World of tanks matchmaking unfair

Posts about Scout Matchmaking written by tinker The armor is laughable- even though well sloped it’s just too thin for that not matter most of the time. Dec 28,  · To Warpack or not to warpack? Easy question, but it turned out to be a quit difficult one to answer fully by the Wargaming fellows. In the discussion below. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about World of Tanks Blitz. Download World of Tanks Blitz and enjoy it on your Apple TV. Posts about Scout Matchmaking written by tinker The armor is laughable- even though well sloped it’s just too thin for that not matter most of the time. Dec 28,  · To Warpack or not to warpack? Easy question, but it turned out to be a quit difficult one to answer fully by the Wargaming fellows. In the discussion below.

world of tanks matchmaking unfair


While it may not be easy, surely, we can measure it somehowright? Funnily the tanks I do best on often have a kill ratio of under 1: If enough players on your side do this, you will stack the zone in your favor. It is my duty to use every bit of my grey matter to outplan, outthink, and outfight my opponents to reach that goal.

The community is relatively small but it is loyal to the game and relatively nice. Emotions are emotions, after all, and denying them just makes them stronger — and uglier. 1 min ago. s&p edges lower last down pct, nasdaq down pct, dow briefly turns negative. Enlisted - is an MMO squad based shooter which is built around some of the most important and famous episodes from World War 2. In Enlisted, players can experience. I hate to sound like all I’m thinking about these days are exploits, but I was recently shown a conversation between a player and a GM which confirmed a prediction.

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Jan 31,  · War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors! "If you are looking for. I hate to sound like all I’m thinking about these days are exploits, but I was recently shown a conversation between a player and a GM which confirmed a prediction. Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more.

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You try to shove me off with a standard answer here!! Are you gonna take it down or not? It is so unfair to normal players. Get it out of the game asap. It ruines so much pleasure for the normal fair players! Is that how Russians treat honest customers as reward? Thank you very much for contacting the Wargaming.

Our games do not take the reaction times or possible 3rd party tools that influence your client to give you an advantage in the mechanics, instead every single info runs through our server. Almost every single action like accuracy, penetration and damage has a slight variation that is decided by our random number generators on our servers, not the client, meaning that there is not a single player around that is able to produce perfect hits reliably.

Therefore, your success either depends on luck or tactics. As our game is slower paced than most of the FPS games available right now, tactics are the deciding factor in the game. Its not your reaction speed but your understanding of the battlefield that matters most. And therefore it is not necessarily true that the higher experienced players will have the upper hand in a battle, because the deciding factor is not the experience but the ability to react to changing situations and avoiding doing mistakes.

There are a lot of mistakes you can do in one battle, they start from going to a wrong location in the beginning that will not emphasize the strengths of your tank but only show its weaknesses, or playing not aggressively enough, or too aggressive on a position where it is not needed.

So, once again, its not the experience of a player that matters here, but the skill of avoiding mistakes and reading the situation. Choosing players in to the teams has few conditions. Basically it goes about Tier of the tank, which had been chosen and about its weight type of tank and individual weight of the tank. Certainly, it evaluates conditions like: That is, how these determinations work.

Here is a short video explaining the match making mechanics: I assure you, there are no players abilities selections. World of Tanks is loosely based on abilities and skills of single players, its the way they cooperate that builds the deciding factor.

Its about how good you are with your tank, and what tactics for each and every battle you will choose. If you would like to learn more about matchmaking system i send you a link where you can find everything about it:. I completely understand you as i also had a similar problem when i started playing my Leopard 1 a couple of months ago, but please do not forget to take the frequency distributions into account and try dashing out as much damage as possible even on a loss as it still counts to your credits gain and efficiency.

This might also be caused by the fact that the company is actually Belorussian. It is just a value that tells you how aggressively or carefully you need to play in order to win the battle, not the actual chance to win or lose it. I would therefore like to ask you to avoid doing this mistake yourself.

Our Development team works constantly on improvements for the Matchmaking system. However, thinking about good improvements, test them, making them work, and making those changes effective in the official game takes a lot of time.

