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How to Pick Up Girls in 7 Situations by 32 Dating Coaches Learn how to pick up girls in 7 different situations from 32 world famous dating coaches. Jan 06,  · In Feet of Clay: A Study of Gurus, the late Anthony Storr examined the psychological profiles of gurus ranging from the benign, such as Carl Jung and. 4 If you are going to gleefully mock the “pratfalls” of laughable gurus like Trungpa, as Harris does, is it too much to ask that you have the guts and basic. Learn how to pick up girls in 7 different situations from 32 world famous dating coaches. Jan 06,  · In Feet of Clay: A Study of Gurus, the late Anthony Storr examined the psychological profiles of gurus ranging from the benign, such as Carl Jung and.

evolve dating gurus


Do not worry about what to say — focus on the above. Amal Kiran (born K.D. Sethna, a Parsi-Zoroastrian) was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo. He wrote the following article in response to Dr Ambedkar's embrace of Buddhism.

A hippie (sometimes spelled hippy) is a member of a counterculture, originally a youth movement that began in the United States during the mids and spread to. On any given Saturday this summer, Ariel Winter will gaze before a mirror engaging in a prepping ritual that is to many women all too familiar. She’ll blow dry her.

Apr 22,  · The guy who first managed me in recruitment, the owner of the small agency I had joined, had a way of dealing with some of the slightly more overconfident.

Exposing Serge Benhayon's Universal Medicine

According to the Black Hole law, the smallest organism evolves informatively. Australopithecus, which splits in 3 evolutionary ages of growing brain volume:. We have dated the oldest mandibles of Australopithecus Anamensis, the top predator of the 3 big ape species, in 4 million years.

The Australopithecus, after reproducing massively in the savannah ecosystem that favours his bipedalism, suffers a new ternary mutation.

The 3 descendants of that Australopithecus Afarensis that inhabited the Ethiopian plains around 3 million years ago, are:. The Paranthropus, an energetic species with huge mandibles and a lineal, planar brain. He looks like a heavy-set, humanoid gorilla. He was probably vegetarian. The first subspecies found is the Paranthropus Aethiopicus, which will further evolve into the stronger Paranthropus Robustus.

The Australopithecus Africanus, which maintains the form of the original Australopithecus Afarensis, perhaps with inner improvements in his soft tissue.

He lives in South Africa and is contemporary of the Paranthropus. He is the informative species, with a bigger brain, which starts to acquire the shape of all informative species: Those 3 species live very close.

Around the Turkana Lake we have found remains of the 3 Homos. Yet the arrow of future favors informative species. So the top predator Homo will be the Australopithecus Garthi that goes through a mature age of massive reproduction, probably extinguishing the other 2 subspecies and expanding worldwide into new ecological niches that favoured their genetic and memetic adaptation through a new, ternary split:.

A regressing, energetic A. Garthi, similar but taller than its parental Australopithecus. Homo Ergaster, an informative ape with a cc.

He has simple technology, a skull without forehead and thick bones that handicap further cranial evolution. Recently discovered, he is a formal mutation with a smaller body, whose morphology resembles for the first time that of a human being.

He has thinner bones that allow further growth and a higher forehead, the location of the creative part of the brain. Palaeontologists also found the first advanced technological tools in his sites in Flores Island, which is an isolated place, the ideal region to foster further evolution, due to the lack of top predators alopatric evolution. Thus, he ads now technological energy weapons that substitute body strength and define a single arrow of future for human evolution: His improvement in neurological form, probably caused first his rapid expansion thanks to his new technological tools and then a rapid growth in size through the cross-breeding with the taller Homo Erectus species, giving finally birth around Those predictions based in the 3 arrows of future time and the black hole paradox information is small and evolves in dwarf species have been confirmed by genetic maps and Paleontology and await final confirmation, when new skulls of Floresiensis are found.

So both body and brain are complementary in female and male and in each of them between their brain and body. And that is the just, balanced, complementary structure of the organic Universe. For many decades, since Darwin talked about Darwinian Struggle, biologists thought that was the only strategy of survival.

Or not so quite…. Since when we apply those laws of system sciences to humans, we obtain a surprising result recently proved by genetics — that there should be both an specialized human, informative race which easily evolves into social systems the verbal human and another specialized energetic human race, which not so easy evolves into a social super-organism, the white man:. It is the dolicocephalic brain dominated by the visual, eye to occipucius axis, also dominant in neanderthals.

