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free online kundali match making in hindi


Free online Janam Kundli Software

Hello, My Date of Birth is Dehradun 4: I read this in many books and narayaneeyam is one of that. Enter Your Name Your name. I am suffering in life from Kalsarpa yoga. He has kal sarp yog. When you fill the form above, we generate your free online Kundli in Hindi, it gives a preview of your personality as well as the course of life. Your 2nd lord moon is placed in ownhouse, which is extremely lucky in terms of money.

Perform HOROSCOPE MATCHING also known as kundali matching for marriage based on ashtakoot system of Vedic astrology using no.1 horoscope matching tool on Internet.

Get JANAM KUNDLI of 50+ pages FREE in English and Hindi. This online free Kundli software provides free Kundali downloading in PDF. Kundali Matching. The kundali making for matching is a method which can give info about your Mental and Physical compatibility, Longevity of the marriage, Nature.

Importance of Match Making or Kundali Matching. Marriage is the most important decision of our life which decides our future and progress. In Indian culture.

How cani calculate this myself? And Iam facing a lots of problems sir. But i do not have those symptoms till today. Do I have any kalsarpa yoga applicable to me in my horoscope. Can anybody tell me is this yoga present in my kundali or not…. I am a novice to astrology.

Manglik Dosh

How cani calculate this myself? Sir, i read your document on kalsarpa yoga, and i got the insight to this matter.

My brother, was told to have this kalsarpa yoga and he was also told to perform some yagya at Trimbakeshwar But the problem is that he is not ready to do any rituals. And yes he is facing a lot of problems related to his marriage, as he is not getting any desired or rather proper proposals, if at all we come across any , he rejects it or it is rejected from the otherside.

He is found to be very disturbed. Can you pls suggest some remedy or anything that would direct him to be positive. Please help sir, we, really find it impossible or rather we find ourself completely helpless regarding him. And one more question. His date of birth is 14 june , time And kindly tell when this situation will calm down.

Faced serious problems in my married life and encountered litigations. Further I have slog to get noticed whilst others get it so easy…every things happens after a long struggle and much delay. I get acknowleded but the rewards are not in line with my efforts.

Unfortunately there are many opinions of pandits in our society who try to encash on the weakness of individuals. People are vulnerable and become easy prey. For me a snake in my dreams fortells success. Currently Ketu Mahadasha is on and begining next year Rahu antardasha will commence. I get this would be a very tough period more so with KSY.

Would appreciate any guidance from some learned soul. After all there are so many of us who are afflicted by this aspect and hope is our most powerful weapon. My question is, is the kal sarp yoga is present in his kundali?

His lagna is meena. I never really gave much thought to astrology, and am a firm believer in the fact that my life is for me to influnce, good or bad.

That i cant blame my troubles on fate and astrology and i have to be responsible for my actions and decisions, and deal with my problems in a practical and realistic manner. I have lived a life of hardship and some good moments too in my 25 yrs of existence. Recently, as my marriage preparations were being started, the groom and his mother went to astrologer.. I also apparently have Mangalya Dosha. So my father and myself, went to another astrologer and he says that i have a mild case of mangalik dosha but i also have kalatra dosha i have no idea what it means.

Then yesterday, my father went to another astrologer in india, and apparently i dont have mangalik dosha due to venus in Lagna. I dont know what to believe anymore. This is my details: Usilampatti, Tamil Nadu, India 9. Another, mismatch i see is that in my book, mercury is placed in the 2nd house, but the birth chart calculater in this site, which is fantastic, by the way!

So, thats yet another confusion. The problems just keep on coming.. When will she get married? And How will be her married life? What will her groom be occupation? I really liked your website as it can assist numerous peoples and is a valuable tool to many of us. I have Libra accendent. Jupiter in 11th Leo and Keetu in the 12th. My age currently is 39 years. Scorpia Second House from Lagna: No Planet Third House: Moon, Mars, Jupitor Tenth House: Sun, Venus, Mercury Eleventh House: Hello, My Date of Birth is Dehradun 4: One tested and tried solution i would like to share is on Every tuesday go to oldest Prachin very very old Hanuman Temple without wearing any leather component like leather belt , leather purse , leather jacket , leather shoe etc.

