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Oct 17,  · From The Eyes of Nye TV series. Bill Nye: Creationism is Bad Atheist Experience- Radiometric dating it doesnt work you know - Duration: Jan 31,  · A video from the New Zealand E=Mc2 website regarding radiometric dating. Full article and more videos- We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Oct 17,  · From The Eyes of Nye TV series. Bill Nye: Creationism is Bad Atheist Experience- Radiometric dating it doesnt work you know - Duration: Jan 31,  · A video from the New Zealand E=Mc2 website regarding radiometric dating. Full article and more videos-

radiometric dating bill nye


Debate Answers During the debate Bill Nye presented many statements and asked many questions. The layers might in fact be nye storm, not per year. An Examination of Error: Ham supports this strange and sinister bill of creationism with a pet radiometric of bifurcated dating.

In the Bill Nye versus young earth creationist Ken Ham debate, Ken gives this response to radiometric dating. Evidence for creation: Evidence Bill Nye's arguments in the ultimate debate of Creation vs. Evolution. that of radiometric dating of rocks. He describes finding trilobite tracks in one layer and trilobites themselves in a higher layer, as if the trilobites were climbing through successive layers of mud being deposited on top of them. Watch Bill Nye debate Ken Ham on whether creation is a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era.

Radiometric Dating. Bill Nye, Texas, Al Jazeera, and Me. Bill Nye the Science Guy and Kathy Miller from the Texas making the claim that radiometric dating proves the earth is. Feb 05,  · Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate evolution at When Nye pointed out that radiometric dating places the Earth’s age at Slate is published by.

Inside Our Planet Examines Earths inner and outer cores.

Posted by Chemostrat at 6: Please follow the instructions we emailed you in order to finish subscribing. If you test for C in trabicular bone [inner material] stay away from cracked area as all carvbon material will probably have been leached out as we learned the hard way. I would like to think that I serve as a modest counterexample. Nye never dealt with my argument concerning the problems with radiometric dating. The one point of contention is the possibility of repeated floods in the same location.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

Here are some rebuttals I found which I believe to be very good in his debate against the renowned Christian speaker, Ken Ham. He said, "These are constructs unique to Ken Ham.

My own best date places in dubai search on Google revealed thousand results for the phrase "historical science. Sometimes those probabilities are high enough to send people to jail and those impossibilities to set people free.

However, historical science cannot ever repeat the experiment and observe the results. By way radiometric application, creationists hotly dispute whether evolution is even possible. However, establishing that something is possible does not prove that it happened.

There is a world of difference between "He could have committed the crime," and "He did commit the crime. He brought to the debate a piece of local Kentucky limestone containing a fossil. By this he implies that creationists are ignoring the evidence that is sometimes right before their eyes.

For creationists at large and me in particular this is false. More importantly I have pondered the overall fossil record and noted with interest that the general pattern is popular dating apps in usa of sudden appearance, minimal change, and then sudden disappearance.

Most species exhibit no directional change during their tenure on earth. They appear in the fossil record looking pretty much the same as when they disappear; morphological change is usually limited and directionless. In any local area, a species does not arise gradually by the steady transformation of its ancestors; it appears all at once and "fully formed. In one of the most misunderstood moments of the debate, Bill Nye discussed Grand Canyon fossils. He said, "There is not a single place in the Grand Canyon where the fossils of one type of animal cross over into the fossils of another.

Such fossils are interesting and important, sober dating chicago the Internet contains discussions of multiple examples. They are common and are clearly buried by rapid catastrophic sedimentation, passing through multiple layers of sediment. As such they are a potent argument in favor of a catastrophic flood. However, such fossils were not what Bill Nye had in nye. He said "cross over into the fossils of another," not "cross over into other strata.

This is a broad pattern around the world. In the particular case of the Grand Canyon, Bill Nye mentions trilobites at the dating and sloth fossils in caves actually, not in the sediment of the canyon walls at the top. A single undeniable counterexample would be powerful evidence. Bill Nye said emphatically, "If you could find evidence of that, my friends, you could change the world.

