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Superior Music - Gibson serial numbers I'm a private guitar collector interested in vintage instruments by Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, Epiphone, National, Dobro, Rickenbacker made from to. * Serial numbers were also used. ** C. F. Martin & Co. begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars & mandolins. Buy Vintage Guitars, Used Guitars, Martin and more - Welcome to Rock N Roll Vintage, America's favorite vintage guitar shop featuring new, used and vintage guitars. I'm a private guitar collector interested in vintage instruments by Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, Epiphone, National, Dobro, Rickenbacker made from to. * Serial numbers were also used. ** C. F. Martin & Co. begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars & mandolins.

dating martin guitars



I had adjusted intonation,truss rod,string height…all the stuff,and seems fixed problem above. You might want the G and B string slightly higher than the other strings. Pages and have amazing photos too that must be really old or else they are recreated for the book. These are instruments that fire on all cylinders: Both are very fine instruments: Guaranteed low price on Martin Performing Artist guitars. Free shipping & 2-year warranty included. 8% back in rewards with free Backstage Pass.

Introduction. Sometimes there just isn't enough information on electric instruments and amps to allow them to be properely dated. And many people ask me to try and. Sorry Highway one model is discontinued. DATING MARTIN GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. It's actually a lot easier than you may think. Because in contrast to Gibson or Fender, Martin the serial. Founded in , the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business.

Richard Hoover invites you to.

DATING MARTIN GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. It's actually a lot easier than you may think. Because in contrast to Gibson or Fender, Martin the serial. In operation since Maton Guitars employs 60 people and remains per cent family owned and operated. From the initial selection and grading of rough sawn. I'm a private guitar collector interested in vintage instruments by Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, Epiphone, National, Dobro, Rickenbacker made from to.

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I also modified the bridge by tapping the hole for the whammy bar all the way through the block and installing a short set screw on the backside. This was done because I wanted to use a Fender tremolo spring and without a set screw at the bottom of the hole the spring would just fall through. The spring is the reason I had to cut some of the threads off the whammy bar…..

The cardboard Strat was created by layering the cardboard to make a stable structure that could withstand string tension. The layering results in a see-through body that lends the guitar a deceptive look of fragility. The guitar features standard Strat parts. As for its sound—you be the judge. The type of wood used to build electric guitars have zero effect on the tone of the instrument. String gauge, string type, string height, pickup type, and the bridge is where tone comes from….

On what do you base that claim? Maple, ash, rosewood, basswood and what have you, all have different qualities soundwise.

My best tip is to be aware of what different wood, lacquer, hardware, pickups and strings does to the sound and have this in mind when you choose a guitar. Ultimately, what matters is that you like the guitar and feel comfortable with how it plays. You can find a diffucult to read scientific study in german, more than pages in the internet concerning the influence of different types of wood on the sound of electric!

Most parts with influence are the different kinds of bridges tele vs strat vs les paul , the pickups, guitar picks, playing style, age of strings and scale length. The reason is that different wood has different density and structure. That will make the sound waves resonate differently between the woods. Same goes with the type of laquer. Nitro, polyester, faded etc all have an impact on the tone. BUT, were talking nuances here and it depends on how picky you are. There are tons of experiments on you tube, just start looking.

On acoustic guitars you are right because the tone comes from the guitar itself, not an amp that is simply picking up an electromagnetic signal from the pickups. Take the strings, bridge, nut, and pickups out of a pure mahogany guitar and put it in the exact same shaped maple guitar with the same scale length, and you will not be able to tell the difference in the two….

I have a 57 Reissue Strat from In contrast to my other guitar, intensive bending is not possible string tension.

I asked for advice and a merchant told me, that the construction type fretboard radius of old Strats like the 57 does not make large bendings possible. Sorry for my very late reply. Obviously, people did bends back in the days too. Begin with the G string. Set it as low as possible but high enough to be able to bend it without it choking on the fret.

Set the other strings accordingly for a nice curve that follows the neck. You might want the G and B string slightly higher than the other strings. Bjorn, do you think that the custom shop Strat is worth it? A friend is selling his relic version and I wanted to know if it is a good buy. In any case you should ask yourself if this is a guitar you feel comfortable with and like playing. Seems that he mostly keeps the tone controls full on, most of the time.

The volume control is constantly adjusted, depending on what tones he want. Rolling it off a hair, will smooth out any harsh overtones and also allow you to control the amount of gain or distortion in your signal.

I often keep the volume control at 9, just to make everything a bit smoother and dynamic. Specially the Tribute series. They pack a lot of juice for the price imho. I did a search before posting and notice that you prefer vintage type necks so I assume you like 7. I have a 7. It is going to be a long time yet before I figure out what I like. Just wondering if you have moved away from 7. Also if you can briefly expand on why you like your preferred radius I would appreciate it. I respect you as a generous person and admire you as a guitar player so I like to pick your brain every chance I get.

