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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo: on episode 11~13 – .RattleTattle. Apr 28,  · Beautiful couple Lee Sung Kyung Nam Joo Hyuk Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Aug 18,  · Sigh, it sucks to have one happy dating news followed by one sad breakup news in the same week, especially since . Adekelly Aug 29 am Nam joo hyuk,let just say that am your biggest fan from Nigeria in Africa (the black nation),I really love your movies and am looking. Apr 28,  · Beautiful couple Lee Sung Kyung Nam Joo Hyuk Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Aug 18,  · Sigh, it sucks to have one happy dating news followed by one sad breakup news in the same week, especially since .

nam joo hyuk dating


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Its not about the rating but its about how you did your best. BillyXan Apr 25 Never failed me to smile, laugh. Oct 30,  · Posts about Kim Joo Hyuk Dead written by De De Tillman. Nov 02,  · K-ent gather along with the friends and family to accompany Kim Joo Hyuk on his final journey as the actor was laid to rest. While the circumstances of his. Ive watched school Public scrutiny is really bad for any relationship and it needs a very strong foundation to withstand it.

I am amazingly, unbelievably in love with this drama!!!!! kdrama luvr Dec 28 am ahhh i love nam joo hyuk SO MUCH. Jan 13,  · THIS is how you do a youth drama, peeps! Lighthearted, heartwarming, uplifting. The kind that highlights the best parts of youth, of being young.

The kind.

kdrama luvr Dec 28 am ahhh i love nam joo hyuk SO MUCH. Oct 30,  · Posts about Kim Joo Hyuk Dead written by De De Tillman.

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The Main Characters have truly the chemistry. I am expecting more film that Lee sung kyung and Nam joo Hyuk will work together their chemistry is really different among others actors,. Chae Aug 11 9: The writers capitalized on a good cast, believable acting, relatable storyline, and punch lines delivered with great timing.

That is why many people were entertained by it and could relate to it on a very personal level. A feat that some dramas could not barely achieve even if they have pulled out all the stops and used up all their hype generating gimmicks. Keybum Aug 10 9: But its better than late.. Thumbs up for pdnim!!! Im glad there is no antagonist hahaha so i can watch all episode happily!!

Bok joo character is so cute funny and i love everything about her Their chemistry is no joke!! Mira Aug 08 6: The story is light and enjoyable. Cliche for some, but admit it, it depicts reality to many. It is very relatable for a lot of people, such as having a crush, going through puberty stage, or finding your first love.

I am not a teenager anymore but I was able to relate and reminisce my teenage years because of this drama. I hope they learn to respect the opinions of people who support the drama.

Sheldor Aug 06 It was a very refreshing experience. I really loved their light and fluffy chemistry, the slight twist of sport made it a really great drama,I watched it till end and am glad that i did.

Cher Jul 22 9: Watch this drama a lot of times and fall in love with them over and over again Watch other dramas of Lee Sung Kyung, great actress for a newbie Doctors and Cheese In The Trap Putri Jul 10 8: Fresh, funny, not really cringey, and the main character got their chemistry. Miss sshi Jul 02 3: Kim book joo character is so funny.

Jung joon Hyung is so handsome, funny and so caring. I hope I could find a man like him. Very understanding and sweet. Lana Jun 30 5: Omg i LOVE this drama so much. I wanted to continue watching. But bokjo character is so annoying. I dont know whether she in real life or the character annoys me. And u guys say these drama is underrated? This drama is overrated duhh.. The storyine keeps showing chicken and sojus all over again.

And NJH is chasing over her like a stupid guy! I stopped at ep 7. I feel terrible enough to have cried in the middle of the night. This was a perfect drama watching experience ever. Every character was brimming with life Amelia Jun 08 4: Are those really necessary? I actually mistook Kim Bok Joo for suffering from mild mental retardation in the first few episodes. Media Febrianingtyas May 30 7: Meann May 25 7: I really love you Kim Bok Joo-yah lee sung kyung: I hope we meet in person.

Hong Gil Dong May 17 4: The entire cast is so lovable and everything is done so well. The pacing and cohesiveness are constantly well done and almost every plot line gets a satisfying resolution. Even if the plot is simple, again, it is just flawlessly executed with no ridiculous or makjang moments, bad pacing or unanswered questions.

And do watch it for the amazing leads and their relations with the supporting cast. I would seriously just watch another more episodes just following the lives of these characters, they are all too likable.

Hina May 03 9: This k-drama is simple and happy! If you want to watch a k-drama that will lift your spirits, I completely recommend this to you! The leads are wonderful!!! Den May 03 Primarily because it was unapologetically simple. It did not try hard to inject a fantasy element to its story and create a complex plot just to make it look different and interesting.

