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Owensboro, KY News » Topix If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you. There are, of course, any number of reasons. Jersey Battered Women's Service Inc. is a full service domestic abuse prevention agency based in Morris County, NJ. The services include a hour helpline. With millions of members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles and swingers for discreet hookups and casual sex near you. If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you. There are, of course, any number of reasons. Jersey Battered Women's Service Inc. is a full service domestic abuse prevention agency based in Morris County, NJ. The services include a hour helpline.

tri state dating service



Death Rides The Sky: The Story Of The Tri-State Tornado By Angela Mason Do you enjoy reading or your need a lot of educational materials for your. Feb 07,  · Latest local news for Owensboro, KY: Some western Kentucky schools stay open during ice, accidents. In the early 19th century Indiana was almost entirely covered with the deciduous hardwood forests common to the eastern United States.

The event was hosted by Morris Knolls High School. Organize a Fundraising Event.

If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you. There are, of course, any number of reasons. Jersey Battered Women's Service Inc. is a full service domestic abuse prevention agency based in Morris County, NJ. The services include a hour helpline.

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The Yellow Card Program Reaches. Did you take the challenge? Sign the pledge here. Each year thousands of New Jerseyans report incidents of domestic violence, while thousands more likely avoid reporting incidents due to fear and a lack of resources. In , there were 65, incidents of domestic violence reported across the state, with more than 2, incidents occurring in Morris County, according to the last domestic violence report released by the New Jersey Attorney General.

JBWS has spent the last four decades providing direct services to victims of domestic violence in Morris County, while also working to prevent it from occurring in the first place. In an effort to raise awareness about the issue, the organization makes educational presentations to schools and community organizations, while also providing a hour helpline and a bevy of other resources for people looking for answers about how to recognize and handle domestic violence.

Jamie Joubert holds her winning design during a special recognition event sponsored by Brushfire, the creators of the Yellow Card Campaign design and new website, No2DatingAbuse. Feedback to the Editor: The Journey to Self-Sufficiency: Holiday Donations Make the Season Brighter.

See photos July Author and Psychotherapist Dr. On Wednesday, May 27 , the teams came together at the school to celebrate the launch of the program. The athletes received Yellow Card t-shirts, signed a large pledge poster for display at their school and heard program endorsements from their coach and teammate. The event took place at 2 p. I am so proud that Morris Knolls High School could participate from the ground level. Earlier this year, JBWS piloted the athlete-centric program with these teams and received valuable feedback that has helped create the program as it is today.

One player, Michael Chapman, spoke to his peers about what he took away from the program. We look forward to the challenge, and pledge to take a stand against dating violence, model healthy relationships and promote a culture of safety and respect. Through Yellow Card, JBWS will leverage our expertise to communicate a basic but crucial message to college and high school athletes: By tapping into the natural leadership role that athletes often enjoy, the program is designed to inspire athletes to set the tone in the locker room and the classroom that abuse in relationships is unacceptable.

Yellow Card will educate athletes on the warning signs of dating abuse so that they can first learn to model healthy behavior in their own relationships, then to encourage it in others. Dating abuse is cultural problem and Yellow Card will enlist athletes, a crucial component of the high school culture, to stop it. The program involves direct training sessions with teams and groups of athletes as well as a wealth of supporting activities and materials including game-day awareness events, a broad media campaign and No2DatingAbuse.

Every athlete involved is asked to sign a three-part pledge that addresses the tenets of the program. This pledge is available for anyone who wants to read and sign it on our website as well. Please feel free to contact Regina Braham at ext. This spring, JBWS is excited to announce the launch of the Yellow Card Campaign, a new proactive leadership program that will bring the basic message of preventing dating violence to young athletes. With the help of our donors, local schools and athletic clubs, JBWS will leverage our expertise to communicate a basic but crucial message to primarily male college and high school athletes: We are combining an engaging, educational program that we bring to individual sports teams with a broader promotional campaign that we believe will not only lead to progress in preventing dating abuse in our area, but lay the ground work for a proactive prevention strategy that can be a model to programs far and wide.

The educational sessions combined with a pledge for signing, banner ads on sports websites, t-shirts, and more, all work together to strengthen its impact. For more information and to sign the online pledge, please visit No2DatingAbuse.

