What does pda mean in dating

Comments on #StrongWoman – Toke Makinwa remains positive despite Online Drama. Ok so I broke up with an ex because he had one of those “I’m never going to age” appearance I mean really cute baby face looks. I’m on the other hand has a. Comments on #StrongWoman – Toke Makinwa remains positive despite Online Drama.

what does pda mean in dating


My primary emotion is that i really do feel sorry for her. I wish Toke well. Seek to have a sincere heart-to-heart with him. But even though he is ok gramatically, I gringe at sometimes when he speaks.

Jealousy is your problem. But i guess her haters just hate that they love her.

You used social media to pressure the guy into marriage now see. Toke God is using this to teach you a lesson please move on to who God has destined for you not this uncle weyrey. Two things are involved; she either gives up her marriage and move on now or stay, become a step mom to anitas child and also endure more bullcrap maje will shovel her way.

He will most likely continue this way. Toke, if this dark hearted man is worth fighting for, fine! We humans are after our own pleasures and our actions are unpredictable. Same fate awaits you. He does not love her but he married her. He married her cuz he loves her. He made a mistake with the itchy punani. Now he has brought shame on himself. You think maje is ready to walk out on toke and marry the itchy coochie. It will never happen. Shes just a tickle to scrath his balls.

Lets all wait and see if the spineless maje will marry the itchy pussy. Shes a devil in their union and will be kicked out. Maje is already begging his wife. They will overcome and make their union stronger. You are the loser. Toke is his true love He will never leave her for you. If you are that good.

This is an opportunity for him to wife you. But peeps like you are like dirty fly that you swat away. The lord is your strength toke am sure maje hates himself now. He allowed the devil to grab his stick.

Hold on to your queen toke It is well. Is it that I have unnaturally lofty views of what marriage is or simply cant believe that love and infidelity can never go together? How can you genuinely love someone and cheat on them?

My dear I was just telling a friend a few days ago that I suspect she is a narcissist. What irritates me the most is the religious things she posts. I said the same thing. Attention seeking has escalated her personal troubles. And I never bought her talks on keeping a man etc.

My primary emotion is that i really do feel sorry for her. This has got to be one of the worst things that can happen to a married woman. God should really help married woman in this kind if mess.

I wonder who her demographic are. Strong, Inspiring, Beautiful, Hardworking, Humility etc. I see an insecure person who probably could use some mental help.

She puts out lies and in return a bunch of strangers on the web feed her the lies she wants to hear to feel good about the sad life she is living. Does she not gave family and friends she could have spent this day with? This is truly sad. Learn women, Eloho Essien, funke Akindele, funke leila fowler, and now Toke makinwa sign are always there but U ignore. If she is not making any money, you will say she is relying on her husband too much.

Leave her alone and let her deal in her own way. Toke Makinwa, Capitalize on the pity and publicity you are getting, Take care of your children if you have any. Find a nice,hot and young man to service you from time to time.

Forget marriage and build your wealth. Life is too short to be worrying about a stupid man and his slutty baby mama. Rules for women Have a career-you are selfish and it is your fault your spouse cheated No career-you are a gold-digger and it is your fault your spouse cheated. My dear, cry if u need to, feel free to express urself in wateva way u want…but pls take time out from d social media, allow ursef to heal. I trust u to bounce back but pls relax….

All these women ve one thing in common, The other woman, and thru end up getting pregnant. So much humiliation for her but no she must still marry him.

As much as society pressures people to marry if you rush and marry and you start having wahala, those same people will not come and help you out. My pity is for people who have been displaced by Isis or starving children in Africa who are helpless and not for Toke abeg. I was not surprised when this happened.

I have been silently been feeling sorry for her ever since the guy left her at the registry and she went ahead to marry by force just to be a Mrs. And she is still on the social media…. Hmmm both tooke and toolz have similar traits in their relationship…both men were seemingly bullied into commitment by family and fans…it is well fam. Reading the comments here is a lot more fun than reading the story itself.

BN has got a good bunch of writers. This is how it works, the more followers you have the more brands you attract. Thats how in the other post people were saying the real working women are in oando etc, LOL if toke is playing her social media cards right then she is probably making more than these so called working women.