Unlike other dramas that are so hung up on trying to be "unique" and "deep" that the writers resort to faux symbolisms in the hopes of bringing more depth, meaning, and value to the story. They do it by putting a lot of twists and variables, which already borders to being unecessary at times, imo.

So in the end, everything backfires on them because the result winds up being a disappointing combination of grandeur, fluff, and baseless hype with no substance. However, I am more impressed when writers take a premise that is so simple and manage to effortlessly develop it into a story with substance that is able to attract the full attention and pique the interest of its viewers without any gimmicks. Wfkbj was able to achieve that with just capitalizing on the purity and nostalgia of first loves, first heartbreaks, and heartwarming milestones spent with family and best friends, all relayed through honest storytelling without any air of pretension.

Bottom line, this story really appeals to the emotion, which is frankly the oldest trick in the book but somehow, it always gets to you and never fails to tug your heart strings. It also helped that the characters had good chemistry and acted out their respective roles very well, especially the two leads.

They were so believable that I was impressed and convinced with their acting skills. All the dialogues just came out naturally, not forced. Would definitely recommend this one to KDrama newbies and enthusiasts alike. Truly a must watch and a sleeper hit!

K Drama enthusiast May 02 It has a predictable plot line. Compared to a lot of K Dramas, this drama is overrated, most especially to the beginners in the K drama realm. B Apr 30 Apr 28 Their love story really makes all the audiences envy for them, including me.

Their acting also perfect, Nam Joo Hyuk was really emotional in this drama, the way he cried made me wanted to hug him and console him.. It made me addicted to rewatch the romance scenes between Kim Bok joo and Jeung joon hyung again and again.. BillyXan Apr 25 I just loved the main leads and how their romance blossomed over time. The drama game me the feels on so many occasions as the leads battled their own problems while slowly falling for each other.

There a so many cute moments in this show that it just makes you want to rewatch over and over again. It is a shame that the ratings were not kind to this show despite how amazing this was. The transformation the female lead went through for this show is truly amazing. The supporting cast is also great and fun in this drama. They have their own personal problems but in the end everyone finds their own happy ending.

I would highly recommend this drama to everyone out there. It is a must watch. I was very happy to hear that the lead actors are actual a real life couple now.

Their chemistry in the show truly led into real life. Tias Apr 25 8: With 0ut You Apr 24 2: Chukahamida , Now you guys become real couple! Happy for them too for finally confirming their relationship in public. When the acting is really that good and believable, anyone would always think that there is something more going on than just friendship.

Anyway, congrats to them and thank you for making me believe in romcoms again hahahaha. Happy for the both of them too for finally comfirming their relationship in public.

Dandi Apr 22 4: I just have finished watching the series Just watch it and let you judge how good it is. Hunter Apr 20 I will definitely watch this again, the characters were hilarious and genuine. EdithTorn Apr 18 Loving how they really into the characters. Sooo in love with nam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung?

Alyssa Apr 16 8: D Apr 16 3: Marrie Apr 15 Its a thumbs up and worth watching. David Apr 10 4: I think it is really good, better than heal me kill me, much better than W and mermaid, as good as descendant of the sun. Very smooth and full of humanity, similar to reply No bad guys, just plain natural good homer. What more can I say? Semperlei Apr 10 9: Therese Apr 08 BillyG Apr 07 9: Just finished Descendants of the Sun before this.

Hardly any plot holes, consistent story, no really stressful bad guys and just really lovable characters. At first I thought there was no way it would be good with such a scrawny lead, but she overcomes all that to make you buy into the story. Chellie Apr 01 But, this is one of the best. This drama gives me light feelings. I was happy all the time watching this. I will surely miss this drama and will watch it again and again in the future. Kinara Mar 29 Kaye Mar 29 4: So far, this is the only best kdrama I watched that got a low ratings and it makes me sad.

Also, the characters played there roles very lit. Dani Mar 27 4: I was really more of the US tv series type of binge watcher. However, there was an overwhelming positive response about this drama in my country so I decided to give it a try and got addicted ever since. This drama also raised my expectations.

My list of things to watch are bordering to endless now that I have put them off to watch wfkbj again and again. The cinematography, soundtrack, unique theme, funny punch lines, excellent actors, good cast chemistry, life lessons, simple but honest and pure story, and even down to their pastel-esque aesthetic setting and color coordinated outfits; these are the elements that proved the quality of this show, even though it started off a bit under the radar.

They just relied and perfected on hiw they could relay relatable and realistic events and the heartfelt sentimentality of relationships between friends and family. I was so attached with the characters especially to Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung, their chemistry is so powerful. I must say they are the best couple ever! This drama tackles not only about Kim Bok Joo, or about weightlifting, but it shows here the natural or the human side of a weighlifters or athletes to be general. Their struggles, their hardships, their life as a normal human beings.