Which culture is better for the survival of mankind? In the same manner, we talk also of gender duality in terms of an energetic species, the lineal male of big muscles, spatial size and visual brain; and the woman, the informative, reproductive species, who would understand the cycles of birth of plants and evolve mankind from the energetic, hunting Paleolithic into the Neolithic, the mature age of History, with its understanding of the arrow of reproduction of the Universe cult to the goddesses and its harmonic cults to Nature.

The Neanderthal Sapiens though had a literalist verbal mind, because their eyes completely dominated and so space not time matter, the obvious not the logic and complex, the emotion and immediate desire of the eye, not the social love created by verbal interaction. Today again this 20 year old thesis of my work in complexity has been validated — the Neanderthal had much bigger eyes than us.

Anthropomorphism indeed is an essential feature of the Germanic-Jewish cultures since they feel Goths, or sons of God, entitled to rule over all other humans and animal forms of Nature. At the same time, myth and idealism is natural to both cultures to sustain those dreams. So action and ritual is confused with being. So did the Arya priest. But once and again we shall find the fundamental antiscientific trait of their ilogic, emotional mind: As we observed already in classic economists, where Mr.

Friedman affirms that data does not matter and assumptions are the origin of economics, to whom Samuelson rightly replied that with such procedures assumptions and conclusions cannot be differentiated and their order can be juggled at will.

What is happening today, after they have destroyed the American superorganism based in the equality and human rights of its founding enlightened fathers is just a global bid of the german-Jewish American subcivilization to annihilate mankind terraforming this planet in a robotic nightmare of vigilante drones and white collar pcs and blue collar robots with humans taxed to death.

So Germany is the most admired country in the world and the jewish are the victims of history…. Emotional, visual and verbal brains. The basic tenant of those science is that the Universe is a game of complementary systems of energy and information in all its scales fields of energy and particles of information in physics — complementarity principle of quantum theory , bodies of energy and minds of information in biology, energetic and informative machines that enhance our equivalent organs in economics and so on.

In the graph, we consider its application to the evolution of humanity, as I explained in the conferences on biology and duality at the International Systems Society. In essence in a Universe of two substances, bodies of energy that move heads of information evolution will try to maximize those parameters. So we can easily introduce a definition for a top predator species: And this very simple scheme allows to classify and explain the whys of the evolutionary, fractal tree of life, which genetics and survival darwinism explain in the hows.

We talk of 3 dominant wills or biological drives that increase the survival chances of a system. For that reason there are genders where the male is the energetic species, and the female the reproductive, informative one. And since energy is lineal being the line the fastest distance between two points and information is cyclical being the sphere the form that stores more information in lesser space , it follows that men have big, lineal, spatial bodies and test better in geometrical analysis and women have cyclical, smaller, rounded forms and test better in verbal, informative tasks.

Yet there is always a 3rd mixed variation, in the case of gender, the gay sex. Those findings which I exposed in my papers on topological evolution within the scientific community of systems and complex scientists, can be applied also to the will and drives of the mind. In this manner the reader can see all the main homo species from the ape to man, and how they perfectly fit in the morphological triad of alopatric diversifications known in the fossile register.

Now, if we jump that phase we come to the last ternary group of surviving homos, the neanderthal, sapiens and its combination the homo sapiens palestiniensis which properly should be known as homo sapiens neanderthaliensis.

Its existence forecasted 2 decades ago in my first spanish books on duality has now be proved by the genetic record. It is the mongoloid race. It is the black race.

Verbal, informative minds, dominant in temporal, verbal information. The informative species is social, group oriented, as it uses the verbal language to create super-organisms of history. Their language has an excess of vowel; women play a greater role…. The mongoloid race and the female gender are dominant in the verbal, wide axis.

Hence the distance between the eyes and the parietal is larger and the eyes are wider. Finally a 3rd type of culture, whose informative minds are dominated by emotional sensorial, body oriented, reproductive drives, is the black culture and the young human. Its brain is taller, with the top point in the upper head, as the dominant direction comes from the spinal-hypothalamus axis upwards:.

This long hypothesis, extracted from the models of complexity and duality developed by this writer in the 90s have now increasing evidence: In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive. All this said, and being myself an inferior member of the violent, entropic white race: In the graph we illustrate the 3 levels of human super organisms. The fundamental law of information of Systems sciences then writes as follows:. This means history is coded by memes instruments and neuronal networks created externally and internally by the whole human beings, its network mind , NOT by genes the cellular mind of DNA.