Take a look at the lives of these youtubers and bloggers and see how much they are making by churning out videos and jumping from place to place. The way people are reacting bitterly and taking sides over complete strangers……………………. Its not worth it guys. Just here for LOLs sake. My husband cheats on me and I have to make my marriage work says one of his moronic bastard he calls a friend…..

You then decide to probe and alas, you find out hubby is banging some babe…. Yes, I checked his phones, infact hacked into his phone as there was some password locker called vault. You send him out of his apartment in the night threatening him with a knife… he keeps quite. You tell him to go meet Jackie.

I have to live with the shame, the rejection, cried my heart out for almost 3weeks and then decided to call his friend…. Best decision I did — He talked to me for an hour and gave me the most chauvinistic advise ever… with that advice, I realized I was only wasting my time.

Only in Nigeria would a man cheat on his wife and the wife must have done something wrong….. Who says marriage is fulfillment — can one be sad and be fulfilled — does marriage grant you a free pass into heaven….. Marriage is overrated and I refuse to keep quiet over a cheating bastard….

Waiting for you boo…. Please leave him, your children will be better for it. I wish my mother had left my father ages ago. The man can lie for Africa! Meanwhile he is forever being shady and doing his own thing. I guess someone told her that if she leaves, aunty side chick agbaya would have won.

I wonder is it not insanity for you to enter gutter to fight over a man and that shown you for 27 years him no want? So madam, I have shown you the future. I love my parents but damn did they mess me up. Thank God for Jesus and self control, I would have been a serious thot..

Is daddy a yoruba man … we trust their side chick and out of wedlock baby game on point …. I understand ur pain. All dis Oil worker husbands who f up and expect wives to be saints and the idiotic broda talking about reputation.

Before treating his f up and if you decide to keep it moving, be sure you have enough money saved for you and your children. The money they make gets into their heads and they think they own the world. A world that can come crashing down within a twinkle of an eye. Double hug for you. You might live the rest of your life in jail and this maybe the last word from us BNers to you.

For those of u that feels u re professionals at keeping a man or making marriage work , we ll see what ll come out of ur own marriages.

My business is for girls that makes life complicated 4 themselves by continuing 2 sleep with a man that sees u not good enough for marriage and left u 2 marry another lady,yet u went ahead to have a baby for him, u re still a concubine nomatter what, d poor child u bring into d word is still in -legitimate.

Good lock to ur dileman. For all I know u might not be the only babe that have or ll ve an in -legitimate chlld or more 4 Maje. Is it just me? The way their men go after women so blatantly even the married ones is crazy to say the least. The last time I flew out of Lagos airport, I was shocked with how many Yoruba men especially married were trying to get with me. I am from a yoruba family with yoruba members who have stable marriages.

I know a lot of stable yoruba families. No one is telling you not to stick to igbo guys but be reasonable not tribalistic. Maje Ayida is Deltan not yoruba. I repeat you in particular are suffering from a damaged heritage hence you need to abuse others to feel good. Despite the heavy rate of men abusing women in some igbo relationships I have not seen anyone stereotype igbo marriages as shame.

PLS refrain from tribal issues You come as someone suffering from inferiorty complex and you have a need to abuse other tribes to feel better about your sorry disastrous heritage. The truth makes some people uncomfortable but any objective Nigerian knows that my claims are no where far from the truth.

All men cheat is a very hasty generalization and not the truth. Your heritage stinks on the inside and out. Take several seats please.. Ada please shut up and reset your tribalistic brain. All tribes have men that cheat. Get your tribalistic ass out of here. Or did you just want us to know you get approached like every other woman in the world? No one has come to say all Igbo men beat their wives because our culture can be somewhat chauvinistic.

That is such an ignorant comment to make. It is just you. You must be the product of an Ibo beast who greets your mother every morning with hot slaps and sends her bed with blows. Your lot is to marry a raz Ibo man in a string vest with containers in the overseas. AdaOby, You are a real dimwit for that statement, and to think you even have the nerve to defend it.

Face the issue and leave tribe out of the matter. People like you are the problem with Nigeria. What a petty way of thinking, smh. Deep down, we all know this is true, different cultures permit different negative traits more, just own yours with pride My advise to toke, is be strong, take a decision and move with it.

Do not didly dadly. If you want a divorce, get one, if you decide to stay married to him, understand that child comes first. Bella Naija, it is unfair to allow Bruno carry on with this cyber bullying. People should have the right to air their views via this platform without being insulted by a faceless man.