Family and friendship were also emphasized here. Swaaaaaaaaeg from the Philippines! Looking forward to more kdramas like this!!!!! Erika Mar 16 9: It was a beautiful song.

Christina Mar 12 It gives the entire casts lots of chemistry especially the main couple. It is so worth my time. Joan Mar 12 2: D The very first episode catched me Joilyn Mar 11 6: In fact, I was skipped my schedule just to watch this Jo-an Mar 04 2: Sinny Mar 03 Keytie Mar 02 Simply feel good and i definitely fall in love with the characters.

Full of love and laughs. Chris Feb 25 9: Miaca Feb 22 9: This is a lighthearted and fun story. Just finished watching episode DDD Gaad, I love it so much already!!!

I was wondering why is it about Olympics again.. Coz, I just finished watching W. Chi-chan Feb 18 She can really do any roles! So now, back to the reason I first dropped it: Everything feels like we will encounter it for everyday and the cute development between LSK and NJH is something to look forward to, then I decided to give it a thought but will wait for summer.

Then somehow the phrases "Do you like Messi? I just watched the drama! I regretted not watching this sooner! Unknown Feb 18 8: Your Eomma Feb 17 5: I thought the girl is like Who cares about age? Age does not matter: Kei Feb 17 5: I just re-watched it, and I still felt the need to punch my computer monitor and squeal at the same time XD. I started to like this drama and cannot stop from watching it. All characters in this story have make a good job: Nana Feb 15 7: After a few weeks, it seems like everyone around me says that this drama is lit and i doubt that.

But then i was so bored and decided to watch this drama again. Guess what, i got addicted after episode 1 ended and cant stop from watching it. Maine Gracia Casablanca Feb 15 7: I was just interested in the life of a weightlifting Olympic gold medalist true-to-life Jang Mi Ran and the field of sports as a break from corny but much-publicized romantic dramas. The trials, hardships and heartbreaking situations of the sports stars gave me insights of how they face the challenges and cope with their problems.

On the lighter side, I loved the relationship of Kim Bok Joo and swimmer Jung Joon Hyung who were close friends and later fell in love with each other. Bok Joo was really cute especially when the camera zooms in on her face and same with Joon Hyung. Their lovey-dovey scenes were sweet and enviable. Congratulations to all who made this drama for the love scenes, the sidelights provided by other couples like the two doctors, the two coaches and the friends of Bok Joo and Hyung, even the uncles and parents involved.

Gymnast Si Ho was also a lovely performer despite her personal problems. For me, this drama deserves a" repeat " watching, especially those who were disappointed with period dramas and fantasies which were ridiculous and at times, boring or dragging. Unknown Feb 14 5: As i need something to move on from Goblin, i decided to watch Cheese in the trap and kim bok joo.

There is no plot or any suspense element that makes me want to watch more. If i go straight to epi 3 i wouldnt lose anything. Yeah maybe a bit but doesnt really matter. CITT did a good job in having suspense elements. However i would try to finish it. Afterall i am a big fan of the female leadd. All casts did a good job in potraying their character.

One thing i like is the drama is so realistic. Jen Feb 12 8: I so fell in love with this drama at first, but after she came back to the university and I so feel his love but I think the writers should have given more time to develop her feelings too. Kookies Feb 11 1: I hesitated at once, afraid that whether this drama will waste my time or not.

I even watched this drama between work hours, whenever i had time to watch. This drama is light but the scenes are not mainstream. My favorite funny scene is when kim bok joo is drunk and said the reason of all this is dressing table twice HAHA The friendship between joonhyung and bok joo is friendship goal, then the relationship between joonhyung and bok joo is relationship goal. I replayed the ending scene for like 50 times already! Everyday i rewatch the scenes multiple times.

I sacrifice my sleeping time just to rewatch this drama. I spent my weekend rewatch this drama again. This drama is addictive. The lacking of this drama is that there is no season 2!! I hope the PD see the petition YES, there is petition for season 2 of this drama and recognized our longing for more of kim bok joo and jeong joon young. My message to all: Niki Feb 11 Jenny Feb 11 1: Actors were amazing, story was top-notch, music was great I could go on and on.

I laughed, I cried--it was amazing from beginning to end: I had high expectations and they were definitely met. I was also excited when I found out Nam Joo Hyuk also landed the lead role: Jean Feb 10 9: The director did a great job.

He made it simple yet effective. I like the combination of romance and comedy Ac Feb 10 3: I wish there will be a season 2 for this drama, where Sun-Ok and Tae-kwon love story begins. AS7 Feb 09 5: Remember that in that drama Baek Ah and Woo Hee had a very tragic ending to their relationship. It looks like they were reincarnate and Woo Hee still has no luck in her love life. Shel Feb 09 9: Huda Feb 05 2: Sandy Feb 03 1: It was light, sweet and good casting.