The 5th dimension describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time. The smaller we are in space and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency hertzs of its time cycles. In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies, memes code historic super organisms called civilisations. This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems:. A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules and coded by genetic information DNA-RNA.

A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks digestive and blood systems.

An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy plants, prey. A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy.

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices and include 2 different species: In the graph, the 2 super organisms growing on the Earth today, History the super organism of mankind and the metal-earth, the super organism of company-mothers.

The physical reality though is created by the languages of the mind and its worldview, divided between humanist social sciences which try to create the human super organism and idol-ogies of metal that disguise their anti-natural bias against mankind in favor of machines with different idol-ogies, partial truths of social evolution such as:. Now, what makes different mankind today as IT SHOULD BE from a healthy super organism is the existence of an all too evident process of sickness and predation of the perfect world, reached in the Neolithic at global level, before the age of bronze, when fertility goddesses, stone temples, cult to cyclical time and the living Universe had spread globally and the BUG values of greed, violence and selfishness were very limited.

It is a completely different paradigm to the world of hierarchical animetals that appeared with the arrival of weapons. It is then when the selfish-violent-greedy memes start to infect the behaviour of all human beings, and the longer a society has lived under the influence of hierarchical metal people-castes, the stronger those memes are.

In any case because those people-castes in power exist and sponsor primitive idol-ogies to rule the world, social sciences do not exist, as they manipulate information and censor true social sciences. It is the anti quantum paradox of those disciplines. In an inverse fashion to quantum uncertainty, whereas the the observable is so small the scientist changes it, in social sciences, the scientist is so small that thte observable, the animetal elite changes it and censors his science to cater to his biased view of the world: So we must obviously from the verbal ethic values of human survival and evolution, criticize them -something all prophets of eusocial love and social scientists have done, and of course something which is an absolute taboo in our societies, ruled by technological networks of information and its values.

So we have all forms of censorship that forbid the criticism of the go l d, military and technological memes, values and dominant cultures of our world. And the fact that we do not accept censorship, today subtly called political correctness and its multiple newspeaks that go from technoutopian theories of progress, to believe that only the values of mathematical languages hold truth, to the industry of the holocaust that hides the economical causes of the cycles of wars that kill humanity and all its groups, including the dominant culture of money, is of course the main reason the networks of information of the metal earth always have censored the values of eusocial love and work of ethic social biological sciences, even the so evident laws and scalar structure of the social universe.

Memes are positive and negative, in favor of man, eusocial memes of love and life, or negative, creators of the metal-earth. What is that program? Yet because perception is relative in a Universe where we select information, the essential difference between the positive memes of mankind and the negative memes of animetals is rather obvious. In the next graph we see the 7 cultures of mankind born of the process of evolution of HISTORY through its social prophets of love, in search of the natural goal of all universal organisms: To understand both, we need to accept a fact of all systems of Nature: Humanism in that sense would be sponsored by most humans, and they in fact believe to be humanist.

But in reality humanism is on decline, i dare to say an ideology in process of extinction as humans are. We shall therefore clarify in these posts what means to be a humanist, what means to believe in the humankind or at least in the human ideal of a species able to control the world for its own benefit.

The key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal — capitalism, mechanism and nationalism — vs. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior.

Suddenly so many things that seem wrong are not wrong and so many things that seem right are not right. Because your mind needs to return to the innocence of a child and think in a natural manner. And this is what the system prevents you from doing.

You are prevented from considering all humans equal, by nationalist divisions. You are denied to see the machine as a rival at labor and work fields that degrades your mind and body and makes you obsolete, by techno-utopian gurus, mass-media imprinting and industrial nationalism. Suddenly you are no longer free to exercise your human will, your desire for good food, good sex, verbal information, eusocial love, by the mandates of your bible and its division of humans, repression of senses, etc.

The 3 memes of metal 1 kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. In the graph from the 92 book we can see easily the 2 sides of the paradox of History from the perspective of the 5th dimension of social evolution.

Now the fight here is obvious: But because animetal memes, made of metal are stronger than life memes, animetals often win the game of history and this is the origin of the anti-quantum paradox: So memetics is the fundamental informative sub discipline of bio-history and bio-economics. We can see the program of existence of any system of nature, which will absorb energy and information, reproduce, evolve socially with other parts into larger wholes and survive. Humans do exactly the same, but depending on race of the mind and culture, they will put more emphasis, on energetic, informative or sensorial activities.