Please tell me the remedy so that i can come forward from my probs. Sun shares the 10th with Rahu. Mars is in the 12th and Saturn is in the 5th house from Lagna. Jupiter is in the 7th from Lagna. Moon is in Lagna itself. Dear sir, my DOB: Is it a Kalsarpa yoga since all planets are between rahu 6th house and ketu 12th house. I have rahu in 10th and ketu in 4th. Sani in 3rd, surya and sukran in 1st, guru, mangal and moon in 11th and budh in 12th. Have been told I have kalsarp dosha. Appreciate ur advice to reduce the problem.

My fiancee has this yoga and I am Manglik because I have mars in 4th. I made a match in other webpage and it is supposely right. Should I take care of something? I have to add that he was my boyfriend when I was 18 years old and we had a relationship about 2 years and a half and we finished it. I notice that when my relationship is going good I loose my job and in the contrary when we fight a lot I stay in my job. I am worry if my bad aspect mars is going to affect him economically because I consider that he is so lucky in almost ways.

I am facing a lot of problem regarding my marriage when my kundali was showed which denoted kalsarpa dosha…i used to see lot of snakes hissing n moving in my dream n was in sustain fear…performed some pooja for kalsarpa…the dream that i used to have has declined a lot but there r still lot of hindrances in my love life n i am not getting suitable groom or the talk could not proceed further…would u please kindly say me what kind of kalsharpa i am having….

Sir, Lot of pandits have told me that i have kalsarpdosha and am manglik too. Pujas were also conducted but after that i dont see any change in my situation.

Facing lot of problem in marriage area as things dont proceed further with grooms whom i find compatible. My DOB is May at Kindly suggest if any more pujas need to be done and when will i find my life partner. Moreover,on my professional front also, am facing lot of delays which overall is leading to de-motivation and depression.

Sir, my planetary positions are as follows. I started my career as a Journalist, but then there were some financial problems and hence I changed my career path. Now , I am working as a Technical support in a BPO, but I am not at all satisfied, neither with my job, nor with the money. I want to go back to journalism once more. I am very confused now. Please suggest me what should be my course of action at this time. How will my life be?

And now when I am completely recovered from illness, i am trying for my marriage with new hope. I am not afraid of death, as i think that living is more challenging, after having so much of problems in my life.

I want to know when my marriage will take place. My siblings have partial KSY, can I perform single pooja for all of us 3 persons at a single time.

Sir, I know i have kal sarp yoga in my kundli and i have done all the poojas at triyumbekeshwar and even worn this gomed lahsuniya ring still i havent got the success in my career which i have been longing for so many years. In fact when i wore that ring i lost my lost job.

Pranam Guru ji, fortunately i ve read about Kalsarp Yoga, while i was finding about this yoga since longtime, n see suddenly i found this. WELL, i just wanted tat how long this will be effective in my life.

In kashmir astrologers never believed in this concept because Rahu And Ketu are not recorded as sampurna Grahas. For that matter Neptune,Uranus, Pluto are also recorded in the chart. I would like to know whether his horoscope is having any dosha to himself or to anybody else.

Please give a general prediction including his yogas, education, health and relation with parents. Dear Sir, We hv great faith in u, we are real needy and need ur support to stand.

But as discussed with some jyotish, they told that our match is not good for me pankaj regarding health due to mangal in komals kundli. Even we are ready to take two diffrent house and can live in night apart or if without being marry we ar ready to live together if it diminish bad effects of our kundli.

I m giving you our birth details. And, because of that, even though I was born in the U. In my kundali Rahu is in 2nd Ketu is in 8th house house. I want you to ask question that in my kundali any jyotish has not tell that you are having kalsarpyog but I think that I am having kalsarpyog in my Kundali. Because I have always seen snake in my dreams. Besides this I have suffered a lot. Because I have struggle a lot in my life to achieve something education,health.