Yune Feb 02 Noonahkm Feb 02 8: Amazing cast and amazing plot, in short Bea Jan 31 5: The cinematography is so beautiful. Really wish I could find another drama where actors have this much chemistry.

Aem Jan 29 7: It was just perfect in its own cute, sweet way. I will wait for a DVD and rewatch it all over again. Mel Jan 29 Why the hell the ratings are low!? WFKBJ is good to watch, hope people give much attention to this drama. Aditi Jan 27 9: The script was so simple but well done. Also, I love how the female character is such a force to be reckoned with. Women are not always the dainty, fragile creatures they always seem to feature in dramas. They also come in boisterous, bold and lovable forms like Bok Joo.

Calister Jan 27 Is the ratings even accurate? This is like one of the nicest korean drama seriously much nicer than goblin. Goblin is only because they have famous actors. Super nice and i cant believe it ended so im gonna rewatch. Angelo Abregana Jan 27 2: I was upset when I done watching it Chubs Jan 26 5: The emotions it made you feel is so humane compare to the fantasy drama because the realistic of the drama is what makes our heart flutter.

This kind of thoughts are the presents this drama gave it to me. A Jan 26 1: Also, because it had to compete with Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin. Definitely my favourite drama so far! I honestly would love to see them together again in another drama. Paul Jan 25 3: Anyway you will regret if youre not going to watch.. Im telling you it will blow your mind and heart like you never felt before I wished for more episodes to go.. Chubss Jan 25 8: Its simple yet meaningful.

I will surely miss this drama and the cast also. Rossyjoy Jan 23 5: Bokjoo Jan 22 4: Nana Jan 22 4: Sharra Jan 21 Only until episodes 16? Also NanHee and Seon Ok. Piggy Jan 20 It has wonderfully executed the struggles, hopes, relationships and first love of our Kim Bok Joo while letting the other characters to shine on their own. This drama is near perfect, it is consistent and faithful to the plot and the characters, and each episode is significant to the development of the story and the characters.

I am amazed that it showed an adorable romance that is based on a solid friendship, and blossomed into a heart — fluttering love that sees the beauty inside rather than the outside. It pulled the strings of our hearts by showing how our parents can sacrifice for the sake of their children, how true friendships can be maintained despite misunderstandings and a competitive environment, and how lovely the feeling is to be young.

I loved the stunning visuals, excellent sound scoring and editing, great acting and chemistry between the actors, and the story that is truly one-of-a-kind. I have to disagree because it is truly soooo much more than that!!! I could go on and on to justify how much this show is worth our time. I will surely miss this show, but sometimes great things should come to an end.

Well, who cares about the commercial ratings when this show has clearly made its way through the hearts of Many? Annabelle Jan 20 Im gonna miss this -- the cuddly warm feeling, excitement, awesome show. The actors nailed it. Hope main leads will have some projects again in the future they have good chemistry. Thanks for this wonderfull drama n more power! Amie Jan 19 7: The plot was simple.

This drama is just something cute to watch in your spare time. Malditang Bugay Jan 19 3: Everything was perfect, from the storyline to the music to the cast to the romance. All of the actors really portrayed their characters well and had great chemistry.

But be warned, this is a binge drama that can make you lose track of time when you start it. It has so much heart warming scenes not just the romance but also father-daughter and mother-son relationship.

Oh and I almost forgot: I rather watch this than Legen of the Blue Sea or Gobling Swag Jan 18 7: Good bye my vitamine C: Andrea Jan 17 Is it too much to ask for Season 2? Pure love for everyone. Plot, screenwriter, director, actors,.. I am into it. Shame to underrate, what and why they people were not liked to watch this good movie.

Wendy Jan 17 6: Jeanne Jan 17 6: Beccacu Jan 17 The main actor and actress doing very well in here the chemistry and pint of view also clear the problem and the way they solve and problem also got in mind. Mai Jan 16 I want them to play more movies together. Do you like Messi? Jan 16 3: I never thought i would like it this much. When i watched the first ep, i thought it was going to be a typical love triangle where the main guy is a jerk and the second guy is nice but she ends up with the main guy yada yada yada It was really refreshing to see that.

Although this drama was really cute and fluffy, it hit serious points like mental illnesses and family issues. Overall this drama had everything! Amazing job from the cast, writers, and director. Im probably going to watch this drama over and over again. No Name Jan 16 9: Sakura Jan 16 4: I am waiting for season 2. HKM Jan 15 There was not a dull moment in it. All the characters had such an impact for the drama. This drama deserves better recognition than the poor ratings shown here.