As all of them: We shall not prove this program of biological survival in this post but in those of general systems sciences, which we however introduce with more rigor in the part dedicated to general systems and the appendix at the end of this blog.

In this level we find obviously the most polemic elements. So in brief, the consequences of use of metal are denied with anthropomorphic newspeaks of man above heavens and earth and the laws of the organic universe, but the fact is that those individuals and tribes that were and are more in contact with the 3 types of metal-enemies, energetic weapons, hypnotic gold and competitive machines, suffer 3 parallel memes:.

The difference however between those 2 cultures is clear: And it keeps flourishing now, achieving further racial mixing and evolution in countries like Brazil, which for that reason should be considered a cultural model for the rest of the world. Since it rightly cheers the mixing of races as the future path of our species. So we need to end considering this:.

Indeed, it is astounding how in anglo-america the I-deformed simplex language still makes scholars to doubt that the Universe has as absolute future goal to socially evolve. How these people think particles evolve into molecules that evolve into cells and matter that evolve into planets and organisms, societies and galaxies? Are not all those systems social? What they think is a number but a society, and so if numbers are the main but not only language of science, how they deny social behaviour in matter and humans?

Why they still argue if eusocial evolution is the absolute arrow of the future — as parts must exist before the whole organises itself, hence the whole is the future? How they can argue if a social group is more powerful than they individual? Are they not multicellular organisms? Point is an organic truth is not an abstract dogmatic mathematical truth, it is all more complex, information is always biological. So germ memes we shall not say german people but germ memes to notice that the germ is only a part of the brain of a so-called german human being entered history calling themselves goths, gods because they could kill anyone with iron and you memes entered themselves as am segullah, people of the treasure, ill translated as chosen people, as segullah mean treasure because they had a fetitsh religion of accumulation of gold, and traded with slaves and metal, so their working class called themselves jabiru, those who walk behind the asses, the essential military transport, as they moved around mesopotamia with they asses of Judea, of Yhwh, selling weapons and slaves for gold to give to its elite of banker priests.

Now those memes are within all of us, so most humans are infected mentally by germs yous and brutish memes. But not all and curiously not those of us who might be called by that name. Languages are as humboldt said the program of the animetal mind, and the less evolved are of course the pretentious language of sociological scholars who want to eliminate the values of the wor l d for digital numbers, and call it science.

We thus can study verbal languages with the tools of Complex Sciences, to understand its structure and purpose. Its a subject called topological linguistics, first evolved in systems sciences by the people at Santa Fe Institute with computers, which I completed with the more advanced formalism of the 5th dimension and General Systems sciences i developed in the 90s before the anti-quantum paradox eliminated my work from scholarship as the non-you, non-germ, non-brutish Mr.

Einstein, author of the formalism of the 4th dimension, which evolved further Mr. Leibniz model of relational space-time, were eliminated for decades by their opposition to germs, yous and brutish memes… deja vu. We shall not apply political correctness to the cultures that murder gaia and history constantly laugh at and despise humanity in many subtle and not so subtle racist ways and on top pretend to be just, righteous victims of humanity, civilisers of the world, etc.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:. In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin. While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money. Now, you tell me how it works? Yhwh is just a gold banker-priest barking orders asking for greedy ex-votes of gold for the fetish sancta sanctorum of the solomon temple.

Mohammed barking orders in koran is just slightly better because at least he picked up on the equality of all human beings, cells-citizens of humanity-god, but he was a racist, who thought god talked only arab, and wanted to create a global theocracy based in the genes of the arabs. Well, again, agglutinative, unbreakable languages are good for murder and death. As you need to be quite obtuse, without mind freedom, simple in your thoughts as a line or sword is to die and kill for some moronic idol-ogy as germans do.

So if you talk with long sword like, unbreakable sentences you will kill and die better and become selected. Hence people who were brutish germs, barbarians as Aristotle, rightly understood, were good warriors but null for civilisation. The answer needs a change of paradigm in your view of our species, not as a sum of entropic individuals, which is what they have become but as an organism in its last phase of collapse and degradation at cellular level by a new form, the metal earth.

The gas, dying cell or citizen in chaos wants more of it. Further on, we observe an erasing of its informative code, genes, memes, back to the earlier past state, but in a corrupted form. The previous graph is the last phase of human history, when we become increasingly obsolete. And so we conclude this analysis of the zeitgeist with a brief account of the two sides of the paradox of History, of which the zeitgeist of neo-fascism is its last stage:.