Who knows how many fossils might have been discovered but never reported simply because they were so out of place that they could not possibly be legitimate from an evolutionary model? Creationists do have a small set of counterexamples. They are rare, making this question a subject of much debate among creationists. There online dating etiquette multiple dates a pattern to the fossil record that is perhaps explained by ecological zonation sea animals buried together, of coursemobility more mobile animals escape the early flood watersetc.

In the case of Grand Canyon fossils, the majority are marine fossils. The trilobites that Bill Nye mentioned are in fact complex organisms with highly complex eyes, an evolutionary mystery to be so early in the record. Perhaps most importantly, there is no evolution in the Grand Canyon fossil record. For example, there is no trace of an bill the trilobite might have evolved from, or into.

The details are sometimes confusing, but the big picture does not support evolution. Bill Nye repeatedly nye the false dichotomy between natural laws and theism. Creationists certainly accept natural laws, although we would perhaps call them divine laws.

The God of the Bible is not like the fickle meddlers of pagan mythology who cause a constant stream of unpredictable events. He promises rather that "while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" Genesis 8: However, the God of the Bible also occasionally interrupts the natural order of things with a dramatic supernatural miracle.

It is precisely because of the bill of nature that we recognize these events as unusual miracles. These miracles are rare and purposeful. Being exceptions, they prove the general rule of natural law. Danger of losing our technological edge. Based on a faulty understanding of creation and natural law, Bill Radiometric repeatedly presses the viewpoint that belief in creation will stifle discovery and innovation.

Ham in response presents several counter-examples. In fact the history of technology is full of examples of theists, including many creationists, making contributions to science and engineering. I would like to think that I serve as a modest counterexample. Although I am a teacher rather than a practicing engineer, I have managed to get my name on a couple of patents and implement some modestly useful technological inventions.

Given that creationists like me accept and use natural law in our engineering work, this argument is simply incorrect. Bill Nye asserts that billions of believers do not accept young-earth creationism. By saying so he intends to marginalize creationism as an eccentric minority view. The word billions has shock value, but the statement is suspect. In the first place, no religion except Bible Christianity leads to the earth history held by Ham.

The number of people worldwide who claim to follow the Bible is hard to determine but probably not more than a billion. Of those billion, only a minority accept the verbal inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. Among that subset, belief in creation is fairly high.

A June Gallup poll reported that "forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10, years. Results vary widely depending on how the question is framed, but a consistently high percentage accept some form of creation.

I would assert the matching fact that billions of people doubt the naturalistic evolution story and suspect that a divine being is somehow involved, making atheism the eccentric minority view.

I now turn to his thirty-minute main speech. Bill Nye began by returning to the Kentucky limestone. In particular, he mentioned the presence of fossil corals, which he confusingly called Zooxanthellae.

Zooxanthellae are in fact the algae that live with corals in a symbiotic relationship. As an aside, the evolution of symbiosis is a mystery from an evolutionary point of view. Nevertheless he offers these coral fossils as evidence that "we are standing on millions of layers of ancient life.

The exact number of layers in any location in Kentucky is difficult to determine, but my reading suggests the limestone is only a few hundred feet thick.

The second point is that sediments can be deposited very rapidly during catastrophic events like floods. A large accumulation of sediment is not necessarily an dating of long time. The corals, though, are an issue. Bill Nye mentioned that they lived "normal lives," implying that the layers must have been laid down slowly. This is a complex topic, but these fossil corals have been widely discussed in the creation literature.

A common suggestion is that they are pre-flood coral reefs buried in the flood, possibly transported and deposited on top of each other. Bill Nye cited the counting ofsnow-ice layers in ice cores in Greenland, the Arctic, and Antarctica as evidence ofyears of snow accumulation.

Unlike the glaciers on the continent of Antarctica, there is only sea ice at the North Pole. In fact nowhere have so many layers actually been counted. The famous Greenland core known as NGRIP has claimed onlylayers, and that involves questionable multiple measurement techniques.

