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Elgin Watch Identification Guide - Waterstone Watches Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal on how to understand the elements of you watch that actually add value and make your watch an antique. Waltham Pocket Watch Repair Manual Find great deals on eBay for Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch in Antique This Movement Is Being Sold As . This Elgin Pocket Watch website will help you find out about your Elgin watch. Explanations of serial numbers, styles and models that determine the value. Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal on how to understand the elements of you watch that actually add value and make your watch an antique. Waltham Pocket Watch Repair Manual Find great deals on eBay for Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch in Antique This Movement Is Being Sold As .

dating elgin pocket watch


Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal Explained

Increasing the distance between the curb-pins also acts to lengthen the spring. The hands travel together during normal use. Raymond name to match these standards. They came to Springfield in April and began work on the machine shop tools in a temporary shop, as it was found necessary to build the machine shop tools, that being the quickest way to get them at that time. The first Elgin watch (a pocket watch) dates to The last Elgin movement made in America was produced in In between, pinning an individual Elgin down to a.

The Illinois Pocket Watch Company, its history and the very popular pocket watches it made. A safety device found in lever escapements located near the balance. This is a size 16, 23 jewel Elgin Veritas with wind indicator, model 15 adjusted to 5 positions. All genuine Elgin watches will have two serial numbers, one on the case and one on the movement.

Elgin VARITAS Grade: The movement was serviced 1/31/18 and the watch is running and keeping time. Gold filled case. Porcelain enamel dial with repair near 3. Glossary: Serial Number, Grade, Model, Class, etc. From the very beginning, Elgin was finishing and selling over watches per day and were working on thousands more.

A new mainspring was also installed. Nice gold filled Elgin case. Apparently, the advantages of having nameless watches were no longer as important. I have an Elgin hunter style …looking at your web site it seems that this is from the run through …the case is double sided gold, with stars, lots of filigree, a single star on the face side and a double star on the movement side with circular stars circling the case in two rows…the exterior is very clean, very little ware, almost mint on ware is on the back case snap. Elgin National Watch Co.

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Elgin, Illinois Movement Serial Number: Nickel Movement Inlay Color: Gilt or Black Movement Setting: Jeweled Motor Balance Jewel Material: Traveling Nut spring Hairspring: Straight Line Pallet Jewel Material: Sapphire Standard Dial Type: Yes Adjusted to Position: Yes Adjusted of Positions: Yes Adjusted to Isochronism: Military base metal case marked cased and timed by Elgin at the factory.

It was tested from September and standardized in May Changed to a limited standard in Octoberand declared obsolete in November Nickel Movement Signing Style: Mixed Movement Inlay Color: Raymond 22 Jewels Adjusted 5 Positions Temperature. Click on any photo for a larger image. Casual Script Movement Inlay Color: Traveling Nut spring Adjusted: Yes Wind Indicator Available: Yes Wind Indicator Present: Motor Balance Jewel Material: Straight-line Pallet Jewel Material: Open Face Movement Setting: Adjusted to 3 Position.

Housed in an extra nice Elgin "by Keystone J. Boss" gold filled case. Matching engravings on 3 case sides and top of bow. Gold Flashed Movement Setting: Raymond - 8 Adjustments Manufacturer: The dial has small faint hairline in wind indicator dial and one almost invisible at 1 hour mark. These are both so faint they can not be seen with the naked eye, at least not mine. The glass crystal is near perfect. Exceptional gold filled swing out case.

This case makes this watch look like a size This is an Elgin B. Raymond - 8 or 9 Adjustments Manufacturer: A new mainspring was pocket installed. Very nice gold filled case with good covers. Beautiful sunburst design on the back cover. The are light initials on the cartouche. Says Erma to Wilfred inside back cover. Raymond - 8 Adjustments. Nice Elgin Keystone gold filled case, good covers a couple of small nicks on the back. Very nice gold filled swing out case with an American Eagle engraving on the back.

Near perfect porcelain enamel with just a tiny imperfection below where the 6 would be. Raymond - 8 or 9 Adjustments. Elgin Father Time, size 16, lever set and stem wind. Just serviced and new mainspring. Very nice porcelain enamel dial, with a vertical hairline on the inner chapter by 9.

Click on photos for larger image. This is a size 16, 23 jewel Elgin Veritas with wind indicator, model 15 adjusted to 5 positions. The movement was just serviced and the watch is keeping great time. The original porcelain enamel dial is near perfect with only an invisible hairline near the 6. The movement has gold jewel settings and drive train, adjusted to 5 positions and double roller. The movement was just serviced and is keeping good time. The serial number is dating the watch to The case is 10K GF and is in good condition with a few minor signs of age.