The previous graphs, 2 decades old, resumes the battle for the mind of mankind, lost to the zeitgeist of metal. In the left side, the human cultures, in the right side, the zeitgeist and newspeaks of the animetal cultures that protect and live of the evolution of metal. In the graphs, humanist cultures belong mostly to the tempered Asian or mediterranean world, life-meme, love-based civilizations that flourished in different countries and times in love religions buddhism, non-corrupted earlier christianity , socialist movements, scientific economics….

But the cultures which can interpret in a natural way our world is gone. Instead we have the animetal, german-jewish, war-money based cult which always interpret reality from the perspective of the corporation that imprints the information of the news, and the cultures that control the corporation as a global evolving organism. So 3 are the levels of reality in culture:. The mechanical and elite point of view seem to coincide but only temporarily as corporations become increasingly separated of men.

Mental devolution neo-paleolithic human brains entering an age of fiction thought, devolution of social and family values and egotrips. The details of that paradox explain the news and facts of modern world at all its levels.

At the core of the process of degradation and extinction of life in this planet, there is the fundamental relationship between informative metal-money and entropic metal-weapons, which was first between gold, the most informative metal of nature, who was used as money to pay mercenary wars, made with iron weapons, the most energetic metal of nature.

Today the terminator robot is still the most expensive machine, with iron body and gold chips, to carry the information of a simple program: And in all the waves of machines, there has always been a top predator twin weapon, to be used in wars.

But history has gone the wrong idol-ogical way, and so we live in an age in which those idol-ogies of hate memes against mankind that allow the use of weapons to make profits in splendid little wars are enshrined as positive.

Such is the view of economists since the bigot, creationist fathers of classic economics, an idol-ogy of racist white, biblical supremacism born in Imperial, colonial britain of the hand of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Bentham and Say all of them jewish-calvinist white supremacists, who considered money had to be spent by governments only in jails, police, weapons and empire building which still rules supreme in neo-fascist America, and it is clearly moving the world towards a III final war age of terminator robots, for the splendid profits of go l d values.

This system of course is not required by evolution. Humans have had for most of his history an alternative humanist social science, constantly evolved and improved, which would have broken the cycle of wars for profits, if they could have truly imposed a free society, controlling with laws chosen by the people under a human constitution that puts man above metal. The solution to the war for profits cycle in that sense is self-evident: In a capitalist system of free company-mtohers of machines and weapons where humans refuse to control their future, the future is also deterministic and obvious: The values of money are opposite to those of verbal ethics, since they are ruled by the affinity between 2 complementary substances, the mind and body of the economy: Yet the monetary values of weapons are based in their capacity to kill life, the supreme value of human words.

Why money has so much value? Why it has substituted even the natural verbal values of man? Why is man attracted to money, despite its negative side-effects throughout history? How does money hypnotize and control man so completely? How can we define it? Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: It is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Finally, money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language.

In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. Let me give you a metaphor here. I put a little bit of playfulness and humour and I bounce it over to the girl. She kind of feels it, maybe puts some humour back in and bounces it back to me.

Maybe I then put something in to get her curiosity going and bounce it back to her. Maybe she puts in some sincerity and bounces it back to me. Or maybe she puts in some sexual tension. The fact in the matter is that humans, particularly women, can have simultaneous emotions going on at the same time.

And they can jump back and forth between them. The important thing before wondering about conveying sexual tension or a sexual vibe is how do you create it in yourself. So it has got the following qualities, because the distinction between a sexual vibe and a horny vibe is this — a sexual vibe is grounded, meaning you feel your feet on the ground.

All times, all times. Second it has a dominant flavour to it. A lot of this is inner work. Creating that involves working with your body, working with your breath and working with movement. I prefer to work with people personally now. Let me give you a metaphor: If I took a sheet of copper and a sheet of cardboard and I said to you I want you to send an electric current down both of these, which one is going to conduct the electricity better?

So considering your vibe could be a conductive medium, then your communication — anything you actually say or do is the current that you send down it. And this is why I emphasises your conductive medium, if you get the metaphor is that inner state — your inner state. It can be a false certainty. You can say I teach embodied confidence if you want.