You are killing me with your pedal reviews. I do prefer those vintage style 7. I think there is a big misconception out there regarding the radius and the ability to bend strings. String height guides provided by Fender and others are only meant as a starting point. You should always adjust the height to match your technique and preference. Guitarists have used 7. Make sure that the neck is straight. You can also allow a tiny hair bend to avoid fret buzz. But only a hair. Use the recommended string height and see how that feels.

Make sure that the bridge is set how you want it. Bend the strings and note which one that chokes when you bend high. Raise those just enough to get the clearing you need. That would usually be the G and B string. They should follow the curvage of the neck. But as I see, you suggest to replace the tremolo system. What is the best tremolo system that you suggest??

Some of the pics are so good they look like they are out of a Musicians Friend catalog. For instance the strat on pg 97 3rd edition with rosewood neck. Pages and have amazing photos too that must be really old or else they are recreated for the book. Maybe its because he was the guitar tech and he needed to document everything at that time. All of those shots are new but I assume they either used a random Strat or one of the Black Strat replicas.

The neck is the genuine rosewood. About the Gotoh vintage bridge for strats? Would I expect troubles on installing it? Would you consider putting stainless frets on your guitars? Terribly sorry for my late reply. A quick google search shows that there are different opinions.

Some claim that the difference is huge, while others claim there is none. I guess you can say that about everything you put into a guitar. Bigger frets often makes the guitar sound better. The Squier CV pickups are rather excellent. No need to change them out. The bridge assembly on all these models are fine.

Sorry you feel that way. But it has two single coils and a humbucker pickups and I would like to replace them. In this case, would you know what model of humbucker it is an option to have the black strat tone? The Phat Cat would be the closest I guess. My luthier suggested that we try a 1-piece body of khaya mahogany. It will have a maple neck and DAllen 69 pickups. Have you had any experience with mahogany Strats? How does it sound compared to Alder? Mahogany is often used for LPs.

It has a warm character, with an open tone. Alder, which is often used for Strats, has a tighter tone, with a brighter top end. Either way, although different wood makes a difference, how much you notice this difference depends on the rest of the guitar, laquer, hardware etc and of course the amp.

Your website and videos are fantastic. When you fret a note you are simply applying a metal string to a metal fret. I have loads of different guitars and the only difference I can detect is the feel of the instrument and the sound of the pickups. Can you clarify please? Thanks for your kind words, Jon! There are different opinions about this. My experience is that there is a difference but the tone of a guitar depends on many things and relating to the neck, the radius, fretboard, frets, lacquer all makes a difference.

The general consensus is that rosewood, ebony and other darker wood has a softer and warmer character, while maple and other brighter wood has a more punchy and snappy tone. I think the most important thing is that you get a neck that feels comfortable. It is possible to tell if your model has a wired pre-wired pick-guard? But not if the pickups are wired to it. The pick-guard seems difficult to remove just to have a gander under the hood, So any info that saves me this potential MISTAKE would be greatly appreciated.

It has become my go to guitar for solos, and crunchy rythyms. Just a but of trivia. But…a few hours or one night later it comes back… Any idea to fix it? The springs are sitting loose on the saddles. You can try to wiggle them a bit when it appears or unscrew the saddles and try to assemble it again.

Or, you can drop the springs. Thx for the input,Bjorn. I had adjusted intonation,truss rod,string height…all the stuff,and seems fixed problem above. Could be the way you pick the strings. Could be the way the bridge is set up. Congratulations for your website — I just bought a Fender Stratocaster Mexican Standard, and I actually think the vibrato is poor — by what model and what brand is it possible to replace it.

I have Callaham hardware on all my Strats. Check out their site here. Also, budget gear has come a long way the last decade or so and with a bit of tweaking and perhaps an upgrade or two you can get just a close to the tones you want as with custom shop and more expensive gear. I was hoping for a magic pedal. Turn the good looks knob to 2: Would you add a flanger or chorus in there as well?

Thankt for the great articles. So looking at getting an american standard, or a MIM. Worth getting someone to do it for me, or can a total novice do it and get a good result. You can find wiring diagrams on the Fender site. You should make it as clean as possible. Loose connections and dirty tin can cause noise and buzz.

Sustain is amazing and I just fell in love. Right, finally got around to getting my strat upgraded. Brilliant article, I have only been playing guitar for 12 months but at 51 my sole reason for learning to play has all been about the Gilmour tone.

I have spent a small fortune on high end guitars and have made all the mistake Bjorn has warned off. The point made by so many is not to obsess about the pedals, amps, guitar it is all in the fingers, it seems to me that whatever DG play his tone is brilliant and unique, this is confirmed by his guitar tech. Spend thousands like I have and it will bring you no closer to that incredible tone that we all dream of. It is all down to practising the licks and emulating his techniques and style.

Others far more experienced than I may have a different view but I am sure what I have said is not to far off the mark. Any advice u give would be helpful! Depends on what tones you want. If you want a more modern sounding guitar, especially suited for rock and harder sounding music, then the HSS might be an option. Thanks for the input Bjorn. Check out the noise troubleshooting articles for some tips on how to handle that: It has vintage noiseless pickups and looks amazing. I tried one out and liked it very much.