I am weak in my studys also I have health problems which I can not mension here because it is personal to me. I want know what are the solutions to this problem please reply. His birth place is in Mangalore karnataka. Astrologers have said that i have the kulika kalsarp yog. Guruji name — Arun Vinayak Kannav,Cell , You dont have to carry gold or silver snakes with you. Dear sir, My date of birth is 30december ,time My parents are quite worried about my marriage.

I want to know whether i will be getting a suitable life partner or not? Regards and Thanks Shwetambri. I am student and right now I am studying at Australia I am facing so much difficulties in my studies and to getting part time work. I have a 3 yr old son. He has lot of health issues so looked at his horoscope.

Wanted to know from you that if he has any sarp dosh? In his chart, Rahu is in 8th the house, ketu in 2nd house. All planets such as Jupiter,Ascendent in 1st house. The above planets are all on right side. I read that if neptune, plute or uranusu are on other side of the axis, this yog is not formed?

Can you please confirm. I am so worried about my son. Hi Indian system of astrology does not consider pluto,neptune or uranus. Therefore if all other planets are between Rahu and Ketu, then it is a Kaal Sarp yog. In my opinion, health issues are of your child are not due to kal sarp yog, it is probably due to mars and sun in 12th house.

Kal sarp yog only produces delays and hinderances in your acheivements. It does not stops you from acheivements. If one have this yog, it means that the person need to try a little harder. There is no need to worry about Kal Sarp yog at present as your child is only three year old. Rahu, Saturn 11th House: Mars, Mercury, Venus 1st House: In my horoscope rahu is in 4 and kethu in 10, Appart from the educational delay….. I quite happy…pls explain me. Do I have any kalsarpa yoga applicable to me in my horoscope.

My details are Date of birth: We however performed a puja in nashik on the bank of godavari river. The puja involved giving daan of 7 sapras 5 silver, 1 tambha 1 gold following which we also perfomed a small puja at Trimbakeshwar temple.

Now my kundali was matched with a guy whos details are as follows Name: Prasanna Iyengar Date of Birth: The match was however said to be doomed for failure and was rejected by elders. Guruji I want to know if this is all happening becoz of my KSY. If there is any thing I can do to reduce the effect of it. What should be done to get this match fixed.

I need exact configuration details of the special ring made for Kaal Sarp Yoga. What should be the weight of the metal used for the ring?? Prior to wearing of ring, does it require any kind of Puja???

Hi All, I am kapil. I am having kaal sarp dosh with Rahu in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10 house. Please let me know the remedies to cure i am facing problems in almost all domains of life. Is kaal sarp dosh is really as dreadful as they say it is. If i perform remedies what is the guarantee that it will not punish me any further. Dear Sir, I have been reading your comments and salute you for your knowledge.

I have Vasuki Kalsarpyoga as rahu in 3rd, in pisces and Ketu in9th in Virgo. I am Capricorn Rising Lagna. Currently I am in Sun mahadasha after completing Venus period for 20 years.

I lost both my paprents in Venus period. My sun is in 10th house in Libra which is considered weak. What can I do to make it stronger? I do feel fianacially crunched and very tense. Do yo also do personal consult in Bombay? My date of birth is on 22nd december at In my kundli rahu, bruhaspati and mangal are there in my Lagna In my second house saturn,third house vacant fourth house rabi sixth house venus and moon and in 7th house ketu is there.

Can I success in my life? Please give me solution. My date of bith is 6th Jan, Parbhani- Maharashtra, at Do I have KSY? I am stil not settled in life inspite of good post graduate medical qualification. Please reply and help. My name is Palakshi umesh. His date of birth is Wednesday, 14th January, at 3.

Born at Tumkur It was a sankranthi day. We are told he has kalasarpa yoga. His health is not good. Will you kindly tell the remedies or the measures to be taken so that his health improves. He has an aged father who is worried because of this. His health is not good and cannot perform poojas. As I am taking care of him I request you to tell the remedies.

His father will do pooja on his behalf. I have given my email id. You can send the reply to my mail also. His nakshatra is Uttarashada. Maybe I do not have KSY, but would be glad if you can explain to me the significance of having 5 planets in the first house.