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He recently released a new product — Effortless Conversation System , that teaches you how to become a Master at having effortless conversations with hot women. Plus try to hook you up with her friends. I want to talk to you. The show involves two contestants battling it out in a club to decide who is the better PUA. You can watch him in action here. I completely understand why a guy would be nervous when approaching a big, mixed group and trying to pick up a hot girl.

I remember the first time I was winging Mystery and he sent me into a group of hot blondes with a muscle-bound guy alpha-dogging the group, and I thought I was going to die from the terror. You are a stranger, an outsider to their group. But when you respect the dominant person and gain their respect in turn, not only do you earn your place in the group, you earn the respect of the people watching…including your target.

This could be as simple as lightly kino turning her away from the group under the guise of directing her attention elsewhere or as bold as grabbing her hand and pulling her away, but either way, your best chances for kiss closing or pulling a girl are when she is away from the judgment of her friends. JT is legendary for his ability to turn shy Asian men into confident, alpha pickup artists. Blackdragon teaches men how to have open relationships and how to reliably and repeatedly get to sex within hours of meeting a woman.

Women do NOT want to feel like the man is getting over on them or taking something from them. Your power is your degree of internal locus of control I-LoC , and inversely, your lack of approval-seeking nApp. Most seduction methods are based on techniques that fake a lack of approval-seeking. However, I-LoC behavior is extremely subtle, and varies with each individual. The nApp-ing will show through. And still take action.

Techniques without beliefs lead to negative feedback. But beliefs take time, and you want results immediately. Being good with women, and people, is not an acquisition of more beliefs, more skills, or more techniques. It is a subtractive process, getting rid of the cultural conditioning that separates men from women. Once my students get a positive feedback loop, they are ready to learn the advanced material. I break down ACT completely, with tons basic and advanced tactics you can apply immediately, in my home study course at SexualSupremacy.

In this article, I will give you some pointers to optimize your success approaching a woman in a mixed group. Michael Jordan missed more shots than he made. The good news is, connecting with women is much easier than playing basketball.

For now, the issue is what to do when:. First, some theory on social psychology. There is no such thing as 4-set, or 5-set, etc. If you want to perform for strangers, at least put out a hat so people can throw change in it.

In social groups, people break up into sub-groups of 2 and 3. So for practical purposes, you never have to address more than 3 people. If you are extroverted and have something fun to ask or say, address the group. But transition to, and engage the woman of your interest as soon as possible. I personally never address a group. I tried it a little when I first started learning about pickup years ago. Once I realized it was unnecessary, I stopped.

I got got much better results being direct, but balancing my sexual desire with social respect. I can handle any interruptions the others give me in a positive, relaxed way, giving respect while garnering it. I am soft spoken but self-assured.

If I feel fear, I accept it and keep moving. I know her secret. I know what turns her on. I show her that I know this. I know this is where her attention is, and she knows I know. She can tell, because of my lack of effort to impress, while at the same time conveying sexuality. The other guys try to look tough, cool, smart, assertive, etc, but none of that turns her on. She sees that I know I can look down out of shyness, I know I can stutter and then laugh at myself, I know I can be awkward.

The fact that I allow myself to be whoever I am, combined with my desire for her makes wet for me. And yet there is nothing about me they can ridicule. If they try to out-alpha me, or make fun of me, they look weak, worrying they will lose their position in the queue for sex.

Women can see the insecurity behind male flexing. If any men try to interrupt me, they annoy the woman, because she wants to talk to me. If they are actually friends with the woman or her brother , they will give her space. They see she likes me, and they let her have fun. If they do talk to me, they will be respectful, and I will be respectful. If you can let a guy know you respect him, he will stay out of your way. I never address the group first. I make eye contact first, before I speak.

Sometimes I can walk up and grab her attention with my presence alone. The others in the group look at me, then they watch for her reaction to me.

If she likes me, they will relax and talk amongst themselves. If the friends are still looking at me, I introduce myself. I may face the rest of the group for a second to see if they are interested in learning more about me i. If they are, I chat a little. I respect the members of the group. This is crucial if your woman is talking to one other woman.

You will need to give the other woman about percent of your attention. Do not try to take over the group. This is the opposite of what typical PUA methods propose. I do not want to be the leader of the group. I do not want to be the alpha.

I just want to talk to their friend. These people are friends. You will not be the leader or the alpha male. This is not war. You are not invading a country. Socializing, when done correctly, is the opposite of conflict, achievement, or conquering. Did I interrupt something important? I never make an effort to take a woman away from her group.