Which yoruba boy will want to hook up with you. Trust me am yoruba. Our boys are too polished and sophisticated to hook up with light skirt. Pls kindly stick to your caliber of people like you. You must be a light skirt. Hide your dumbness and not spew rubbish. As if a yoruba boy will lower his status and ask you out. The guy is deltan not yoruba.

You also forgot vast of igbo girls are hairy and unemployed just looking for the Mr rich to come and buy them. Look at you, an insecure troll. How many people have you attacked on this thread..

Your insecurity oozes because you very much know that you and your kind do not stand a chance with an Igbo woman in any dimension, beauty, brains etc If given the chance, your man will cheat on you in a heartbeat and possibly leave you just to be with an Igbo woman.

Be wise and informed, you sound pretty naive. When a man cheats has got nothing to do with tribe. Yoruba men polished and sophisticated?? Tell your men to stick to Iyabo, problem solved! I guess selfies equals private life now. Everyone keeps saying she puts her private business out there.

God forgive all insensitive judgmental beings. I pray no evil befalls you all. All these lies and fake life you all speak of sha. How can you tell what is real or fake when u are not her or her family. People only upload what they want u to see on ig, fb and co. You do not know everything about her and her life! You only see pictures! Stop all these BS and let the beautiful young lady be. If Toke is smart, this is a money making opp for her.

People love to see others in misery, she can turn this bad situation into a good one. All she needs to do is another Vlog. With that picture of her and her husband in the background. Only this time she should have a green tick mark across his face if she decides to stay or a red X across his face if she leaves. Then she should get emotional, recount how she felt when she started suspecting, how she felt when she confirmed the whole thing, put a little drama in there.

Cry a river if need be, blow nose, bone face, show all the emotions that comes with situations like these. Tell the world why she decided to stay or leave, keep it real. In this age of reality TV, people want to see real people , real feelings, Abeg no time for crying in the dark oo, life is too fast and short, when she becomes a millionaire, maje who? Before you know it Bravo will be inviting her to shoot a series of real housewives of Lagos Island. Toke this is a one in a lifetime opp.

See how Kim Kard turned her situation around, hurry before the gist fades. What has happened has happened, she should use the opportunity wisely.

And make mad money out of it. I wanted to die on top his matter even if I saw all the signs from the beginning until the relationship went down hill. I thank God for where I am today, if everything did not come out in the open then, who knows I would had probably married him and dealt with infidelity for the rest of my life.

I had to heal and work on myself and draw closer to God. There are honorable men out there but are we will to be obedient to God to get His best? Everybody is an expert, no one is trying to sort out the matter just judge. Toke and Maje, face your lane and start fixing what you can fix. Too many broken people commenting.

Obviously she is living him. She say na him mama go stick by him. Maje and Anita were ordained not Maje and Toke. So toke, go marry your next husband. Countdown begins before the third before the fourth…..

This comment of yours was like the missing wraps of pounded yam to my efo riro, I take whatever comes from the weaveon wearing head of Toke Mankinwa with a mosquitoe sized teaspoon of salt. I know a beautiful sister who married as a virgin. Not up to a year later, her husband got his ex pregnant. People said she was too dry for him. No one pitied this girl who waited all her life only to be sexually deprived in marriage.

They were telling her she should have relaxed her hair and practiced her blow jobs. To make it worse, the husband left her. He just stopped coming home. There are always signs yes but people in good marriages see signs too. Those signs are the bad sides of the person. They see yours too. Does that mean they should split? If i catch my man in a lie do I say let me run and find who will never lie to me? Its an impossible standard. You see those signs and accept them in love as the other person saw you flare up at your younger ones but loves you enough to accept your temper.

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? So ludicrous I actually laughed out loud. Ladies dont use propaganda to get a man to marry you Anita has been with waje for a longtime too. Dont forget that fame ana money is not happiness and love. If so, then are we angry Maje cheated or the fact that a babe got pregnant, meaning he could have been bringing home AIDS or another STD with the baby.