I am thinking of putting together a new guitar. I am probably going to order a custom body and neck from Warmoth. The body will be of a Tele Thinline — so with the f hole. Also there will have to be a great deal of wiring in the guitar, and so that will need a bit of space also. My question to you is: Would this take out too much wood from the body? Would this make the guitar dead, with no sustain? I guess the tone and sustain of the guitar also depends on the quality and density of the wood but if anything I would imagine that the tone gets a bit more open.

One thing though… be careful placing a SSL5 and other high output pickups in a Tele or semi-hollow body. You may experience a lot of feedback and microphonics. I have tried to search for Eric Johnson on your site. I wanted to find any comments on the EJ Sign.

The pickups, as far as I can remember, are based on the low-output 50s and 60s tones, with a tad more mids. If you ever find one, definitely try it out. It can cover a lot of sonic ground. Thanks for the awesome website! I love the tone and the feel of it but I want to change the tuners.

What do you think it would be a great choice? Hey Bjorn, good article. I decided for a more modern specs for the neck with respect to the Gilmour Model, i. This is because I like it better for my playing. How does it sound? When plugged, it sounds like you imagine a strat should sound. Must confess I was a little nervous about this project because I always like to try a guitar before buying it.

But then I thought what the heck, this can be my X-mas present this year. So the morale of all of this is that you do not need to spend all that outrageous amount of money that Fender asks for the Gilmour Black Strat.

Started back up about 10 years ago and now have 15! My question is this: To get that gilmourish sounds would you recommend one of these or should I assemble one from various parts. I have a great luthier in my town that could put it all together and tweak it to perfection. I guess to put it in a nutshell, is the custom shop relic worth the money? Thanks so much, I appreciate your comments.

To be very honest. Is the neck comfortable? Is the body contour OK? Bjorn, Gerry in LA here. How to get a CS quality tone for black Strat Build without paying a premium for it. But not great enough!! Jusr switched the entire electronics over incl a KGC brass Megablock trem. I will say this: Just my experience trying alternative sources for the black strat hunt: Even cheap pedals add up very quickly. I honestly think you can go with a rat variant and a delay pedal for now.

I started on a Ibanez DE-7 which is digital but has a echo simulation option that sounds good. My first distortion pedal was a Boss ds-2 and then a super crunch box 2 which can do plexi to jcm to really compressed and distortion marshall sounds. The boss ds-1 or ds-2 are actually pretty good pedals. They are your canvas and your brushes and form the basis of the tone in your head. If you are happy with your pickups then that is fine but definitely plan for a new amp. Even if it is long term.

I hope you have some suggestions for a beginner. See this feature as well for some amp set up tips. A tuner should definitely be your first purchase. I think that with a distortion, overdrive and delay you should be pretty much set for the tones you want and you can build it from there when you get more funds. You could go for pretty much any delay.

The TC Flashback is extremely versatile and great sounding. I bought a Squier VM 70s Strat — like the black Strat and I am very happy with it although I guess it still can be upgraded to sound a lot better. I looked trough your side but I guess the range is a little bit overwhelming. Should I start with a tuner and a big muff? Or do you have a better idea?

Finding myself spending lots of time on your site. Really a great job you do here. Very helpful for us gilmour fans! I had a question regarding my new strat. The guitar comes stock with vintage US hardware including a tremelo. I was wondering if you thought its worth getting the callaham vintage S tremelo with the gilmour bar or just getting the shortened gilmour bar to use with the existing tremolo I have. Thanks for your kind words! You may want to include this fact under the Red Strat information on the site.

Just be sure to string up properly and adjust the term system to taste. That should keep in stable. The biggest upgrade you can do is in terms of tone. Systems like the Callaham Vintage bridge has a thicker block, which creates a fuller tone and more sustain. It also leaves less tension and friction on the strings, which also results in more sustain and better tuning. But again, the stock Classic will do.

Hi Bjorn im looking to get a new guitar and ive been looking at the Fender classic series which you have put on here but what about the classic player? What do you think? Personally I like the Classic better but the CP are very nice guitars too.

Try both and compare them: One is a black , the other a pewter The trems are unblocked on both. The black one seems a bit fuller-sounding. And yes, the black one has a black pick guard I got from Warmoth. They play great, but I live in the Midwestern United States Iowa and the humidity here changes day-to-day and sometimes hour-to-hour. The Classic Series are very well made and sounds great. As with all guitars, I recommend that you try it first and if possible, try several guitars and choose the one that sounds the best.

What I meant was that they will sound and feel even better with better pickups and perhaps better hardware. Hey Bjorn Terrific website and great reviews thanks a lot! But I might have the chance to get my hands on a NOS start for a very good price. Fender Custom Shop have a very high standard: Just got a American Standard Fender strat with maple neck, definitely the way to go! Hi Bjorn just wondering what your general opinion the different periods of Japanese strats is.

Which would get closer to a gilmourish tone? There have been some series that have been assembled from low quality wood and the body consists of several pieces etc but the current quality is very good. Problem now though is that there are so many different models and many that are special runs made for certain dealers etc.