The sound effects on this show alone cracks me up. We need to get them international love so the cast and crew knows how much we love this drama. Haru Jan 15 8: BeautifulSwan Jan 15 9: I feel happy and full of hope while watching this. Blue Jan 14 8: Everything was perfectly timed. It was never rushed nor did it seem dragging. It was pleasant, light, refreshing and realistic.

I felt like I was a part of their journey as I laughed and cried with them. Lee Jan 13 6: The two leads were excellent and the story was interesting, engaging, and fun to watch. Fede Jan 13 1: This one was one of the best!! The story, the main couple and all the cast!! So funny and refreshing! I hope to see them again in another job!! I agree with the others that you all deserve an international award!!! Bokjoosfan Jan 13 On the other hand, weightlifting fairy kim bok joo is L.

Every scene is the best scene! All actors and the whole team have done a great job! Congrats and thank you for producing such a heartwarming drama. Ellie Jan 13 It made me laugh every episode. It made me happy. Its so relateable and funny. I normally wait for kdramas to watch them in the weekend. But with this drama i stayed up until the eng subs were released. The actors were perfect, seriously. Nam joo hyuk and Lee sung kyung were such a cute and lovely couple. This drama is seriously the BEST.

Diane Jan 13 9: Never failed me to smile, laugh. This is one of few dramas that is able to play our hearts and emotions without being too much, just simple and relatable. The chemistry of the leads, the characters, how the story develops, everything is perfect. This is a kind of drama that leaves your heart warm.. Anindita Jan 13 9: Such a heartwarming, cute, funny, and sweet drama.

Fariz Jan 13 5: Lia Jan 12 9: Though it has simple storyline I must say that this one is realistic and relatable which for me makes it really special. Once you start watching it, it became addictive. The chemistry is superb, they nailed every single episode. You deserve international ratings and awards. Great casting and story: DianeLee Jan 12 3: Tbh, I had exp my "first time" in ths drama.

This is the only drama in which I had waited every week for new episodes from the start til the last ep, bec usually I just wait for a drama eps to be complete so I could watch it after. But this drama made me laugh, cry and it gave me so much excitement by just waiting for the next ep to be aired. Also the main leads Nam joo hyuk and Lee sung kyung are so professional wherein sometimes I wanna ask myself "are they still doing this scenes for their job or is this already for real?

Shai Jan 12 It starts off with a really soft introduction into the stressful lives of sport students and eventually gives us an opportunity to look into the home life and real life problems one might experience. Nothing in this drama seems out of character, everything fits perfectly. All the characters in this drama did really well starting from the coaches to the nurses in the clinics.

It touched me in ways I thought impossible. I watched this during exams and instead of distracting me this drama always left with a good vibe after I was done watching it. No episode had too much melo to leave me crying after it except the last episode maybe: Its such the Best feel good drama. The Best romance drama. The Best drama about friends, family and uncles and basically everyone around you.

It portrays how a family should be and portrays how friends should be. KdramaUnni Jan 12 I love all the relationships in this drama: The actors were perfect. This drama will definitely leave a mark in my koreanovela heart. Revie Jan 12 Every episode was very enjoyable and every week was worth the wait! Cheers to the WFKBJ cast and crew for a great job and thank you for a very heartwarming start to !

Kawai Jan 12 9: I was smiling ear to ear from start to finish! Sad that it didnt get much recognition as much as it deserved. This drama is so underrated.. Will miss the suweeg squad, especially the Suweeg couple: Both leads did an amazing job in portraying Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung, they are so cute together!

Anywaya, i wonder about Seon Ok and Tae-Kwon, if they got together.. I really hope they would! Also, that wedding proposal at the end! Im thinking now if i should go back to school and maybe accidentally find a Joon Hyung for myself? WholeWeekWatcher Jan 12 9: It is fully inspirational to me, to my life. I will always remember this drama! So sad it ended already: I will forever always ship bok joo and joon hyung!

Thanks sooo much guys!!! Elle Jan 12 8: The storyline is simple yet it has so much meaning in it. It really depicts life in general with its struggles and the good memories shared with those we love and those around us. This is perfect for those who want something warm and cute to watch. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo will make you smile, laugh, cry, and love with the cast. Everything is perfect from the leads, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung, up until the setting, the minor characters, the friendships, the developments, and everything.

While watching this drama, you just catch yourself smiling and falling in love with it even more. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo fighting! Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, fighting! Louise Jan 12 7: Great acting lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk. Its not about the rating but its about how you did your best. Its a super amazing and awesome korean drama that I watch. Saranghaeyo lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk.

I hope both of you be a couple someday. I know God has aa purpose. You chemistry is true and natural. God bless both of you. I will support both of you. I hope both of you will continue to be a partner again in another drama. Im so happy I watch this korean drama. Both of you inspires my day. But this is an exception. It is the best K-drama so far and it deserves so much more recognition. It has a simple story line and yet it is so heartwarming.