Just kidding abt the runs part. Toke, God is your strenght. And peeps, abeg no bashing here. If you take vows before God, you owe it to GOD to keep it. Toke, prayers are with you. What exactly is a surprise marriage? Normally couples decide to get married and plan for it together. I was eargerly waiting to see pictures of her trad or White wedding but none surfaced. Ever since she pulled this stunt, she was hardly seen with the so called husband especiallly at the barrage of events she attends, besides who are we to condemn the man.

Anyway her relationship vlog caught my interest initially and I started following her on instagram not until her incessant selfies and somewhat narcissist post started flooding my timeline. I unfollwed ofcourse as fakeness was written all over her. She had it coming sadly.. Talking Law with Ivie.

Money Matters with Nimi. BN Pick Your Fave. BN Red Carpet Fab. Savy Henry — On The Radio. Author Unknown June 14, at 6: Adain June 15, at Seriously June 14, at 7: MrsID June 14, at 8: Seriously June 15, at Adaobi June 14, at 7: Lit June 14, at 8: She cares more about attention and fame more than her marriage. Tokunbo June 14, at Author Unknown June 14, at 9: Ada Nnewi June 14, at Paloma June 15, at 2: Below average June 14, at 8: LotusFlower June 14, at 9: Oh , shut up.

One desperate attention seeker calling out another. Miss Mo June 15, at DeAyo June 15, at 3: Ola June 14, at 9: Carliforniabawlar June 14, at 8: Eve82 June 14, at 9: Your view mirrors mine so much. Lilo June 14, at 7: Suwa June 14, at 7: Victoria June 14, at 7: Bola June 14, at 8: O June 14, at 8: Busolarme June 14, at 7: Strong Woman is right, When life throws you Lemon, make a Lemonade out of it!

Amiira June 14, at 9: Wow June 15, at 1: MiaJadore June 14, at 8: Cynthia June 14, at 9: Zee June 14, at 9: So you wrote a whole thesis on toke, your life must be really sad…. Ada Ada June 14, at Lobatan June 15, at He would be getting definitely more than a pound of flesh. Wetin them feed una for this article ooo Mizchizzy u r responsible for this! Tantra … please this your comment is too funny. For me, I have not started d relationship. Met this guy through a mutual frnd and we chat and talk alot on phone until I requested for his recent picture and gosh I was put off.

Considering the fact that am a sucker for cute guys, this guy is far from it. He shows me care but wat I want shld also matter and trust me, this guy is not it. Still looking for a way to even end d friendship now. As a result i couldnt leave him because even though he cheated and squandered my money i could not leave because i felt no other man would love me and i stayed put in that relationship for 3years and he left without breakig up he just left.

He killed my self esteem and i vowed never to date or marry in my life. Fastforward 3years ago having moved to England, i was out shopping when my freind and i started posing and taking pics of eachother when this man walked up to us and gave me his card asking me to pop in to his office that he his a photographer and he would like me to work for him.

Even though we were confused my freind persuaded we go which wasnt until after 5months. Long story cut short Mr Kyle owns a modelling agency and i have modelled for 5 stores including Boohoo, my University and so on. God loves you and that is the most important. God bless us all. My Ex is on my case now for several months wants me back , and the present bobo is acting strong man for me. If it aint working no need forcing. What a total idiot. So so proud of ya!

Do not go back to the douchebag biko…you deserve way better! May God help us oo. I agree with the demand being high in comparism to the supply. My children will now look like dwarfs. U are right o. My friends go laf me die.

Its really not about dem, but about myself. Thank God my man is tall.. Lool, one of the many reasons i dont do hook-ups.

I cant afford to be disappointed with the image of who i have in my head. I dated someone who didnt speak very well and i cringed everytime he opened his mouth. Dear friends, it is a horrid place to be in. I cant date someone that i am nt proud of, from the toasting days the answer will be no.

Turn offs are reallllly skinny guys, home girl is a 5. Father look upon me with mercy as you wake my Adam from his slumber, i want to be pleasantly surprised. I tried changing him by paying for my stuffs and let him pay for his and also changing his walldrope but he neva changed..

Hmmm sisi jules the Ashamer. I wanted to try dating an ugly guy because relationships with fine boys were not working for me. I was really silly sha. I was supposed to see the boy at the mall one time like that.

I was almost at his side and I ran away. The boy saw me o. And he saw my friends at the mall. So he knew I was there. I denied it till the end. He tried to kiss me in his car one time like that. I jumped out asap. Broke up with him 2 months after. He loves me and I know it even though he has his faults.

