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team hook up guide service


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Realizing his actions might ruin the relationship between Emma and Henry, Hook tells him about a time he ruined a family apart, in which he killed his own father and made his younger half-brother, Liam, an orphan. Gold trapped in the hat. Then the shouting came to my door and someone tried to kick in the door.

When you get to the bow of the boat with a fish that goes under the anchor line and under the anchor pulpit, the mates will take the rod from you, pass it under the pulpit and return the rod to you. There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant.

Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook, formerly known as the Dark One, and briefly known. Gold in this land, has a beloved named Belle. Hook up tonight! Don't waste your time dating when you can cut straight to the chase. Check out the world's best online hookup sites with millions of people looking. The Gateway to Up-To-Date Information on Integrated 'Whole Building' Design Techniques and Technologies.

The goal of 'Whole Building' Design is .

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant. Hook up tonight! Don't waste your time dating when you can cut straight to the chase. Check out the world's best online hookup sites with millions of people looking.

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We can all go home when it comes to, as far as I am concerned, some historical justice for Germany, and let them mourn their dead properly.

And the revision historians, spending their time in German prisons for trying to set the WWI-WWII-Cold War Era record straight, have been enormously fooled all this time, because it was really all actors according to this idiot. Kermit Roosevelt was the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. Kermit died in This guy is constantly spinning yarns, and he spreads his stuff by facebook and other social media.

There is some overall general features in common — bald, with beards, glasses, but voices, very little in common. I can only see a close resemblance if I take off my glasses. I used it in a blog on the Globe and Mail Newspaper in Toronto and have managed to wind up the Jewish lobby there and get them frothing at the mouth. That really touched a nerve. Drones have to have ground support supplied: The crews need food and water and other support.

A few bags of sugar dumped into the JP-5 jet fuel does wonderous things to the turbines just as one example. Cut off their food, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene supplies for a few days- see how long they fight you.

Predator is recon drone, flies around and looks for the target. They have to close in to a targeting distance where they can get a missile lock on a specific co-ordinate and fire. This is usually well within effective rifle range of a 7. I find it very interesting that Amerikans love to use snopes. They never stop to think about who is behind this website. Whoever created this realizes who the architects and supporters are, no matter what did or did not happen at the school.

They also publicly state that their business is independently owned and operated by themselves with no other affiliations on their About Page:. The burden of proving that they are lying rests with you. They are a business in California. Wherever they are located, they have bank accounts, tax filings, business licenses, and what ever legal paperwork defines their legal entity.

Happy me, they had done some legwork and had the link to wellaware1. The difference however, for those in public safety is that they are trained to set emotions aside in order to be able to carry out an objective and thorough investigation and to keep moving with the various operations. I find it a little peculiar, as a matter of fact, that journalists ask public safety types that kind of inane question to begin with?

Not a toilet seat, the perp pulled the entire toilet out of the floor. And by the way, did you read about how 7-year-old Daniel Barden wanted to grow up and be a firefighter? I believe his uncle is a New York firefighter. Of course, the prevailing logic is, that because the paper is notoriously neo-con, then of course, they all could be actors, too. Snowy Smith made a few good points above regarding how to counter the looming gun grab. Here are my two cents in the highly hypothetical case of a revolution.

This is NOT to incite anybody, just for informational purposes:. This has happened many times, most recently in Libya and Syria. Either taken by force and surprise by the rebels or handed over to them by defectors. This is priority 1. We will need to convince soldiers that they are fighting for the wrong cause. Finally, and regarding drones: The difficult part is to spot them, maybe a directional microphone can do the job because their propellers are quite loud.

You can effectively take them down with a. Pandering, in his speech Biden touted the strength of the Hispanic community and its many accomplishments. Yes, and Africa is the future of Europe. The greatest invention have been invented by Negroes. Go watch the Film the Expendables. Lots of good ideas. You could cause havoc with a homemade drone, a plastic packet of petrol and a Flare gun.

Build your own drone. Also find an electronics expert and build a controller with variable frequencies. Keep on playing with different frequencies until you find it and hijack it. You will be closer therefore your signal will be stronger. We are never going to prove anything about this event because all we are going to be fed are lies.

You can believe them if you want. We are seeing the fruits and results of this psyop by what they immediately started rolling out afterwards and which I just described. It is coming at you everyday now, one scheme and proposal after another. In relation to Snowy Smith and Caveman comments: I came across this interesting site offering downloadable survival manuals.

If I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible that main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, polkers, or whatever else was at hand?

During my time in the camps, I had got to know the enemies of the human race quite well: The internet is very useful to get tactical information but nothing beats experience. Team up with an ex-Green Beret to teach you. There are only 2 types of MEN in the World: The Talkers Bullshitters and The Doers. When I put my hand out for another Ammo Belt I need it in 2 seconds.

Also button the front of your shirt to stop spent cartridges going inside your shirt, they are very hot. Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years and be assured everything still works when you dig it up. Here is an example of Jewish control in Canada. Schwartz raided money for the party, and in Winnipeg, Martin announced he was going to use the gun registry to confiscate all handguns in imitation of Tony Blair.

Gerry Schwartz got his business training wing with the gangster Berny Cornfeld who was chased all over the world and ended up in Cuba. Cornfeld was also involved with a prostitution ring in California. Gerry Schwartz then went to Goldman Sachs and then started his own super successful company. He has tons of money and no one knows where it came from. I just forget the name. I think its called Onex. Reisman visits the Bilderberger meetings and the family is tight with the Rothshchilds.

So what you have is people with very tight Rothschild connections raising the money for both major political parties in Canada.

As for the Rothschilds,they are the largest private land owners in Canada. They own 5, square miles of property much of which surround the dam at Churchill Falls in Labrador. Smallwood was Labrador premier at the time. I flew there many years ago and met the security manager, a French ex-soldier, and he told me he worked for the Rothschilds. For a few years there were internet claims by a former employee of the National Post that said that newspaper actively recruited MOSSAD agents but thy have been taken down.

