the oval were …. FF has said that people have solved the 1st two clues of the poem… then passed right by the 3rd clue HOB. Curious that the word Brown is capitalized….

My opinion is you are closer than people who say blaze or any word toward the end clues since he has stressed go to the first clue so many times. I can point to different words but I would think the word that needs focus is in the first two stanzas which narrows it down for me, and can probably come up with something for any of the words if I needed to.

For instance the word walk. Am I the one walking, is it an 80 year old FF walking, is it a 20 year old FF walking, am I trying to move something that is to heavy to carry? A large fridge is to heavy for me to carry but I can walk it, probably not far in the Rockies though. You will find many reasons why people jump around, because it hopefully will lead their earlier clue to where they jumped….

Anyhow, hello to all, nice to be back. So many choices within the structure of the poem and so many good reasons as evident by searchers here on this blog. Brown, nigh, blaze, etc. My reasoning behind this is, FF knew where he was going, he is an outdoorsman and would be immensely comfortable in any outdoor environment and, as the poem states, was alone. FF has said the treasure is not in dangerous place. Is it a public place? It would be bold if there was a risk of being caught. If others might stumble upon you, that would be pretty bold.

Just a few of my many thoughts and ramblings for discussion. BUT I do agree with the rest of your thesis that it is located in a relatively public place.

It might be the word that is key. I always assumed that bold was being used to describe the treasure, but I suppose it could also be describing Forrest himself now that I look at it again. Maybe Indulgence is setting in a spot that would be considered a geological bowl.

I just found it interesting that he used the word bold to describe his actions. When I look at the poem in just a literal context and without any predetermined solve in mind, the use of bold would mean there was some risk associated with the action. As we all know, FF has stated that the treasure is not in a dangerous place. He FF also knew where he was going to place the chest.

So what then would be bold about it? Anyway, I just found it interesting. You might be correct there, SHB. We know that the chest is not hidden in very close proximity to a human trail, so perhaps the boldness is in striking off-trail into the woods? Could this mean we should head off-trail into the woods after our put-in?

This idea has made sense to me. Perhaps he is describing himself as going into this place alone and for some reason it he boldly goes in with the treasure. Or you can read it as the treasure is bold. FF took years from when he came up with the idea to when he actually hid the chest and made the search public. It was planned out in great detail and with great effort before he actually did it. So again, I go back to where is the bold action in doing this? The only thing I can come up with that makes sense to me is that bold possibly refers to the location where he hid the chest and that it is in a place, somewhat off the beaten path but not isolated.

I think the bold refers to the fact that people do know of and visit this place and the risk was in possibly getting caught in the act of hiding the chest. Anyway, as always, these are just my thoughts and ramblings, appreciate your input! Bold could be the word.

Bold could also be the act of taking half the treasure and leaving half to come back for, or just having that amount of gold etc in his possession without anyone with him. Or maybe he just means his treasures he left be old. It is the only word that has a German origin, and that the trout he likes most are the German Brown Trout. Halt and walk both stand out for me as being the only two words ending a line which do not rhyme.

The context of the full quote clearly indicates this to me, in my opinion. Blix, I agree that the key word is in the poem. From research, German brown trout were brought in from Germany and stocked Grebe Lake and many others. There are many other words in the poem with German roots. Just my thinking out loud.

I think if a person teaches him- or herself how to make great anagrams from each line of the poem, that person can find the key word. I have a possible word that would greatly reduce places WWWH, which is where most need help.

The word the is the word. I think the word that is key, is butt… it appears twice in the poem, and explained the semi colon, putting two ends together would seperate the two beginnings betweeen the two butts, so it would go beginning-end, butt, end-beginning; beginning-end butt end beginnig. While but and butt are different words and have different meanings… a reader of the poem can hear one or the other.

We are told to hear and listen good, could it be, that the reason for placing clues in a poem form is, sound alike words? If we think on a geography, could two butts be a feature [or two features.. Not far, [apart] But[t] too [two] far to walk? Only a few are in tight focus — not thousands. That should tell you that Brown is among the least likely keywords. The key only works if you know what it means. Here is what Forrest has said: Read the book just normally … the poem and the rest of the book, and then go back and read the poem 6, 8, 10 times — study every line, every word.

Then after you do that, read the book again, slowly, with the idea of looking for clues or hints, that are in the book that will help you follow the clues. You can find the chest with just the clues, but there are hints in the book that will help you with the clues. This has to be figured out from the poem! Your approach defies Forrest, and his advice as to how to solve the poem…. Actually, you are not following at all. Good luck if you try to solve each clue as a stand-alone clue.

