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Bangladesh - Wikipedia Dhaka is a busy metropolitan city which is expanding with many satellite cities and suburb towns. Dhanmondi is one of the much planned locations of Dhaka which was. Bangladesh The country of Bengal, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ. From top: City Skyline including the Agrabad area, Entrance of Chittagong War Cemetery, Illuminated Shah Amanat Bridge across the Karnaphuli River. Dhaka is a busy metropolitan city which is expanding with many satellite cities and suburb towns. Dhanmondi is one of the much planned locations of Dhaka which was. Bangladesh The country of Bengal, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ.

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Archived from the original on 30 January Archived PDF from the dating on 21 November The earliest form of the Bengali language began to the emerge during the eighth century. The modern art chittagong in Bangladesh took shape during the s, particularly place the pioneering works of Zainul Abedin. The idea of co-existence is central to our music". Stone Age tools found in Bangladesh indicate human habitation for over 20, years, and remnants of Copper Age settlements date back 4, years.

Ancient Bengal was. The Best Trips Start Here Winter Olympics Here’s What Travelers Need to Know America’s Worst Cities for Bedbugs: Is Your Next Hotel Stay in One? Although laws were historically written in English, they were not translated into Bangla until Buck , an honorary Asian Nobel laureate, having spent considerable time in China as the daughter of missionaries, and based many of her novels, namely The Good Earth and The Mother , as well as the biographies of her parents of their time in China, The Exile and Fighting Angel , all of which earned her the Literature prize in Find the best solution by working in team instead of alone.

Improve the organization by sharing the point of view. Keep everybody information of new rules and new. Asia (/ ˈ eɪ ʒ ə, ˈ eɪ ʃ ə / (listen)) is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. “Life hurts a lot more than death”, if that is true then this place is an epitome of nirvana for bestowing peace upon human souls of bygone era.

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The idol is heavily decorated with jewelery and emerald stones which were imported from Europe in 19th century. Dawn house at Jorashanko. Located on the busy junction of Mother Teresa Sarani and AJC Bose Road, this huge cemetery containing graves is currently overshadowed by modern schools , office buildings and other governmental structures. Thus one has to enter the premises to experience the mesmerizing 18th century Indo-European architecture which was once the pattern of almost all the edifices of Calcutta.

While India moved along with the pride of nationalism and vanity of its quest of development under a new sun, it left behind few glorious architectural remains of its politically infamous past which still serves as a speckle of the mingled modern history with European community and South Park Street Cemetery is one of those specimen which stills hoots the raj era of centuries. It was the time when European merchants from England , France , Netherlands and Denmark were arriving in the new British presidency to advance their business links in South Asian soil as the demand of Asian goods in the West was at its apex.

Slowly, Calcutta was getting embellished with the growing multiculturalism and concoction of east and the west. However, the living condition was still severe with a poor life expectancy due to widespread recurrent epidemics like cholera , malaria and small pox which were haunting the European people along with the Indians. The death rate began to increase at a massive rate which led the Governor of Bengal to build the South Park Street Cemetery in to reduce the pressure on the former Burial Ground in the city.

Again, after few years another Burial ground was opened on the south east of the Lower Circular road just few yards away from the former two cemeteries and hence the road came to be known as Burial Ground Road. Many renowned Indian Christians like Henry Louis Vivian Derozio whose social reforms and poems indoctrinated Indian youths of 18th century to think pragmatically by abdicating prejudices and social bigotry.

Elijah Impey, the first chief justice of India who had his seat in the Imperial capital was entombed here in the year He was involved in the the most controversial trial of Maharaja Nandakumar which alienated him in the royal club. South Park Street Cemetery also contains the sepulchre of Sir William Jones , the founder of Asiatic Society of Bengal in , a scholar of ancient India and he who proposed the relationship the theory of Indo-European languages.

The architecture of this cemetery can be classified as Indo-Saracenic style with a touch gothic finish while the minarets and domes are of dravidian soapstone designed.

The mixture of two different architectural work resemblance the enthusiasm of European merchants to settle in the Asian soil and cherish the preexisting culture of the new found land. If you are traveling by metro then take a straight long walk from Park street metro station towards the Park Hotel, after walking minutes you will reach Assembly of God Church school previously North Park Street Cemetery which lies just vertically opposite of the Cemetery.