I have also been told by a good source but cannot confirm that Jewish columnist Eric Margolis was both a Mossad agent and was involved in weapons trafficking but I cannot prove such an allegation. He was brought to the Toronto Sun at a time when it was owned by six Jewish investors assembled by Peter Worthington whose daughter Yvonne Critteden is married to David Frum. I have met her.

She also writes for the Huffington Post and converted to the Jewish faith. I am seriously thinking about posting that longer Solzhenitsyn quote above on a sign and attaching it to my PU truck. What can the authorities do? They created a MACH 1. It worked but the government of John Dieffenbacher canceled it and bought to soon to be Obsolete Bomarc missile from Boeing.

Later, after the cold war, I met a Russian General named Yuri Golubev and he told me the only plane they were afraid of was the Arrow and he laughed when he talked about Canada canceling the plane. Yuri Golubev was a director of the Russian oil company Yukos which was mostly Jews. He may have been Jewish. Then I look up the Arrow on the internet and see a guy announcing the cancellation.

I then tried to find out who the owners of Boeing were the year the Arrow was cancelled but was unsuccessful. I cannot help but wonder if Zionists were behind the Arrow cancellation? You see there seems to have been some kind of Zionist attempt during the cold war to keep the West from becoming more advanced than communist Russia.

By rights the same thing should now happen to Jonathan Pollard. White House, Washington DC? BDS South Africa http: Since I have become Jew-Wise aka last years…. I am more into the geo-political dissection mode. We know which groups aka Zionist runs England, hence, the corollary is Canada is run by Zionists, but it is more subtle less blatant, given Canada is larger than the US but with one-tenth the US population.

It appears that there is NO major world event for the past several hundred years that does not have their puppetmaster fingerprints deeply imbedded. I find studying the Bolshevik Revolution as a key to understanding what is going on.. From what I have read recently and concluded The Cold War was simply a long term psy-op.

The Zionists had shed plenty of blood in Russia and 2 World wars…so peace had to breakout sometime before the Goyim got suspicious. Rebuilding from useless and wasteful destruction is also lucrative. Western companies provided a lot of help and investment in building up Russia.

The Zionists have always realized they have to control both sides…but both sides have to be somewhat on the same level playing field. So once Russia was pumped up, then the Cold War could commence and all the Military Industrial complex could make Billions to defend against an enemy that was artificially created. Of course, small wars scattered throughout the world since WW2 have acted as more justification. Fred Koch was a chemical engineer who invented a new process for refining oil.

Supposedly, he was shut out of the US by the Rockefellers and had to go to work for Stalin. He built many refineries in Soviet Russia and trained Russian engineers to operate them. Moreover, the John Birch society was founded by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, many of whom were Masons, and staffed by former Communist writers. He is something you may know about. I was in the tourist business and that is how I met Yuri Golubev and an odd variety of other people such as Slim Pickens.

Anyhow Yuri Golubev and I did not hit it off. He was telling me the Cubans were great soldiers and I mentioned I had met a South African also now in the tourist business who did not have a high regards for Cuban soldiers and had been with the South African army when they ringed Luanda.

Golubev was an odd duck. He knew Pierre Trudeau and had greeted Trudeau one time when Trudeau went for a spin on a Russian motorcycle in Moscow - and Golubev - both a KGB general and an engineer - had been working for a Canadian oil company in Calgary during the cold war? His daughter was educated in Canada. The South African chap also told me one reason they had been successful against the Cubans was an artillery piece designed by a Canadian engineer named Gerald Bull.

The Mossad murdered Bull in Belgium by shooting him in the head six times. Even most of the commenters at scholarly investigative journalists who are anti National Socialists, attack you if you are leastly anti-Jewish, very unreasonably defensive about Jews. USA is so washed-up. That Christians and other wealthy anti-Zionists do not fund projects such as suggested by Brother Nathanael above, shows us how low they have sunk.

He is not a Jew but he knows who has the money and he put together the six Jewish investors who created the Toronto Sun out of the ashes of the Toronto Telegram, which was then looted, and tossed to the wolves and is now in French Canadian hands which may explain why Eric Margolis got shown the door. He later started the Canadian tank Corps. Worthington himself was a tail gunner in WW2 and was in the Korean war.

What most people forget is Worthington was himself banned from the USA for his role in helping a communist spy move to the West. Her name was Olga and she was really good looking. He helped bring her into the West as someone who wanted to escape to the West where she was fingered as a courier by Jame Jesus Angleton.

She picked up messages and dropped them at park benches and the like for the KGB. There is a Congressional Intelligence Committee report pertaining to the ban on Worthington and you would think a Canadian journalist would write it up but I have never heard of it being done.

Worthington has written that Angleton admitted he had made a mistake but this was years after Angleton died. Danielle Crittenden is his step daughter who has now married David Frum. This YT is blocked in my country Poland for whatever reason, probably our home Chosenites do not want your message propagated here. I can see that it can be taken that way re-reading it today, especially just popping it off as a non-sequiter as I did, because it was disgusting to have to even go through it.

This site owner just keeps posting his personal fantasies much like a kitten keeps unraveling a ball of yarn. And the rest of this comment is not directed at anyone in particular, but my own monologue directed mostly at myself. To resort to this wellaware1. It really boils down in his mind that everything bad that happens in the world is because of the Government-in-league-with-the-Hank-Greenburg-family-acting-troupe conspiracy to set up scenarios to fool the masses.

The site is so bad, the nagging thought is that it is set-up as a psyop itself, in an Alex Jones style, in order to discredit any persons or groups who are legitimate inquiry into the possibility of a sensational mass murder being a black op. The inference is that this led to the disarming of the populace and its fall into a dictatorship followed by a quote along the lines of:.