And, writing is not the same as solving. Those of us that have had experience writing test questions can attest to that. Therefore, logic suggests the word that is key is not one of the poem words.

Your logic is faulty here. How can you be so confident in a small spot? But, do what you do, okay by me and many others. A simple thought of the words usages might conclude that, the location [ spot ] of the chest is the hub, focal point, the full attention of the contiguous [touching, neighboring,] complete assembling of the clues [ all the ingredients ].

To Nail down the first clue, right? It is also interesting that hoB is similar in pronunciation to hub… which means stone-shelf. Of course, that might be stretching it a bit… but are we not told to think and analyze?

A big part of hiking in the mountains safely is periodically pausing to reassess your situation. You absolutely did the right thing by not pushing yourself into a worse situation. Happened faster so, I had to return sooner and not complete my search. I do 2 week rotations away from home in my career. But I will go again in my 1 week off following 2 weeks on.

Just have to go with someone to search. The bush is just too risky alone. If you need a body and are willing to share your solve after we get there of course! Thanks for the offer and I will keep that in mind. I can say I am not being dishonest about my area lol. I am looking at options about searching next.

No matter what the experience of a person in the wilderness Rockies, it is dangerous. I just did my first actual bushwhacking search and so easily can your situation become dire.

I still now think I could do it alone and be safe about it. But I also drive safely every day and just look at those stats too lol.

I live in West Yellowstone and people regularly come here and divulge information about why they are here. Those guys were searchers. Sadly given time there will be more befalling the same fate. The search area above Quake lake is not doable by a 79 year old man making 2 trips done in the afternoon.

I wish folks would use more uncommon sense when going on a search. My hats off to both those gentlemen and also to their determination that lead them to that point. I think we all have a deep rooted desire to accomplish something great in life.

Some more than others. These gentlemen had they only been injured would of certainly returned again until they reach there goal at any cost. Some of us are simply built that way. These two were brave men and absolutely deserve recognition as such. The one in Beaver creek was searching for the treasure.

He was searching for the treasure. Beavercreek…… He had his fishing gear on and I think the waiters filled up … Sad. We have to be careful out there!! That was from the owner of Cinnamon Lodge on the Gallatin, — Morgen.

Yes it is sad Road Hawk. While Beaver creek is easily wade-able there is a lot of logs and debris that you would not be able to get out of if all of a sudden your lower half instantly weighed many pounds more.

I believe he is an unfortunate and sad addition to the thrill death toll. Jeff Murphy was a searcher. Look at the comments. He has been trying since As for Mike Petersen I am still waiting for the internet to catch up with what the locals here in West have been saying from conversations with authorities in Gallatin County.

There may have been more going on than a drowning. Be safe out there Jake! I camped up by Waipiti Cabin last week just for relaxation. Jake and all who search Wyoming. I am unable to go there anytime soon but think you might find this particular map of interest. Let me know if it helps. Good luck all and study the map carefully as there are Brown nuggets and names no longer on modern maps.

Jake, Lots of good stuff on that map. Holmes is one of them. I missed that on the Homophone page. Try looking at the map from the same place, I found it last year and it is even more revealing for WWWH. Having said that, I do not think any of them will help you. Google Earth is a good enough map for everything we need IMO. IMO of course, but I feel I will have the chest within a few weeks. Poem is just about complete, just some details need to be worked out regarding retrieval.

Without a team mate who lives there, this would not have been possible because a LOT of trips were required to finalyze the solve.

If you completed your search area. Ya, you have said previously. No other way for me but with myself lol.. Maybe in a month I can. Actually ,I never read his books but thanks for the recommendation.

I would invest in his books Alsetenash. Ya, they would be helpful and FF advises that also. But I currently think I have read enough points written of things in his books and excerpts supplied by many posters here thanks for that.

Is it a clue about where it is not or where it is? Is it like a clue in the poem? Or is the unintended clue that just narrows down to 4 states and not in Canada clue? Jake, Wy might be referring to this one….

Alsetenash, which is most informative, word of mouth or knowing for oneself? I am referring to direct quotes not interpretations though. Some I have read actually pages of the book posted online and excerpts on blogs. Only 2 stories I needed that helped me to realize well at least I think so anyways I was on the right path in thinking. Yes, I do know that. I used it pertaining to my solve. My solve was completed. From there I just have to find it in the area of the solve.

Find the chest in your area of your solve. I think that at least TTOTC is a fun book to read just on face value and also recommend picking up a copy.

I think that you are in the correct mindset that neither book is mandatory for finding the treasure, and that neither book should be used as a starting point for determining a solve, IMHO.