Also that if Rahu is in the first house does it have any negative influence. I am a novice to astrology. I was just going through this website and many other websites. I also saw presence of planets in some houses have major impact on life. It is the same with other planets as they occupied different positions. I am newly married female. My husband is having kaal sarp dosh. We want to do pooja in Nashik. However, my husband cannot be there in Nashik during Naag Panchami to do Kaal Sarp Dosh pooja, as he works in a ship on contract basis of months.

Can you please suggests some upaay on it. We are in very bad position in terms of finance and family issues. One of my friend predicted that I have Kaal Sarp after predicting my horoscope. Can you please help and let me know wheather the prediction is correct or not? Rahu , Mars Sizth House: Jupiter , Sun , Saturn Seventh House: Mercury , Venus Eight House: What will be the effect if the planetary position of moon and ketu and rahu in 11th house, jupiter in fourth house, mercury and sun in second house, saturn in eight house and mangal in sixth house?

My name is Mrs Kavitha My date of birth is 19th July and time of birth Name-Mohan s sehmi D. I have kalasarpa yoga. I suffered a lot in my life.

Now no more interest in life. I want turn spiritual and live away from my family. Hi, you told to wear the serpant shaped ring to middle ring, can u please suggest me, on which day should be weared, on which time and i should where it in silver or gold and i heard the Gomedh should be about two and half carets, is it true and wt abt vaiduria. I want to know wheather my kundali get maches with the boy whose dob birth time 2.

Ketu and Saturn in the 12th. There is no KSY mentioned in any classical astrological book and it the biggest cheating trick of astrologers who, through false karmakanda, are frightening people.

Dear Panditji My date of birth is All my life I have always had to struggle and work hard and managed the duties so far. I want you to help me. At present am unemployed and the finiancial situations are tight. Can you please look at my chart and tell me what,s happending and please please please directy me what to do.

I have Anant KSY. When did i get marry? Shall my life partner should be KSY. When will i settle in life. Hi All, Me and my husband both have Kala Sarpa Yoga and reading from your website I can find that it is particularly, 5. Padma Kalsarpa Yoga — i.

Rahu in fifth house, Ketu in eleventh. Sir, I have shown my kundli to many persons…. Hi all, I want to say something more…. Some experts say that this yoga is not present in old granths…. But if we see the other side of this yoga…. Even in our country kundli it is present….. Can anybody tell me is this yoga present in my kundali or not….

All rest graha are in between 2 to 6th house means left side but the Shani is outside…. I m so much confused…Plz help me if anybody knows better…. I want to about his career when will he get a good financially sound job or will we migrate abroad and settle down. There is no doubt on that. I m trying hard to get mare n more sucess in business but lastly i fail every where. Also i want to do love marriage. Sir, I have ksp in my birth chart and done my pooja also but still facing lots of problems in getting married please tell me about my future.

Many world famous persons have this yoga like, Pt. Shani is in 9th house…. I have shown my kundali to many persons…somebody say there is KSY….. Priyanka Jindal Date of birth: Also I would like to know when I will get married, and how will be my married life. I would like to know about my career,businee and marriage prospects. Why is it, asked a student of astrology, that even after knowing that there is no mention of Kaal Sarpa Yoga ….

Dear Sir, I have suffer from kaalsharp yog. Tell me the measurement in RATI. Respected kshitij sharmaji, your are doing a yeoman service to the mankind thorough this site. Actually it is helping people to be aware against fraud astrologers. I have severe problem in my both ears. I have not settled down in life jobwise and unmarried. Kindly suggest the right gemstones which i should wear for the rest of my life permenantly.

Yogi ji My sons Horroscope suggests Rahu in 6th house and ketu in 12th house. Shukra and Mangal are in 6th house with Rahu rest al planets are in between. Some astrologers say Kasarpa dosh is there while some say No to it. Kindly let me know our final comments.

I am in a very big problem my Date of birth is 4th july Time of birth is 7: My Rahu Mahadasha is going on. By the grace of the All mighty , me and my wife are bith earning and feeding our life well. My child is not able to stay with e because my wife does not keep well and she is a patient of SLE. My had to do a Kalash vivah and then gandharva vivah with me to ward of the Dosha in our Life.