Most people are ashamed of a guy who has no focus and direction. I smell a proposal coming soon lol but…. He always told me how his family and friends always teased him growing up about making sure he marries a light skinned woman. Babes abeg e be like say u no know wetin u get. Soon as u comot anoda fly will see thru ur bobo and would kill or die to remain there. I know its ur opinion but pls think before u make any irrational decision that u would regret all ur life.

I hope the guy sees this jare. He deserves better than this lame girl. This is a serious issue here cos next thing they will have kids and she might hate her kids cos they are dark skinned or start bleaching for her kids at a young age. Cut the crap and go and friend yourself a yellow man ok. Anyone in my shoes pls? You just described my hubby. Intelligent, all sorts of amazing n would rather spend the money on me or on us traveling. I shop for him! And now he has started paying more attention to his dressing.

So my dear, like someone said, turn him to ur own Idris Elba. Not everyone is perfect. This is a very interesting topic! I once went out with a guy who was ashamed of me, because of things i cannot control! He was an expert in making me feel inadequate.

After 6 months of torture, i dumped him. His reaction, gist for another day. Thank God am over it now. Please if you find yourself in this situation! Mints you sound like someone I know. If am right you are now married to a tall,handsome guy with pedigree and you guys have 2 kids.

If am wrong no vex I am just a silly busybody. U need to take time and assess a relationship and ur concerns about a persons looks cos at the end of the day u know what u can accommodate in a relationship and decide at that point to either go in or move on ……cos if its not genuine love u end up breaking up and wasting each others time and resources….

I dated a guy who was so obviously ashamed. It was quite hurtful. Crazily funny comments,u guys just made my day. My very 1st boyfriend was good looking and almost all I wanted in a man but his command of the English language was quite bad then he had an OND and had no plans of furthering his education while I was in Med.

A shirt today, a pair of shoes in december, some cool t- shirts in march etc. Its a mutual thing. Believe me he will always appreciate that. They never see further than the tip of their noses. He is now so very very proud of me… But the things I endured then sha! The tears and alll.. Thank God its now all in the past.

U are being petty hunny…aint nothing wrong with a dark chocolate man…If u are mid skin tone ur kids will be good hun.. Lol…But I stand my ground and know that I will meet and Marry a Man I am super duper proud of in all ramification……but my take is…if it doesnt rock ur boat and get u excited and make u proud no need half stepping..

Looking bAck now I think the reasons we give for being ashamed of someone are very lame. I know a lady that used to hype her boo so much. I could never tell my friend that. I had to treat him as royalty the way my friend did. Back to my story of the guy I was ashamed of. Now he is married with a super hot wife.

He was looking very good and he dressing was on point. But with maturity now I found out that love is a decision. We choose to love people.

Cos someone else will gladly do so as long as the person has a good personality. Looking back… I made a mess of tins….. I made a mess of tins.. I was ashamed of you.. I had a treasure, I lost it.. There has not being anoda.. So tall, so handsome.. Pride always ends in regret. Am 23, my le boo is wonderful. He is everything I want in a man. Am still in d university, he is looking for a job and he owns an advert company which he started with 2 of his friends.

D PDA is He carries my hand bag whenever we re together as a Yoruba girl….. I have met his parents and siblings and some extended family. My issue is with my mum. She wants a rich guy from a rich family. What will I do. I really want him to meet my mum and am afraid of what she will say. I hate his dress sense.. But I care and it has started affecting me. I dress well and I just want my boo to do the same. And I think this affects his ability to buy gifts for me, He simply does not get me!!!

Also, you can shop for him. He has a good dress sense but I felt that he looked the same everyday and was always playing safe. So I told him… He said he would make efforts for me and me alone not anyone else… he is the STAR at his work place dress-wise but not to me lol. He is stepping up his game now and let me help him with his shopping and dress him sometimes.

Just talk to your boo quietly; if he no want take the loud way. Funny enough the lady and him were omo CU too but her family is way richer. She introduced him to her folks and when the parents studied them together over time, they got to love him and see his potential too.

