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UX Awards | UX Awards We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We've just launched our sister web site, Console Trackr, tracking video game consoles for the holiday season. Currently tracking Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft. Club Locker is a mobile friendly end-to-end squash solution for players, pros, and fans. From your first steps on court to your fiercest competitions we’ve got the. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We've just launched our sister web site, Console Trackr, tracking video game consoles for the holiday season. Currently tracking Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft.

intuitive matchmaking portland


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Complete online solution for marketing, registration, and event promotion needs, perfect for single event or ongoing promotional tour. EventPlanner by ResoSolutions 1 review. How do I break up with someone? Visit the post for more. My Fellow White People, Here’s One Simple Trick You Can Do About Racism TODAY!

Brad Calder, Ju Wang, Aaron Ogus, Niranjan Nilakantan, Arild Skjolsvold, Sam McKelvie, Yikang Xu, Shashwat Srivastav, Jiesheng Wu, Huseyin Simitci, Jaidev. He owns a restored vintage RV and returned recently from a yearlong road trip around the US. A variety of payment method Learn more about Form-Wizard Online system for creating and managing event registration forms.

How do I get out? Find and compare Event Management software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. The AMA is live! Come join!

Results are then analysed and designers can decide on the next iteration of designs. Eventarc by Eventarc 0 reviews. Replying to The Council of Unsolicited Advisors Learn more about FASTbook Facility management and event scheduling solution with calendars and timelines to simplify event bookings. Forgiveness, patience, and other traps.

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Secure event registration and management system with automated workflows and CRM integration. Learn more about EventHQ. Software that generates event orders and menus, provides dining room management, catering management for restaurants, hotels, etc. Learn more about EventPlanner. Provide the online registration forms, database reports and built-in e-mail communication to help your organization.

Learn more about GroupNet Solutions. Inpsherio is where simplicity meets inspiration. Helping event industry professionals gets organized and stay that way. Learn more about Inspherio.

A cloud based, full-featured event management system, scalable to the largest organization requirements. Learn more about IntelliEvent Lightning. Event management software specifically tailored to small, medium and large scale festivals as well as other entertainment events. Learn more about Marcato Festival. An event management platform with a central dashboard and features for attendee registration, online payments, check-in, and more!

Learn more about Mix Events Platform. Conference management, abstract submission, and peer-review tool. Learn more about OpenConf. Learn more about PerfectTablePlan.

SmartConfoo is a powerful web-based academic conference management software. Learn more about SmartConfoo. Event and association management system that offers financial management, trade show booth tracking, and event activities coordination.

Learn more about TEAM. Learn more about TicketSauce. ToEvent is a web-app that will revolutionize the way you arrange, market and manage your business events. Learn more about ToEvent. Learn more about Trumba Connect.

Learn more about Vivien. Learn more about Dryfta. A smartphone app that enables attendee interaction and collaboration and provides easy access to event information on the go. Learn more about Grupio. Learn more about Keybate. LineUpr is the simplest DIY tool for creating mobile event apps. Get started right away and create a fully functional app in minutes.

Learn more about LineUpr. Create all your communication in the corporate style of your event. Learn more about Momice. A simple solution for planning small parties and events.

Allows for calculating costs by supplier and tracking party invitations. Learn more about Party Planner. Amplifies everything great about events to maximize the value for every stakeholder Organizers, Exhibitors and Attendees.

Learn more about Zerista. Learn more about Eventsbot. Facility management and event scheduling solution with calendars and timelines to simplify event bookings. Learn more about FASTbook. SpinGo provides innovative event management and marketing solutions to event makers looking to grow and improve their events and brand. Learn more about SpinGo. Web based ticketing solution with features such as event management, integrations, and marketing. Learn more about KweekWeek. Comprehensive customized event management software solution that integrates with in-house accounting, CRM and CAD systems.

Learn more about a2zShow. Learn more about aanmelder. Designed to manage every detail of your sales and catering operation with speed, accuracy and convenience. Web-based conference software that can handle events of any size, from a few people, to a large conference of 50, attendees or more. Learn more about ACES. Learn more about Active Calendar. Active Connex event management software is centralized in one back office with a range of modules that can be tailored to your event.

Learn more about Active Connex. Web based platform that provides an automated means of managing the administration and marketing of training courses and events. Learn more about Actravia. Event marketing and secure online registration for corporates, government, associations, charities, networking organisations. Learn more about Acuvent. Learn more about Aigenda. Provides box-office and digital marketing solutions to event organizers throughout the world. Learn more about Allevents.

Web-based invitation tool with mobile access, Twitter integration, calendar, and ability to sell tickets. Learn more about Anyvite. An event APP platform to automate social media, audience engagement, ticketing, and more. Learn more about App4 Events. Venue and event management software in the cloud or on-premises. Learn more about Artifax Event. Helps meeting planners, speakers, trainers and educators integrate interactive, online and offline audience response systems.

Learn more about Audience Response Systems. Comprehensive and fully integrated community and event management software. Come discover what makes us stand out from competition! Learn more about B-Com. Web based online booking solution for party providers. Features include integrated payments and mobile bookings. Learn more about BirthdayMasters. Produce, administrate and manage events of any size and kind.

Get fast, accurate results in small fairs but also in big festivals. Learn more about Booking. Integrated online booking and reservations system. Learn more about BookingHound. Event management software designed to streamline the management of trade shows, events, exhibitions etc. Learn more about Booth Tracker. Trade show management software with online registration, booth sales and exhibitor management.

Learn more about Boothboss. Award-winning event technology suite built for driving event ROI via actionable insights. Brolly has your event technology, covered. Learn more about Brolly Event Solutions. An event management solution for the Argentinean market that improves communications, automates information flow, and more.