For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future! The reference is usually given as a speech by Adolf Hitler—alternatively, some say it was in Mein Kampf. Hitler never said this in or , or at any other time. The only sources I find the quote are gun rights sites on the Internet. The far more draconian anti-gun laws were enacted in by the Jew-controlled Weimar government, well before Hitler came into power and before the new laws, so he would have no reason to make this kind of statement.

The gun laws under the National Socialists actually made it easier for the Germans to buy and own guns, as long as they were registered, while at the same time, taking guns and manufacturing away from the Jews.

Many non-Jewish firearms owners are well aware that the movement to restrict their rights is led and promoted primarily by Jews, and anti-Jewish feeling has been growing among them. We can now pinpoint the Israel-first JPFO as being the most likely group from where the supposed Hitler quote bubbled up from within the Second Amendment movement, and a lot of gun rights advocate sites now carry this quote.

The policy change towards constitutional gun-rights is very clear. Under the right circumstances, however, a mentally disturbed individual could obsess on the Sandy Hook notation, especially playing the Dark Knight Rising movie over and over again, and the companion action game and consider it somehow a sign from God. In small towns, everyone knows everyone else. If Gene Rosen, for an example, were an imposter actor, someone would have noticed the moment he opened his mouth and complained.

Newtown is an independent, little town. Even their local press, the Newtown Bee, is independently owned, and funded by local advertisement, which is then published by them once a year as the local business directory. Just one of the teachers killed had hundreds of family members among both her immediate family and aunts, uncles and cousins spanning the territory from Alabama to New England to Quebec.

In that case, it would simply be far more convenient to wait for and exploit the tragedy. Some of the Newtown cops and the of the resident state police residing in the same town and Troop district certainly have children in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Where would they send their own children in grades K-4 living in Sandy Hook school district? My opinion is that our society has progressed so far down the road to hell, that MKULTRA as an active, hands on program is no longer really even needed.

All of the psychological data learned from MKULTRA experiments has long since been absorbed by the behavioral and cognitive psychology of Madison Avenue, Broadcast Media, Entertainment and Hollywood consumption, and society in general.

The main form of psychiatry anymore is drug dispensation. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanisms which can explain why depression is associated with a RH dominance remain elusive. The government, the political analysts and political opinion shapers, the entertainment industry the Jew-owned and controlled mainstream media have access to this published scientific data for various purposes, for good or ill. Like childbirth is now considered a disease, the natural process of grieving is being pushed to be considered a psychiatric illness:.

Natural grieving over losing your husband, wife, child, friends, trauma affecting the community has been transformed by the Jew-controlled American Psychiatric Association into a psychiatric illness and treated as major depression, listed as such in the new DSM5. Take the ultra-happy pill, Wellbutrin or Zyban for smokers trying to quit , to medicate the pain of loss of a loved one, and have that go into the companion central psychotropic prescription database linked to the registry for semi-auto weapons, and then also lose the precious CCW permit at the same time.

Always been a joke. They can drag out 20 years, often highly politicized. They seem to have a pattern of buying 2nd hand items ie subs , or 2nds or soon obsolete out of date items. Canada has signed an agreement that the US military can enter Canada should the situation warrant.

LOL… Canada would be one country that could likely take on its own military if they turned against us. The Zionist use the Brits as front men. You will rarely see a non WASPish sounding name in the media, and with an accent as well. Yet, if you dig deep enough, a Zionist is in the back pulling strings, such as the Asper family. Years ago I read story by an ex-employee of the Bronfmans. We have this Monarchy aka ties to the British Queen, when I think the whole thing is s sick pathetic joke.

The British Monarchy is simply camouflage for the Rothschilds. It is the British Monarchy system that could have stopped the Zionist infiltration, but sold out.

Again the Canadian Jewry is more subtle…whereas the US Jewry seems to have more rub- it- in- your- face bravado. The European and British Royals often have rich Jews at their back. One has the titles and the other has the money. Peter Monk is a good friend of Prince Charles. Cold War was just a hoax among many others. Fear works, if the Soviets came up with a new missile, the Americans just had to respond with a better one and vice versa. But these are highly scientific weapons and only one or at best few military industrial complexes were able to manufacture them.

It was a monopoly with no competition and American tax payers paid whatever monopoly owners told them to pay. Feels like Americans and Russians had been treated as a cattle. How did those Zionists treat their cattle, with respect? I was born in a small farm, and anytime we had beef for lunch, I was taught to put my fingers crossed, for the good reason. Imagine you learning what happened in WWII and then your grandfather bragging about dropping bombs on Germany and you asking them.

Pop Pop why did you go to Europe and fight all the way over there? Your grandfather would say because of bad Hitler and then you would say you read it was all lies. You would be confused. Your ancestors are going to think the same thing. They are going to ask why did you fight in wars in Europe?

Why did you allow Jews to take control of your country? Were you scared you chicken shit bastard? Thanks a lot now I am picking vegetables making no money shackled to a ball and chain. If each one of thinks about it we wish we had the nerve to do what must be done. Bush said New World Order and he meant Communism. Soon a saline virus prevention drug that we have to take. I read for hours each evening. Brother has the most thorough knowledge on the Jews. So we can learn the Jews murdered millions of our own people in Europe and got millions killed in wars and destroyed all their cities.

Each of us should look at our children and I would not want to have small children now. I feel sorry for them. Because we are going to leave them a very dangerous world. I am packing up and heading to Switzerland. I like the country and will be leaving this ontrolled country in my rear view mirror. We got no other chooses. I mean if we did go up against the law and defeated them. They also have a blog about ways to use the dating site, and a recent post on what types of profile pictures work best is a great example of how they offer real advice based on actual usage by real people.

Of course, they have upgrade options as well, but the free site if pretty solid. Take advantage of the questions to see who you match with, and they can be very explicit when it comes to dating and sex. If she likes it rough, gentle or both? Does she want her partner to be kinkier than her? This info can be very useful! Adult Friendfinder This is another huge adult personals site. The big selling point here is that they have verified profiles with verified photos. This helps tremendously in filtering out the useless profiles.