The lease agreement starts on Nov. The Family Justice Center will stand as a beacon of hope for the victims of domestic violence for years to come. The new center will offer increased safety for domestic violence victims and improve coordination of services they require, said JBWS Executive Director Patricia Sly. There are some 2, domestic violence offenses recorded in Morris County annually, with only about 25 percent of incidents reported, Sly and Marcy McMann, chairwoman of the Morris County Domestic Violence Working Group, told the freeholders.

They said the new center could encourage domestic crime victims to come forward and seek needed help before situations spiral out of control, leading to more serious assaults and even homicides. We hope to make it easier for them and get them they help they need as quickly as possible. But more importantly, it may help us bring in some of the people who are violence victims but have been reluctant to seek help.

For more information on JBWS, please visit: What could go wrong? Instead of going on the attack, victims should seek services from domestic violence organizations, so that staff can assist them with safety planning, counseling and resources.

Fewer men are dying each year at the hands of their victimized wives and girlfriends, and more victims are achieving permanent safety and self-sufficiency. This is attributed to the increased availability and use of domestic violence victim services. The event was hosted by Morris Knolls High School. Morris County, NJ, Dec. The Purple Purse Challenge launched on Sept.

The Allstate Foundation also offers the following tips to start a conversation with someone you suspect is in an abusive relationship:. Offer support without judgment or criticism. There are a lot of reasons why a victim may stay in an abusive relationship, and many reasons why she may also leave and return to the relationship multiple times. Help your friend or family member recognize the abuse while acknowledging that she is in a very difficult and dangerous situation. Encourage her to get help.

Suggest ways she can get additional support. For more information about the program visit, www. JBWS is a Morris County-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is the prevention of domestic violence. About The Allstate Foundation. With a focus on teen safe driving and building financial independence for domestic violence survivors, The Allstate Foundation also promotes safe and vital communities; tolerance, inclusion, and diversity; and economic empowerment.

For more information, visit www. Websites Offer Important Tips on Disaster Preparedness An emergency can happen at any time so it is essential to be prepared. These important websites list resource contact information and tips on how to prepare emergency kits, ways to talk to your family and children about disaster preparedness, and how to store food, water, flashlights, etc.

In addition, there are links on how to "shelter in place" or plan for an evacuation. Pet preparedness is available on these sites as well. For information on how to be prepared, please visit: The Red Cross www. For information in Spanish please visit: The Journey to Self-Sufficiency:. Laura is just one of more than women who have lived in the Simon House and participated in its vocational and counseling programs since first opening its doors fifteen years ago this November. These women and their children have spent a total of , nights in one of the 11 furnished apartments following a short stay in the emergency safe house.

Here, I found childcare, a full-time job with paid benefits, started a savings account and budget plan, improved my parenting skills, found an apartment for myself and my children and in the process, I found myself.

We are grateful to our donors and grant funders who have sustained these critical, life-saving programs over the years. JBWS recognized Verizon as its corporate honoree for its strong and steady support of JBWS, including grants, event underwriting, matching gifts, in-kind gifts, and Board leadership.

Joann was a founding member of the Friends of JBWS, the auxiliary fundraising arm, and is the driving force behind furnishing the JBWS transitional living apartments with small appliances, dishes, bedding and more. Thanks to the generosity of private foundations and individual and corporate sponsors, JBWS provides a hour helpline, emergency safe house, transitional housing, counseling and more to support families suffering in abusive relationships.

Indiana ranks high nationally in road mileage per square mile of area, and almost all its rural roads are paved. Virtually all intrastate passengers and much commercial produce travel by road. Since the late 19th century, Indiana has figured prominently in U. Debs , five-time Socialist candidate for president. Indiana has a dense network of railroad trackage, compared with most other states. Many freight lines running east from Chicago and St. As in other states, however, the Amtrak national passenger rail system that went into operation in had sharply reduced its service by the early 21st century.

It was created artificially and opened in Commercial air service is available in major cities. There also are hundreds of smaller public and private airports scattered across the state.

However, while the chief executive—the governor —has veto power over legislation, the veto can be overridden by a simple majority of the two houses. The governor is elected for a four-year period and can serve no more than two terms in a year period. Thus, gubernatorial influence on the legislature—the General Assembly—is often weak during the second half of an administration. The General Assembly is bicameral, consisting of the Senate as its upper house and the House of Representatives as its lower house.