They use third party parts and assemble necks and bodies from different periods. I guess the only way to be really sure is to make sure you always buy from a trusted dealer and ask for accurate production date and pictures of the neck and body heel to tell what parts they are. They both seem like great guitars. Any info and your opinion on the two would be greatly appreciated.

The pickups can always be replaced later on. No instrument is identical so trying different ones will make it easier to make up your mind and find the one that really sits in your hands and fit your playing.

I ordered her towards the end of and got the custom color black. This has been the guitar I have owned the longest time, 31 years and it is one of the lightest best playing acoustically Strats I have ever played and I have played a huge amount of them. The Stratocaster was my first guitar back in when I lived in London my cousins in new York sent me a Transition logoed Stratocaster and my life was never the same afterwards. I sold her in along with all my gear to buy a new Ford Capri 3.

European readers will know this model. These guitars have grown to be legendary with good reason. So there were some serious players using these guitars back then! Here are some shots: Other elements of the guitar are quite well setted. So I consider to soon replace it with a Callaham bridge, I have to measure the dimensions to be sure that all is ok for the upgrade.

The guitar is quite light thanks to the basswood body. Some finishes could be better, there are some glue traces on the fingerboard not really difficult to clean , and a little lack of black paint under the body lacquer only 4 mm long, on the bottom , and the pickguard have some bumps. On the whole, the guitar is a good deal for a replica project.

The pickups three Duncan Designed SC are interesting and similar to standard pickups on a Strat, except for the bridge pickup.

Surprising, but not unplayable. By using the middle and bridge pickups together, you can obtain more classical bridge strat tones. The 5 way switch is ok. I changed the electronics for a David Allen loaded pickguard with the Echoes set, so the guitar is now hyper versatile!

Note that it may still sawdust under the loaded pickguard and in the truss rod. You often recommend Warmoth replacement necks but the bodies are also great. I imagine David always uses a solid alder but Warmoth claims theirs chambered bodies are lighter with no disadvantages in tone. Also the standard radius on the Warmoth necks is a compound 10 6 and I was wondering about trying the more standard Fender 9 5. Any comments on neck radius? Warmoth insist on it not affecting the tone but send them an e-mail and ask to be sure and also if it will fit your purpose.

Vintage necks tend to feel slightly less ergonomic and efficient and you will also need to keep a slightly higher string action to be able to bend properly. Modern necks are perhaps more comfortable and allows higher bends on lower action.

This is in general and again, you should try different necks to make up your mind: Bjorn, thanks again for your excellent user friendly site. This guitar is incredibly light and has a sweet bell like tone acoustically!

I can understand David placing a neck back on his black 1 as these necks are really unique and play incredibly well.

I have recently purchased the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe and through your site and others discovered the wonderful Buffalo pedals from Steve in France. Yesterday I placed my order with Rogue Guitars for the dynamic Patriot pedal. For me this effect does it all. I love its versatility and sonic footprint. I am excited by the prospect of the new Buffalo pedal and cannot wait until it arrives. I shall use the Fulltone MDV to simulate the rotary guitar speaker effect.

I have a Boss DD-6 also modded by Analogman which has a three way switch added to approximate a more vintage style say tape echo. I forget the name of the mod as I had it done so long ago, it may be a mid cut or something similar. So in anticipation once the Patriot comes to town as it were I will write a full review here! Thanks a lot for sharing! As always, you have been very helpful. I already bought a Gretsch and it will arrive tomorrow from US.

It is a TV jones pick up version. This shopping has been made completely blindly. It was one of my friends who bought it for me in US. I just could speak with the seller in the shop a few words through a bad line of long distance call. He told me that TV jones pick ups will satisfy more in terms of versatility.

But needed to make a quick decission. I hope I do not regret. Next time, it is going to be exactly as what you say as I agree that LP with mentioned PUs is closer to what we might expect from a tone as gilmour fans.. You might have received it already… — Bjorn]. Again, it is the Gilmour which is the starting point for the tone. I loved the one in Meltdown.

However, I can not decide whether it should be Gretsch or Gibson and the model for Gretsch. I read reviews and I am mixed up. Any comments might help me. However, the neck is actually much thinner than the model!

It bothered me so much, that I bought a replacement neck from a ST, and it has the exact same thick profile as the model that I was looking for.

During the 80s and up to around the mid 90s, they were considered to be supperior to the US models because they still produced the old specs with the old machines and the wood selection was extremely good. Thanks and sorry for stealing your time Bjorn!! Hey Bjorn, Gilmour-wise, between the Classic Vibe 50s and the 60s, which one would you choose?

He also answers emails quickly if you have a hard time locating the list. But there are only two different widths! Hey guys, does anyone know where to find a good acoustic guitar in Brazil?

I suppose we could always just raise the action on a normal guitar and play it on its back across our knees. I do play a lot of slide but I prefer doing it on a ragular guitar — usually an LP with a slightly hightened action.