Categories include romance, casual encounters and more. Another tips when browsing ads, check to see if a specific location was added to the ad description, like the specific suburb of a city. Still believing Killian forcibly took her from him, Rumplestiltskin takes his answer for truth and challenges the captain to a duel.

More powerful than he once was, the Dark One bests Killian and begins ripping out his heart, only for Milah to stop him. For the trade, they meet on the ship, where Rumplestiltskin confronts his former wife for abandoning Baelfire.

In spite of her regrets, Milah claims she never loved him, to which the Dark One tries grabbing the bean, but she tosses it to Killian.

In the next instant, Rumplestiltskin crushes the heart, killing Milah, before requesting the bean. Reeling from the physical and emotional toll, a fuming Killian grabs a hook and stabs Rumplestiltskin. In a rage, Killian takes the hook and replaces his severed left hand with it. After burying Milah at sea, he allows Smee to join his crew before using the bean to open a portal to Neverland.

During the journey towards the island of Neverland, Killian and his crew members haul a boy out of the water aboard the Jolly Roger. At some point after this, Killian becomes known by the nickname Hook. When the Lost Ones of Neverland climb aboard searching for a certain boy Peter Pan wants, he hides Baelfire below deck in a vent.

After the Lost Ones leave empty-handed, Smee chastises Hook for not handing over the boy them. However, Hook has a plan of his own to get close to Baelfire as a way of learning more about Rumplestiltskin and getting revenge. Despite this scheme, he develops a true friendship with Baelfire by teaching him how to steer the ship, and they bond over being abandoned by their fathers.

Baelfire discloses how his father feared his magic powers would all be gone if someone stabbed him with a special dagger. This tidbit gives Hook knowledge of a way to kill Rumplestiltskin, which conflicts with his growing kinship with Baelfire. All this comes to an end when the boy finds a drawing of his mother Milah and demands answers from Hook. He tells Baelfire the true fate of his mother, who ran away to be with him because they were in love, but she died when Rumplestiltskin tore out her heart and crushed it.

Since she is gone, he believes they can live out her dream and become a family. Baelfire rejects the notion and opts to go to Neverland. The renunciation crushes Hook, who strays back into darkened emotions as revenge becomes his main and only focus. At some point, Hook begins working for Peter Pan and travels on the Jolly Roger to procure items for him. On a journey back to Neverland to deliver the goods, he scolds Smee fot eating some of the food supplies that Pan is expecting.

Before they meet their doom, the singing stops, which gives Hook time to call for the ship to be redirected away from danger. Later, at a pub, a young girl, Ursula , entertains patrons with her singing. Even Hook, who has been obsessed with killing Rumplestiltskin, is enchanted by her voice and briefly forgets his troubles. Recognizing her voice as the mermaid from earlier, he thanks her for not killing him and his crew.

In conversation, she tells him about her father, Poseidon , forcing her to use her vocal gift to lure sailors to their death due his hatred for humans since her mother was killed by a pirate.

Hearing of her desire to go to Glowerhaven, Hook agrees to take her there for free. Poseidon, wishing to keep his daughter from leaving, wants him to absorb her singing voice into an enchanted shell. In return, he can have squid ink , a powerful liquid to paralyze Rumplestiltskin. Poseidon shows up, and when he is unable to convince Ursula to come home, he takes away the squid ink to prove Hook only cares about his vengeance. Another one evening in the Enchanted Forest, while gambling at a tavern, a blond woman, Emma , seductively approaches Hook, in order to distract him, while his future self boards the Jolly Roger to make a deal with Snow White.

They spend one-on-one time drinking, though she refuses to tell him her name. By the end of the evening, he is completely drunk.

Carrying her onto his ship, one of the crew members, Smee, is apparently shocked to see his captain and claims he just saw him come aboard moments earlier. Despite that Smee believes something is amiss, Hook commands him to leave so he and the lady can have privacy. Noticing the blonde has already gone below deck, Hook follows. As they kiss, he prepares to lay her down on the table, but then someone, his future self, knocks him out from behind.

After this, Hook goes back to Neverland. Smee struggles to keep up with the walk until he is knocked out by an unknown assailant. As Hook goes to check up on him, a woman named Tinker Bell threatens him at knife point. He explains his reason for being in Neverland to find magic and return to the Enchanted Forest. As Hook grabs his rum bottle, Tinker Bell mistakenly believes he is taking out a weapon and hastily pulls out another blade at him.

They share the drink while Hook tells her about his quest for vengeance against the Dark One for killing the woman he loved. Hook claims he would only risk his life for two things: While he lost his love, he insists dying for revenge is well worth the sacrifice. At an unknown period later in time, Hook returns to the Enchanted Forest. Hook rejects their offer and instead sings about his deep-seated desire for revenge against Rumplestiltskin, whom the couple promise to turn over to him if he helps them.

When she admits to not knowing where the dagger is, he knocks her out and prepares to kill her, as the Queen, Regina, intervenes. In exchange, she wants him to kill her mother Cora , but first, she tests Hook by tasking him with facing his father Brennan , who abandoned him when he was a child. At first, Hook is angry and vengeful towards Brennan, but his demeanor softens after his father expresses genuine remorse for his actions and has seemingly become into a better man.

Hook decides to trick the Queen into believing he killed Brennan by sneaking his father out of the land with a boat ticket.

Brennan asks for a second one for his younger son, which Hook agrees to procure. The night he delivers the tickets, however, Hook overhears his father telling his son the same thing he once told him when he was a child.

Brennan insists he did this to honor the memory of both Killian and Liam, but Hook assumes this is a lie, and that Brennan never cared for him at all. Some time after this, Hook arrives to a small island hamlet, where the survivors of the curse live, to meet up with Cora.