Tourists are allowed to take camera inside the premises but Indian people have to take prior permission from Christian Burial Board before photographing the premises. Afghan immigration to India continued ever since their first foot steps in 17th century.

Between 17th to 18th century , after British India witnessed mass immigration of Afghans as a result of post war conditions , they started earning their living by selling dry fruits like cashew nuts , almonds , walnuts , dates , raisins , etc and woollen clothes in northern parts of India.

European people of India were the regular customers of their product and due to the lack of proper competitors their business turned into a monopoly earning them a huge amount of profit within a short duration of time.

After almost a hundred years of a successful livelihood , their business started falling short of market demands after European communities started leaving India in late 19th and early 20th century. It was during this time that a significant population of Afghans started moving into eastern parts of the country like Kolkata , Murshidabad and Barddhaman.

Unfortunately, market demands of dry fruits and warm clothes was trivial in the eastern parts due to ever-humid climatic conditions and different food habits of the people. To survive the tenacious difference , the Afghans started private finance business at an interest rate which was legally acceptable and legitimate to the locals. After , many of them went back to Afghanistan with a dream of living in their society and culture yet some of them decided to start a new life in free India.

The newly formed political and legal environment publicized maximum finance companies with stern agendas of borrowing money. Such government intervention in money markets made the pre existing Afghan money lenders to took up illegal methods of lending money at a much higher and complex interest rates.

With such illegal activities , came avarice for money and assets at a cost of exploitation of poor people. Today , Kabuliwalas does not form an integral part of Bengal society due to unpleasant reputation of charging high interest rate and harassing defaulters in their personal space. From being the first capital of British India and the fountain head of Bengali renaissance to the epicentre of Indian communism, Kolkata has been compelled to transform its look and customs more than any other city in this world.

But every mood and phase of this gorgeous city has been well preserved in form of edifice from the bygone era or human habits that are typically Bengali! Belonging and living here has given me an opportunity to peek and capture every nook and corner of this vibrant city. So here we go, are you ready for the tour? Christianity came to India and other parts of Asia through various missionaries in the early second century as a result of the severe persecution in Roman Empire.

The southern and western coastal states of present day Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Goa , Maharashtra and Gujarat were formerly inhabited by Christians and gradually these places became the epicentre of Christianity across the country. However , the years of persecution was not the only inducement for stronghold of Christianity in India.

We can conclude that this was the time when Eastern Christianity were starting to be overshadowed by Roman Catholics in India. By the time British came to India , Christians were already an established minority groups in southern India.

With the advent of many other ethnic groups after eighteenth century, came different denominations of Protestant Christianity. Christianity came to Bengal much lately as compared to southern states with the arrival of Portuguese traders in Hooghly district followed by the French and Dutch traders.

Today there are approximately , Christians in West Bengal and Kolkata being the capital of the state has a significant Christian population. There are a total of 84 churches in Kolkata including chapels , churches and cathedrals.

It took me more than one month to make a list and collect all the details of the most notable churches of Kolkata, appertaining to various ethnic groups and denominations. According to me this sumptuous structure stands out among all other historical towers of Kolkata. I can never hold myself from entering the premises every time I walk pass this cathedral, taking a solitary break from my regular life.

This was built in and holds the title of largest church in Kolkata and first episcopal church in Asia. It is also the first cathedral built by the British empire in an overseas territory. Robinson to meet the climatic condition of India at that very time. After consecutive earthquakes in the year of and , this structure was reconstructed in revised design.

Inside the campus there is a small library which was many books and manuscripts as donated by the Bishop Daniel Wilson , W. However, outside the main building you can take as many photos as you want. Beautiful garden view of St. It is the third oldest church of Kolkata after Armenian church and Old Mission church.

It served as the Anglican Cathedral of Kolkata till , when it was transferred to St. Front view of St. As a result of which the Scottish representatives of British India signed a petition to be given the right to build their own religious body in the capital city. The work was started in and ended in under the initiative and supervision of Scottish man Dr.

The steeple of St. This is indeed the oldest church of Kolkata which is still standing today surrounded by the busy stalls of Burrabazar. Originally this church was built in but it was destroyed in fire as a result of which in East India Company built a small wooden church in the south-east corner of the present location for the Armenian community of Kolkata.