The assembly includes no more than 50 senators, serving four-year terms, and no more than representatives, serving for two years. They may be reelected, but there is often a high turnover. In the voters approved annual sessions for the two bodies. The state constitution requires that the legislature reapportion itself according to population every six years. This law was ignored, however, from to , during which time the rural areas exerted an influence far out of proportion to their declining population.

Under pressure from the U. Although the Supreme Court has long had just five judges, the state constitution allows for as many as nine. The justices are appointed by the governor and a judicial nominating commission after a screening procedure. A new judge serves for two years and then, if retained, for a term of 10 years.

The Court of Appeals consists of as many geographic divisions as is deemed necessary by the General Assembly; in the early 21st century that number was five. Each division has three appellate judges. There are also circuit, superior, municipal, and county courts. The four principal levels of local government are the county, township, city or town, and school district.

Townships can serve a dual capacity as school and civil townships, but overall their importance has been greatly reduced; welfare is now the primary function of townships. Boards of county commissioners have executive and legislative powers, while county councils are concerned almost exclusively with fiscal affairs. City voters elect a mayor and common council. Indiana is a two-party state, the Republicans having held a slight advantage since the last quarter of the 19th century, especially in the General Assembly and in presidential voting.

At the national level the state can claim one president, Benjamin Harrison , the grandson of William Henry Harrison , and five vice presidents. In the Indiana native son Wendell L. Willkie was the Republican candidate for president. In presidential elections the state has tilted heavily toward the Republican Party. In , however, after having won the state in every presidential election since , the Republicans lost Indiana to the Democratic candidate.

In the early 21st century, Indiana ranked relatively high nationally in the amount of assistance granted to public hospitals. Public welfare programs, however, were not as strongly supported. Indeed, the state ranks notably below the national average in per capita expenditure for public welfare and number of recipients of general assistance.

Compared with other states, Indiana ranks about average in outlay per pupil, although it spends a significant portion of its general revenue on education.

Indiana also ranks about average in its overall high school graduation rate. Indiana University, founded in , has become noted for its work in several fields, including English, foreign languages, biology, medicine, and law. The institution has a strong graduate faculty, and it also has long excelled in athletics. Other prominent institutions include the Mennonite liberal arts institution Goshen College , established in , and Valparaiso University , founded in , which is associated with the Lutheran church.

Karst also occurs in the limestones of Ordovician age about ,, to ,, years old that lie exposed on the…. In , the centennial of Indiana statehood, the Daughters of the American Revolution held a flag design competition. The flag is defined by law as having design elements in either gold or buff, although…. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. It opened in In the Netherlands, the foundation of the Association for Optional Cremation [24] in ushered in a long debate about the merits and demerits of cremation.

Laws against cremation were challenged and invalidated in two years after the construction of the first crematorium in the Netherlands , though cremation did not become legally recognised until The efficiency of industrialised killing of Operation Reinhard during the most deadly phase of the Holocaust produced too many corpses, therefore the crematoria manufactured to SS specifications were put into use in all of them to handle the disposals around the clock, day and night.

Those of type I and II consist of 3 parts, i. A the furnace room; B the large halls; and C the gas chamber. A huge chimney rises from the furnace room around which are grouped nine furnaces, each having four openings. Each opening can take three normal corpses at once and after an hour and a half the bodies are completely burned. This corresponds to a daily capacity of about 2, bodies The Holocaust furnaces were supplied by a number of manufacturers, with the best known and most common being Topf and Sons as well as Kori Company of Berlin, [29] whose ovens were elongated to accommodate two bodies, slid inside from the back side.

The ashes were taken out from the front side. These furnaces, based around a design commonly used for hospital incinerators, instead vented the gasses down through a series of ducts embedded in the floor, with the help of a draft fan located at the far end of the structure. Once outside, the gasses then rose through a free standing chimney, most notable for the fact that it was not directly attached to the structure of the building itself, nor had a visible duct leading into it.

The cremation occurs in a cremator that is housed within a crematorium and comprises one or more furnaces. A crematorium may be part of a chapel or a funeral home or may be an independent facility or a service offered by a cemetery.

Modern cremator fuels include oil , [31] natural gas , propane , and, in some areas like Hong Kong, coal gas. Modern cremators automatically monitor their interior to tell when the cremation process is complete. A cremator is not designed to cremate more than one human body at a time; cremation of multiple bodies is generally illegal in the United States and many other countries, though exceptions may be made for for example still-born twins, or a baby and mother who died during childbirth.