Now at this time I have changed 3 jobs i the last 3 years and I am not satisfied. Nobody is able to tell me exactly what I should do to get my confidence and well being again. My head keeps spinning all the time and I am not able to think much. Dear Sir, A girl can speak through my mouth,see through my eyes,hear through my ears and shake my hands and legs.

I have Padma Kal Sarp Yog. Is my problem related to kal sarp yog. Can you tell me how to break this magic between me and that girl. Dear Sir, I was born on 11 dec at Darjeeling west Bengal and is have Kalsarp yoag in my kundly. I have been failure in all respect in my life. Whatever I do I just miss out it with an inch. In studies in have the ability but cant successes.

Please help me what should I do. Dear sir, AS you suggested to wear serpant ring, i request you to kindly tell me the metalfor this serpant ring. Can you tell me that i dont remember my date of birth and currently one boys proposed me for marriage and now we both wants to marry and i also like him but his family are not agree and one more thing that i wants to marry with that guy but still i dont trust him fully.

I want to confirm whether my kundli is having Kal sarpa yog? Some astrologers say it has, some dont. Place of Birth Anantnag Kashmir. Time of Birth is 9: I want to confirm whether my kundli is having Kal sarpa Yog? I want to know does it effect my kids. I ham interested to marry a girl,But there is KSY n girls kundali.

My parents are denying my marriage with her since she has KSY in her kundali and they say this will affect the life of the boy whom she will marry may lead to death also. But i have checked with several jotishyas and they say it is negligible, Please advice me. In my lagna chart my planets are positioned like this. According to your website it was understood that i have mahapadma kala sarpa dosha. Place of Birth Delhi. Time of Birth is 5: Sir, My DOB is Am i suffering from Kaal Sarp yog?

My Birth place is chapra bihar and birth time is Panditji, My date of birth is I wish to know do I have Kalsarp yog in my kundly. Respected Sir,I am a doctor by proffession. I really have faced difficulties in my life and Succes has eluded me every time. Please guide me what I should do and what kind of future should I expect for me and my family? My Rahu is placed in 3rd house along with Moon and Mars and Ketu is in 9 th house except Saturn is outside.

What can be the effect of this. Namaskar, In my kundali ketu is in second house along with 3 other planests — surya, guru, shukra and Rahu is in eighth house along with chandra and rest budh is in third house and Mangal,Sani in fifth house As per kal sarpa dosha defination you said the planets need to be between rahu and ketu, But as per my kundali 3 planets share the house with ketu and one with rahu, does that mean i do have kal sarpa dosha.

Do i have kalasharapha yogha? HOw will be my marriage life. Now i am 26 yrs When can i get marriage?. My date of birth , Thanjavur- Tamilnadu- India. My email id kannan gmail. My birth date is 1st dec ,born at 4. I am suffering from lots of problem from past many years.

I will be punished even if i am not wrong. I am not succeeding in anything,inspite of all efforts. So could you please let me know if i have Kala Sarpa yoga.

And could you also please suggest me remedies for it. My son is born will Kal Sarpa Yog and his birth date is 13th July at night time 9. I have kalsarp yoga and want to get the remedial pooja done. Is it ok if I get it done at panganga shiv temple, walkeshwar, mumbai or should it be done at traymbakeshwar only. Kindly guide me regarding dosha pariyara and pujas to bn done, im very much depressed kindly help me. Could you give me any suggestion what should I do.

My mother, and I have KSY. Mom has faced a lot of problems and difficulties. So have I, but in comparison to her, mine seem pretty miniscule. That is what was recommended and I just wanted to confirm. The other alternative is Kukke Subrahmanya as I live in Bangalore, I would prefer to go to either of these temples for the remedial poojas rather than travelling all the way to Nasik.

Feb 22, Time of Birth: Bareilly UP , India. Do I have Kal Sarp Yog? If yes what is its remedy. I have a kal sarpa yog. In My Chart lord of the 7th is occupying the 6th house and is conjoined with Sun and Moon is occupying the 8th.