Learn more about Bubo Management. Event management systems tool which manages any bookable space. Learn more about CABS. Easily monitor and manage your entire collection process, from the initial call for papers to the scheduling of final presentations. Certain provides event automation software for data-driven marketers that captures attendee insights to drive measurable business resul Learn more about Certain Event Automation Software.

Enquiry to Reservation mgmt. Learn more about Clarity Event Manager. Full-service convention and citywide event registration and hotel booking platform, plus onsite and ancillary services. Learn more about CMR Housing. Database driven conference and meetings management software suite with client-server based architecture. Learn more about Conference Compass. Online registration, abstract submission and review, membership management, website design and content management.

Learn more about Conference Manager. Learn more about Conference Online. A web-based attendance tracking system for tracking entry and exit times, and collecting profile information. Learn more about Conference Tracker. A platform creating apps dedicated to conferences and trade shows, delivers iOS, Android and apps managed in a user-friendly CMS. Learn more about Confrenz. Web-based software for academic conferences. Learn more about ConfWare. Learn more about Connfa! A complete, unified business management suite for the event industry built on NetSuite.

Learn more about ConventionSuite. User-friendly all-in-one software for conference management including attendee management, abstract handling and on-site solutions Learn more about Converia. Learn more about Crowd Mics. Registration solutions for corporate events, conferences and trade shows that are focused around your specific needs.

Learn more about Crystal. Film festival management, ticketing, event management, online registration, and more. Learn more about Datakal Starbase. Helps smart marketing and sales people excite, engage and persuade the right prospects at a trade show. Learn more about Dazzletoday. The most complete solutions available for one-to-one meetings at conferences, exhibitions, networking and hosted buyer events.

Learn more about Delegate Select. Meeting and event online attendee data management software. Learn more about Details. Event management solution to extend your exhibitions, fairs, and conventions.

Learn more about DigiEvent. An event management platform with features for creation, management, promotion, registration, check-in, and communication. Learn more about Digital Tickets. A conference management web system, adaptable to all events. Besides basic functions also supports programme, online registration, etc. Online software solution for DJs, entertainers and more. Learn more about DJ Manager. A set of web-based tools for event planners that help them track appointments, booking calendars, customers, employees, and equipment.

Learn more about DJEP. Duuzra Presentation Software works for any size meeting or event to engage and interact with your audience. Learn more about Duuzra Presentation Software. A trade show lead capture app - present, survey, socialise, and capture new business leads at trade shows and meetings. Learn more about e-ngage. Learn more about eMeetingsOnline. Cloud based solution to track guest lists, capture event data, and increase social media engagement.

Learn more about Engage Complete online solution for marketing, registration, and event promotion needs, perfect for single event or ongoing promotional tour. Learn more about eRegistration. Event management solution designed with attendee tracking, online registration, payment processing, and more.

Learn more about eRegNow. Golf tournament management software designed to save time and increase revenue for tournaments of any size.

Learn more about Event Caddy. The most comprehensive platform of innovative web based tools to manage your business events Learn more about Event Catalyst. Simple to use online event registration facility, providing a secure, online event registration and payment process for your events.

Learn more about Event Gate. A set of online client tools such as booking engine and quote generator that could be incorporated into your existing website. Learn more about Event Intelligence. Automate event planning operations, scheduling, contacts, vendors, and create better control in handling details of organizing events. Learn more about Event Manager Systems. Learn more about Event Master Pro. Track attendance for events, conferences, meetings, generate reports with this web-based software.

Learn more about Event-Attendance Pro Web. Enables organizations to manage a diverse spectrum of event management, logistics and planning issues in shorter periods of time. Learn more about eventa Protocol. Event Management Software to manage registration, check-in, social networks, abstract managment, and more. Learn more about EventAct. Cloud-based platform designed to facilitate all aspects of event management, from the first call to the last invoice.

Learn more about EventApe. Self-service event registration and ticketing, with a particular focus on fundraising events Learn more about Eventarc. Tens of thousands of event planners and event organizers have turned to Eventastic as their 1st choice for event Mgmt. A comprehensive web application to create events and offer real time online registration, booth booking and real time payments. Learn more about EventAvenue. Mobile event platform designed to power enterprises, brands, and events.

Learn more about Eventbase. Web-based event management software that allows event managers to sell tickets online with minimal efforts and costs. Learn more about Eventbee. Take your event mobile with customized apps that display event information, connect to social networks, and allow attendee interaction.

Learn more about EventEdge. Software that improves your group booking process and customer experience. Learn more about Eventemo. An event management solution to Market, Sell and Manage Events. Learn more about EventERP. Cross-platform event management app that lets you design event layouts, check in guests, render events in 3D, and share events.

Learn more about EventForte. Online event registration solution for seminars and conferences: Learn more about EventFront. A fully integrated platform for organizing and managing sports events, such as races. Eventie takes sponsorship seriously and understand they are a vital aspect to running a successful event of any size. Learn more about Eventie. Everything you need to build a perfect conference website.

Mobile ready and SEO optimized, no technical skills needed. Learn more about Eventify. Helps you to manage your events and to lead your target audience into your sales cycle Learn more about EventMagix. Web-based software for managing promotion, bookings, documentation, feedback and administration for events.

Learn more about EventManager. EventOrg is designed and developed in order to deliver information to relevant participants when they demand. Learn more about EventOrg.

Eventpartners offers the invitation, visitors registration and tailor-made online registration for fairs, congresses and events. Learn more about Eventpartners. Create an interactive mobile event app for events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings. Learn more about Eventpedia. Unique combined app and microsite that lets event organisers give delegates all the info they need, quickly and easily. Learn more about eventpowwow. Web-based, easy to use, affordable event management solution for any operation- hosting banquets, weddings, meetings, and more.