The chamber where the body is placed is called a retort and is lined with heat-resistant refractory bricks. Refractory bricks are designed in several layers. The outermost layer is usually simply an insulation material, e. Inside is typically a layer of insulation brick, mostly calcium silicate in nature.

Heavy duty cremators are usually designed with two layers of fire bricks inside the insulation layer. The layer of fire bricks in contact with the combustion process protects the outer layer and must be replaced from time to time. The container may be mounted on a charger motorised trolley that can quickly insert it, or on a fixed or movable hopper that allows the container to slide into the cremator.

Some crematoria allow relatives to view the charging. This is sometimes done for religious reasons, such as in traditional Hindu and Jain funerals. In some countries including the United States, there is increasing use of the alkaline hydrolysis process , trademarked as Resomation , which involves the use of lye heated with the body at high pressure, allowing the body to be broken down into its chemical compounds.

The process is described by its inventors as more ecologically favorable than other forms of cremation. In the United States federal law does not dictate any container requirements for cremation. Certain states, however, may require an opaque or non-transparent container of all cremations. This can be a simple corrugated-cardboard box or a wooden casket coffin. Most casket manufacturers provide lines of caskets that are specially built for cremation.

After the funeral service, the box is removed from the shell before cremation, permitting the shell to be re-used. In the United Kingdom, the body is not removed from the coffin and is not placed into a container as described above. The Code of Cremation Practice forbids the opening of the coffin once it has arrived at the crematorium, and rules stipulate that it must be cremated within 72 hours of the funeral service.

When cremation is finished, the remains are passed through a magnetic field to remove any metal, which will be interred elsewhere in the crematorium grounds or, increasingly, recycled. In Germany, the process is mostly similar to that of the United Kingdom. The body is cremated in the coffin. A piece of fire clay with a number on it is used for identifying the remains of the dead body after burning. In Australia, the deceased is cremated in a coffin supplied by the undertaker.

Handles if fitted are plastic and approved for use in a cremator. Coffins vary from natural cardboard and unfinished particle board covered with a velvet pall if there is a service to solid timber; most are veneered particle board. Cremations can be "delivery only", with no preceding chapel service at the crematorium although a church service may have been held or preceded by a service in one of the crematorium chapels. Delivery-only allows crematoria to schedule cremations to make best use of the cremators, perhaps by holding the body overnight in a refrigerator, allowing a lower fee to be charged.

Delivery-only is sometimes called west chapel service in industry jargon. Germany A piece of fire clay used for identifying the ash after burning the dead body.

Germany A sealed cinerary urn, showing the ash capsule containing the remains of the dead, along with the name and dates. During the cremation process, the greater portion of the body especially the organs and other soft tissues is vaporized and oxidized by the intense heat; gases released are discharged through the exhaust system.

The process usually takes 90 minutes to two hours, with larger bodies taking longer time. Jewellery, such as necklaces, wrist-watches and rings, are ordinarily removed before cremation, and returned to the family. Several implanted devices are required to be removed. Pacemakers and other medical devices can cause surprisingly large, dangerous explosions. Contrary to popular belief, the cremated remains are not ashes in the usual sense.

This leaves the bone with a fine sand like texture and color, able to be scattered without need for mixing with any foreign matter, [45] though the size of the grain varies depending on the Cremulator used.

Their mean weight is 2. In East Asian countries such as Japan, China, or Taiwan, the bones are not pulverised, unless requested beforehand.

When not pulverised, the bones are collected by the family and stored as one might do with ashes. The appearance of cremated remains after grinding is one of the reasons they are called ashes , although a non-technical term sometimes used is "cremains", [2] [3] a portmanteau of "cremated" and "remains". The Cremation Association of North America prefers that the word "cremains" not be used for referring to "human cremated remains".

After final grinding, the ashes are placed in a container, which can be anything from a simple cardboard box to a decorative urn. The default container used by most crematoriums, when nothing more expensive has been selected, is usually a hinged, snap-locking plastic box.

An unavoidable consequence of cremation is that a tiny residue of bodily remains is left in the chamber after cremation and mixes with subsequent cremations.

