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Comparing the palaeographic and radiocarbon dating of the scrolls, the study published in concluded that G. The highest rate of 14 C production takes place at stratospheric altitudes of 9 to 15 km. When, Where, And To Whom? A brief discussion of radiocarbon (carbon) dating and its application to the dating of the Qur'anic manuscripts.

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In short, why bother? Being a modern invention, some historians have become unduly skeptical in embracing radiocarbon dating. It is also important to remember that the carbon dating of parchment is an imprecise science something indicated by the large range of possible dates given for the various fragments.

An imprecise science does not follow the scientific method - the method that involves testing an idea and modifying the idea to fit the evidence. Radiocarbon dating utilizes the knowledge of the unstable nature of 14 C with a precise half-life that makes it easy to measure, thus making it an absolute dating method. As a test, in , Willard Libby and his team took samples of acacia from two ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom rulers and dated them. Therefore, it is clear that radiocarbon dating is not based on some imprecise science, cooking up evidence to fit the idea or data.

On the other hand, palaeography is a relative dating method which gives an order of events without giving an exact age. Thus, generally speaking, it cannot be used to pinpoint dates with high precision.

Is palaeography a form of science? Commenting on the issues regarding the dating of inscriptions, William M. The so-called science of paleography often relies on circular reasoning because there is insufficient data to draw precise conclusion about dating. Scholars also tend to oversimplify diachronic development, assuming models of simplicity rather than complexity. In other words, palaeography can at best be termed as an inexact science, filled with uncertainties and imprecisions.

It is not judicious to upscale palaeography for its reliability whilst, on the other hand, putting down radiocarbon dating for its alleged lack thereof. So, what is the general "rule of thumb" followed in dating manuscripts via palaeography? This kind of precision dating defies the realities of scribal activity.

The productive writing life of a scribe was probably around thirty or thirty-five years. Add to that the fact that the scribal profession was an apprenticed trade, with students learning a particular style from a teacher, and we find that a given hand may be present over multiple generations of scribes. Thus the "rule of thumb" should probably be to avoid dating a hand more precisely than a range of at least seventy or eighty years.

This is comparable with the "rule of thumb" of at least a range of 70 to 80 years used in palaeography for dating a manuscript.

Unlike radiocarbon dating, it is worth noting that a range of 70 to 80 years used in palaeography has no confidence level attached to it. The choice of whether to believe in such a "confidence level" is entirely up to an individual. In any case, the Birmingham results suggest that Lyon might not have botched the job after all. Intriguingly, the first date range from Lyon — corresponds rather closely to the date range given from a laboratory in Oxford for the Birmingham manuscript — What is telling here is the fact that Reynolds, instead of using a scientific approach to look at the problem, applies his own reasoning that must necessarily accord with his preferred historical interpretation.

How does one make a rational choice as to which date, if any, out of these three is correct? The answer is that there is no way of knowing if Lyon botched the job unless these three dates are independently compared with those obtained from other labs.

Reynolds makes no attempt to use the scientific method here. Nevertheless, the dating of these manuscripts has proven to be highly problematic and controversial. Suffice to say that the process of radiocarbon dating does not seem to be working accurately on these materials. For instance, one such manuscript, now in Birmingham, England, has been given a date range that places it before Muhammad began his religious movement.

It is not clear as to why the radiocarbon dating of these manuscripts is inaccurate. Furthermore, how does Shoemaker know that the dating is inaccurate? Has he got independent, consistent and reliable radiocarbon data of each of these manuscripts which can prove his case? Here the problem may lie with the conditions arid or semi-arid climate under which the cattle, the hides of which were later turned into parchment, was raised.

There are numerous problems with this view. As we had noted earlier, radiocarbon 14 C is produced via the cosmogenic process and this happens at stratospheric altitudes of 9 to 15 km above the surface of the Earth. In general, the cosmic rays flux remains constant and observed fluctuations in production rate of 14 C are controlled by geomagnetic field strength and solar activity.

Thus seasonal changes and presence of moisture on the surface of the Earth have no effect on the production rate of 14 C. What about the variation of decay of radiocarbon 14 C due to the chemical environment around the atom? If one were to instead use the data from the southern hemisphere and we are talking about Arabia here , I am told by those more expert in this procedure than me that very different datings would result.