If you have any idea that can improve anything in the game, you can post it in the official forums if you have at least 50 posts already. I hope this clarifies, how the Matchmaking system works, and if you want to play in skill-based matchmaking, you are always welcome to join the team battles, as they have a special, skill based match maker. The following two videos might be of interest for you: And now in regards to your question, regretfully I have to inform you that they are definitely sly fishes as our developers constantly try to remove those mods and reduce their efficiency, however, this might regretfully take some time in order to be resolved completely.

You explain a lot, that I already know. We then have a definition to work with: The above picture highlights the defensive platforms along the eastern side of Wintergrasp Keep. Each section of wall has three components: The guns only appear during a battle, and the platforms are often used during the battle as positions where defenders can attack the offense from relative safety. Smart defenders duck back off the platform and heal between sniping folks on the ground.

Guns do appear on the upper tower platforms, and if you have extended range talents you can stand up there and cast on the ground. Pets cannot reach these platforms. Warriors cannot Charge up to them. Yet, these platforms are obviously intended as part of the defensive fortifications of the keep.

There are ramps with two stairs up to those gun emplacements. The lower tower platforms have walls that are lower and higher to give you defensive options. These platforms are important parts of the defense of the keep. But the defensive platforms allow you to attack from a place where no clear path exists between you and your opponent. So is attacking from the defensive platforms an exploit? If I want to follow what Blizzard has set forth, yes, it is.

To put them in usability terms, the platforms afford this use. They suggest that you are up high and can shoot at people, so you shoot at people from them! The only difference between the defensive platforms and tops of the walls — aside from protecting the WG shopping experience — is that you could argue that the developers intended the platforms to be used that way, but not the tops of the walls.

Where is it okay to stand and fight? As players who want to follow the rules, but also want to win, where is it okay to stand in Wintergrasp? Knowing that you can get a ban from attacking from easily accessible locations makes me very uncomfortable. There is a lot of validity to this argument.

What about when getting to a spot is trivially easy and part of the game? Green areas are those which afford you to stand and launch ranged attacks at your opponents — either there are ramps leading up there, or stairs, or doors, or guns — something suggests that this would be a good spot to defend the walls from.

Yellow areas are questionable areas. You have to climb over a defensive wall and drop down to get onto this wall. Red areas are only accessible via flying mount or parachuting in from Icecrown, and are probably considered off-limits during the battle.

Wintergrasp is especially problematic because there were two distinct phases in its existence: When it launched it was like an old-Azeroth zone, with the only flight possible via taxi birds across it.

If you took your flying mount over WG you would get dismounted. So all of those areas marked in red were completely inaccessible until patch 3. It was on the box but never made it into the game! As a player, what should you infer about flight in this zone? Folks often have running battles atop the walls. This is a World PvP zone, where even on PvE servers people explore the terrain, make use of cover, and ambush folks mercilessly.

So why is it okay to engage other players where there is no clear path between you and them in some spots and others? What makes the platforms okay but the tops of walls not? But when it is not, it is unfair to blame the players for misunderstanding unwritten rules. Holding people to an arbitrary standard is unfair. Every time you see a bad sign, say on a refrigerator at the office or on the notice board at school, or run into a stupid, arbitrary rule or law, you can be assured that something prompted that sign or rule.

There are legitimate exploits that prompted Blizzard to put this rule in place, just not in Wintergrasp. World PvP battlegrounds like Wintergrasp are relatively new. The game changes, and rules have to adapt to those changes. Look at the above picture of the WG heirloom vendors.

The entire area is a PvP zone, a place where players try to gain every advantage when attacking other players. This is a target rich environment for ganking. No, the proper tactic now is to put your healer friend up on the wall and you fly down into the thick of things, which totally plays to your strengths as a ranged DPS. Wintergrasp is a world PvP zone with no new players.

Anyone who gets here has been playing for a while and has a character who is within spitting distance of max level. And yet, Blizzard is trying to apply a rule designed for other places and times here, which reveals the flaws of that rule. Here I am, atop the structure in the antechamber of VoA. The only way to get up here is to wait for a battle that destroys at least the top part of the chamber gates, fly in at full speed near the top, then pull up sharply.

There are very specific conditions that have to be present to access this ring gates must be open , and if you log out at the end of one battle and log in again after another one, you can be up there with no way for other players to reach you. So while the gates are down, this ring is like the walls of Wintergrasp Keep, albeit a little trickier to reach.