The crystal is in very good condition with no chips or scratches. Not seeing a Scroll to Top Button? Go to our FAQ page for more info. Porcelain enamel dial with repair near 3.

New Mid, Concave dating crystal. Yes Click on any photo for a larger image. This watch is a Type- A-9 non-hacking. Very nice Elgin gold filled case. New Mid Concave glass crystal. Very elgin gold filled case. New old stock period glass crystal.

Very nice gold filled swing out case. Nice gold filled case. Adjusted to 3 Position Click on any photo for a larger image. Porcelain enamel 24 hr. Excellent period correct glass crystal. Gold filled Elgin case marked cased and timed at the factory.

New beveled glass crystal. Nice gold filled Elgin case marked cased and timed at the factory. Diamond Endstones, Power Indicator. Nice gold filled case Veritas Model with very good covers. Very nice gold filled case marked case and times by Elgin. Serial number dates the watch to Size 16 With wind indicator. Nice Elgin gold filled case. Porcelain enamel dial has a slight hairline at 6 and at Nice gold filled Elgin case.

Near Perfect porcelain enamel dial. Porcelain enamel dial is near perfect except for a fain hairline near 7. Very nice gold filled case with with excellent covers. Near Perfect porcelain enamel Montgomery dial. New old stock glass crystal. The watch is keeping time.

Excellent beveled glass crystal. Veritas Movement Serial Number: Raymond - 8 or 9 Adjustments The watch was just serviced and is keeping time. Excellent porcelain enamel dial. Nice gold filled case with good covers. Nice gold filed case. Yes The original porcelain enamel dial is near perfect with only an invisible hairline near the 6.

Excellent swing out style gold filled case. Serial dates the watch to Click on any photo for a larger image.

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The Illinois Pocket Watch (Dating elgin pocket watch)

This is especially true if you are looking for a good quality Elgin at the right price. Along with the mainspring arbor pinion, this provides the stop-work. These marks can only be seen when the dial has the light falling across it with close examination. I have been asked by quite a few people now how to go about opening your watch. English watches using lever escapements are do not have divided lift. Frequently used with translucent enamels. ELgin B.W. Railroad Grade 21 Jewel Working Pocket Watch Movement

Miller, who took the road for that purpose and visited all the large cities. The teeth may be called leaves. The balance staff passes between them. Identification of clock/watch models and makers and when they were made. A comprehensive A to Z of pocket watch parts & descriptions. Elgin made both very high and very low quality watches that used basically the same blue prints.

After class 60, there is another block of classes from 61 to 86 which appear to be somewhat sorted. A gallery of pictures and information about wristwatch/pocket watch movements.

Elgin Pocket Watch General Information

An 1899 Elgin Pocket Watch

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    Diamond Endstones, Power Indicator. The history element for me is almost more intriguing that the watch itself. However please be advised that if you want an accurate value, then you need to take it to an expert. Lift can be based all on the pallets, all on the teeth, or divided between the two.

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    From Lancia to Omega 4. It is found in Swiss and French club-toothed escape wheel systems.

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    This mechanism consists of a cannon pinion, a minute wheel and the pinion and hour wheel. Raymonds allocated to it, more than any year since The diameter of the balance is almost the same as the movement plate.

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    One pleasing and characteristic feature in the history of Illinois Watch Company is the spirit of harmony, contentment and happiness shown in the looks, manners and actions of the men and women in its employ. A pleasing feature of the remaining space on the second floor of this building is a Rest and Club room for the women employees of the company. The Elgin National Watch company certainly played a major part in this huge production of good quality watches. In May, , they commenced the manufacture of watch parts, and in January, , the first watches were completed. In keyless watches, the winding button is found at the top of the pendant, with the winding stem passing through the pendant.

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    In this type of watch, the escapement is placed inside a cage or carriage, which is driven by the third wheel pinion. We share here some of the resources we have discovered over the years. See table roller and crank lever escapement. French and continental cocks are usually round or oval.

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    If two parts could share the same picture in the material catalogs, they were given the same part number. The watch is keeping time. Yes Adjusted to Isochronism: If you have done this type of appraisal then you are very close to ascertaining a truer value.

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    Elgin also offered a wide range of designs for both wrist and pocket watches. This escapement has a crown wheel, also known as the escape wheel, whose arbor carries a pinion that is driven by the train. The impulse pin can be semi-circular, elliptical, triangular or half-moon shaped. The Introduction of "Nameless" Watches Things changed in the mid to late s when Elgin introduced "Nameless" grades.

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