Learn more about EventPro Learn more about EventRegist. Software for event organizers to improve their ability to interact with - and deliver better experiences for - event attendees.

Learn more about Events. We are global experts in the provision of end-to-end event management software matching solutions to every clients needs.

Learn more about Eventsforce. An online event management solution providing automation for check-in, registration, invitations, and more. Learn more about eventshaper. Mobile friendly solution for event marketing. Features include analytics, ticketing and registration, social networking, and CRM. Learn more about Eventsity. Web-based event management software tool that helps you to streamline processes and maximize staff productivity. Learn more about EventSolutions Learn more about Eventtus.

A cloud-based event planning solution for web and mobile. Provides end-to-end control, insight and management for event stakeholders. Learn more about eventuosity.

Cloud solution for managing event planning and marketing data with call for papers, agenda builder, and partner resource console. An event management and planning application, with features for tracking budgets, guests, tasks, vendors and goals.

Learn more about Evntfully. Ex Ordo is the easiest way to manage abstracts and papers. Learn more about Ex Ordo. Web-based event application for centralized management of tradeshow assets and streamlined work processes. Learn more about ExhibitForce. Exhibition creation solution with features to manage reports, floor plans, contract details, and more. Learn more about Exhibition Expert. Conference management application that allows you to accept proposals, build schedules, register attendees, and manage speakers.

Learn more about Expectnation. Event management software for selling and marketing your exposition and conference online. Learn more about ExpoCharger. Learn more about Expodoc. Learn more about eyeVIP. Fully integrated event management software. Learn more about FCPro. A powerful and versatile reservation management system tailored for conference centres and event management.

Learn more about Flexibook Conference Centre. Fluid Event Management helps you create event websites, reistratikon forms, or surveys quickly and easily with no html knowledge. Learn more about Fluid Event Management. We help PAs and event planners to find the best times for meetings and events by avoiding date clashes with holidays and major events. Learn more about Fly Another Day.

Learn more about FocusPoint Learn more about fusesport. Complete solution for your events and banquet needs including graphic views, employee punch clock, room management, etc. Learn more about Gastronome. Highly secure event app offering flexibility, control and power. It also provides actionable insights to drive revenue. Learn more about Gather Digital. Campaigns for nonprofits that help users fund-raise, volunteer, plan events, and handle social media. Learn more about Get Involved.

Event management software that leverages cloud storage and mobile integration Learn more about Goombal. GoRegister is a small boutique event management system. Learn more about GoRegister. GuestFirst platform allows companies and agencies to manage guests and handle sports event registration and invitation process.

Learn more about GuestFirst. Web and mobile app for guest list management that enable you to invite and check your guests into events and practices. Learn more about Guestsnow. Learn more about HelloSponsor. Learn more about Hoo Events. Learn more about Hubilo. Business management and invoicing software package for event professionals and wedding planners. Learn more about iDo. A native app that provides a comprehensive event management solution.

Tailor made for events and conferences. Learn more about iEvent App. Allows current event attendees to send social posts and targeted invites to encourage their friends to attend an event with them. Learn more about InGo. Unique, comprehensive event management system providing organisation and participation with mobile devices and cloud. Learn more about iQ-Conference. Packaged for a wide range of event types requiring registration along with payment and participant data collection.

Learn more about Itinio Event Registration. Social media wall and text to screen software tool that encourages audience interaction at events. Learn more about iWall.

Mobile applications, desktop platforms, and registration systems to bring attendees together before, during and after an event. KSeating is the essential application to easily and safely manage fashion events invitations and seating plan.

Learn more about KSeating. Conference management software with online registration and business analysis capabilities. Learn more about KxConferencing. Learn more about Launchmetrics Event Management. Software platform for meeting consolidation, event marketing CRM, registration and the creation of custom branded microsites. Learn more about Lenos Studio. Quickly organize business events like seminars and workshops with this event management software.

Learn more about Livelio. Learn more about m-anage. MainEvent is a one-stop-shop to centralize your event and experiential campaigns. Learn more about MainEvent. This comprehensive event management software facilitates the development, planning and execution of activities for large scale events Learn more about Major Event Planning Software.

Event mobile platform that matches people, generates leads, and produces deep data insights all based on physical proximity. Learn more about MAZE. Strategic Meetings Management SMM technology solutions designed by meeting professionals for meeting professionals. Web-based white labeled event application that supports collaboration between attendees, presenters, and organizers.

Learn more about MeeTee. Mobile event application that accomodates all information in the size of your phone, enhances networking and meeting management.

Learn more about Meeting Application. Learn more about MeetingZilla. Learn more about Metooo. Really simple event tools for regular people looking for an easier way to organise private events for the work, club, or association. Learn more about micepage. Corporate ground transportation solution that helps procurement professionals and travel managers plan corporate events and meetings.

Learn more about miMeetings. Business event marketing, registrations, surveys, and content uploads: Learn more about My Event Guru. Platform independent integrated online event and meeting registration system. Learn more about myERS. Online solution for exhibitors at trade shows - plan, budget, capture leads, scan business cards, follow-up, monitor.

Learn more about myfairtool. Learn more about myQaa. Easy mobile platform for contact management in events, between exhibitors and attendees, and access control system. Learn more about NFCLeads.

Learn more about oDASH. Online abstract submission and delegate registration. Learn more about Oxford Abstracts. Efficiently manage your entire registration management process online before, during and after your event. Learn more about Participantlogic. Online party booking and event management software. Web POS, time clock and employee management for the "fun" industries. Learn more about Party Center Software.