To begin with, Arabia is not in the Southern Hemisphere. It is situated in the Northern Hemisphere between the latitudes The Tropic of Cancer at As for the global atmospheric radiocarbon content, it is controlled by several factors such as climatic changes, oceanic circulation, solar output and geomagnetic variability. It has been demonstrated that Southern Hemisphere samples have lower 14 C contents. The question now is how much older are the radiocarbon samples from the Southern Hemisphere compared to the Northern Hemisphere?

Furthermore, it is not surprising that the calibration data set for the Northern Hemisphere IntCal series [] is different from that of the Sourthern Hemisphere SHCal series , [] and that these are frequently updated to fine tune the respective calibration curves. That is, these manuscripts are from 1st century of hijra.

The problem, it would seem, is that radiocarbon dating in the medieval period is only accurate when it can be calibrated by tree ring data, particularly from oak trees. Such data is wanting for the medieval Mediterranean or Near East, and the data from the northern hemisphere that has been used to calibrate these tests was taken from Ireland and North America.

There are several inaccuracies in the above set of statements. The work of the Aegean Dendrochronology Project started in s and since then it has continued since to build the long tree-ring chronologies for the eastern half of the Mediterranean.

Its aim was to make scientific sense of the Aegean and Near Eastern chronology from the Neolithic Age to the present. The most recent state as of late of the Aegean tree-ring chronology is shown in Figure 23 which also appeared in a slightly expanded form in The state of Aegean tree-ring chronologies as of late This is an update of the bar graph published in Less common species such as boxwood and yew are removed in this plot.

Now that we have established the fact that the dendrochronological data from oak trees among others already exist, let us now look into the issue of calibration. The tacit assumption of his claim is that the chronology derived from the tree-ring data from Ireland and North America is very different from what is obtained from the Mediterranean and Near East samples.

One of the fundamental tenets of radiocarbon dating is that within each hemisphere there was sufficient mixing of the pre-industrial atmosphere to allow the use of a universal 14 C calibration dataset. On the issue of calibration, it must be mentioned that the dendrochronological database for the IntCal04 curve is largely similar to the dataset of the IntCal98 curve, but also includes new measurements for the Iron Age period, for example, German Oak samples run for the East Mediterranean Radiocarbon Comparison Project.

A trial run of the model against the IntCal04 calibration curve gave essentially similar results, albeit that the dates become slightly older. His reasoning is as follows:. This allows scientists to calibrate their measurements more precisely. This is entirely erroneous. The tree ring atmospheric radiocarbon calibration data set spanning 0 to 12, years BP is used Figure It is superior to all other atmospheric radiocarbon calibration data due to the number and quality of the radiocarbon measurements and the accuracy and precision of the tree dendrochronology.

Schematic diagram of IntCal04 and Marine04 calibration data set construction. The IntCal09 uses a similar data set. Said scraps of linen and piece of leather are dated using the standard calibration data set. It appears that Reynolds does not properly comprehend how radiocarbon calibration curves are constructed. Strained, arbitrary and impossible interpretations of science, in our case of the science of radiocarbon dating, can lead to endless possibilities, i.

We have already seen specific examples in the above sub-sections. Here we are going to deal with historical constructions or possibilities that have been put forth which are a result of interpretations of radiocarbon dating, more specifically of the Mingana folios at Birmingham. Parchment was an expensive material the skin of the entire animal was used to produce the big folio.

These stocks became part of the loot captured by the Arabs in the first years of the conquest. To test this hypothesis, it is necessary to reread the existing historical sources dedicated to the first years of the Arab conquests. In essence, one is asked to believe in the fantastic hypothesis that the people of Greater Syria among other places stocked already prepared blank parchment and were eagerly awaiting the advent of Islam and Arab conquests in order to hand them willingly this valuable possession.

In essence one is to believe unused parchment had been left for years! Why would the seller s expend an enormous amount of time, money and effort to prepare a multitude of blank parchment with no customer or no prospect of a customer? This in itself is self-contradictory and it assumes a thriving market.

Additionally, if a client could afford to have such a codex constructed, why would one rely on parchment that is years old? Rich patrons presumably could afford brand new parchment, given the likely deterioration of prepared stocked parchment that is years old. Did the new rulers and their subjects need recourse to stocked parchment? We are not aware of any example in early Islamic history where the Muslims were unable to execute a writing project because of the lack of prepared stocked parchment.