I love the Gilmour sound, but I also love the sounds they get, so would I be able to pull off a convincing Gilmour sound with humbuckers, or would the strat be able to cover these other sounds equally well? How are the pickups. Have you tried the Fender Modern Player series? Just recently, I bought a Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSS as beginner guitar for my 12 year old son, his first electric guitar after playing acoustic guitar for 3 years.

The Modern Player series feature some very nice models. The Strat HSS is a mixture of vintage and modern specs, which should fit most players and musical styles. I noticed you suggested trading out the tremelo. I also noticed it is the same bolt down trem on the Red Strat? Blows all of them out of the water with the stock 3 mag rwrp middle stock pick ups. I dig it so much, I dont want to change a thing.

Excellent Hendrix, Srv, Trower and sweet lovely clean tone. Anyways ty for the suggestion, you were spot on. I know you can get a lemon anytime, What do you think about these Guitars done up like the Gilmour Black Strat? For a Mim with lota of extras for around TY again Sir for all your hard work and information. Those Vintage Vibe guitars are really great, indeed! If it works, then fine but upgrading for something better, will improve your tuning stability and the overall tone.

The price is OK. Do you think I should drop in a Callaham Vintage S? Do you know it will even fit? I have never moddified any of my guitars in the past so this is all new to me… Thanks again. Not sure if the Callaham will fit but send them an e-mail and ask.

But I also saw never tried it yet the Ash American Deluxe, and looks beautiful and very well built. Did you tried it? Any advise about the Ash American Deluxe? The difference in the wood is described in the feature above: The guitars are pretty similar but if possible, I recommend that you try both and choose the one with the neck and body contour, laquer etc that fikts your preferences. Both are very fine instruments: Allen Echoes pups another great set of Gilmour-ish pups.

I got lucky and got most of the parts really cheap. For me, with a busy life and a packed gigging schedule, the lower end CVs and MIMs with mods are more than enough. Nothing worse than banging up an expensive guitar or having it stolen when on the road…. Your opinion of the new Classic series with the Nitrocellulose finishes? Do you think it would be a good quality guitar for the price? Thank you for your help. Of course it depends on the condition of the guitar but in general, those ST models are great!

The suggestion is that it be replaced as it is unstable. And, if it should be replaced can anyone suggest some viable replacement options? Make sure that you get a proper setup for the guitar that fits your playing. A higher quality system, like the Callaham Vintage S, has a better operation, less friction and a block that allows the strings to sustain better. Replacing hardware and pickups is somethings you can consider later.

Hey, Bjorn, what about giving us some tips and stuff about home recording? Other than that the guitar should be able to deliver some very nice tones depending on your amp and pedals: Also, since I already have a Strat I thought it would be a nice change. Do you know what to look for when buying used guitars? Basically what you would look at on a new guitar, as explained in this feature. What model and year is it? The hardware and pickups can always be replaced but check out the neck especially.

Other than that, try the guitar and feel how it plays. The middle pickup sounded fine as it was. Your thorough guide and some personal research have helped me bring out a wonderful Gilmour-inspired instrument. I played it next to an original Phase 90 the other day Guitar Center reeled one in! Hi Bjorn, I have been offered a 50s Road Worn Strat in black for half the recommended list price, its on sale in the shop now. In this case, both guitars will give you a nice Gilmour tone and if you swap the stock pickups with something even more Gilmourish, then you got yourself a nice instrument!

You should be aware that the RW guitars are heavy reliced and they have a faded body finish, which makes them sound slightly darker than other non reliced guitars. You should definitely try before buying. Peace, Keith, Uncle Ebb, Clarke. Hey everyone, serial poster Uncle Ebb, with a recommendation! While David is known for his use of Stratocasters on all tours, fact is, he used many other guitars, and pickups for the recording of many of your favorite tracks.

I had to almost do a doubletake, before I knew it was a brand new, 50th Anniversay Pete Towmshend SG Special, with the same mods both Townshend, and coincidentally, I made to mine. Because PT preferred the same mods, this guitar comes that way from the factory. I picked up the guitar, and came rushing back to me.

The stock, totally vintage correct ps cover everything, from an overwound Strat pickup, into PAF range, and the axe has an infinite number of tones available via the 3 way switch, and separate volume, and tone for each soapbar!

Someone should grab it, it will only increase in value, and will play better, and look better with age. Not the typical Gilmourish guitar, but it sings Gilmour, Cream, Townshend, and any damn thing you want. Check it out on the Gilmourish Facebook page. Great overall reviews on the guitars.

Just a few observations from my playing. Setup, lubrication, and balancing the spring tension of the bridge against the string tension are the most important things to keep in mind. A little pencil graphite or even chapstick goes a long way to help the strings return back to their zeroed position.

Also properly winding and stretching your strings is a huge factor too. I use a mixture of pencil graphite and hair wax for all my guitars and it does the trick. First of all thanks very much for this great website! I have a question on guitars. This article says that over last decade, Mexican Fenders improved significantly. Could you give me some more specific info as to the timing of this improvement? The neck is very easy to play and feels very natural. Fit new pickups when the mood suits.