An online tool that makes the process of booking and communicating with promotional staff simple. Learn more about PopBookings. Web app for maintaining a database of your people, emailing them announcements, signing them up for events, and reminding them when. Primo Events formerly Primo Solutions specialize in top of the range, affordable online event registration Learn more about Primo Events. Manage classes and events easily.

Powerful scheduling, flexible tuition and fee options, online registration, and fundraising tools. Learn more about ProClass.

Live event management solution that allows you to easily manage timelines, track bookings, and share work with a team. Learn more about Propared. Cloud platform for meeting and event professionals that allows you to streamline the workflow from request to invoice.

Learn more about Qondor. Analytics and marketing automation extension for ticketing platforms. Learn more about Radario Marketing Platform. Learn more about Rebus. Learn more about Releventful. A comprehensive event management system that allows you to manage all the details and processes of an event. Learn more about Rendezvous.

A subscription based event management system for bars, nightclubs, lounges and hotels. Learn more about Reserve Nightlife. An internationally used cloud based application enabling users to better manage and control meeting registration, housing, and travel.

Learn more about ResRunner. An internet based reservations, registration and housing management solution for the meetings industry. Learn more about RezG-Groups. Ripley Systems offer integrated systems for exam and event management Learn more about Ripley Systems.

Web-based registration management app with permission based access control and reports that could be imported into CRM. Learn more about RS Cloud. Tool for managing assigned seat events which enables multiple events, such as a theater style event followed by a dinner. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Find research, guides, and infographics on our Event Software Research page.

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. Learn more about idloom-events Complete and professional tool that manages all the preparations for your event: Zoho Creator by Zoho 59 reviews. Wrike by Wrike reviews. Learn more about Wrike Plan, track, and manage your events and campaigns in Wrike.

Ticket Tailor by Ticket Tailor 59 reviews. Wix by Wix reviews. Cvent Event Management by Cvent reviews. Learn more about Cvent Event Management A complete platform that handles the entire event lifecycle from start to finish.

VoxVote by VoxVote reviews. Learn more about VoxVote Free mobile voting platform with free unlimited audience. Priority Matrix by Appfluence 98 reviews.

Learn more about Priority Matrix Priority Matrix helps managers and executives manage tasks effectively and efficiently across iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Eventleaf by Jolly Technologies 45 reviews. Learn more about Eventleaf Event registration software for all of your online and on-site event management needs.

Bizzabo by Bizzabo 32 reviews. Learn more about Bizzabo Bizzabo is an all-in-one event software that helps organizers create successful events from start to success. Weemss by Weemss 32 reviews. Oveit by Oveit 27 reviews. Learn more about Oveit Oveit is an easy to use cloud tool that helps you manage events, handle registration and process payments. Lyyti by Lyyti 26 reviews.

Snappii Mobile Apps by Snappii Apps 25 reviews. Eventival by Eventival 23 reviews. Learn more about Eventival Online Festival and Event Management software optimized for film and music festivals, awards, conferences and other events.

Eventboost by Eventboost 21 reviews. Learn more about Eventboost Eventboost provides event professionals a unique-on-the-market event management software and online registration platform. Pxier Event by Pxier 17 reviews. Form-Wizard by ProMarketing Wizard 16 reviews. A variety of payment method Learn more about Form-Wizard Online system for creating and managing event registration forms.

Learn more about Summit Event Manager For conferences, seminars and balls. Gigwell by Gigwell 14 reviews. QuickStaff by Adoro Studios 12 reviews. Ennect Event by Elliance 9 reviews. Learn more about Ennect Event Ennect Event is an online do-it-yourself event management and registration software that empowers online registrations and more. Learn more about vCongress vCongress is a user-friendly and individually-customisable online conference management software for medicine and life science.

Learn more about b2match Event management tool for organizing effective and goal-oriented networking events. Learn more about Brown Paper Tickets Ticketing and event registration software solution with an option to collect donations for fundraisers at the point of sale. Floktu by Floktu 7 reviews. Learn more about Floktu Floktu is events registration SAAS with both a simple template option, and a fully customizable product. MeetingHand by MeetingHand 7 reviews.

Learn more about MeetingHand MeetingHand is built to create a dynamic and comprehensive approach to event planning as an all-in-one solution. CharityMaster by Creditech Solutions 7 reviews.

Improve your fundraising events, manage your volunteers and memberships, generate personalized letters Learn more about CharityMaster Software for charities. Rezware XP7 by iRez Systems 7 reviews. Learn more about Rezware XP7 Reservations, check-ins, ticketing, POS inventory, e-payments, customer relations, marketing, accounting, and more. Evite by Evite 6 reviews. Learn more about Evite Invitation management solution that offers easy-to-use invitations, free eCards, and party planning ideas.

GruupMeet by GruupMeet 6 reviews. DoJiggy Events by DoJiggy 6 reviews. Learn more about DoJiggy Events Affordable online fundraising and event management software for golf tournaments, galas, and fundraising events of all types. Planstone by Planstone 6 reviews. Evenesis by Y Us 6 reviews. Enrole by Entrinsik 5 reviews. Learn more about Enrole Cloud based Registration and Event Management software for professional and continuing education, conference and event producers.

EventGeek by EventGeek 5 reviews. Learn more about EventGeek Project management for events. Eventory by Eventory 5 reviews. Learn more about Eventory All-in-one event management, marketing to take care of all your event needs.

Live2Event by Live2Event 5 reviews. Learn more about QuickMobile Event Apps Branded mobile tool for engaging participants of your events and meetings through real-time content updates and result tracking. Learn more about Tap To Speak Turns smartphones in live event rooms into a microphone, enabling audio communication, text comments, and surveys or polls. Learn more about MeetMax Ana 1on1 meeting and online registration system that is designed for complex, high-value corporate and financial events.