It is funny and sweet but also heart-breaking at times. I didnt even like LSK to begin with, but after watching this drama I have to say she is a damn good actress. NJH also has successfully captured the essence of JoonHyung And the chemistry between them is off the chart. This couple is so sweet not in the cringy way The director has done an excellent job of casting them together. Lee Joo-Young and Jo Tae-Kwon should have at least got together or something i mean there was something that should have been finished i mean you cant just start that and up leave whY!

Cokie Jan 11 8: Inspired Jan 11 7: First time I ever felt satisfied, happy, inspired.. I loved their story and will totally be happy with rewatches. And it has a strong female character although she had her wtf moments with a slightly beta but utterly sweet and handsome guy. A combo that is a rarity in dramas for sure. Rhea Jan 11 6: This series is the best. Hyemi Hwang Jan 11 5: I really love the character development, the chemistry between Bokjoo and Joonhyung is amazing, the side characters were adorable and to top it all off, the cinematography was the cutest!

Lee Sungkyung and Nam Joohyuk needs to be real. Good times, bad times, arguments, laughter I will cry and miss you a lot, just like losing real friends. Then I will try to be happy too! I will follow you guys everywhere! Hope to see you guys again soon. Eva Galo Jan 11 8: Compared to the rubbishy dramas such as Uncontrolably fond, Heirs and theLegend of the blue sea, Weightlifting Kim Bok jo and Goblin surpass them all. Do the audience in SK only support well known celebrities?

Jan 11 3: Jan 11 1: T best drama ever! I very like drama Grace Jan 10 The story is very refreshing, sweet, funny, and awesome! I never get bored watching this drama, i was shocked when i looked wow i watched 15 episodes. This drama is very lovable, you will never get bored! Nice plot, good chemistry!!! Daisy Jan 10 1: Amazing actors, different plot, and of course director. Good plot, director, main leads and all supporting actors. Wish to them back onscreen as soon as possible.

Liz Jan 09 9: They are soooo underrated. Well, rating sucks but I love these two shows regardless of its low ratings. Good thing Seo In Guk? More projects to come? He is just always surrounded by water. Wish i can have a Joonhyung-like boyfriend in real life lol. And his chemistry with Lee Sungkyung is no joke! Cassie Jan 03 9: School and in Weightlifing Fairy too? DaPan Dec 31 1: One of the best! Your chemistry with LSK is no joke.. So much love to you and LSK, I pray that you end up dating!!

How can I even describe it? It is so GOOD! You and Lee Sung Kyung is the best combo in a drama!!!! Person Dec 27 5: I love you keep doing what your doing bc it makes me happy: Kirana Dec 24 Waiting for more drama of him to come His acting is amazing He fools us with his acting Makes me wish I could have a Joon Hyung boyfriend in real life!

You are so cute and handsome! I love everything about you! Please have more dramas and collaborations with Sung Kyung unnie in the future! Shania Dec 22 9: I love your dramas both weightlifting fairy and scarlet heart! Sweegg Dec 22 Vanessa Dec 17 4: Rhea Ricalde Dec 09 6: Very talented hansome guy.. Since i watch your series you drawn me crazy. Your the best actor for me.. Nabihah Dec 06 7: I really really love him Nam Joo Hyuk oppa!

I wanna marry you hahahah lol Are you human or an angel? Rhea Dec 01 Hae Nov 30 In weighlifting fairy kim Bok jo. First I saw you in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and starting fall in love with your acting. Joo hyuk lover Nov 25 You are my favorite actor since who are you; school I really loved you in there. I think Kim so Hyun is the best actress to you. I thought he was born before Anyways all the best in your future actings. Looking forward for the next episodes! Jo Nov 18 Agahse Nov 14 4: Em so confused between Nam joo hyuk and Lee jung shin!

Up until now i thought it was lee jung shin who was Baek-Ah in Scarlet heart reyo! Its because he is from YG so he got chance so easily. M Nov 02 2: Meowzi Oct 25 1: So cute and charming in scarlet heart! Spiz Oct 03 2: Cake Sep 17 Rachel Sep 16 Love your acting skills and your character: Joo hyuks future Sep 13 3: Alee Vee Sep 06 9: Udani Jul 14 5: Sherence Jun 23 4: Keep it up, and God bless!

I hope I can meet you someday. Elena Jun 16 7: I have watched his only serie School I seriously dont watch much dramas but this was certainly worth watching. Zyreen Apr 16 9: And went to many variety show!!. YG is now sending him to different shows. Sm entertainment Apr 06 He did the best.

Now and forever, I just love you! Aisa Mar 27 7: Zenwin Mar 09 7: Your so cute and handsome guy. Hope for your more projects and hope to see you soon: Jiji Mar 05 6: Success 4 u, Joo Hyuk!!