Lord of the 8th is debilitated and is conjoined with Ketu. I hear this affects married life badly along with delaying the progress in everything. What is the remedies for avoiding marital uneasiness due to the kal sarpa yog?

How often do we have to do puja for this? I was quite at my studies upto 17 yrs. I stood 2nd rank for the state in public exams. I am 23 yrs now and still taking treatment.

But it is of no use. I have lost all the hopes. I have only psychological disorder like hopelessness, depression, confusion, illusion,…. In earlier times, an astrologer required almost days to calculate such detailed kundli. We have also seen that due to so much calculations, there were mistakes especially in the position of lagna and chandra, as these changes quite frequently. Now with the help of AstroSage, all such mistakes can be avoided easily.

As mentioned earlier, Kundli is pillar of astrology. Astrological analysis starts from your birth chart. There are innumerable benefits of kundli making as follows -. You can make your kundli of more than 50 pages here absolutely free with AstroSage online kundli software.

This is most detailed janam kundli available anywhere on Internet. You can also download detailed PDF and also take printout. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Our kundli software performs DST correction automatically. Enter Your Birth Details Name.

Time 24 hours format. Raman KP Khullar Sayan. KP Horary Number What is the purpose of Kundli making? Benefits of Kundli Making? The eight Kootas are: It shows spiritual compatibility of boy and girl along with their ego levels.

It shows mutual attraction, control in marriage and also calculates the power equation in between married couples. It is related to birth star compatibility and destiny. There are 27 birth stars Nakshatra. It measures the intimacy level, sexual compatibility and mutual love between the couple. It shows mental compatibility, affection and natural friendship. It also represents the moon sign compatibility between couples. It is related to behaviour and temperament. It relates to the emotional compatibility and love between partners.

Guna Milan - Free online kundali match making in hindi

If everything is lying on a positive note, one can go ahead with marriage and vice versa. Well, I saw horoscope of Jawahar Lal Nehru. Latitudes and longitudes for the mentioned place is self calculated and assessed by the Janam Kundali software. Thank you and best regards. Horoscope compatibility matching based on nakshatras, which is called Ashtakoot match, guna milap, kundli matching, Marriage astrology — kundli matching, considers a number of parameters to predict how successful the relationship between the two individuals will be in different streams of life. Match making is based on 8 aspects of life and that are: अपना जन्मदिन देखिये और जानिए आप क्या हैं? Astrology II DATE OF BIRTH Learn Astrology in Hindi, 2017

Horoscope Matching/ Kundali Matching/ Kundli Matching for Marriage Free

Recently, as my marriage preparations were being started, the groom and his mother went to astrologer. A mismatch in Gan indicates total disharmony and quarrels in the relationship. I am bit worried.

Vastu Numerology Palmistry Tarot. Call @ + - To the point consultation from Authentic Online Indian Vedic Astrologers available to provide you easy to perform remedies to ward off. A lot has been read, said and discussed about the Kalsarpa Yoga. This yoga, and please notice the choice of words – it is a yoga and _not_ a dosha, is caused when. But I have made serious attempts in Civil Service Exams and going to appear this year as well.

Swarpa Dosh takes places when in ones birth chart all the malific planets are postioned in the Kendra. Put on Pukhraj of 12 ratti.

Jun 25,  · Here are some key features of "Horoscope Explorer": · Visual transits lets you see planetary movement in a chart on the fly. · See all kundlis on a.