Whova by Whova 5 reviews. Learn more about Ya Ya Regie A cloud based event registration and management system that allows you to create an easy and cost-effective registration process. DoubleDutch by DoubleDutch 5 reviews. Learn more about DoubleDutch DoubleDutch is an award-winning provider of mobile event apps with a unique focus on capturing and surfacing data from live events. Learn more about EMS Event Management Software Schedule meetings and events, maximizing the utilization of rooms and other resources, across any distance.

EventRaft by EventRaft 4 reviews. Learn more about EventRaft eventRAFT enables event organizers to create an engaging mobile event app in their custom brand at an affordable price.

MeetApp by MeetApp 4 reviews. Learn more about MeetApp Create an awesome event experience by using MeetApp for your event, meeting or conference. MeetApp by Saturn Apps 4 reviews. Learn more about MeetApp Get your event in front of thousands of people, absolutely free.

EventSpot by Constant Contact 4 reviews. Learn more about EventSpot Simple, powerful tool for small businesses to manage their events. Priava by Priava 4 reviews. Learn more about Priava Priava is a cloud-based venue and event management solution aimed at venues of all sizes - from meeting rooms through to large stadia. BusyConf by BusyConf 3 reviews. Learn more about BusyConf Collect speaker proposals, rate them, build a schedule, and handle ticket registration in a snap.

Conversation Starter by Conversation Starter 3 reviews. Learn more about Conversation Starter We ensure attendees make relevant connections at business events, to make them more profitable for attendees and organisers. EventCollab by EventCollab 3 reviews.

Learn more about EventCollab Event project management is emerging technology all event profs should be using. Meetmaps by Meetmaps 3 reviews. Learn more about Meetmaps An engagement platform to create, manage and mesure mobile based event experiences.

Mitingu by Mitingu 3 reviews. Learn more about Mitingu Cloud-based business event management software that gives event organisers the tools to create, promote and sell their events. Ribyt by Ribyt 3 reviews. Learn more about Ribyt Ribyt helps deliver an amazing guest experience for event attendees while saving event producers time and resources. Swoogo by Swoogo 3 reviews. Learn more about Swoogo Back end responsive, mobile first event software solution designed to help you get more butts where they belong; in your seats.

Learn more about HelpGetSponsors Cloud-based tools and skills that aid small to medium size events in more effectively pricing, selling and managing sponsorships. Slido by Slido 3 reviews. Ungerboeck Software by Ungerboeck Software International 3 reviews. Evenium Net by Evenium 2 reviews. Learn more about Evenium Net Evenium Net is the most complete, most affordable event registration, invitation, and badging solution.

Event Management Software by Signup Systems 2 reviews. Learn more about Event Management Software Software for your event management company with online attendee registration, CRM, event calendaring and event enabled shopping cart. Event Management Software by Attune Events 2 reviews. Learn more about Event Management Software Professional online event software.

Eventogy by Eventogy 2 reviews. Learn more about Eventogy A suite of simple, clever tools that allow you to manage complex corporate events with reporting, auditing, and more. Learn more about ExhibitCore Manager Satisfies all tradeshow online collaboration needs, ranging from large exhibit builders to small tradeshow management teams. InviteRight by RightLabs 2 reviews. Learn more about InviteRight Broadcast information, send invitations, receive registrations, track payment receipts, record attendance and publish results.

Optimo by Optimo 2 reviews. TicketManager by TicketManager 2 reviews. Learn more about TicketManager TicketManager enables companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant. Tito Event Ticketing by Tito 2 reviews. Learn more about Tito Event Ticketing Provides a simple, stress-free ticketing experience for organisers and attendees.

ConfTool Pro by ConfTool 2 reviews. Learn more about ConfTool Pro Register participants, accept contributions, schedule programs for your conference or seminar online. Learn more about eShow No matter the size of your event, the eShow umbrella has you covered with a complete range of event management solutions. Explara by Explara 2 reviews. As lines of code were authored, everyone on the team collaborated in real time, sculpting and refining the concept as the app evolved.

UberConference is visual conference calling done right. Simple design for easy team communication. Led by Craig Walker, the founder of GrandCentral and Google Voice, the team has deep experience in developing innovative telephony features at scale.

A design-driven planning solution to better manage your business, teams and projects. Creative thinkers collaborate with others on a shared goal, but with no clear path to get there. We recognize that businesses today need to make strategic decisions on the fly.

They are constantly adjusting the plan, reshuffling priorities, or reassigning employees, and need a way to capture the big picture of what makes their business successful. Current tools either address one aspect of the business, or focus on the tactical details, failing to provide this big picture. We have subscribers in over 40 countries and are tracking over , projects, totaling more than 7 million hours of work. This best-selling Android app replaces your keyboard with the fastest and easiest way to type.

It includes SwiftKey Flow, a gesture typing method, and a triple prediction bar. In our latest release, we added the SwiftKey Store, where new themes can be found. We designed more than 30 beautiful new keyboard themes and a newly designed and improved flow trail. We also added an optional number row, an emoji panel filled with over emoji, and emoji prediction. A big part of this project was the migration of our existing user base from a paid application to a free one. There are 83mm Americans currently living with some heart related condition.

Cardiovascular diseases are chronic: Complications are preventable however, regular monitoring is the key. QardioArm blood pressure monitor came to life after numerous consultations with cardiologists asking for a smart blood pressure monitor that would allow its user to live a daily life without the inconveniences a traditional blood pressure monitoring entails: We thought of every little detail such as creating a simple 3 step manual wrapped inside the cuff for the user to find it before the first use or doubling the use of the cuff as a protective sleeve.