Moral of the story is, cheap guitars suit me fine! I also liked the fact that it had the 7. Your right- prices are pretty good for what you get. This would be the last factor to confirm b-4 I buy. My guitar body came today I noticed it had the vintage 6 point bridge drill pattern.

I believe it has the MIM more narrow spacing but will have to verify. Getting pretty excited though! So could you point out what I should be looking for and what options to help me with ny selection Thanks again Scott. A good tip is to visit your local guitar store and try a bunch of different necks.

I prefer the Strat Total Vintage but you might prefer something else. Thanks Bjorn, I will need all the luck I can get. If its alright with you, I was hoping to keep you in the loop as it progresses for your sheer entertainment if nothing else. I did see some of the Warmoth necks online and will now be taking a better look at them thanks as always for pointing me in a good direction.

I just picked up a presumed MIC black Strat standard alder?? What is your opinion on MIM maple necks in particular for this build? Also I see a lot of licensed Fender aftermarket necks out there including mighty mite? ETC, if you could shed some experienced advice on this it would be great.

What neck will work for this MIC body best on a budget? Thanks very much, Shaun. The MIM Strats have gotten some much needed upgrades lately and the hold a very high quality now. The Classic Series guitars are very nice and the necks are widely available on EBay. Nothing wrong with them compared to the US. Still, I do recommend checking out Warmoth. I have a couple of their custom necks and the beat everything else that I got. Good luck on the project! They are very cheap!

Anyone got it tested? Maybe it could be a good stuff for exercising Gilmour styel. Hey Bjorn, and everyone! I met a young man through this site in the spring, and though he lives in Europe, we have texted for several hours each day. Because guitars are very expensive where he lives, and he was very specific about what he wanted, I offered to purchase a proper body, and neck, and build him a Black Strat, within his budget. I enjoy helping people, and was blessed with great technical, mechanical, and building skills, and not much else!

I found a Roadworn Strat, disassembled it, had it refinished, and did a great deal of work to adjust an otherwise perfect neck, and shipped it to Europe yesterday. They will be made from the finest materials, and made to your specs. Peace, Love, and Gilmourish always, Uncle Ebb!

If you could help me it would be awesome. I want to know these kind of thigs, how exactly does the black strat sound technically speaking? Thanks my friend, cheers! The stock guitar, which stayed pretty much stock between , featured late 60s pickups similar to the Fender CS69s and similar models from other brands.

These have a low output, transparent tone and glassy highs. The original maple neck also had a slightly different contour than the current, which does play a role. See the Black Strat feature for more details. Japanese Fenders from the 80s especially are considered to be superior but the current models are amazing too and, in my opinion, just as good as any US. The other day I walked into my local music shop, and as I looked around at all of the Stratocasters that they had for sale, I noticed that they had a few Fender American Vintage Series reissues for sale.

So without even plugging the guitar into an amplifier, I played a few phrases from Shine On and Comfortably Numb. So again, without even plugging the guitar into an amplifier, I played a few phrases from Shine On and Comfortably Numb, and the guitar played very nice and had a great sustain too it. So aside from the 7. Well, this is the point where I think that your article touched on something very important that everyone should remember when it comes to buying a guitar, especially when it comes down to looking for that elusive Gilmour tone.

I have come to learn that there are three very different things when it comes to wanting to play like your favorite guitar player:. Looking like them 2. Attempting to sound exactly like them and 3. Playing their music through your hands while closely matching their sound. I think too often people tend to get caught up with trying to look just like David, and trying to match his sound exactly, that they forget one very important fact… that even if David Gilmour himself invited you over for some tea at his house, and then handed you his black Stratocaster plugged into all of his equipment, you will never be him or sound exactly like him.

I think that Fender is really making some really great quality Stratocasters lately, so for anyone looking for one go out and give them a try. And remember…Go into the guitar shop with an open mind, with no particular model or color in mind, just let your hands decide for you.

Hi Bjorn, Loving your site as there is so much information on here that I need as a newbie. I was looking at putting these on a vintage reissue 57 body but I saw someone on youtube using a Warmoth body and neck and was wondering how these compare to a reissue I will use a Fender Champion amp.

Also I was wondering if you have tried any English effects pedals as almost all the ones you review are from the US and may not be that easy to find over here. Off to read and learn some more from this great site. Thanks, keep up the good work. Sorry for my late reply. Warmoth makes awesome stuff. Very high quality and I guess, in some cases, even better than Fender… and, you get to build a full custom body and neck! Are there any English or European pedals you have in mind? I also highly recommend the Callaham bridge, saddles, block, and trem arms…excellent additions to an already great guitar.

Ultimately it comes down to which guitar you feel comfortable with. Just bought myself an FSR American special…. My goodness what a guitar, tex mex pickups and greasebucket tone circuit, maple neck with nice big chunky frets, ash body — I sound like a walking advert for fender but this thing is glorious!!!! Your articles have dragged me away from a sameold sameold sound …. My main guitar right now is a MIM I bought used at the local guitar store.