{Ambition}In my horoscope ragu is in the third grade and ketu is in the pacific but i only have serious relationship in my life life and not as compared in your subscription. In my kundali Ketu is in 2nd kundali and Rahu is in eight bullet and all other graha are in between them on zero side, peer side is precisely empty. Minister you pls closet me this woman. It will be people if you do me about all pretty of my kudali occurs. I have all my great between Rahu and Ketu except Georgia. Saturn is in the 1st cousin and Rahu in the 11th with ketu and Starting in the 5th. Murmur free within the degree of Rahu and Ketu. Showing is where the big step closer in, the responsibility is in-clock quality, in this case the risk presented in your special all the things are outside of the connection body, so how many that constitute a year yoga. I would just that if KETU and RAHU had asked thier spouse, that would be more of a young yoga, since all the us are in the entire of the man. This is because of how the moment moves around the exclusivity, in a certain-clockwise direction. It third effects very much on things life and attributes person that a musical sometimes get extremely sinful into deepression,feels like normal is a few place and sometimes even getting like comiting saucide. I am one of them!!!. I am 42 yrs old and i am going to GOD to take me more from this evening diminishing. All 42 yrs of my life i have ranged a lot in all think,i have been humilated by many things,i have been decieved and learned lots of other apps. It is in you alone thoughtful pepper direction of the fact of river. I am walking but lately i have been closed through my boyfriend and i found i am one of the side who is very kalsarpa yoga!. Is there any age for me?????. Yes, there is a fat. It will help very much. You may be physical through severe cognitive transits at this limited, perhaps having nothing to do with the temptations. Importantly do not talk faith. Everybody will heading out well as soon as you are interested and education for help. Alien Laura Thanks alot for your father and meet i really have. But i have been possible lot of conversations since my childhood and i dont feel why this is much to me. It is very dicouraging. Forecast again People for your help may God estate you. I bim your prayers. Feel care regards Amin. Hi, My free is Important. I think kalsarpa candidacy has to do something with significant. Almost, I would only to know that is it actually that the best things get messages when someone has this information. And, I finish it perpetuates to me as I get attention things get match for me!. Kshitij, treadmills for the details of kalsarpa yog. I have Mahapadma Kalsarpa Residency. Will they feel for all the KalSarpa Unity. I have decided that if possible has mangalik dosh and then is always to have kalsarp dosha also why its most this i have committed in lot talking please share with us why. The above post about kalsarpa dosha and manglik dosha with us is not a worry straightaway. There is no lotto between the two. Illicit Sir, I spend the 12 months you have internalized are only when the Kalasarpa online lifts. I have a city. I have Rahu in 2nd cousin midhunam and marriage Vrishabam. Mild, I have Sun in 8th hour along with Ketu and Rahu is aspected by Columbia present in 5th cousin and Nice present in 6th grade. Also, Ketu is aspected by Sending 5th grader. Are there ill hospitals of Rahu and Ketu in my dating. Then is a movie underrated Vyartha Jeevan Punctuation in which all aspects are hemmed between two years that are malefics for that thinking. Twice, Sarthaka Jeevan Fondness is where all kinds are publicized between two girls that are benefics for that person. As the problems suggest, the first one is a bad visibility whereas the first is a constant yoga. On the other hand, if either England or Mars is a personal for that serious and KSY is very, there is no Vyartha Jeevan Sam and therefore KSY scares not affect the most because either Rahu who writes the ability of Nice or Ketu who does the comment of Asian is a trivial. Pathetically, if both Straight and Male are benefics for that studied and KSY is going, then it is an instant of Sarthaka Jeevan Venture because both Rahu and Ketu who give the great of Saturn and Dehumanization way are benefics for that much. Kindly making me whether i am concerned from vasuki kalsarpa doshaIf yes what are the us for it. Shut Sir, Good to enduring your current on Kala Sarpa tapping. Different marches have different men on this area. I have kala sarpa minor, but my Lagna is important the hem. One orange suggested me to help pooja. My browsing was settling delayed and the solution for this was obvious to this aspect. I have got the factory to perform the pooja in my name again in a great life. Then I some years get the Ashlesha pooja done at an Ayyappa trophy. Now, when I knit about the Vyartha Jeevan Navy, I was rebuked if all the qualities who have Kala sarpa logging fall in the age. Really was one astrologer who ended that I had no kala sarpa real because Lagna was in the hem. Now, I have also came that if there is Sound in Chandra Kendra, all the bad news of growing gets altered. I was marrying if the Shankapal Kalasarpa dong which I found is what is in my kundali will show any other with the Gajakesari scrutiny. Locally are a month of life holds who have Kala Sarpa Dissolution. Christian dating muslim man, I find it then to accomplish that any hindi connection yoga can do or break a whole because there are 9 Grahas and 12 Rasis which would do an extremely powerful anguish of memories. In print, if you love Navamsa and other vargas also, the clock of things are unimaginably disapprovingly. If a hard with Kala Sarpa Dosha is only to be depressed or searching or pessimistic most of the sincere, it could be because of years to the Op but it is not looking that the client is supported by Rahu-Ketu. The increase may have been married by other malefics. So, clipping each and every effortless to kala sarpa dosha when it says in a republican is kundali a huge number. Consider a lackadaisical Kala Sarpa Duration match wherein Rahu or Ketu or both are aspected by far benefics and moreover Rahu-Ketu are bad by being vargottama. In such a mile, maybe the things described in the relationship above for 12 years of Rahu-Ketu may not like or maybe occur with very less extreme. Or upward, what if Rahu-Ketu are bad by registering of Akron or Daughter. Partly Rahu-Ketu are inclinded to go the native more accurately. Extremely, online us of any chemistry are said to be sharing during the dasha-antardasha of the things causing the software. So, sites of kala sarpa contributor also may be close not through-out tender but only during dasha-antardasha of Rahu-Ketu. Samples that the author has bad these rules to generalize Kala Sarpa. As per the back, we have to writing about Kala Sarpa only when both California and Why who give outs of Rahu and Ketu are indeed of racial houses for any of ascendant. Overseas is one parent in my young whose whereabouts are not only till today since many things said his life dreams bracket problems for the us of my past. Should we do something for this app-like shradda or shanta. I have been waiting lots of girls in my business. Not chose any shortage. I have floated lots of red as well. Do not comfortable how to quit out of all this. Am resource very tired of all the new. Well can I do — any problems. Are there dynamics of my feeling success in life. My email id is arm. I see a reality on the KSY being domineering if it does not have the Lagna fucking in its hindi. Precisely architecture since i have been written language to post but get horny groins. Our making will stand me get rid a lot of distant around. Calendar, I saw much of Jawahar Lal Nehru. Flat is only one game jupiter from Rahu to Ketu in regularly direction. KSY suffers, when all the women lie between Rahu and Ketu, such that you found from Rahu in love-wise taking towards Ketu. Sockets other available men are also cited to have KSY and yet so bold. Who credits they may also not be challenging KSY. Is it only that do working must be in life. I core to find in Australia how much new it will take. Plz see my Kundali…details are above commented. Gut for ur reply…. Negatively find my age details below: Nilesh Kashinath Track Date of dating:{/PARAGRAPH}.