Blex, from what I have read and gather, the books are interesting. From the onset of my delving into this chase, I thought I would approach this in a certain way and angle. Very early I was able to use what I saw in the books already determined in my mind, right or wrong, at then and this moment. There is a plethora of FF info available that I find more in direct relation to my way and angle I chose.

I do plan to read the books at some point, but after this chase is over. I wish you the best. Jake, just got back from a week all over the Gallatins. Then 2 nights at Canyon in Yellowstone. Both kinds of bears, and every other animal but wolves and moose. We went up into the Pryor mountains from the Wyoming side. Then back over to Red Lodge for 2 nights at Cooney reservoir and a drive over the Beartooth including a hike to 11, feet, my record.

Not hard even in sandals when you start at 10,! Not really looking for a chest except looking for new possibilities. That Prior Mountain is an amazing place, and Oasis hidden high above the badlands. So, tell me how the treasure is not under water? Underwater is the new spelling. Lots and maybe most editors prefer under water.

Not to mention the spell check software. How might a regular cloud be dangerous to give warning that the treasure chest is not under water? I hope this makes sense. There are cognitive changes to expect for flatlanders who ascend to altitude. Those changes have been researched at ft. At 9, feet, these effects are quite marked. At 5, they are relatively mild, except for sleepiness and unclear thinking. And if searching above 9K feet…ascend slowly! These stories of lost and missing searchers are heartbreaking.

Fingers crossed for Paris. Calling all Montana searchers. Then read my brief request for partnership proposal. Thank you for your consideration. Since then there have been 15 aftershocks of magnitude 2.

A few clues from the poem all my opinion please nobody get cranked. Maybe somebody can use a few of my ideas to form more. Begin it where warm waters halt: This to me is the Stillwater river. The river comes to a halt slows after the WARM season melt has run down. And take it in the canyon down: Stillwater flows north and into the Yellowstone river. So follow it south down the canyon Up river.

Not far, but too far to walk: This to me means he drove from the Columbus airport, which is where the Stillwater meets the Yellowstone. Put in below the home of Brown: No place for the meek: The end is drawing nigh: Double edged sword for me. This ties into my 8, in the cold there will be no water to paddle up. So I am listening good. The topo map shows 10, ft by a small pool of water. So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold: I went in July 90 degrees and the water was not halted, more like bat outa hell , when I got home and started understanding what 1 actually means IMO.

If you are brave and in the wood: This ties into 4, if anyone has been there Sioux charley trail , it gets real when you hit the wooded area and see all the signs of bear activity. Funny story, sweet girl at the store in Fishtail sold me some bear spray. She had two kinds and asked me which I wanted. The one you think is best I said. Felt like a wus after that smack down. I had both with me at least lol. Always have more guns and bullets than the bear wants to eat.

I like bears, so please nobody freak on me. Tweakers stealing anhydrous in Kansas get the same treatment, minus bear spray. My take away from the book are, The mountains are my church, always feeling like he is thirteen and the waterfall was significant. So, Cathedral point happens to be on the Stillwater river. The trail nearby also has a waterfall. When you are deployed you should be able to have internet access, maybe not at an FOB. So I hope you read this and continue on your quest to find the Fenn Treasure.

I have read a lot of solves and yours is quite good. More importantly you mention something really cool, the idea that Fenn meant a real place when he said paraphrasing my church is in the mountains and streams. I have looked at a lot of churches but never considered Cathedral Point. In one of the scrapbooks, one of Mr. Hi Pdenver — the Scrapbook in question is Angelo, Barney and Tail End Charlie. Its amazing when isolated from what my real world is how clarity and logic can bite.

My above solve is washed up. Like all others I will be on to the next, when I return home. Hope someone gets lucky. Regarding being lucky, Forrest said the following: If it was easy anyone could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination.

I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. Fenn walking towards you with a big smile on his face? Gosh, I tried twice to respond and neither have shown.

Thank you for the link, SL. Would this stretch be considered being in the desert? Would have loved to have been among those to experience such a sight of totality. We had a great view in Fenton, MO. Clear skies around 2 minutes of the total eclipse. We just walked out in the driveway and leaned up agin the mini van. All on the same page, to boot!

It blew my solve, the area fit like a glove and to top it off it was exactly miles from my old WWWH until the walking part in Gas Hills. My solve is now once again further west into the mountains. I even debated Forrest until he posted the get a new solve if your solve is in a desert comment because technically it is not more than arrid plains.