We wanted to develop a BP monitor that would fit a modern lifestyle and people would want to use and have around. With the two sides of the site pushing away from each other, we showed their lives moving in opposite directions, only to meet one fateful day in Dealey Plaza.

The site has two core features. Opposite-direction scrolling reinforces the storylines at play. We allowed mobile device orientation data to control site elements the same way mouse position does.

If you visit KennedyandOswald. Zone utilizes wireless technology to improve the lives of parents and children with mild autism. Zone is the product of a group of Virginia Tech Industrial Design Students, as a part of their sophomore wireless technology project. The team of four students did preliminary research on autism spectrum disorders through online websites and journals, information provided by the CDC, and communication with educators at associated nonprofits such as Autism Speaks.

Members also gained insight to the problem by talking to real moms and dads who have children on the spectrum as well as teachers of autistic children. The team ideated on solutions and came to appropriate conclusions involving wearable technology and mobile displays. The prompt was to create a universal design solution for a mother and her mildly autistic child, aimed at helping the child when he struggles socially and behaviorally.

The solution aids autistic children in communicating how they feel, which is usually difficult for them to express, and helps parents gain a better understanding of their child, thus a greater ability to help their child.

Zone has two components: Sensors on the underside of the watch utilize skin conductance technology to detect stress, a physical indicator of emotional outbursts. Within the app parents can access the history of outbursts, including outburst causes and intensity, and can receive live-updates when their child becomes stressed. Teachers can also stay connected and have the ability to make their own notes to add insight when outbursts occur.

This offers a new way to track short-term and long-term behavioral development of children with autism. Kioto provides an engaging reading experience through annotation and sharing. This not only creates an interactive experience for viewers of a website, but also drives user engagement for Evernote including content creators across the web.

At American Express Serve, we want to reshape how people manage their money and bring better, more affordable services to those who need them most. Today in the U. Many rely on costly and time consuming methods to get cash, pay their bills, and manage their budgets, using only a mobile phone to access the internet at home.

To meet this particular need, we built a fluid, responsive web experience and code base that can grow and change as our users do, without app updates or device discrimination. American Express Serve Responsive Web. The seat designer is a rich interactive web-based seat map and ticket creation management tool. Reserved seating events allow event organizers to optimize revenue with tiered ticket pricing whilst providing attendees with a better event experience through selecting their own seat at the time of purchase.

Reserved seating solutions until now were expensive, hard to use, visually uninspired and simply out of reach for many event organizers. Eventbrite now offers a product that is free to use if the event is free or charges a small fee when tickets are sold to paid events.

Reserved seating was traditionally in the realms of the industry giants and other fee for service companies. The team at Eventbrite set out to create a browser based, on brand, visually inspired design tool that enables seat map creation in a self service fashion. The project faced many challenges not only from a solution design perspective, great care had to be given to ensuring it was as simple to use as possible for millions of potential users.

Our target audience is massive, our reserved seating platform can be used by event organizers hosting a multitude of event types of all different sizes. Technically the project was very challenging and pushes the boundaries of javascript and vector graphics browser based applications and is very forward focused. The redesign of MaVeZe was aimed to create a new place to be, read and write, for the amazing colorful Tel-Avivian blogging scene.

Creating a blog and media website for generation Y have made us look for new ways and approaches to communicate with this tough crowd. We found new ways for bloggers to create and pass what they have to say and for readers to absorb and provide feedback, breaking the walls between a blogger and his readers. Changing the rules was the right approach when dealing with generation Y and we were happy to see the immediate impact on the audience and market. SAP is a tool that helps us design better applications.

It enables designers to get feedback on their designs as soon as there is some artefact to be shown — even a photo of a rough concept drawn on a napkin. Designers upload screens into Drive. SAP tool and send studies to clients or anyone who would be fit to give feedback. Results are then analysed and designers can decide on the next iteration of designs. It started on the initiative of Sam Yen SAP Chief Design Officer and as a necessity since it took too long for clients to actually see any progress during design stages.

As sending screens in email was not effective enough, we set out to create Drive. Project was created, and is being upgraded and maintained by an internal team of SAP designers and developers. There are many features being considered on the development roadmap, and we listen to the feedback of the users using it. One of the goals for Drive. SAP is to become an open project anyone on the internet can use, not just remain an internal tool.

Judge and Speaker Presentations and Interviews. He has also led high-profile UX projects for Yahoo! Alex is also the author of Cataloging the World: At GE, Greg is leading efforts to define the human interface to the Industrial Internet, connecting people to machines and systems in meaningful ways.

Greg has more than 25 years of industry experience in user-interface, experience and interaction design. Prior to GE, Greg worked at SAP in a variety of design roles, including VP of product management for the design and new applications team, where he was responsible for bridging great user experience with next generation SAP technologies to market faster. Greg is a prominent industry personality known for his ability to use design skills to solve business problems. In addition to running the UX team, Michal has also helped to develop Huge School, a discipline-specific, paid apprenticeship program designed to give talented individuals the skills required to be successful in a career at Huge.

The school allows for Huge to give back to the community, while training the next generation of creatives, designers and technologists. She has also studied, taught and performed improv comedy for more than 15 years. She frequently trains White House staff on innovation, and her workshops have been sold out around the world. Janice is a serial entrepreneur and an interaction designer. Janice is a keynote speaker at startup conferences around the world and at top universities and business schools, including Stanford, Kellogg, and Haas.

Over the course of her career, Margaret has led the design teams for 5 top 10 most visited websites in the world. Margaret has been a leading practitioner and manager in the field of User Experience for over 15 years. She subsequently joined Tripod, Inc, the pioneering homepage building site and online community, in as its first Creative Director. Tripod was acquired by Lycos, Inc in Margaret served as General Manager of Tripod. In , she joined Wachovia as its Web Usability Manager.