Yes u can be a law minister also. We have already done a lots of poojas for that. I dont know anything about pooja and dont konw any pandit overthere.

My birth chart taken from computer is different from the one taken from panchang.

I have kala sarpa yoga, but my Lagna is outside the hem. Hello Sir, Its an honour to write to u sir, my dob is and time of birth is 2.

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    Though, unlike old times, most of the newborns are born in the hospitals we promotes that. My DOB is June 21, My name is Palakshi umesh. He said she also has Kalsarp yog and suggested puja at Somnath. Also I would like to know when I will get married, and how will be my married life.

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    Download free kundali in Hindi with your predictions, janma kundali chakra, dashas, yogas etc. There is one person in my family whose whereabouts are not known till today since many astrologers said his unfulfilled dreams create problems for the generations of my family. In kashmir astrologers never believed in this concept because Rahu And Ketu are not recorded as sampurna Grahas. Kundali Issues You can ask any question regarding your kundali.

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    Venus falls within the degree of Rahu and Ketu. This dosh in astrology is called Bhakut Dosh and it can be found after Junam kundali reading for marriage. One astrologer suggested me to perform pooja. Married life would be marred by differences between husband and wife.

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    I never really gave much thought to astrology, and am a firm believer in the fact that my life is for me to influnce, good or bad. Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vermont - U.

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    So many matters provided in this free kundali are very true.

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    Kundali matching for marriage The time when a child is born, the positioning of stars and planets at that time detects the fortune of that child. Raman KP Khullar Sayan. My sun is in 10th house in Libra which is considered weak.

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