But this is world PvP. I have heard of servers where one faction loses Wintergrasp only to successfully deny the other side access to VoA through PvP domination of the entrance. I confess, I was really disappointed when I saw the screenshot that started this post. But since it does serve a purpose in other contexts, perhaps Blizzard could make some changes to take Wintergrasp into consideration. Blizzard considers attacking other players from a vantage point where your opponent cannot easily reach you terrain exploitation, which is a bannable offense.

This rule was applied in Arathi Basin to players accessing the Stables roof, and is now being applied to players attacking other players near the Wintergrasp vendors from the top of the wall. While it is almost certainly impossible to change Wintergrasp so that the rule can be fairly applied at this point, I hope that Blizzard will stop enforcing it in Wintergrasp and design their future battlegrounds to not encourage behavior that can get players unwittingly banned.

It pains me to have to choose between playing it with all my creativity and cunning and risking a ban, or playing it safe while my opponents do not. I took the above picture after exploiting a bug in the walls of Stormwind that allows you to break out of the model and fall underneath the city. Wall bugs and exploration exploits like this are harmless.

Seriously, when was the last time you needed to go to the Park as Alliance? This is just an exploration bug, one that appeals to our innate curiosity.

I got down under the city, looked around, got some screenshots, and left satisfied. No harm, no foul. Exploits that confer advantages, though… Those are different.

It is possible for Alliance characters, and only Alliance characters , to exit the preparation area and capture bases in Arathi Basin before the match begins. No, you can have bases under your control before you even begin. A coordinated Alliance group can 5 cap the entire battleground before the Horde reaches their first flag. The geography and layout of the Horde area prevent it.

The knowledge is already spreading in the wild, and the people engaged in it are happy to discuss it. This is an exploit. Simple in concept, if not in execution. I work in IT and know that software problems are often more complicated than they seem. The second option is more of a bandaid fix, but one within an existing framework.

I really like winning. If you see this in action, make sure you file a GM ticket reporting the person who did it. The Battlegrounds are probably the liveliest places in Azeroth right now, with lots of bored players rediscovering the joys of PvP while waiting for Cataclysm to hit.

I remember riding back to the Stables at Arathi Basin and finding an Undead Mage on top of the roof, running around and slaughtering the Alliance troops underneath him.

It was a mad run to try to DoT him up before he could kill me with massive amounts of fire or dive to the other side of the roof to heal. The stalemate was only broken when a Night Elf Death Knight also climbed up on the roof and killed the Mage. It took me a while, but eventually I learned how to get up on that roof myself. When I could do it, defending became much easier. Blizzard considers climbing onto the Stables roof to be an exploit. I play a battleground to win. I might play it for other reasons, but almost always, my goal is to win.

It is my duty to use every bit of my grey matter to outplan, outthink, and outfight my opponents to reach that goal. I use potions and flasks to expand my abilities. And you better believe I will climb up on that roof to defend the Stables if need be. Every advantage will be pursued. Within the confines of Warcraft there are strict, specific limits on the things I can do and cannot do. I cannot blow up the tunnel in WSG, even though I have charges that can blow apart a wall in the Strand of the Ancients.

I cannot use grappling hooks or ziplines to get from the Lumber Mill to Blacksmith to Mine quickly. I am completely limited to those things that the developers allow my character to do. If hundreds of players can do it? Trivially easy to do, and you can take out defensive cannons and defenders with ease up there while exposing yourself to minimal risk.

Smart use of the roofline and LoS, just like on the Arathi Basin Stables roof, allows you to be effectively unreachable by other players on the ground. If we use that definition, this is the very essence of an exploit. Is this an exploit, or not? How are you, someone whom I assume is not a Blizzard developer, to know if this is right or not? There might be bugs, but bugs are not the fault of the user.

We cannot be expected to know the intent of the developers. Quoting from that excellent article:. We accept them and the best of us turn them to our advantage.

You are a gamer. Cass is writing about PvE in general, and the banning of Ensidia for the use of Saronite Bombs in the man Lich King world first kill. I enjoy playing their game and try to follow all the rules they set forth in their ToS. I just want to play their game and enjoy it. PvP battlegrounds, digital avatars, warlock theory, and having fun with alternate play styles are common topics.