Cremated remains are mostly dry calcium phosphates with some minor minerals, such as salts of sodium and potassium. Sulfur and most carbon are driven off as oxidized gases during the process, although a relatively small amount of carbon may remain as carbonate.

The ash remaining represents very roughly 3. Because the weight of dry bone fragments is so closely connected to skeletal mass, their weight varies greatly from person to person. Not all that remains is bone. There may be melted metal lumps from missed jewellery; casket furniture; dental fillings; and surgical implants, such as hip replacements.

Breast implants do not have to be removed before cremation. If they are missed at first, they must ultimately be removed before processing is complete, as items such as titanium joint replacements are far too durable to be ground. After the remains are processed, smaller bits of metal such as tooth fillings, and rings commonly known as gleanings are sieved out and may be later interred in common, consecrated ground in a remote area of the cemetery.

They may also be sold as precious metal scrap. Cremated remains are returned to the next of kin in different manners according to custom and country. In the United States, the cremated remains are almost always contained in a thick watertight polyethylene plastic bag contained within a hard snap-top rectangular plastic container , which is labeled with a printed paper label.

The basic sealed plastic container bag may be contained within a further cardboard box or velvet sack, or they may be contained within an urn if the family had already purchased one. An official certificate of cremation prepared under the authority of the crematorium accompanies the remains, and if required by law, the permit for disposition of human remains, which must remain with the cremated remains.

Cremated remains can be kept in an urn , stored in a special memorial building columbarium , buried in the ground at many locations or sprinkled on a special field, mountain, or in the sea. In addition, there are several services in which the cremated remains will be scattered in a variety of ways and locations.

Some examples are via a helium balloon, through fireworks, shot from shotgun shells, by boat [50] or scattered from an aeroplane. One service sends a lipstick-tube sized sample of the cremated remains into low earth orbit, where they remain for years but not permanently before reentering the atmosphere. Some companies offer a service to turn part of the cremated remains into synthetic diamonds that can then be made into jewelry.

Some individuals use a very small amount of the remains in tattoo ink, for remembrance portraits. Cremated remains can be scattered in national parks in the United States with a special permit. They can also be scattered on private property with the permission of the owner.

A portion of the cremated remains may be retained in a specially designed locket known as cremation jewelry, or even blown into special glass keepsakes [52] and glass orbs. Most cemeteries will grant permission for burial of cremated remains in occupied cemetery plots that have already been purchased or are in use by the families disposing of the cremated remains without any additional charge or oversight.

Concerns have been raised at the amount of ashes scattered at the peak of Snowdon , as they change the nature of the soil, and may affect the ecology.

The final disposition depends on the personal preferences of the deceased as well as their cultural and religious beliefs. Some religions will permit the cremated remains to be sprinkled or retained at home. Some religions, such as Roman Catholicism, prefer to either bury or entomb the remains.

Hinduism obliges the closest male relative son, grandson, etc. The Sikhs immerse the remains in Sutlej , usually at Sri Harkiratpur. In southern India, the ashes are immersed in the river Kaveri at Paschima vahini in Srirangapattana at a stretch where the river flows from east to west, depicting the life of a human being from sunrise to sunset.

In Japan and Taiwan, the remaining bone fragments are given to the family and are used in a burial ritual before final interment. Aside from religious reasons discussed below , some people find they prefer cremation over traditional burial for personal reasons.

The thought of a long and slow decomposition process is unappealing to some; [55] many people find that they prefer cremation because it disposes of the body instantly. Other people view cremation as a way of simplifying their funeral process. These people view a ground burial as an unneeded complication of their funeral process, and thus choose cremation to make their services as simple as possible.

Cremation is a more simple disposition method to plan than a burial funeral. This is because with a burial funeral you have to plan for more transportation services for the body as well as embalming and other body preservation methods. With a burial funeral you will also need to purchase a casket, headstone, grave plot, opening and closing of the grave fee, and mortician fees. Cremation funerals only require planning the transportation of the body to a crematorium, cremation of the body, and a cremation urn.

In agriculturally dependent India, it was believed quite early that interring bodies to rot in the soil might render the soil infertile. The cost factor tends to make cremation attractive. Generally speaking, cremation is cheaper than a traditional burial service, [58] especially if direct cremation is chosen, in which the body is cremated as soon as legally possible without any sort of services.