Common sense dictates if the Muslims desperately needed parchment to write on, they could have simply requested already used parchment, religious or otherwise, scraped it clean and started writing.

All of the preceding assumes the existence and logical necessity of prepared stocked parchment that is years old. Rezvan cites no historical sources supportive of his hypothesis, and, as far as we are aware, there is no recorded instance around the time of late antiquity of prepared blank parchment being stored for years.

Unfortunately, his misunderstanding of the radiocarbon date range has resulted in him adopting an ad hoc randomly generated number range to satisfy his hypothesis retrospectively. There is not the slightest hint of historical context that necessitates the wholesale re-writing of the Late Antiquity, including nascent religious movements, inter-religious dynamics, Arabic palaeography, codicology, scribal culture and book culture.

There is an important methodological principle to be observed here. Arabe a and Ms. With the benefit of further examination and additional evidence, he has since revised his views and now considers them as emanating from the same manuscript. One must be very careful not to make assumptions and generalisations on the basis of a few tests.

As described in the previous section, sample pretreatment is absolutely critical if one wants to obtain the most accurate measurements. Who then should have the final say in matters relating to dating? Spending decades honing skills learnt from masters in the field, it is only natural to encounter some pushback against a recently developed detached scientific method, especially when it appears to undermine commonly accepted historical paradigms.

However, there need not be any confrontation. A collaborative approach that makes full use of scientific tests whilst remaining anchored in time tested traditional historical methods is more likely to provide the most fruitful results. The invention of radiocarbon dating has been revolutionary for the humanities.

Nevertheless, one of the downsides are the potential large time intervals which do not prove very useful in dating manuscripts very precisely, though this has been mitigated somewhat by the year on year improvement in accuracy and precision. Writing in , Gerd-R. Puin pointed out radiocarbon dating had results scattered over a large time period, sometimes spanning a few hundred years. Since then much progress has been made in the intervening thirty years.

One can take a positive view of the science and see in the interpretation of its results an avenue of further enquiry into the examination of Islamic Origins. Faulty understanding of the scientific principles underpinning this radiometric dating technique have caused some modern scholars working in Islamic Studies to imagine improbable and sometimes absurd hypotheses. Some seem to suggest the wholesale dismissal of this technique. Flowing from this are a series of misunderstandings resulting in false assertions and scientific inaccuracies.

Key terms such as probability, accuracy and precision are found to be poorly understood. A common feature of all of these criticisms, at present without exception, is that not a single scientific study is cited in support of such views. Instead we are treated to a mish-mash of pseudo-scientific discussions occasionally referencing unnamed and unknown persons who apparently provided certain scientific information.

Some of the discussion is strained to coincide with the authors preferred historical reconstruction. In fact, more than twenty years ago similar conclusions were reached for the Dead Sea Scrolls using radiocarbon and palaeographic datings.

The radiocarbon method can only supplement, and at times complement, the "traditional" palaeography and is gaining prominence in dating. Orlando FL , pp. Libby for development of the 14 C dating technique is given on p. An Archaeological Perspective , , op.

Petersburg ", Manuscripta Orientalia , , Volume 6, No. Including this folio, several other folios of this manuscript have been carbon tested at a total of five different laboratories worldwide. With the exception of an impossibly early date given by one lab, they are in general agreement. A further carbon test is given by Corpus Coranicum here. It would be prudent to treat these results with caution until further investigations are made. Accessed on 5th April Weisweiler gives the starting verse as According to the verse numbering system adopted by the well-known modern printed editions, it is Accessed on 25th December Hans-Casper Graf von Bothmer says:.

Ist damit die Datierung mittels kunsthistorischer Methoden in Frage gestellt? Furthermore, she complains that the testing facility and standard deviations confidence levels are absent. Edinburgh Scotland , p. Any judgements as to the soundness and completeness of the results reported above should be resolved by the publication of this volume. Heavenly Art And Earthly Beauty , , op.

Whelan, " Writing the Word of God: Beirut Lebanon , p. Kwiatkowski, Ink And Gold: Islamic Calligraphy , , Sam Fogg: A First Overview , , op. We made further investigation, identifying the manuscript and its constituent parts located at various collections around the world, publishing the results in the update of our article, Concise List of Arabic Manuscripts of the Quran Attributable to the First Century Hijra. A First Overview , , Koninklijke Brill nv: Leiden The Netherlands , p.