She relocated to California in early to join Google, and in early moved to YouTube to lead their user experience team. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband, three children, and various and sundry pets. Brian Kralyevich is an industry veteran with more than eighteen years of experience in design, architecture, new media and user experience design for award winning software and services. Prior to joining Amazon, Brian was Executive Creative Director for XBOX where he directed interdisciplinary design teams dedicated to delivering end-to-end consumer experiences across game consoles, Kinect, PC, mobile and web.

Brian was head of user experience design at Nokia Design based in London and was responsible for the leading the team that drove the design and delivery of the Nokia N9. Turi focuses on developing participatory design and creative collaboration processes and skills within Frog and for Frog clients. She partners closely with companies seeking to develop new skillsets and creative collaboration capabilities to identify strategies and projects where skills can be built through a learn-by-doing approach.

Her academic background is in Anthropology with emphasis on symbolic anthropology and ethnography. Outside of the office, she blows glass and travels the world.

Cliff Kuang is an articles editor at WIRED, where he oversees its design coverage and helps lead its new-product initiatives. Design became one of the most trafficked design sites in the world and won a National Magazine Award.

Previously, he has been an editor at I. With Robert Fabricant, he is now writing a book about user experience design, to be published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Rafe has over 25 years of experience covering new technology products and companies. He is currently the Editorial Director at Yahoo Tech. In the past, Rafe was Director of Developer Relations at Evernote where he lead the team at Evernote which runs hackathons, workshops, outreach, and other activities to support the Evernote platform and API. Rafe has interviewed over a thousand startup CEOs and analyzed their businesses and products.

He wrote and distributed a daily column online before blogging was a thing. In addition, he had always been fascinated by the directions entrepreneurial thinking and technology products are taking. Rafe has worked as a product reviewer, a magazine and Web site editor, a news writer, a podcaster, and a video interviewer. His specialities include writing, analyzing products, working on camera, and hosting live events.

Her passion is to evangelize the impact of great UX. With nearly two decades of industry experience, Todd held senior positions at a number of other companies prior to joining Huge, including Time Inc.

She leads a team of designers who work directly with customers to transform their user experience. She has over a 15 years of experience building, coaching, and leading high performance teams to deliver design-led innovation. She has authored 20 intellectual property patent applications of innovative user experiences. Andrew is the Head of Design at Uber where he and his team are creating the future of local transportation and delivery.

Leading both the Design and Brand Councils, Andrew worked directly with product leaders blending brand and design to affect positive outcomes for customers. He leans on 25 years of experience in visual, interaction, and product design and has a deep perspective on creating meaningful product experiences for people. Andrew has led design and brand teams on projects for both enterprise clients and startups; he is passionate about designing products and services that delight people and exceed business expectations.

Paul is a Principal at Method who is working to help define the future of experience design. He has been a designer for 20 years, with work ranging from visual, interaction and service design, to programming, to industrial design and architecture, to strategy and brand development. He works to develop lasting partnerships with clients and to establish a strong strategic spine to all projects. Paul has been involved with Method for over 12 years. Prior to joining Method Paul worked on a diverse group of projects.

Outside of work, he enjoys vintage cars, making cocktails, cooking and travel. He owns a restored vintage RV and returned recently from a yearlong road trip around the US.

His early career includes nearly 10 years at Microsoft where he designed the UX for Office to Office , and led the design for the first version of Microsoft SharePoint.

More recently, Martijn was Director of Design and part of the founding executive team at Artefact, a technology and product design firm. He is a design-entrepreneur who is driven by the desire to improve the human and, particularly, the work experience by making new things. While pursuing Computer Science at Georgia Tech, Mathew decided to switch gears and follow more creative endeavors with a degree in fine arts from SCAD and still enjoys breaking out the sketchbook when not nerding out.

He also represents the company at public events and in the press. Prior to joining, he worked as a journalist for News Corporation and Sky News. Goran has been working in the digital design industry for well over a decade now. He was working in top digital agencies in Croatia, catering to majority of big brands in the region, and about two years ago moved to Ireland to work in SAP as a Principal UX Designer.

Trevor Coleman combines a deeply empathic understanding of customer experience and pragmatic business sense to his role as Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Interaxon, where he currently oversees development of apps for Muse: As a founder and Chief Product Officer of InteraXon, he is committed to delivering compelling and innovative user experiences through brainwave-enabled applications.

Jon Wong is a San Francisco-based designer and illustrator who aims to create purposeful, story-driven designs. He draws inspiration from a trifecta of childhood influences: UberConference can keep you on schedule by calling you. Never worry about dialing in again.

We can even call your guests mid-call to have them join. After receiving his degree in Industrial Design, he worked at RKS Design for two years where he helped clients develop engaging product experiences across a variety of industries.

After moving to the Bay Area and contracting with a few startups, he turned his focus to UberConference, with the goal of improving the way we communicate. He spent six years helping the company grow from 60 to people, managing teams across seven offices worldwide.

He designed some of its most celebrated projects, including CNN. Prior to this, Felipe served as Creative Lead at Globo. He also taught post-graduate courses as an associate professor at PUC-Rio. One of the best-known designers in Brazil, Felipe is the author of the best selling Brazilian book on User Experience, Design para a Internet. Felipe has an M. Joe has over 16 years of digital experience. Tal Florentin is an award winning User Experience practitioner who successfully led dozens of companies and organization to effective products using a winning User Experience strategy.

Katie Koch is a user experience designer and teacher in Brooklyn. As Design Director at American Express, Katie works with her team to create new products and services that meet the needs of people traditionally underserved by financial institutions. As part of an in-house design team, she collaborates with partners in business to strategize and execute on big ideas, working across disciplines to create the best possible customer experience.