In an Armenian entrepreneur Aga Nazar raised money from the community members to erect this magnificent edifice. Other two Armenian church of Kolkata is located in Armenian street and Park circus. The pharmaceutical industry meets 97 percent of domestic demand, and exports to many countries.

Steel is concentrated in the port city of Chittagong, and the ceramics industry is prominent in international trade. Food processing is a major sector, with local brands such as PRAN increasing their international market share. The electronics industry is growing rapidly, particularly the Walton Group.

Microfinance was pioneered in Bangladesh by Muhammad Yunus. Transport is a major sector of the economy. Aviation has grown rapidly, and includes the flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines and other privately owned airlines. Bangladesh has a number of airports: The busiest, Shahjalal International Airport connects Dhaka with major destinations. Bangladesh has a 2,kilometre 1,mile rail network operated by state-owned Bangladesh Railway.

It has one of the largest inland waterway networks in the world, [] with 8, kilometres 5, miles of navigable waters. Bangladesh has three seaports and 22 river ports. Bangladesh had an installed electrical capacity of 10, MW in January Bangladesh has planned to import hydropower from Bhutan and Nepal.

Another challenge is low cost recovery due to low tariffs and poor economic efficiency , especially in urban areas where water revenue does not cover operating costs. An estimated 56 percent of the population had access to adequate sanitation facilities in Estimates of the Bangladeshi population vary, but UN data suggests million.

In , its population was 44 million. Its total fertility rate is now 2. The population is relatively young, with 34 percent aged 15 or younger and five percent 65 or older. Life expectancy at birth was estimated at 70 years in Bengalis are 98 percent of the population. The Chittagong Hill Tracts region experienced unrest and an insurgency from to in an autonomy movement by its indigenous people. Although a peace accord was signed in , the region remains militarized.

Bangladesh is home to a significant Ismaili community. Stranded Pakistanis were given citizenship by the Supreme Court in Mayors and chairs are elected for five-year terms.

More than 98 percent of Bangladeshi Bengalis speak Bangla as their native language. Pakistani Biharis , stranded since and living in Bangladeshi camps, speak Urdu.

Bangla is the official language, [] but English is sometimes used secondarily for official purposes especially in the legal system. Although laws were historically written in English, they were not translated into Bangla until The country is home to most Bengali Muslims , the second-largest ethnic group in the Muslim world.

About four percent are non-denominational Muslims. The Ijtema is the second-largest Muslim congregation in the world, after the Hajj. Hinduism is followed by 9. Despite their dwindling numbers, Hindus are the second-largest religious community after the Muslims in Dhaka. Buddhism is the third-largest religion, at 0. Bangladeshi Buddhists are concentrated among ethnic groups in the Chittagong Hill Tracts particularly the Chakma, Marma and Tanchangya peoples , and coastal Chittagong is home to a large number of Bengali Buddhists.

Christianity is the fourth-largest religion, at 0. The Constitution of Bangladesh declares Islam the state religion, but bans religion-based politics. It proclaims equal recognition of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and people of all faiths. State Department describes Bangladesh as a secular , pluralistic democracy. Bangladesh has a low literacy rate , which was estimated at In the tertiary-education sector, the Bangladeshi government funds over 15 state universities through the University Grants Commission.

The education system is divided into five levels: Students who pass the PEC examination proceed to four years of secondary or matriculation training, culminating in the SSC examination. Students who pass this examination proceed to two years of secondary education, culminating in the SSC examination.

Students who pass this examination proceed to two years of higher-secondary education, culminating in the Higher Secondary School Certificate HSC examination. Education is primarily in Bengali, but English is commonly taught and used. Many Muslim families send their children to part-time courses or full-time religious education in Bengali and Arabic in madrasas. Article 17 of the Bangladesh Constitution provides that all children between the ages of six and ten years receive a basic education free of charge.

Universities in Bangladesh are of three general types: Bangladesh has 34 public, 64 private and two international universities ; Bangladesh National University has the largest enrollment, and the University of Dhaka established in is the oldest.