Some time after this, Cora enchants two of her bracelets for herself and Hook to use for climbing up a beanstalk. There, they intend to retrieve a compass for reaching Storybrooke. He refuses to tell the truth, so Emma ties him to a tree as bait for ogres. When she whistles to draw the ogres near and leaves him there, Hook finally admits his actual identity as a shocked Mary Margaret pulls his hook out of his satchel. Hook admits working with Cora, but offers to join forces with Emma and her team as he knows a way to get to Storybrooke.

Most of all, he wants to go to Storybrooke to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin for taking away his hand. Emma decides to cut him free. Then, he leads them to a giant beanstalk stretching up into the sky, and explains there is an enchanted compass at the top, but first they must deal with the giant guarding it. Since Hook possesses a counter spell to allow himself and only one other person to journey up the beanstalk, Emma joins him.

During the climb, Hook prods Emma about her past, but she is reluctant to talk about it. He turns the conversation to her son. Hook can tell she is an orphan, just like the Lost Boys of Neverland, since he spent time in their company. When he asks if she has ever been in love, Emma denies it. At the top of the beanstalk, Emma and Hook arrive in the realm of the giants.

She suggests they use the poppy dust to put the giant to sleep. Hook lures the giant out towards Emma, who manages to knock him out by throwing the dust. Emma notices a tripwire and stops him in his tracks by grabbing his arm. He jests that she likes him, which she strongly refutes.

They spot the compass on a top of a golden bird cage, but before retrieving it, the giant storms in. Large stones bury Hook underneath, though Emma later comes to show him the compass. Escaping from the giant, Hook makes his descent from the beanstalk. At the bottom, Cora confronts him about taking her bracelets and climbing up the beanstalk without her. The pirate claims he intended to take the compass for the both of them.

Noting his failure, she asks who had beaten him to it, to which he admits Emma did. Deciding Hook is no longer trustworthy, since he used the bracelets without her consultation, Cora severs ties with him. Ultimately, she decides to leave him in the Enchanted Forest with his vengeance unfulfilled. In anger, he tries to stab her with his hook, but she teleports away; leaving him face-down in the dirt.

He then puts the heart in a pouch and shakes Aurora awake. Before the girl runs off, he asks her to deliver the message that his deal with Emma, to help her return home, still stands.

Later, in the cell, Cora accosts him for helping her prisoner escape. Using it, he and Cora listen to Aurora and her three companions speak.

Cora congratulates him on taking out a heart, to which Hook proposes they leave for Storybrooke together. Out of the darkness, Hook and Cora make themselves known. Hook confronts Emma about leaving him atop the beanstalk. Tauntingly, he affirms she is very much like the bean as it was once magical and full of hope, but is now "dried up, dead, and useless. Once there, Cora has Hook dump the wardrobe ashes into the lake, and create a portal. Hook catches and returns it to Mulan, who then hurries back to Aurora.

He and Emma continue their sword duel until she is pinned down by him. While throwing her an innuendo, Emma reveals the compass in her hand and promptly knocks him out cold.

He wakes up only after Emma and Mary Margaret have left in the portal. When a local resident sees the ship, Cora hides the vehicle with magic and then turns him into a fish, to which Hook kicks into the water. Sometime later, he and Cora observe Regina leaving the diner alone after her talk with Emma. Cora sets Regina up for the murder of Archie and kidnaps the man aboard the ship for Hook to use for interrogation. Below the deck of the Jolly Roger , Hook demands Archie for knowledge on the dagger.

Archie pleads ignorance on the topic, and Hook sees he is telling the truth. However, Hook knows Rumplestiltskin must have a weakness, and threatens to "dissect a cricket" if Archie does not talk, which he agrees to do.

He learns Rumplestiltskin, who goes by Mr. Gold in this land, has a beloved named Belle. He goes to the library and corners Belle inside the building. When he threatens to kill her, she hastily seeks shelter inside an elevator. In truth, this is just a ploy to force her to call Mr. Hook disappears back onto his ship with the shawl. He catches Belle rifling through the lower deck for the shawl after freeing Archie and grabs her gun.

He reveals the truth to her about Milah and how she died, though Belle believes Mr. After Hook is knocked in the head, she runs away to the deck, though he arrives there first. Gold approaches and begins beating Hook, who openly taunts his cowardice. Belle convinces him to stop as Hook is left in a battered bloody mess when the two leave the ship.

At nightfall, Hook shoots Belle as she is bidding Mr. Gold farewell while both are standing on opposite sides of the town border. This causes Belle to fall across the town line and lose her Enchanted Forest memories. While Hook is reveling in causing Mr. Gold pain, a car speeds into town and hits Hook.

Gold is so enraged at what has unfolded and hurts Hook further by crushing his already broken ribs, though David and Emma stop him. Hook is taken into the hospital as a patient. Emma interrogates him about the location of Cora, but he deflects her questions with flirtatious remarks.

In frustration, she pokes him in the ribs until Hook admits he has no idea where Cora is. Even in his wrecked physical state, he is pleased to have damaged Mr. Gold by harming Belle and finds it well worth it since his nemesis started everything by killing Milah. He takes them aboard his ship to show them a giant, Anton , who Cora shrunk and kidnapped from the Enchanted Forest.

Mary Margaret lets Anton out, but the giant is worked up into a rage when he sees David. During the commotion, Hook escapes into town to attempt contact with Cora by using a Queen of Hearts card. Instead, Regina appears to tell him Cora is laying low from the public to avoid repercussions. She still blames him for failing to kill Cora, even though the two have now made amends.

From this, Regina devises a plan to use the giant to her advantage and cause trouble for the townspeople. Cora promises him that much, but because of their shared goal of finding the dagger that can control Mr.

Hook is able to read the map, but as soon as he shares the known location of the dagger, Cora decides she has no more use for him and flings him into a shelf of books, knocking him unconscious. With their own plans in mind for Mr. Gold, Cora and Regina proceed to the dagger location without Hook. Awakening, Hook takes matters into his own hands by going to the Storybrooke jail, where he attacks David, steals keys and uses them to open a drawer where his hook is kept.