Beyond work, Katie is a co-founder of Project: Interaction, an after-school program that teaches interaction design to high school students, and recently finished her tenure as adjunct faculty at Parsons, the New School for Design. American Express Serve LinkedIn: He writes for industry publications and speaks at various events. He has a degree in Philosophy from Clark University. Josh is a product designer at the Eventbrite in San Francisco.

Josh came from a visual design agency in Boulder Colorado. In his maker spirit brought him to San Francisco, where his role among other things has been a product design leader at Eventbrite. Josh represents a group of talented UX and Product designers whose mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.

Recently, Josh worked as the visual designer on Reserved Seating, an application that empowers organizers to create graphical representations of venue spaces. Alex Morrison is managing director of digital specialists, Cogapp www. Alex founded Cogapp in and has been working on aspects of digital media and the digital user experience ever since.

Outside Cogapp, Alex sits on the board of a couple of successful non-profits and has failed to change the face of online entertainment with his now defunct talent show start-up, Noostar. Alex and Cogapp are based in thriving digital hotspot, Brighton, England. Originally from Eastampton, New Jersey, Kyle is currently in his third year of undergraduate studies in the Industrial Design program at Virginia Tech. He is an avid reader and runner and loves just about anything outdoors.

His main design interests include design for the bottom of the pyramid, sustainable packaging, and design inspired by biology. He is projected to earn his degree in the spring of and after that he hopes to find a job wherever he can.

Qardio is a technology company making heart health monitoring easier and better for everyone. Our medical devices are based on proprietary technologies and are beautifully designed, with incredible attention to detail, to fit eortlessly into everyday life, making healthcare easier and more personal.

During this restructuring he redesigned operations for scalability, rebuilt all operational platforms, and managed the manufacturing of custom hardware. Rosario has worked on projects across four continents, and his international project experience includes designing the architecture of execution-critical systems for several globally recognizable clients. Eliad is a Principal UX designer with 12 years of experience both in enterprise and consumer software design.

Currently, he is a team lead in the Design and Co-innovation Center, where he provides strategic design services to SAP customers. Prior to SAP, he worked at Education. SAP Consumer Insight Joshua Goldberg is an artist, programmer and educator obsessed with performative abstraction and machine-vision control.

He has shown work, taught workshops and built installations on four continents. Taurin Barrera is an American electronic musician and multimedia artist whose work explores the interactive connections between technology and sensory perception. Barrera combines computer vision, data visualization, and algorithmic composition techniques to program audiovisual instruments and installations. He uses emerging technologies to augment our sensory experiences of sound and visual art.

He designs sounds you can see, images you can hear, and interactive audiovisual sculptures you can touch. While at Mills, Barrera developed interactive multimedia systems and environments for creative and playful exploration of digital media. At General Assembly, we are creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century — from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing.

TechCrunch is a blog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. The User Experience Professionals Association UXPA is an international association devoted to assisting new and established professionals in the user experience disciplines.

Through networking, publications, conferences and classes, UXPA can help you hone your skills and deepen your involvement in the UX community. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services.

Explore our 42 year history of innovation and access late breaking company news, financial and investor information, career opportunities, and more.

Infor is the third-largest provider of enterprise applications and services in the world. We enable our customers to work smarter and faster to help them drive growth, improve operations, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands.

In the cloud or on-premise, we make it happen. Fjord has been pioneering service design since we opened our doors in Modus Associates is a digital innovation consultancy founded to help global brands and visionary start-ups more fully realize the business potential of the digital age, where customers rule, connectivity is everywhere, and creating value for profit and social impact is the name of the game.

Our areas of excellence include writing, messaging and branding, graphic and web design, social media, press relations, tradeshow support and awards programs. WunderLand is the destination for hiring talent, and for finding jobs in the U. Conjure is a UX and development agency with a passion for making data easy to understand and use.

We help companies structure, build and integrate more stable and sustainable design teams, and we help the designers to navigate their careers in a more meaningful, considered way.

Flying Pancakes Productions is an award-winning video production studio spanning documentaries, narrative feature films and shorts that have been shown at more than 30 film festivals. The Interaction Design Foundation — the IDF — is a ten year old transformative non-profit enterprise focused on educating, informing and stimulating the global design community. The organization has created a powerful cloud based publishing model, blending free video material and textbooks with an immersive web site and social media presence for thought leaders, students, authors, academia, and design professionals.

Loop11 is the only way to get quantitative usability metrics…affordably. A self-serve, browser-based solution for usability professionals, web managers and web designers to create their own online, usability testing projects to get the metrics needed to optimize website usability. We bring your vision to life, creating brilliant software and fielding an integrated team of talented engineers, designers and product managers who move fast and make things happen.

We help you bring a new product vision to market, accelerate your existing development efforts and prepare your team to bring agile practices home to strengthen your in-house development. Pow Interactive is a boutique design studio specializing in web, mobile and emerging technologies. Whatever the platform, we seek to engage users and improve their experiences.

We connect people interested in designing better user experiences with the best expertise available—in the formats that make the most sense, and in ways that demonstrate the value of UX. We are committed to unearthing and clarifying those opportunities and driving consensus among teams to bring them to fruition.

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Complete details for the UX Awards: judges and speakers, winners, the event, sponsors and partners, submissions!

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Alex is also the author of Cataloging the World: Learn more portland DoJiggy Events Affordable online fundraising and event management software for golf tournaments, galas, and fundraising events of all types.

There are intuitive more features that will be added in the future—US Squash is committed to constant improvement of this matchmaking service. Question Gone to Hell Question Learn more about FCPro Fully integrated event management software.

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