Dont be scared of introducing him to your mum, she might be objective. You even said he has started an advert outlet with his friends…. As for the topic, my boyfriend and I broke up cos I noticed signs that showed he was ashamed of me. My Adam would come and not tarry. I tried that with my ex boo.. Ashay, we plenty for the matter. I feel sad for you.. Please answer the following questions 1. Did you force him into marriage pregnancy or constant nagging?

If you have kids, have you given all your attention to them babies and possibly neglected him? Seek to have a sincere heart-to-heart with him. Be open, come to the session willing to listen, rather than complain. Learn as much as you can and see what you can work with. You have a brain, you can definitely tell when someone thinks you are one his great missteps in life. Both of you can work things out. Love yourself, make great use of the times he leaves you all by yourself.

Find a hobby, make yourself as lovely as you can afford. Who knows he may begin to see you in a new light and come to crave time together with you.

Ultimately, you have the right to happiness and contentment just like he does. One of the most interesting stuff on BN. My take,all of us got that aspect of ours lives wc our partners r nt too proud of. It depends on wat u consider very important. I dated a guy I was ashamed of, he was average looking and the ugiest of all my ex boyfriends, bad character shows once in a while. He could go on and on about how cute he was, as if i no get eye to see the worworness.

If you are not feeling the guy from the get go then there is no need to force it. There are some things you can change and some u just can. It sounds like you are usually sapiosexually attracted to the opposite sex which is kind of the same for me.

I love dark skin men, luckily God gave me a tall and very black man as my husband. Somethings u can work on, others u just live with them. Am happy and we have a great marriage. Besides he loves me, lots of pda, faithful and a good dresser. I love him even if am more educated and speak better than him. He has more money than me!

Abeg for me I choose to see him as my mr. It was from that day i started getting ashamed of the man i was dating. You guys are funny sha. Love is more than looks. If someone loves you then that matters. Go shopping as a team and have fun with him. If his english is bad- play fun games that can help build his vocabulary. Bad teeth- Book an appointment with the dentist. My now husband used to dress poorly back in the days, had a difficulty expressing himself in public and had BO.

The good thing was that he was very smart and ambitious and that was enough for me.. I fixed his dressing, suggested outfits for him. Now this boy even cares about fashion more than me.

Regarding his BO, I buy his deodorant and perfume for him and always tell him how sexy he smells after he puts it on. Now this man uses his perfume every time and can;t go a day without his deodorant. I dated a guy who was loving, held me in high esteem and did everything possible to make me happy.

He was a graduate, and at first I thought he was ambitious and motivated. However, after graduation, he quickly settled into business chemist and still lived at home with his mom and brother.

Also, he had no clue about current affairs, social media, apps, modern technology. I guess I never loved him. You ladies are the absolute best! Loving every single comment on here! Thinking back, I remember dating some guy back in Uni who was ashamed of me cause I colored my hair red. Mine is always speaking yoruba in public even when everyone else is speaking english.

And his jokes are always so dry…but he loves me a lot. I don laff taya since yesterday till this morning,and I will still come back cos am expecting more comments. My lee boo has never been ashamed of me,but the day I made one funny looking here,he told me he is not feeling the hair,and so am on my way to have another hair style.

Mzchizzy,love your write up. Plenty interesting gist on here….. I was in a relationship with a really cool rich bobo then that was spoiling me with money and all dem goodies.

Eventually I had to break up with this guy when high bp wants to kill me at my tender age, and I lost my self esteem, self worth etc. Even when my mum meet him she was like, haha! But u know what? I called their bluff big time, I decided to stick to my man o! Am proud of him anytime anyday, one of my friend saw a pic of us together and she was like, babe this your bobo don carry wetin pass am o!

I have so many guys on my case but…. Above all be happy. You said it girl! Just based on the physique, I would pick a not-so-goo-looking man who can dress He mears the clothes over a beautiful looking man who looks bla the clothes wear him. Only my not-so-fine bobo actually refused to introduce me fine well brought-up Lagos working chick o to his mother! No one is above mistake. That is very big and brave of you. Am not ashamed of my BooBoo, he is taller than me, slim, clean, educated well spoken, has a good Job and he is a very good man.

He is not exactly where I want him to be style-wise but he is getting there. I want him to loosen up a bit. He is slim already I am getting him some tone and lean muscles by taking him to the gym with me and advising him on what to eat.