Reattaching it as his missing hand, he leaves and sails the Jolly Roger to New York. Gold to an apartment complex, he knocks Emma out of the way to stab Mr. Emma manages to knock Hook out before he can hurt Mr. Neal runs down the stairs and sees the scene, recognizing Hook. In truth, though Neal and Emma are under the impression Hook somehow escaped, he is actually taken hostage by Tamara and Greg. They sneak him into Storybrooke via hiding him in the back of a truck, and want to use him for their own means.

On the top level of the clock tower , Tamara and Greg tie Hook to a chair. He guesses they are going to interrogate and torture information out of him, and laughs at the situation.

Hook uses it to peer down onto the ground level of the town, and becomes enraged seeing Mr. Gold alive and well walking beside Belle. Greg makes him see he cannot win against the Dark One unless he has help, and if they help him, he must also do as they want. Greg wants Hook to get close to Regina under the pretense of becoming her ally, which he agrees to do. Regina lets Hook in on her escape plan from Storybrooke by using magic beans to go back to the Enchanted Forest.

Before she leaves with Henry, Regina wants to activate a "fail-safe" that will eradicate the whole town and its inhabitants. Hook asks if the "crocodile" will also perish, which Regina confirms.

Hook and Regina travel down to the basement level of the clock tower where inside a cave hides the "fail-safe". But, Regina believes otherwise; that after vengeance is a fresh start. Inside the cave, Regina explains the "fail-safe" is guarded by Maleficent , and the magic in the cave prevents her from dying so she can continue to keep the "fail-safe" from intruders. Despite stabbing Maleficent, she regenerates and reforms into a bigger version of her current self.

Using unknown means, Tamara and Greg save Hook from her. Hook is waiting in the library by the time Regina makes her way back up from the cave to the ground floor of the clock tower.

Hook reveals he felt a genuine connection when she spoke of starting over with a new life after vengeance, and it almost made him put a stop to his "plan". Greg has Regina tied up with the intentions of torturing her until she admits where his father is. He asks Hook to give him a hand, "preferably his good one". Hook is incredulous Greg and Tamara plan to use the trigger to bring about the destruction in town and murder everyone just to get rid of magic.

David suggests the delay will give them more time to steal back the remaining beans from Greg and Tamara, use them to open portals, and traveling to the Enchanted Forest. Emma points out no one knows their current whereabouts, though Hook chimes in he knows. To keep the pirate from betraying them, David goes along with him.

Outside the cannery, they witness Greg burning documents. Inside the building, David threatens to pull the trigger unless the beans are handed over. As Greg pulls out a small clear bottle containing them, Tamara ambushes from behind and shoots, though David manages to dodge while getting grazed by the bullet.

Hook tackles Greg to the ground; causing the bottle to break on the floor. While David chases after Tamara, Hook wrestles for the beans and eventually grabs one while Greg makes off with the other.

Hook catches up to David, who was just bested by Greg. David is upset at their failure, but Hook shows him the bean he was able to get and puts it into his belt container.

Returning to the diner, where some of the townspeople are grouped, David gives Emma the news about the procured bean. Henry questions where his adoptive mother is, and Emma tells him that she is in the mines slowing down the trigger, but will not be able to make it out. After much debate, Mary Margaret sways Emma into getting Regina out safely. As David tosses the boxed bean to Emma, Hook snatches it in mid-air.

Impressed by her speech, Hook forks over the bean, or so he makes it appear. In actuality, he gives back the box, but hid the actual item for himself. After this conversation, Hook gets back on his ship and plans to use it to save himself from the trigger that is destroying town.

On deck, he notices the wood indentation on deck where he carved "S" for starboard and "P" for port when he taught Baelfire how to steer the ship. He is reminded of the genuine affection he had for the boy and how he once cared for someone, and decides not to use the bean to make his getaway. Emma still has the impression he has only ever cared for himself, but Hook says he needed some reminding of his own capability to care for others.

He allows them to board to start a journey in traveling to another world to find Henry, who has been kidnapped by Greg and Tamara and taken to another land. Aboard the Jolly Roger , Mr. Grudgingly, Hook responds affirmatively, and the two trade glares. Gold uses the magic globe to track the realm Henry is currently in—Neverland. Gold and Regina set sail for the land. As they sail towards the island of Neverland, Hook talks to Regina about how embittered he feels having his sworn enemy, Mr.

Gold, on his ship, especially after spending a lifetime trying to leave Neverland and seek revenge on him. Gold announces his intent of getting him back on his own and proceeds to list off reasons why Emma will fail in this mission; not believing in her parents, in magic, or even herself.

Below deck, Hook gives Emma a weapon that used to belong to Neal. Suddenly, mermaids begin slamming against the ship. Hook attempts to maneuver the ship into outrunning them to no avail. Emma and Mary Margaret catch one on the fishing line while Regina scares off the rest with flame. She then teleports the caught mermaid on board. Hook is disgusted and warns mermaids absolutely cannot be trusted. Thunder begins brewing in the sky; giving the impression that the mermaid called the storms to arms.

Regina decides to freeze the mermaid, which only speeds up the storm. Hook and David begin a fistfight as Mary Margaret and Regina trade physical blows. He is so caught up in his animosity towards David until seeing Emma deliberately jump into the sea and get knocked out by a fallen rigging rope pulley. As David ties a rope around his waist and dives in to save Emma, Hook, Regina and Mary Margaret team up to pull the both of them up, causing the storm to halt.

When they reach the shoreline of Neverland, Emma gives everyone a pep talk by admitting the best thing is to not believe in magic, but in each other. Hook follows as David and Mary Margaret trail after Emma into the jungle.

Though Hook advises they go left, David ignores him and goes right. The catch is Emma must "stop denying who she really is" and only then will the map unlock for her.