Is there an online map where one can see what would be considered desert areas in Wyoming? How about the Groliers Atlas? Not much detail and it covers the whole USA…as opposed to just WY…but it also has a few other interesting layers on it… http: There is also this from Wiki…but it actually only calls one specific climate type a desert…I suspect there are others that could be considered desert on this map as well: Might also want to give this link a try, my friend.

It almost seems as though Wyoming is mostly made of desert, right up to the mountains. I greatly appreciate your help. It does look like a great place to look at. My family and I have been to the following years ago:. SL shhhhh Laramie no peak Aden Jen interesting as I have not heard many talking about it, did you find the huge x? Sounded like you had a great dream, Jeff. Good luck and be prepared for changing weather and temperatures.

The last few days, we had rain and thunderstorms while in Yellowstone. Some of the aspen trees have begun to change. One area was at peak. A buffalo near our campsite had steam coming off of itself one morning. Reminded me of one of Mr. Have a great time. The pages of the Railroad brochure listed in my above penning, , should provide a better description of the Gangplank.

No, I have a ton of bear spray and fire arm protection. At the end of it all I ended up in a nice bear free fishing creek close to my driveway where I park my car. I was hoping to visit my relatives in Bozeman and visit Yellowstone. But I did find this nice trail with a waterfall at the end, while searching the web. It looks nice and maybe promising.

Ousel falls near Big Sky. Here is a web site with photos: Hope you get a chance to see it next year. Depends on work, family situations and weather, Keep your fingers crossed — or whatever — JDA. Some information about that little Red Schoolhouse you may remember from your childhood, my friend…Fingers crossed:.

How I remember heading home on the bumpy, dirt road and quietly looking out the window and seeing this beautiful school. These are The type of things that bring joy to me, my friend. Feel like I was sitting next to you on that bus; two little kids just appreciating a beautiful gift!

Back to Wyoming and Edison for me. My apologies for missing your posts, SL. I found a website in regards to the museum, and I believe I saw the schoolhouse. It looks like a beautiful area. A Carousel for Missoula Could spend a day or so learning more about its history, alone. Missoula looks like a really nice place. Looks like Missoula is a really nice place.

The two places I recall going to is Gardiner, and West Yellowstone. Bob, If near the Warm Creek, could be old log-box structures to hold boulders and part of the dam structure to control water-flow for log plume? If so, I recall someone posted about this not too long ago. That area is full of warm stuff, canyons, wood, and now, if I can just find Brown…. Bob — a searcher wrote up his solve for warm springs creek near Dunoir back in here on HOD: Curious what you all think of this spot on GE…very weird on the satellite view: I have a couple ideas but curiosity has the better of me, I might just have to go look myself.

Then you should be able to see the Ark. T, thanks for the link. Maybe I will hid a box there. For ease go to http: Without anything else to go on, I would venture to guess they are remnants of a bridge from the pre-highway days.

There are overhead power lines near the main structure — you can see the lines and their supporting towers low light, so the towers are casting slightly elongated shadows. Heading back to Montana in 21 days to finish up a search area. Safe back in New England.

I have never smelled so much sage or seen so many skeletal remains. Every search yields results of some kind. This one 2 certainly did for us.

I got a super cool book for Christmas!!! Fort Brown was in Landers. Then Fort Washakie was moved north a few miles. This is what I read in the past at least. Forrest talked about Lander. I went there 4 years ago. Found out about Brown Town etc.

It was a structure. See my entry for contest Shawdow. If you guys want to hear it all, there is a while bunch of stuff that sounds Chasey in the Landers slash Wind Res area. So first it sounds like you understand that Fort Brown has been renamed and moved. The original Fort Brown would be off Res near Lander. We have Fenn talking about his trip to Lander which he calls the best 3 days of his life or something to that effect.

He meets a kid and they hunt together for artifacts. He mentions the Little Popo Agie River. When chasers talk about The Sinks, they are on the wrong river. The Lil Popo is a different river. There are a couple of businesses what have the word Wise or a variant in their name. You have Weiser Knoll and Weiser Creek also. Or they used to before we named it. I do not know whether this will amount to anything at this time.

My plan is to fly into Bozeman. Yes Lug, Forrest would not want us hunting on Reservation land. And anyone who visits Lander would have to go to Sinks! I forgot to take a picture of FF carved into the tree on the trail up. Camp Brown was actually located where the reservation town is today.

I found my trip to be magical. I am going back. Where the town is today is the second location of Fort Brown. I agree that sinks canyon is a good spot for a search.

It is a beautiful place. It has the foliage, the terrain, and something from the scrapbooks too. I really enjoyed hiking to the top of the falls! There is a lot more to this area. Not far but too far to walk.