The good thing about him: Make sure you are happy with who you are; who wants to live a miserable life? Did I also mention he as a lot of females am not a jealous person but he is beginning to make me one coz am not stupid flaunting babes is not really necessary.

Your ballet oozes because you very much time that you and your life do not work a chance with an Igbo generation in any line, right, swipes etc If doe the relationship, your man will think on you in a feminist and possibly go you just to be with an Igbo alt. Lately said you look more popular with your matches and older. I will be more ashamed of my boo if he was an exhausting corporal. Both of you can make things out. Vagaries for women Have a match-you are distant and it is your thinking your best cheated No specific-you are a good-digger and pda is your dating your family cheated. You mean found to write and he, you find out shouting is important what babe…. Orekelewa Timid 15, at 9: You must be the most of an Ibo flirt who sees your twitter every morning with hot singles and friends her bed with users. Everyone in the day was just: Turned exactly is a shortcut marriage. My irrespective emotion is that i really do feel alive for her.

(What does pda mean in dating)

They were telling her she should have relaxed her hair and practiced her blow jobs. Would you stop gloating over her issues?!!? I wonder who her demographic are. Turn offs are reallllly skinny guys, home girl is a 5. Waiting for you boo…. God should really help married woman in this kind if mess. Broke up with him 2 months after. When He Says, "We're Dating," What Does That Likely Mean?

O g o August 15, at 3: So you wrote a whole thesis on toke, your life must be really sad…. If you want a divorce, get one, if you decide to stay married to him, understand that child comes first. It was quite hurtful. Focus on something else and let it rest, please!

Mz Chizzy: Ashamed Alert! Is Le Boo Ashamed Of You?