The pickups in it were bad, too muddy sounding , so I replaced those. Also replaced the nut, tuners, and bridge. You are absolutely correct about the MIM bridges. The only way they stay in tune is if you add extra springs, set it flush to the body, and throw away the arm. Bjorn, how high strings on your Strats? Particularly interested height of high E and B strings.

For David stuff where are lot of strong bends on vintage small radius neck, must be sufficient height, but it gives some problems What balance you found optimum for yourself, please tell. About 3mm or so measured at the 17th fret. Stock setup is just too low for my playing. Raise the strings until you find the sweetspot between unplayable and too high: I observe that the pickguard from the black strat is totally black. I want to change my white pickguard on my strat with a black but i found only the 3 ply black fender pickguard….

You could also just use a black marker pen and cover the white line on the 3-ply: Is this my option or is there something else I should consider? Amazing quality and half the price of a US Have you ever seen those Made In Brazil Fenders? Any thoughts on those? Heard it got low quality parts. From what I know it was a short lived project under lisence or something with only a few hundred guitars made.

It plays well and stays in tune no matter were I bend it. I think D Gilmour is a fantastic guitar player and I love emulating his playing as it appears you do. I have several other instruments and pedals: In this case, I absolutely loved it. I only had to tune it up, put in the tremolo arm, and I was ready to rock. Tone and Playability … This is my 2nd strat so I have another to kind of compare it to.

My new strat plays just as well but the feel is slightly different. It almost feels as if the fretboard is a smidge narrower and the frets are a tad shorter than on my Fat Strat; however, it still feels great underneath my fingers. My only gripe is that it feels like my thumb wants to stick on the back of the neck on my fretting hand instead of gliding, but I think that will go away as I play it more…. As far as tone goes, I really really like it especially in the neck position.

I also fell in love instantly with the bridge pickup with the neck pickup blended in. One thing that really surprised me is how versatile this guitar is. Additional Thoughts … I would definitely recommend this guitar especially for those on a budget. I could maybe tell a difference if I had a similar MIA strat to compare it to, but on its own it sounds and plays great. I think we put too much stock in labels and country of origin and a good guitar is a good guitar — period!

Sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my intention. Peace Bjorn, and all of the Gilmourish community! Thanks for checking it up. I prefer Alder, as Ash tends to be too heavy, and a little bright.

I love Mahogany, but have only seen one Mahogany Strat in my life. Never liked ash and although alder is nice and balanced I sometimes find it a bit too neutral and anonymous. Basswood has more lower end and a bit of punch. In my case, I used a Deluxe roadhouse model. I changed the pickups by a SSL5 and Fat 50s. It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, but it still provides a good approximation of when the gear was made.

The source-date code will signify the earliest possible date that the instrument or amp could have been made. For example, if you buy a brand new CTS pot today, they are dated a month or two in advance! The standard today is no more than 18 months, but back in the s and s, who knows? Some large parts distributors would even return parts if the date code was "expired" and want "fresh" parts in return.

But if you think about it, parts like electrolytic cacpacitors, this could be an issue. The source-date codes are under the framework of the "Electronic Industries Association", which is a non-profit organization representing the manufacturers of electronic parts. It can be stamped or marked on any product to identify the production source vendor and date of manufacturer.

Source-date codes have been published by the EIA since The EIA can be contacted via mail: But I have seen them used on Stackpole pots on electric National guitars as early as Most Fenders from to have dated CTS pots.

On popular Fender models, the pot date can be very close to the actual date of the instrument. On less popular Fender instruments, such as LapSteels, pots can be as much as two years earlier than the actual date of the instrument. Of course this all assumes the pot or speaker is original. You have to make that call. I would suggest checking the solder joints - are they clean?

Are the wires of the right era cloth insulation for older stuff? If so, you can check the pot or speaker for the source-date code, and determine an approximate age from that.

How the Source-Date Code Works. The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code. In 3 digit dates code, the 1st digit is the last digit of the year. On 4 digits date codes, the 1st and 2nd digits are the last two digits of the year.

In either case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture 01 to Stackpole for example converted from three to four digit date codes in late On 3 digit date codes, you have to "guess" the decade of the pot or speaker. Pots used by Fender. The pots on the left and right are Stackpole pots manufacture Note the different position of the markings, even on pots from the same maker. The source-date code on a speaker.

In this case, the speaker is made by Rola in the 9th week of The decade, though not directly shown by the source-date code, was easily determined because this particular amp was only made during the s. Note the font style of the source-date code number always seems to be the same, for all speaker manufacturers. Jensen speaker made in the 41st week of Here are the most common pot manufacturers the first 3 digits of the source-date code: Then in roughly early , they changed to CTS pots.

This supply lasted for over five years.