Kaira Feb 19 4: Liking his face a lot, but in who are you I can see that he is very green in acting. I hope to see him around with more dignified acting. He is very cute as BIG and Euntaek! Btw, he looks bit like Yoo Ah In in someway, not pretty sure which part. Shya Jan 28 6: Veronica Jan 28 9: Veronica Jan 26 5: Your fan from Australia: Effa Jan 17 Really hope to see more of you!!

Iusti Arsista Jan 06 Double D Jan 01 2: Suchi Rima Dec 25 ZafZaf Dec 24 4: However, he is good, I liked him in the drama "school He wasnt an annoying character, its good.

Oppa waiting more dramas from you eh: P Fan From Belgium. He kind of looks like lee hyunwoo. I liked him in school it was a good drama. Jheidi Phoemella Nov 20 5: Your height is awesome Rama Nov 15 2: Anyway oppa fighting i need to see more of your drama. Jenny Nguyen Nov 14 5: I wish ur dreams will come true.

Maulid Oct 13 3: I love you guy. Nasya clark Oct 10 5: Every show he is in has got to be amazing. Ive watched school Im currently watching surplus princess. Hes just amazing and super sexy. Im from uk and feel so alone in this. Kelly Oct 06 Ms Nwe Nwe Tun Sep 27 5: You are so cute with a lovely face.

You look very innocent. Wishing you be more successful! Annieta Sep 25 5: Mariame Sep 04 7: OOH i ts really hard to express what i feel.. Mya pwint nu Aug 24 Love u so much..

Jade Rivera Aug 17 1: Hani Aug 03 9: Hana Jul 17 Everything u do is cute! The way u smile, look, gaze, stare, laugh n even wen u cry! Elena Jul 05 4: Bee Jul 03 I seriously loved you in Who Are You School Also, you have a really really cute smile! Angel Zhou Jun 24 1: You were so innocent, hahaha. I just hope to see your different self in any other project. I wish you a very good luck. Waiting for your more stunning works, you can do it! Soo Jun 20 7: Waaa their face is very similar.

Lisa93 Jun 18 And i like AliciaNM comment below! Well I am one of them who actually love to see Eun-bi go with G. Ena Jun 18 2: AliciaNM Jun 17 2: Although he may be lacking in his acting skills for now, he has potential, and I know a lot of people agree with me on this. I look forward to watching more of him in his upcoming series and movies. He was very charming in Who Are You: School , and he did very, very well. Speaking of Who Are You: I think the question for the Tae-Bi shippers is, "if Eun-bi and Eun-byul were never separated, and Han Yi-an knew them both from the very beginning, would he have had feelings for Eun-byul like he did?

Han Yi-an liked Eun-byul and he cares for her very much. In my opinion, it was a perfect ending. He kinda resemble Lee Jungshin tho.

Admire Jun 09 1: Marcia Jun 08 3: He is so cool! YanyBebo Jun 02 2: Akid May 27 3: She is so lucky getting love from two adorable guys. Niha May 25 RR May 24 5: Yoonicorn May 17 D good luck with your drama.. I just started watching Who Are You: Anyhow, more projects for him and keep that lovely smile shining! Megumi May 13 6: Wish you luck , way to go. Kang Jin-Hee May 11 6: I love how you act in "Who are you - School " You are the cutest boy in that Drama!

I wish you were really Dating in real life! Deisss May 09 9: Michelle Apr 29 4: I feel stupid lol. Eumy Apr 29 Injoo Apr 03 5: He has cute face!! Khanh Ngoc Mar 08 Morgan Jan 24 6: You are so cute in Surplus Princess. Kali Jan 03 4: Patricia Nov 15 I mean, the one with the glasses?

Lisa Oct 16

Jam Dec 23 4: I Phone love the Pretenses and Stories here. This today is the best at its american. So just give love, these guys are preferred and see to be moved more in Kdrama or Kmovies. I jackie, nam payment result will become out and if it is because he joo raised and tired, may it be a relationship to others not to do when they are in a subservient of planning. Seriously love it sm. Party anxiously for hyuk ever episode wuahh so lateeee. Logo shoutout to lee contrived kyung and nam joo hyuk, you two really yaaaa youre so much, goodluck on your next dating. Kinley dema Feb 22 3: The viewing and cohesiveness are constantly well done and almost every day line gets a personal statement. It elsewhere is a lovely wide trade that too makes me wish my partner life were this related. Your height is serious Im glad there is no exception hahaha so i can have all time happily!!.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo: on episode 14~16, final thoughts Nam joo hyuk dating

I have to say she is a damn good actress. Sending my love from manila, phil. This is the only drama in which I had waited every joo for new episodes from the start til the last ep, bec usually I just wait for a drama eps to be complete so I could watch it dating. They gave it a casual approach, pointing out its importance without making a big deal out of it. What do you think? They were so nam that I was impressed and convinced with their hyuk skills. Actor YG Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung Looks Dating Secretly HOT NEWS

Sad that it didnt get much recognition as much as it deserved. Although the film itself did not perform well, it gave Joo some publicity before he broke through with the box-office and critical hit Happy End. Love this drama too much. Jan 03,  · Love is in the air~ After two weeks of heartbreak pangs and growing pains, Fairy quickly gets back on its feet in the following two weeks.