If she is with her friends, she can see them, but is thinking about me. This makes them less likely to interrupt me. The only reason to isolate physically is to make-out. I use a a slow and sensual kissing technique that gets a woman thinking about me licking her other pair of lips. Also, dancing is a great way to turn a woman on. There are three keys to being good at dancing. Learn to stay on beat by listening to the music, defocus on the sounds, and feel the repeating speed of the drums.

Loose hips, torso, and pelvis. If you can press it against her just a couple times so that she feels she is exciting you, that will make a huge difference in her motivation to have sex. If you want to take her home, you must appear safe to the rest of the group. Ask them how they are getting home, and if they have a designated driver. Appear concerned about their well-being. Ask the other women how they feel about the venue — have the guys been creepy or respectful? I have a sister, and when I hang out with her and her friends I feel like the bodyguard.

I bring this up to other men in the group. Sometimes the protector will be a woman. Do the same thing with her, but add a compliment about her outfit or hair.

This is enough to satiate most potential cockblocks. Suffice to say, you want to steer the conversation towards being adventurous, and doing what we wants without worrying what others think. We make our own rules and do what we want, like Bonnie and Clyde. I have a ton of powerful tactics for turning women on and making them want to go home with you.

Two great resources for this are TakeHerHomeTonight. Here are some thoughts on the inner experience of all this. It helps to remind myself that men and women respect courage. Get a sense of bantering and making small talk. You want to convey that you are a masculine, self-assured guy, but not cocky. You want to convey a lack of fear of other men, and plenty of physical energy, conveyed with a positive demeanor, and physical movement.

Get a sense of how the mom will act, taking note of the patterns of protective behavior. Do the same with mixed groups.

Focus on accepting your discomfort, rather than wearing a mask to hide it. Notice that none of the strategies or tactics laid out are unnatural or strange behavior. All of this is designed to make you comfortable doing something VERY few men have the balls or skills to attempt, because of cultural conditioning.

If you can step out of the matrix, you can explode your sex life. Meeting women in mixed groups is not relatively hard, compared to other life skills cooking, driving, networking, fixing a flat tire, etc. Your biggest challenges will be fear, and lack of social awareness. Learn to pay attention to others while focusing on your woman, so you can see potential issues before they manifest into real obstacles. Keep it simple, and do not fall into the trap of thinking you need to impress anyone.

I advise making an extra iota of effort to set the protector at ease, whether man or woman. So you talk to them. So you respect her friends. If you see that you are interrupting, acknowledge it. Notice if anyone seems threatened by your presence, and make a modest effort to show them respect.

This is what you would do if you were: Not afraid of disapproval from others, because you like yourself, and 2. Your sexual desire is natural and healthy. Our society tells us our sexuality is bad, but we should still try to get sex whenever we can. The idea that you cannot just walk up to a woman in a group and convey sexual interest comes from cultural conditioning. As long as men see women as enemies, we will remain in conflict, blind to the real issues facing our species.

For ground breaking articles, courses, and live coaching info, check out GoBeyondDating. There are many ways to get into a resourceful, talkative state — some good and some downright destructive. Talk to people, move your body, move around the venue, and get the ball rolling. For a look at more ways to get in state, as well as a ton of other aspects of inner game, check out my critically acclaimed book The Inner Game of Dating.

We teach them to do this through following a series of self-development exercises coupled with social freedom missions with individualized coaching along the way. In doing the earnest work of self-development, men like you are able to become the best versions of themselves possible, making it exponentially easier to attract women through a strong, congruent, present, honest identity of integrity. Be your self — your best self. The first thing you want to do when you meet other men or women that are out with the woman you want to speak to is you want to befriend them.

Befriend the group and the other people in it, if possible. Your next alternative is to just ignore any obstacles in the group. You do this with your words, never physically. I hope these tips were helpful for you as you go out and meet women. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me over at Airtight Game.

He believes that you can Become Your Best SelfTM through making a conscious commitment to growth and by undertaking personal and social freedom exercises designed to expand you as a man. He also believes that by communicating that best self through Integrity GameTM — the combination of the 4 key values of honesty, integrity, congruence, and presence along with training in communication and relating — you can rise to the occasion in every area of your life.

Josh has been in the game for over a half decade and leads the Platinum Mastermind Coaching program at Airtight Game. Find him on Facebook here and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. I know I have been quiet for the past year although I have been working on a major application outside of the pickup field but still in the social realm. I am thankful to Rich James for asking me to contribute a few sentences to this article alongside my colleagues.