World of Warcraft, etc. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But not for Adouken. There are two numbers used in the rating system: You have different values for each bracket. You can think of the MMR as measuring your aptitude , your potential rating.

Your PvP Rating is based upon your performance over time, changes slowly, and is what PvP achievements, gear rewards, and titles are based upon.

PvP Rating, in theory, measures your performance over time. The individual Matchmaking Rating column has been removed from the Arena scoreboard. The individual Matchmaking Rating column has been removed from the Rated Battleground scoreboard and replaced with a team Matchmaking Rating. Your team MMR different from your rating, mind you is equal to the average individual MMR of all the players on the team.

Losses reduce MMR, but not as much as wins do. Players on new teams start out with MMR. You see where this is going, right? In other words, security through obscurity is generally not very secure.

Both types of test assign numeric values, which of course makes them more scientific. The more players who game the system, the more imbalanced the brackets get. And none of this is a reason to not play Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds. Arenas remains the best place to learn how to win fights in PvP, period.

The only other activity that even comes close is dueling, which is really 1: Try to win them anyway. Learn from your losses. Rated Battlegrounds delivered on their promise — they let you play BGs with the team composition you want against really good opponents. You have to win the individual fights, you have to execute a strategy, you have to do it against an organized opponent. Yep, you better believe it.

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Berichtennavigatie World of tanks matchmaking unfair

Please nerf this tank I have to hand it to wargaming, they are always trying to make the game more balanced, more interesting and more fun. We cannot be unfair to know the intent of the developers. If they can give us tanks that never got past the prototype stage, hell, tanks that never world got off matchmaking then surely they can give us a REAL tank with a long service history? In other words, security through obscurity is generally not very secure. Yes, I have often done my part to add to the fail. Hardcore UNFAIR Matchmaking of ALL Time WARGAMING WTF ! WORLD of TANKS Wot DEUTSCH replay GAMESCOM

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My name is Game Master Rodoux. You can even harvest Kudos by just playing solo a lot. You spend Diamonds for cool cosmetics and skins, but the essentials, such as good parts or pilots, are available for Kudos, which are extremely easy to get.

Jan 31,  · War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors! "If you are looking for. AirMech is a free to play 3D browser based sci-fi RTS. Here you will find some AirMech reviews, guides, videos, screenshots, news, walkthrough, tips and more. Creative use of game mechanics , my foot.

Try to gang up on and pick off isolated tanks or TDs. Pathing appears to be the common factor in determining if a position is an exploit position or not.

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Hardcore UNFAIR Matchmaking of ALL Time WARGAMING WTF ! WORLD of TANKS Wot DEUTSCH replay

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Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Will I get all the rewards from there that I want?

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    Once in Tol Barad, players are automatically placed into man raid groups. So, neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat; so how should one play this odd-ball little tank? Odds are pretty high that they are that good, and that they operate at a high level of play all the time.

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    Crusaders were a fundamentally good design, fast and capable of accurate fire on the move. The first is easy to observe by zoning in to the battle and watching general chat. Now, let me explain you, how matchmaker works. Thank you very much for contacting the Wargaming. The incentives for participating but losing are too low.

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    By cycling through alts, teams are able to artificially boost the individual MMR of their main characters. The Devs are responsive and the game gets updated frequently. I know people that absolutely kick ass in the favorite tank but are average to hopeless in their other vehicles.

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    And therefore it is not necessarily true that the higher experienced players will have the upper hand in a battle, because the deciding factor is not the experience but the ability to react to changing situations and avoiding doing mistakes. For the official list of NA-server unfair modifications not mentioning mod names , see the forum post: Smart use of the roofline and LoS, just like on the Arathi Basin Stables roof, allows you to be effectively unreachable by other players on the ground. As long as PvP Ratings are a relative measure, players will work together to game the system and artificially inflate their ratings.

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    Are you gonna take it down or not? Dont hesitate to contact us if you have another problem. Obviously, nothing the attacker does from their high vantage point prevents the other player from using their defensive abilities. The Merrimack, New Hampshire- based company said it had profit of 77 cents per share. Disclosure; I am not a Dev.

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