However, for some even cremation is still relatively expensive, especially as a lot of fuel is required to perform it. For surviving kin, cremation is preferred because of simple portability. Survivors relocating to another city or country have the option of transporting the remains of their loved ones with the ultimate goal of being interred or scattered together.

Cremated remains can be scattered or buried. Cremation plots or columbarium niches are usually cheaper than a traditional burial plot or mausoleum crypt, and require less space.

Some religions, such as Roman Catholicism , require the burial or entombment of cremated remains, but burial of cremated remains may often be accomplished in the burial plot of another person, such as a family member, without any additional cost. It is also very common to scatter the remains in a place the deceased liked—such as the sea, a river, a beach, a park, or mountains, following their last will.

This is generally forbidden in public places but easy to do. Some persons choose to have a small part of their ashes usually less than 1 part in , because of cost constraints scattered in space known as space burial and offered by companies such as Elysium Space , Celestis and Ascending Memories. Cremated remains can now also be converted to diamonds.

Cremation might be preferable for environmental reasons. Burial is a known source of certain environmental contaminants, with the coffin itself being the major contaminant; however, in some countries, e. Cremation is therefore becoming more friendly toward the environment [61] though natural burials are also possible. Some funeral and crematorium owners offer a carbon neutral funeral service incorporating efficient-burning coffins made from lightweight recycled composite board.

Another environmental concern is that traditional burial takes up a great deal of space. In a traditional burial, the body is buried in a casket made from a variety of materials. In the United States, the casket is often placed inside a concrete vault or liner before burial in the ground. While individually this may not take much room, combined with other burials, it can over time cause serious space concerns.

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The first to advocate for the use of cremation was the physician Sir Thomas Browne in Intuitive Dating and Relationship Advice Bio: Victims and family members needing assistance can call the Hour Helpline at A crematorium may be part of a chapel or a funeral home or may be an independent facility or a service offered by a cemetery. Many of the corpses were decayed beyond identification. Tri-State Dating Service

I take an emotional ap They have programs in 21 high schools in the county and at least a dozen middle schools, she said. Townships can serve a dual capacity as school and civil townships, but overall their importance has been greatly reduced; welfare is now the primary function of townships.

Indiana: Indiana, constituent state of the United States of America. The state sits, as its motto claims, at “the crossroads of America.” It borders Lake Michigan. Find the right dating coach or matchmaker for you with the "Dating Coaches & Matchmakers Directory." Search by dating specialty, location and more. Some families prefer to have the deceased present at the funeral with cremation to follow; others prefer that the cremation occur prior to the funeral or memorial service.

Traditionally, Zoroastrianism disavows cremation or burial to preclude pollution of fire or earth. Thanks to the generosity of private foundations and individual and corporate sponsors, JBWS provides a hour helpline, emergency safe house, transitional housing, counseling and more to support families suffering in abusive relationships.

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This special report includes storytelling, news and information about health care for older adults in rural tri. Young people service are obsessed with food additives. An official certificate of cremation prepared under the authority of the crematorium accompanies the remains, and if required by law, the permit for disposition of human remains, which must remain with the cremated remains.

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Cremation is the combustion, vaporization and oxidation of cadavers to basic chemical compounds, such as gases, ashes and mineral fragments retaining the appearance.
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Through history and up to the philosophical movements of the current era Modern Orthodox , Orthodox , Haredi , and Hasidic movements in Judaism have maintained a strict biblical line against cremation, and disapprove of it as Halakha Jewish law forbids it.

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    Zonta Club President Barbara J. Webarchive template webcite links Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October CS1 maint: The Cremation Association of North America prefers that the word "cremains" not be used for referring to "human cremated remains". What story will you help make possible? Aside from religious reasons discussed below , some people find they prefer cremation over traditional burial for personal reasons.

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    The process usually takes 90 minutes to two hours, with larger bodies taking longer time. Pollution of both air and water has been particularly severe near the industrial areas along the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Significant concentrations of ethnic minorities, however, are found in the larger metropolitan areas.

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    The event included a day of golf, silent and live auctions, luncheon and an awards dinner. National Cremation Research Council. The basic sealed plastic container bag may be contained within a further cardboard box or velvet sack, or they may be contained within an urn if the family had already purchased one. Delivery-only allows crematoria to schedule cremations to make best use of the cremators, perhaps by holding the body overnight in a refrigerator, allowing a lower fee to be charged.

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