Regina would rather try using magic on the map, a move Hook highly disagrees with, as does everyone else. Emma makes the effort to unveil the map by stating facts about herself, with encouragement from her parents, but nothing works.

Tired of playing games, Regina snatches the map and casts a locator spell on it, which leads them straight to Pan, who then sends the Lost Boys to engage them in combat. During the battle, Hook duels with Felix , which quickly ends when Pan assembles his Lost Boys and leaves. Shortly after, Emma manages to unveil the map.

Hook offers Emma some rum and asks how she got the map to work. Hook presses further, though she simply walks away. Hook considers a fairy named Tinker Bell who Pan trusts and can likely get them into the camp with pixie dust. Despite that David is trying to keep up, Hook sees he is clearly beginning to feel the effects of the poison. He gauges, from accessing the wound, that David has days or weeks at most, and pushes him to tell Mary Margaret the truth.

Emma and Mary Margaret offer her safe passage to Storybrooke as a new home, to which Tinker Bell agrees and goes back to camp with them. Before they put the plan into action, Tinker Bell wants to know their escape route off the island, but no one has a clear answer. To show them just how dangerous Pan is, she proves to them that Greg and Tamara were murdered by him. Tinker Bell weighs the risk as not worthy unless they have a way to leave Neverland and she makes off for her tree house.

The only person Hook can think of who managed to escape on his own is Neal. They set off for a cave Neal once inhabited as a boy, where David pulls up a vine with Hook to gain access to the entrance, even though he is getting weaker. Hook prompts him on when exactly is he going to tell his family about the wound. He orders Hook not divulge their conversation; lest it sidetracks the mission to get Henry back. After the light is snuffed out, the two halves combine to make a star constellation map with an escape route.

However, despite that Hook taught Neal how to navigate using the stars, he also coached him that all map makers never reveal their secrets. This renders the map useless since only Neal can read it.

Returning to the cave, everyone searches for something that might be useful. In the hopes of sending Henry a message, Mary Margaret comes up with an idea and files out to show them.

Before Emma exits, Hook expresses sympathy towards her about losing hope since he has experienced it as well, though Emma rejects his attempt at bonding with her and walks out. Disheartened, Hook moves to leave, but David reenters to confront him about his growing interest in Emma. At camp, the group make a vine net to capture a Lost Boy.

David, returning from gathering vines, insists Hook come with him to get more. Only when Emma chimes in, the pirate finally agrees to go. After notifying the others about this, the pair head there. Hook learns David had a brother as well and the two reminisce over how their siblings remind them of each other.

As Hook climbs up first, Pan offers him his old job back and asks as proof of acceptance, he must kill David at the top of the peak. Hook owns up to his lie about the sextant, but David still attacks him. After knocking him out, the pirate procures water from the peak and offers it to David. Returning to camp, the two lie about Pan getting the sextant first.

This is a stretch from the truth, but Hook plays along. As he flirtatiously asks for a different kind of thanks, she pulls him into a kiss. Later, Hook is sitting while drinking his rum and boasts to Pan that Emma is finally coming around to him, however, the devious Pan proclaims Neal is alive and in Neverland.

Conflicted, Hook must decide whether to tell Emma or not. Deciding against hiding the truth, Hook informs David and Mary Margaret how Pan kidnapped Neal from their campsite to be put in a cave.

David is curious why Pan chose to let them know about this, but Hook has no answers. Mary Margaret catches sight of a snapped branch near the brush as well as footprints resembling a struggle. She plans to tell Emma, but both Hook and David convince her not to. They agree to prep a cover story in order to search for Neal themselves, which falls apart when Hook and David give different excuses after Emma asks them where they are going. Neither are able to come up with a response to her suspicions, so Mary Margaret blurts out to Emma that Neal is alive.

They follow the footprints to a cavern known as the Echo Cave , where Hook states the only way to rescue someone from within is for them to reveal one of their deepest secrets. Once inside, they are at a dead end while a caged Neal lies on a separate strip of land in the distance.

With much reluctance, Hook confirms he and Emma shared a kiss. He goes on to explain his inability to forget his first love, Milah, or believe his future could be with someone else until meeting Emma. Mary Margaret tells David about her longing for another child while he finally tells her about the price of the Dreamshade cure.

A bridge forms for Emma to cross over to Neal and after disclosing her own secret to him, he is freed. When they reach the outside, they decide to regroup with Tinker Bell first and then continue the mission. Since the Shadow is mostly solitary, they can capture it without going near Pan. Emma steps up on "shadow duty" with Neal as Hook enlists himself as well. Hook, Emma and Neal revisit the Lost Boy cavern. While Emma goes off to fetch the star map, Hook accidentally discloses the kiss he shared with her, which Neal was unaware of until now.

After obtaining the star map, they go in search of Dark Hollow , a place home to all captured shadows. Emma lends Neal her sword to cut through the tall grass. He recognizes it as his old cutlass, so Hook admits giving it to Emma as a memento of Neal. To this, Neal angrily snips at him and stomps away. Left little choice, Hook admits to Emma what he said to Neal, and had hopes the kiss meant something to her as it does to himself. Eventually, they head into Dark Hollow.

Neal briefs on drawing the Shadow in by lighting the candle and trapping it by putting the lid on. He and Neal end up fighting over the lighter when three shadows show up to attack just as Emma grabs the coconut halves. Both men are thrown against trees and begin having their shadows ripped out.

Emma saves the day by using magic to light a flame on the candle and entrap the Shadow inside. After showing Tinker bell proof of the Shadow as their ticket off the island, she agrees to do her part in taking down Pan. Subsequently, Hook and everyone begin regarding Mr. Gold as an enemy by drawing their weapons. He concludes that nothing can be done, but then Mr.

Gold steps in to offer his potion-making skills to concoct an elixir cure for David. Emma agrees to his bargain, though in return, Mr. Gold wants a favor of equal value. Neal puts a full stop to his asking price by demanding that he help for the right reasons rather than personal gain. After Tinker Bell gains access into the perimeter of the encampment and the Lost Boys are put to sleep by Regina, neither Henry or Pan are found there.