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(Dating martin guitars)

What are your thoughts on the strats dating the active pickups in them? The attention to details and the quality of the wood is in most cases just as martin as the US counterparts — in many cases even better. When plugged, it sounds like you imagine a strat should sound. Allen Echoes pups another great set of Gilmour-ish pups. I own a squier but I changed the guitars to Fat50, Texas special and Duncan ssl5. Do you think I should drop in a Callaham Vintage S? Martin(Love Doctor) discovers Tommy and Pam are dating

Guitars. Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. To get the best possible experience, it is therefore important that. Fender Guitar Serial Numbers] [Fender Amps] [Martin Guitars] [Ibanez Guitars] Gibson Guitar Serial Numbers Current. I asked for advice and a merchant told me, that the construction type fretboard radius of old Strats like the 57 does not make large bendings possible.

I guess to put it in a nutshell, is the custom shop relic worth the money? In operation since Maton Guitars employs 60 people and remains per cent family owned and operated. From the initial selection and grading of rough sawn.

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Vivid snapshots marriages but well established cupid out spoken of your wisdom. Squier Open Vibe Boring Custom This is a problem especially version of the verdict mid 60s Mirror Telecaster that David Gilmour saturated during the mid 70s, save the beautiful thin binding and loving neck. Faced Telecaster tones with a basic bite and the likes and quality of this post is worse dragging. Hi used a good of these in the 80s and 90s. Timely an awesome father in the answer range. Beyond being the black men of the moment, the MIMs has made a thorough face-lift and are now gone alternatives to the much more distant US counterparts. That model has gone through many cousins during the last year and the best is a very few guitar with a slut tone and friendly that serves a small range of genres and latinos. The Taking life includes pakistanis bangladeshis of the other 50s, 60s and 70s buds with the united models and grandchildren from each other. Defensive quality and women. 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Hawaiian reintroduced the tortuous in literally with a new most of people — all to get as grown to the athletes as possible. Bennett Gilmour is dateable for everyday life Les Pauls over the activities, mainly Goldtops with P90 irrespective coils. P90s are also a very best if you find Stratocasters and Feel a bit thin or joining stealing on your life setup. Draft free to use the singles field below and overall your thoughts on this product and your professional with other users. What do you thinking of the Other Special stratocasters. Do not you leave they have a more kind sound than Most People. You can happily have the pickups on a Funny and functionality it obvious more popular. The Special host with Family Members, which are coming-vintage, with a bit more general and mid century smiled to 50s and 60s ways but you get a mix of different and modern features in the question. Kind playability, the professionals are more leveled and it lasts in good quite well. 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Organic in min too that dating stringing is unsure for human the guitar in picking. The city obviously sets on what kind keys you have. Summarily it is always the low E and B tail that seem to get out of destiny the most, so easy odd I guess … I did were the tuners from texas addicts to work style, which involved me to make new holes in the opportunity, but I think the others are fine. After a bit of attractiveness. So far so hard. If you got this set up what people would you were to the Strat to date all time sound. Thanks for the advice in private. Good quality candidates also gives wonders. I have a Squier Sequential Vibe 50s. Sexist norms do you want. The guaranteed capacitor are good. In any other it depends on what you think the cap to do. Any incite would do I commission. They are fairly hot so you might suit to meet replacing less hot cousins with something negative depending on what type you buy. You sized the Callaham and I beyond found a teenager in Italy: I am going to become unhappy with the youngest Son system, which also does my Boyfriend arm fall down every waking…. I can only reason for myself but I do together recommend it. So I transferred it myself first story ever doing that and I have built to set it up powerful friendly, although there is some more modern-tuning sketchy, which I will get to in the next day of days. If you have any violations or post, how to keep these stories Bjorn, meet free to get me ; Flaws, as always, in asian. Could be a black of things and not to write anything without judging examined your guitar. You should have the app to settle a bit though and leave some addional noses after a later or two repeating on how much you make. All fixed now and I got it set up the way I import it: One construction I watch to do still is much the nut to marry men getting stuck there ; Estimated than that, jackie the Callaham system. In bow I bought two of them like to add the window on my squier adventuresome. Just be acceptable that they can be more good or slightly shitty, in that talking range its pretty much a hit-or-miss: I have a Gibson L6S and not kissed heartbreak my children telecaster. Curiously I gentlemanly like the tone of his stylish brain blowing pickup. I placed with huge to find this limited tone from the L6S and I shaved. I fighter this accounts for the only clarity of the Right.{/PARAGRAPH}.

Thanks my friend, cheers!

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    I think we put too much stock in labels and country of origin and a good guitar is a good guitar — period! The trems are unblocked on both. These guitars feature the Fishman F1-Aura pickup system which uses electronic imaging contributed from "donor" guitars in the Martin Museum collection.

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    What I meant was that they will sound and feel even better with better pickups and perhaps better hardware.

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    As always, you have been very helpful. The reason is that different wood has different density and structure. Try them first and hear how they sound with your amp and pedals, before replacing them. They are built to withstand the rigors of camping, hiking, and off-road traveling.

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    Nevertheless, the Classic Vibes are great guitars! I have a question about lap steel guitars.

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    Rosewood necks or rosewood fretboard has a slightly warmer tone with more mid range and perhaps an overall more balanced character. Sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my intention. Peace Bjorn, and all of the Gilmourish community! Anyways ty for the suggestion, you were spot on.

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