Petersburg ", Manuscripta Orientalia , , op. Emergence Of A Canon: Also see " Oudste Leidse Koranfragmenten ruim een eeuw ouder dan gedacht ". Both the links accessed on 29th December Shebunin, " Kuficheskii Koran Imp.

Pissareff, Coran Coufique de Samarcand: Petersbourg , , St. New Haven and London, p. London , Tuesday, 20 October at 10 a. The carbon dating reads CE instead of CE. For dating, see Corpus Coranicum website. All the links accessed on 10th August Accessed 8th March Januarius Justus Witkam , , Archetype: Geburtstag , , op. Manuscrits Musulmans - Tome I, 1: Les Manuscrits Du Coran: Januarius Justus Witkam , , op. Link accessed on 2nd May , time slice [ Leiden The Netherlands , pp.

R 38 has been carbon dated with The issue of uncertainty and imprecision has been long recognized as an issue in palaeography. For example, citing Eric Turner, Nongbri says p. Paleography is a last resort for dating We would also do well to remember the standard rule of thumb for precision in paleographic dating, Turner writes, "For book hands, a period of 50 years is the least acceptable spread of time ". Its transcript can be found here accessed on 5th June If we use the year period that is currently standard for the Oxyrhynchus series, then I would prefer AD as the most probable date for P B Norman , G.

Ankara Turkey , pp. Kuniholm, " The Prehistoric Aegean: Griggs, " Of Harbors And Trees: Leuven, Paris, Bristol, pp. Although location dependent difference exists, it is wothwhile adding that this study notes that "none of the findings of this study would significantly alter calibrated 14 C dates". For the time periods just at before and at the advent of Islam, see C.

The Appendix in the end gives the data sets utlized for the IntCal09 calibration curves. Note under "Tree rings from German oak and pine chronology" says p. IntCal04 Reimer et al. See Figure 1 and p. For the datasets used for calibration, see pp. Their work involving samples, presents a comprehensive radiocarbon dating study on the chronology of Pharaonic Egypt.

The authors of this work selected short-lived plant samples for 14 C dating from individual funerary contexts in various museum collections. Each sample could be associated with a specific section of the historical ancient Egyptian chronology or with the reign of a particular Pharaoh. Notice their choice of samples in the paragraph below:. We obtained short-lived plant remains from museum collections e.

We avoided charcoal and wood samples because of the possibility of inbuilt age. We also avoided mummified material because of concerns about contamination from bitumen or other substances used in the mummification process and human material because of the possibility of riverine or marine components in the diet which might contain older carbon.

Most of the samples were taken from individual funerary contexts. In a few cases, we sampled different short-lived plant remains from a single context, allowing us to check the internal consistency of the measurements. Also see the Supplementary Information. When, Where, And To Whom?

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In dating words, for a single measured radiocarbon age, the commonly quoted error is based on counting statistics and is used to determine the uncertainty associated with the 14 C age. Radiocarbon laboratories check their accuracy using measurements of known age samples. I found I liked this one a 420 more because you had to provide information about yourself that seems relevant to your dating preferences. Arabe a and Ms. The so-called science of paleography often relies on circular reasoning because there is insufficient matches to draw precise conclusion about dating. Match'd - Saturday Night Live

St. Jerome

Although location dependent difference exists, it is wothwhile adding that this study notes that "none of the findings of this study would significantly alter calibrated 14 C dates". Saints Fun Facts St.

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Here the amount of 14 C decreases at a rate proportional to its value.

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    Late in the 19th century the manuscript was in St. Petersberg, a number of folios were separated from this manuscript and over the years a number of folios have appeared under the hammer at auction or have been sold privately between collectors. Being a modern invention, some historians have become unduly skeptical in embracing radiocarbon dating. The young Jerome was educated by Aelius Donatus, who was a famous Roman grammarian. His reasoning is as follows:.

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    Jerome began work while he was still in Rome under Pope Damasus.

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    But Church officials in Antioch as well as Pope Damasus wanted him to be ordained. Can radiocarbon dating provide more accurate results than traditional palaeographic techniques and associated methods?

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