Instead, Neal frees a young prisoner, Wendy , and brings her back to camp to inquire about Henry. As a trade, Pan lives, but Henry will die. Hook stays behind at camp while Emma, Mr. After Henry sacrifices his heart to Pan, Hook feels a powerful wave of magic gust through Neverland. Regina casts a preservation spell on Henry to last one hour until they can track down Pan. The three women come back in time to place the heart back in Henry as he gasps to life.

Following a safe journey out of Neverland to Storybrooke, Mr. Gold seals the box in his pawnshop to keep Pan at bay. Even so, Hook craves a distraction from Emma and unsuccessfully tries to offer Tinker Bell a drink, though she knows he obviously wants more from her than just that. A scream from outside interrupts the chat, so they rush out to investigate and are joined by David and Emma.

When Emma has the suspicion the two of them are now involved, Tinker Bell immediately denies it, though Hook begs to differ. Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell go to fetch the lighter and coconut halves from the ship in case they need to catch the Shadow again. They attempt to enter the vault where Regina took Henry to keep him safe, but the door is locked. Gold bring back a released Pan, who is actually Henry, since the two switched bodies. Gold breaks open the vault, it is discovered Pan took the scroll for the Dark Curse.

They plan to switch Henry back to his own body so he will be in possession of the scroll and bring it to Regina. Gold can perform the spell, but needs a strong outlet in order for it to work. The Shadow bursts in as the group take cover behind the church pews. Hook volunteers to distract the Shadow, citing his own life is at stake, but fails when the creature knocks him away. He takes a hard hit while David pulls him to safety.

Tinker Bell uses pixie dust to light a flame on the coconut half and flies into the air to trap the Shadow; disposing the being for good by burning it in a fire. The three men arrive at the pawnshop with the wand. Gold runs off to find the boy. Regina passes out after taking the scroll and awakens with knowledge of the price for stopping the curse. They are accosted by Pan as he steals back the scroll and freezes them in place. The showdown ends when Mr. Gold summons the dagger and stabs Pan as well as himself with it; killing both of them.

After this, Regina admits the price is all former Enchanted Forest inhabitants will be sent back to their old world while Storybrooke will disappear out of existence. To keep Henry from being alone, Emma will leave town with him and Regina rewrites new memories for both of them so they forget everything.

Before this, Hook offers Emma parting words; saying that he will think of her often. As the two cross out of Storybrooke, Regina stops the curse from taking over as everyone inside the town is sent back to the Enchanted Forest. He and Prince Charming talk about his plans and Hook leaves in search for his ship. His search for the Jolly Roger leads nowhere, though Hook, with his old crew mates such as William Smee , successfully pilfer treasure from a travelling man.

That night, they celebrate at the tavern. Hook is gifted a prostitute, but he only pretends to accept; leading the wench out the back door and paying her off with money.

After she is gone, he is blindsided when attacked by Ariel , who accuses him of kidnapping Prince Eric onto the Jolly Roger. Once the ship is found, he distracts Black Beard with a duel while Ariel and Smee sneak aboard. The fight is cut short once Ariel interrupts to announce her beloved is not on the Jolly Roger. Amused, Black Beard agrees to hand over Eric only if Hook gives up on reclaiming the ship.

Though Ariel pleas, he believes getting rid of Black Beard is best to keep her from searching endlessly for a lost love. Hook throws Black Beard to the sharks; causing Ariel to berate him as someone who will never find love or be happy.

After taking back the Jolly Roger , Hook resumes traveling at sea. Now that the curse has been cast, transportation between worlds is possible again, so Hook trades the Jolly Roger for a magic bean and opens a portal to the Land Without Magic. Though he tries to explain, she slams the door closed.

On another attempt to shake some sense into her, he ambushes Emma while she is out on a date and her boyfriend is away from the table. He gives Emma a written address of a New York apartment that she must see in order to know the whole truth about her family, who desperately need her help. Before leaving, Hook asks her to find him in Central Park when she is ready to talk.

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Longhorn Traditions

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If you must cancel your trip, please give us as much notice as possible, but we need at least 7 days and we make no guarantees.

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    She shows them the book she was reading before she fell asleep, and after a brief inspection, Hook notices the text is written in squid ink, which they can use against Mr. The site is so bad, the nagging thought is that it is set-up as a psyop itself, in an Alex Jones style, in order to discredit any persons or groups who are legitimate inquiry into the possibility of a sensational mass murder being a black op.

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    There are going to be many spies so be very careful who you trust. In a private chat with Emma, Snow forgives her for hiding the truth until now, however, she hints that Hook may not be so easy to forgive her. Returning to the cave, everyone searches for something that might be useful.

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    This is the time when a man becomes invincible, He becomes free to do whatever he must do Without fear for his life or for his future. As an example, I live across the street from a Baptist church that has an open carry policy during service. In relation to Snowy Smith and Caveman comments: The difference however, for those in public safety is that they are trained to set emotions aside in order to be able to carry out an objective and thorough investigation and to keep moving with the various operations. The KEY in these psy-ops …..

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    Though Hook advises they go left, David ignores him and goes right. If you ask one hundred Christians in the US what the two laws of Christ are, maybe one or two could answer that correctly.

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    Again, change your bait frequently. No, it has nothing to do with how clean or dirty a person is. Gerry Schwartz got his business training wing with the gangster Berny Cornfeld who was chased all over the world and ended up in Cuba.

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    He declined because they are so savage. That night, they celebrate at the tavern. Judging from the family tree, they realize Ingrid means to make Elsa and Emma her sisters. He tries once more to talk about her parents and the curse, but she brushes it off as nonsense. Emma revives Robin, but when she realizes using magic is making her skin turn scaly, she suddenly kisses Hook, hoping it will help.

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