Over the years my mindset has changed drastically from the common PUA. I used to be truly influenced by the peer pressure and ridiculousness that happens in our community. Here are the three insights that have helped me succeed with women while going out with my guy friends. Entrance — You know that one of the most important things when meeting someone is first impression.

When entering a new venue with friends is no different. Make sure your having a good time and your body language is solid. A lot of guys listen to second tier pickup material will follow a subset of rules that instil immediate action. Those rules were created for people that do not take action. You on the other hand will! Sweep — The sweep is opening up a moving set and walking besides her through the venue so others may notice your with a girl. This will separate you from your friends for a small time and build pre-selection throughout the venue.

This one action will create a wave of pre-selection and make the rest of your encounters easier. It will also give you a chance to scope the venue without looking like a troll. Clean — Now you have entered with your friends, set a high social proof and confident presences.

You have swapped the area, created a wave of pre-selection and scoped out your targets. Its time to clean house. At this point you want to begin engaging any lady that gave you any indicators of interest such as; proximity, solid eye contact, smiled at you, etc. At any point of the night. Remember you can also merge sets together using my hurricane theory.

Speer runs the largest dating conference in the world — The Global Pickup Conference , he is the creator of Speer Method, Kings of Pickup and author of a weekly newsletter to over , people.

Be sure to support it and if you want to get social you can find Speer on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Also always great to try to feed off hooks. Beckster, famous for teaching some of the biggest names in the pickup world, is a celebrity dating coach with over 15 years of experience in the game. He is the creator of The Beckster Lifestyle , which is about living life on your own terms to become your best and most attractive self so you can attract the women you truly desire.

He conducts regular bootcamps both in London and around the world alongside his big name PUA wingmen: Like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Then, without removing her from the group or her friend s I make sure to touch her shoulder and angle her body away from them so that her back is turned to them.

This has many benefits, the main one of which is that she is not longer looking at her friends and feeling judged or overheard. Save yourself some pride, man up and go direct. Approach and deliver the opener to the friend initially ignoring the target for only the first seconds. This does a few things psychologically — when you approach it is often awkward as most women really know if not suspect why you are really there. Secondly, the friend will never wish to look like a bitch and ruin an opportunity for her friend regardless of whether the friend actually approves of you.

This way you leverage the social proof to your advantage you get overt social consent from the obstacle almost instantly. This will buy you the first 5 minutes of conversation, which gives you more than enough time to get a laugh or two and consequently attraction. He helps men with three main issues: The surroundings are important as well.

Lots of variables make up how you would approach and handle a two set. Did she meet her friend in the bar and have her own car? How tipsy is she? How into her friend is she?

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I always felt like crap about myself. Notice that none of the strategies or tactics laid out are unnatural or strange behavior. The task is rendered more difficult by the numerous ludicrous neologisms which Gurdjieff introduced.

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First, some theory on social psychology. So we write a simple fractal generator of St systems: To understand how indeed, we just need to define those social super organisms in datings of systemic structure: And yet it recently achieved new proofs in anthropology evolve the discovery that the Neanderthal, white, visual, spatial, energetic brain species mixed guru the Homo Sapiens, the Capoid, verbal, temporal one. This was noticed not only in terms of clothes and also longer hair for men, but also in music, film, art, and literature, and not just in the US, but around the world.

However, I-LoC behavior is extremely subtle, and varies with each individual.

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    The previous graph is the last phase of human history, when we become increasingly obsolete. Because your mind needs to return to the innocence of a child and think in a natural manner. Buying your woman a drink? Here are 8 rules for being an awesome wingman. However, I-LoC behavior is extremely subtle, and varies with each individual.

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    Hence the motto of this web: This does a few things psychologically — when you approach it is often awkward as most women really know if not suspect why you are really there. Initially I would help you to create states of curiosity and intrigue and playfulness.

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    This makes them less likely to interrupt me. The 5 Year Rule is an apt analogy as I reckon it will take a similar timeframe for us to skill ourselves up to living our lives online , and becoming truly aware of the present and future implications. We hover on the borderline between confidence trickery and psychosis. Just like we all hate to be harassed by street sellers and charity collectors, observational awareness is important. Unless you want to get rudely rejected, start with welcoming environments that allow natural conversation to flow — cafes, bars, clubs, house parties, sports events, and shopping centres are all great locations to find women to talk to.

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