We talked about some crazy stuff. He lives on the reservation, but does not text or email. My plans are to visit him in and search his study. He told me he finds things from time to time. My most recent wyo ideas have been multiplying and so hard to not go down rabbit holes…I really like an archaeology theme, so many connections to George Frison…the fenn cache…U of Wyo colors are Brown and Gold! We need to get people chatting up this board.

Sounds like this summer is the one! I need help in Wyoming. I have several Google Earth images to share and would really love a partner. You might get someone who is going sooner though… I will check back in with you when the time gets closer to see if you still need some boots on the ground. Seems like a high desert area. I like the Bridger Teton and Shoshone. Lander to the south catches my eye. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Please do not use this area for any other discussion. Proof only will get me chewing.

Seems simple to me. Why try to complicate it? When I suggested this scenario about the Cody connection over a year ago, i was hung out to dry. The theory has never left me. I guess we can ask him once the treasure is found. Zaphod, Here is his possible oppurtunity: If so, are pictures of Indulgence forthcoming? I respect your opinions on a lot of things.

Jake… you know how those BAMA guys and gals are… Bahahaha just kidding… I totally agree with you email me…jtrolinger at me dot com. Where does one view it? Please give me your feedback… i just got back from my locale and need to go back.

Jake; Almost all of the reasons that you list in support of it being in Montana, I can list as reasons that it is not. You have just read an entire article about Jade that is found in Wyoming, and then you are directed towards Montana at the end, We, as humans, are prone to put closer attention on what we just heard than on a lot that came before it.

Not picking on you, serious question. Thanks for any info you can provide. This may not be what he means at all. Kind Regards, Joe Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Just a few thoughts emanating from my one active brain cell. I too am perplexed as to how he could carry the chest to MT without driving. I believe the miles in between are not material because of this quote: He never mentions Colorado or alludes to it in anyway I can find.

Just curious — JDA. All, A Rainbow synonymous with dream and fantasy has two points of reference, lets call them a beginning and an ending. Bryan, Love this post and the linked article was very good. I also believe there is solid meat in this post! When you say map — I assume that you count GE as a map. If so, I agree. I lived in Bozeman for several years and have searched yellowstone if ya need any feedback. Just Be careful driving south thru the canyon. Animals , cars and trucks. I can access it OK by clicking on the orange part two heading……..

Dal, How long do you plan on staying in Montana searching? Dal, You going to post any MT trip pics this time? Dal — Have fun at the doll show with guess who. I prefer the pure streams and rivers of my hometown that no one knows about to stocked ponds.

Flight in a couple of hours. Last I checked Wednesday looked dicey. We arrive one basin over from you tomorrow. Great eats and good brews… Laramie seems to be doing well economy-wise…unlike many other cities we passed through on our way.

Many people here are in serious economic trouble… Whole communities seem to have locked their doors and left.

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Six Questions with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt Thrill of the chase dating

The hints also help with the clues somehow. Is it a public place? Jonsey1 — If you dating the full quote you listed above again, and apply logic, FF tells us that there is a key word, that only a few chase are in tight focus on that key word, and because of that tight focus on the thrill he is worried with good reason that the treasure will be found sooner than he anticipated. Mentioning Montana, Gallatin National Forrest or Yellowstone would be considered a subtle hint the me because all these areas are very huge. The more I read it the more it sounds like it is a word in the poem. Like the name of his typewriter. He sure does Jake. Thrill Of The Chase ft Isaiah [Guinness World Record Longest distance between people singing a duet]

The Thrill Of The Chase Isn't Sexy. It's Demeaning.

Then, of course, you have all the varieties of works of art: Did ff actually say KEE? Fairy Falls is too crowded and popular but possible. Six Questions with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt. by Jenny Kile · February 4, Hunted, series three, episode one, review: it captures you with its taut and tense thrill of the chase. Yes Lug, Forrest would not want us hunting on Reservation land.

I concur, this may be a very good possibility that it should be read as such. Dating news, photos and opinion. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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Do you do you could have been possible artist. Not only have you made Public 4th such a racial day for the last 5 years, but you like to make every day straw through your quest of the Ways. I love this Site, and others. They are such a part of my life. You thick the most we visited San Lazaro with you. Without piece of irrelevant old creamer magazines on top my family beautiful with other sites I treasure.

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Somewhere in or near the blaze, if I had to guess. There are cognitive changes to expect for flatlanders who ascend to altitude. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Quak was also just providing some context to where Forrest said that sentence, which is helpful.

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