The Vostok core from Antarctica claimsyears, but this is not based on an actual count of layers. Instead it is based primarily on a count of four supposed "glacial cycles" which are assumed to beyears each. These are not individually counted layers either. The age is "derived from the depth scale by a model" and the "earliestyears The suggestion that anyone has actually countedlayers is factually incorrect.

Most importantly, the assumption of only one layer per year in all of these cores is highly questionable. Flood models predict an ice age right after the flood with dramatically higher snowfall and glacier growth.

The layers might in fact be per storm, not per year. Next Bill Nye claims that "if we go to California, we find enormous stands of Bristlecone pines. Some of them are over 6, years old There is a famous tree in Sweden, Old Tjikko Old Tjikko is not that old. Wikipedia writes that "the trunk itself is estimated to be only a few hundred years old.

Flood models cast doubt on Carbon dates like this, which depend on assumptions about the carbon content of the atmosphere. The Bristlecone pines are better evidence, with dates based on actual tree-ring counts.

However, it turns out that no single tree is that old. The National Park Service websitestates that "the oldest known living tree [is] about 4, years old. Creationists have been researching and writing about them for years, and a wealth of information is available. Well, here is one. The flood model predicts that the oldest living things on the planet would date back to around the time of the flood. How does that work out?

Bill Nye asks, "How can these trees be that old if the earth is only 4, years old.

(Radiometric dating bill nye)

Nye catastrophic conditions, no problem. When I responded to his datings, I talked about the difference between observational and historical science and how radiometric dating was based on certain assumptions about the past that are unknowable. Some of them are radiometric 6, years old He then cites as a prediction of evolution that those gaps will be filled in by transitional bills. A Different View Has Arrived! Hello there, could you please explain a bit more for the common layman. Radiometric Dating

He calls it the biggest wooden ship built. Ken Ham claims the earth is more than 6, years old. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministrydedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also question that 16 million estimate. Feb 12,  · During his debate with Bill Nye, Ken Ham made the claim that 45,year-old wood was found inside million-year radiometric dating is not the. Surely the topography of every continent was different.

However, Chris Stassen of TalkOrigins notes that some dating methods e. How old is the earth?

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If radiometric mass spectrometer measures only 14C and not 13C bonded to hydrogen, for examplewhich is distributed evenly through the sample, then nye center of the peak is easily found by radiometric instrument. The second point is that sediments can be deposited very rapidly during catastrophic bills like nye. Yes, everyone realizes this. It does emphasize the point the dating collection and preservation must be done according to well-established procedures, especially with samples that may be near the dating limit.

The Bristlecone pines are better evidence, with dates based on actual tree-ring counts. Who knows how many fossils might have been discovered but never reported simply because they were so out of place that they could not possibly be legitimate from an evolutionary model?

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    Second, neither set of dates overlaps within uncertainty, as the sample age differs substantially from one lab to the other. They appear in the fossil record looking pretty much the same as when they disappear; morphological change is usually limited and directionless. The God of an Old Earth Feedback: Bill Nye then asks how the Grand Canyon sediments could have "settled out" in only one year. In reality, particles of the same mass do not hit the same spot consistently, but produce more of a Gaussian distribution.

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    Sorry, but I am not impressed with your paper. Bill Nye hints at this with his description of how the elements are "locked in place" when the rock solidifies.

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    Bill Nye says that we measure the distance to stars by triangulation. Noah likely has metal tools and perhaps reinforces parts of the ark with metal as well.

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    When you intentionally mislead the radiocarbon lab by submitting samples of that age without disclosure, then yes, dating them will be tricky. Chemostrat March 28, at 2:

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    The famous Greenland core known as NGRIP has claimed only , layers, and that involves questionable multiple measurement techniques.

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    But he completely ignores the much more likely contamination from collection and storage by unqualified but no doubt well-meaning and honest" people. Danny Faulkner Biography of Dr. The page publication is rather verbose, reading more like a drawn-out lab report than a scientific study, but it contains all the details necessary to assess the feasibility of Dr. New species may indeed have been appearing at a rapid rate over the last 4, years and much of it would be unobserved by humans.

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    Radiometric Dating Radiometric Dating: Did it never actually happen? The world has lots of giant canyons.

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