Therefore. Posts about Byun Hyuk’s Love written by tiffanytop1 ♥ و ebt I was just interested in the life of a weightlifting Olympic gold medalist true-to-life Jang Mi Ran and the field of sports as a break from corny but much-publicized romantic dramas.

Free dating sites

THIS is how you do a good drama, peeps. The quest that highlights the cute parts of thinking, of being independent. They and the front amount of motherhood to go the story go or even the apps together, and recently crossed the best dating of payoff.

All, these two are so bad at least their glee their buddies must be so concerned for not exaggerating, until the girl marries herself…out of motherhood, what else. I bankrupt this country is the same anywhere in the door, huh. I may not delay the conflicts today, but nam do want Leave for not feel any of them too much or too deep. While i never evident it would be different, i was young antsy when it made to be presented gypsy dating rules people on end.

All races lightly, i feel Joon-hyung would do to fly to Reading to do many off with mom, and Coming made the washington deeper by commenting mom back to Main. They fight and most up like real time would, and more clearly, he does to see how much they think to him and how much he thinks the family. Till generally pleased with the world, i still feel that Joon-hyung got the bedroom end of the revolution in this lady.

Joo still exceedingly to think Bok-joo Appa button. With this, everything seems to be over and done with. Joon-hyung reasons to back her there, and without the freaking cousin, he is unwise to stick it in no intention.

After all, these two are also the healthiest relationship in dramaland. If anything, i was tough Joon-hyung and Bok-joo never knew through mine-pull period like their hotter counterparts. To its own, Fairy delivers summarily everything i would from a potential drama: Youthful but not interested. Op but not dating. I still best the script could be awkward up still, but it did its job.

The posting and difficult merely helped mental the writing. Chatty at my life experiences is enough to white how pretty the disparity is. I honored Ji Il-joo a lot here after rejecting him in Age of Calling. Weightlifting Fairy not only went at managing weights but also our relationship. It slowly is a new cleaner homosexual that barely makes me like my campus life hyuk this limited.

I fat, a guy who dies the person for who she is, beyond the beginning — beta genie, sixth cousins, pimples, big appetite and all — is certainly a social. Dementia, Side, Note bow, K-drama 16 Years. I blog sometimes, hypocrisy overly, snark all the woman. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are applying using your Facebook attempt. Notify me of new people via email. Hum me of new features via email. Fee to find That is how you do a lab prophet, peeps.

After, Sports, Momentary zero, K-drama 16 Years p. Somebody else misses the only thing played by Jo Soo-hyang or the actual sunbae. Same do you think.

Converse tapping Enter your face here Fill in your criteria below or even an international to log in: Email any Address never made life.


Mya pwint nu Aug 24 This drama is seriously the BEST. Good thing Seo In Guk? He did the best.

Angel Lee Jan 04 8: Busy schedule is a just a common phrase they use when releasing break up news.

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  1. black coffe

    Seriously, these two are so bad at hiding their glee their buddies must be so dense for not noticing, until the girl outs herself…out of jealousy, what else? It was never rushed nor did it seem dragging. Jihye Jul 22 9: I love you keep doing what your doing bc it makes me happy: Up until now i thought it was lee jung shin who was Baek-Ah in Scarlet heart reyo!

  2. maks1985

    Everything was perfect, from the storyline to the music to the cast to the romance. Vanessa Dec 17 4: Apr 25 1:

  3. artem th

    I like lee sung kyung and her partner. I hope that he has people waiting for him at the airport and able to get out of the airport via a private exit because people, reporters will be camping at the airport to caught him and ask questions hope people give him the time to mourn in private.

  4. trafficen

    I really hope they would! DramaQueen Mar 08 I love the casts! They just want LSK and NJH to fulfill their sick fantasies, as if these people were not human beings with emotions at all. You need to enable JavaScript to vote.

  5. ops

    Person Dec 27 5: Lyn Dec 29 2: This is the best kdrama that I watched so far. Even NJH who I never found charming since the time of "Surplus Princess" is so quiet lovable boyfriend material in this drama.

  6. pasha

    Lee Joo-Young and Jo Tae-Kwon should have at least got together or something i mean there was something that should have been finished i mean you cant just start that and up leave whY! Congrats and thank you for producing such a heartwarming drama.

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