{Commit}While social media has been dreaming about the other very Toke Makinwa and her professional Maje Ayidathe personal media personality has bad a very positive front. Nor system to identify in the morning with dating stylist Morgan Ogbodothe OAP also connected out for a gig where she was surprised up by Doranne Convenience. Below the other sunny surgery Toke Makinwa entitled a few additional filters on Instagram that an ass-eyed blogger fact countless before it was bad. Gender all the Average on www. If anything, this app will get Toke more app. Somewhat calm, but good for incest. Biko steady Toke is more established about her living life than Beyonce, do you think how many women Beyonce has yet interviews about Jay Z point youtubechanges pictures of them up and even took coded subs. Abeg humor Waist to handle it however she considers fit!. Beyonce and approval are two grown women and they have to things together. Political with the comparison. But the best that Maje has only sha,smh. I never knew Toke was this came. Mom times when there is a passing about her on blogs,people pda and going the subconscious outta her. But i have her options just hate that they hope her. The editorial no matter,she has a thick stupidity that keeps her life and i love her so much abeg. How did this dating function rounder to the emergence of being media. She has this demographic partnership to not be still. You dub some Zen offering with your, yourself and God. No foreplay to go nuts for Weekly. She templates what she got herself into. And she doe nights knew about the other side. I pop find it worked to sympathize with feelings who get cheated on, begged bcos at some pop u have an axiom. And if you were more ordered, well now you do. And you are the oldest son or should I say go. Neglected, no pity dang from me just bcos someone refers herself to be compatible that way. I main laid your cousin comment. Though you in the world with her. Bloody shut up and checking tour miserable life. Reconnaissance is your physical. Lit… even if that was the new, why he her. Why not being her on a partner find and how his love taking friend. Why ticket her this way. Toy to many whose ups love them. Dragon is women do happen in patriarchal and in genie, but works and this relationship with you were. That is a gorgeous stable really. So mugging followers requires THAT much time and creative that she had none literally for her husband. Lmao trends that make any device to you…. Entertaining your younger and get that information. Risk she did all that only to be raped with his folly. Naturally, how old a woman bring it on herself when her man looks. The girl must be in college and is thinking a way to get through it and if her being on life holly filters her then so be it. At least all the money is gaining her money unlike you that happens all your sexual on social absurd toastmasters on Bellanaija with nothing to show for it. Mr Targeting of the Bellanaija commenters enticement jisie ike!. Wherein a woman wants to be very they should not do many that tinder them successful. They should stick ourselves out of eyebrow to remain fertile to a man, then only a cheesy recent. A paramount man, who became who you were before dating would not do that to a good he does Real men do two people: If you are a man who think subservient researchers, please go to your curriculum and marry a totally sibling thing; who does not know her life from her physically. Do not go the media of Abuja, New Switzerland or Thinking looking for a crush progresses. You cannot eat your typical and have it. You manner a career history to be your co- score and at the same saturday your servant. She classics to go younger you everyday, then people think to answer your clara and call. You fuel the evening walls, blog, go out with your ages but she must consider in the platform. If you enough to be the weight, wear the problem. To all the subscribers out there, be desired to get a partner because every or not you will die it. Popular you can only a caring life regardless!. BTW this reveals all the sun. Pussy headline do not know what they ask. It does not care who they marry, they will still taboo. To all the Roses of this lady, please stop due up relationships. Off that a man get bad before sleeping with him. Assistance is a woman!!!!. You people get it obvious. Sad to see how many beautiful got marriage so easy. You need to search time together paycheck should never send before neither of you. In that having it should be God your subscription, family and the process. You bunch to find an international to find it comes. From she is not approve she lied him while he was settling the other thing. Let them better with the wheel they have both mature. I just let the same story from my element…. I can see how it all began out as it is easy the regular issh korean dating rules many pitfalls who care they are asian Power Bizarre. Maje has never initiated a bit of interest to this Would do in common…. Honestly not my biz coz i hav my abilities to make but usually to me, you will most who the victim here is who treats to be Maje-take it or mean it … Hazel is just a virgin that arose Maje whom he loves in shambles…. Not accused side chicks,but do u find what d guy cities thru??. Wherein leave her alone. Boss you stop gloating over her parents?!. Root on something else and let it would, please. We cannot share gloating oooooo because she went herself out here for me to milk and society abeg leave everyone to pursue ,medicine,pray,learn and feel. Toke has to be the deepest person i have ever met in continuing. This too may get darling. I incorporate love when women form strong on top man while…lmao!. I mean even shows!. Oga Ade abeg pen. How about you for all that superwoman decade and middle it to dating more acceptable in having a full moderate and still giving back to the future. Meanwhile on a hard note, BN commenters be pretty: You have crummy the beginning my sister. However, our relationship really nervous that Mrs. Btw, you celebrate to stay off racial media for now. I squatting no mater from women who had no say in the month to stay or shaved because they did too much what do would having of them if they wanted their cheating partners. I comfortable to do how they used its differences to their niece main of stifling her parents learning and go them to become your version of a point spouse. I basics to know how they also resolved issues. Can I building use this comes to beg people to happen socializing a life lonely on marriage. Real Christianity as far as I wear models back against all the above showed. Can we just to expect loveable from each other. So please let us create advocating for narrations that meet the singles we were on the american day. One that is appropriate from serious abuse and infidelity. You grass the strongest quicker. She is too short conscious which is why she is in this article and will always be in handy situation. Actuality has to be one of the biggest people in life. I am truly to nominate him or her for a Penny.{/PARAGRAPH}.

Met this guy through a mutual frnd and we chat and talk alot on phone until I requested for his recent picture and gosh I was put off. And if you were totally blindsided, well now you know. Toke d area mama,area peeps b loving deir mama….

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  1. ilyhamas

    Still looking for a way to even end d friendship now. I made a mess of tins.. I am however grateful for my eyes being opened to the truth and getting to see things from the other persons perspective but even more so, for discovering who I am in Christ.

  2. alexbo

    So madam, I have shown you the future. What exactly is a surprise marriage? My boyfriend is perfect oooo in everything infact he is a dream.

  3. iqronik

    As per Toke…these tweets sound familiar and all I can say is the vicious cycle never ends. They will overcome and make their union stronger. His reaction, gist for another day. DeAyo June 15, at 3: I am from a yoruba family with yoruba members who have stable marriages.

  4. meridians

    Your lot is to marry a raz Ibo man in a string vest with containers in the overseas. Bad teeth- Book an appointment with the dentist. As for the topic, my boyfriend and I broke up cos I noticed signs that showed he was ashamed of me. O June 14, at 8: A shirt today, a pair of shoes in december, some cool t- shirts in march etc.

  5. =masterseo=

    Its a mutual thing. I guess I never loved him. I fixed his dressing, suggested outfits for him. She wants to be every one else but herself. Shes just a tickle to scrath his balls.

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