Asian University for Women in Chittagong is the preeminent South Asian liberal-arts university for women, representing 14 Asian countries; its faculty hails from notable academic institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The NITER is a specialized public-private partnership institute which provides higher education in textile engineering. Medical education is provided by 29 government and private medical colleges.

All medical colleges are affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. According to education minister Nurul Islam Nahid , 27, madrasas and technical and vocational institutions were enlisted for the facility. Health and education levels remain relatively low, although they have improved as poverty levels have decreased.

In rural areas, village doctors with little or no formal training constitute 62 percent of healthcare providers practising "modern medicine"; formally-trained providers make up four percent of the total health workforce. A Future Health Systems survey indicated significant deficiencies in the treatment practices of village doctors, with widespread harmful and inappropriate drug prescribing.

A study of 1, households in rural Bangladesh found that direct payments to formal and informal healthcare providers and indirect costs loss of earnings because of illness associated with illness were deterrents to accessing healthcare from qualified providers.

According to a World Bank report, healthcare spending was 3. Malnutrition has been a persistent problem in Bangladesh, with the World Bank ranking the country first in the number of malnourished children worldwide.

The recorded history of art in Bangladesh can be traced to the 3rd century BCE, when terracotta sculptures were made in the region. In classical antiquity, a notable school of sculptural Hindu, Jain and Buddhist art developed in the Pala Empire and the Sena dynasty. Islamic art evolved since the 14th century.

The architecture of the Bengal Sultanate saw a distinct style of domed mosques with complex niche pillars that had no minarets. Jamdani motifs were similar to Iranian textile art buta motifs and Western textile art paisley. The Jamdani weavers in Dhaka received imperial patronage. Pottery is widely used in Bengali culture. The modern art movement in Bangladesh took shape during the s, particularly with the pioneering works of Zainul Abedin. East Bengal developed its own modernist painting and sculpture traditions, which were distinct from the art movements in West Bengal.

The Art Institute Dhaka has been an important center for visual art in the region. The Chobi Mela is the largest photography festival in Asia. Bengali developed from Sanskrit and Magadhi Prakrit in the 11th century. Bengali literature is a millennium-old tradition; the Charyapada are the earliest examples of Bengali poetry. Sufi spiritualism inspired many Bengali Muslim writers. Syed Alaol was a noted secular poet and translator.

The Chandidas are an example of the Bangladeshi folk literature that developed during the Middle Ages. The Bengal Renaissance shaped the emergence of modern Bengali literature, including novels, short stories and science fiction. Begum Rokeya was a pioneer of Bengali writing in English , with her early of work of feminist science fiction.

The writer Syed Mujtaba Ali is noted for his cosmopolitan Bengali worldview. Shamsur Rahman was the poet laureate of Bangladesh for many years.

Jasimuddin was a renowned pastoral poet. Anis Ahmed and Farah Ghuznavi are acclaimed for their short stories. Although, as of [update] , several women occupied major political office in Bangladesh, its women continue to live under a patriarchal social regime where violence is common. Bengal has a long history of feminist activism dating back to the 19th century. Agriculture, social services, healthcare and education are also major occupations for Bangladeshi women, while their employment in white collar positions has steadily increased.

The architectural traditions of Bangladesh have a 2,year-old heritage. Islamic architecture began developing under the Bengal Sultanate, when local terracotta styles influenced medieval mosque construction. The Adina Mosque of united Bengal was the largest mosque built on the Indian subcontinent.

The Sixty Dome Mosque was the largest medieval mosque built in Bangladesh, and is a fine example of Turkic-Bengali architecture. The Mughal style replaced indigenous architecture when Bengal became a province of the Mughal Empire and influenced the development of urban housing. The Kantajew Temple and Dhakeshwari Temple are excellent examples of late medieval Hindu temple architecture.

Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture , based on Indo-Islamic styles, flourished during the British period.

Bengali vernacular architecture is noted for pioneering the bungalow. Bangladeshi villages consist of thatched roofed houses made of natural materials like mud , straw , wood and bamboo.

In modern times, village bungalows are increasingly made of tin. Muzharul Islam was the pioneer of Bangladeshi modern architecture. His varied works set the course of modern architectural practice in the country. In more recent times, award-winning architects like Rafiq Azam have set the course of contemporary architecture by adopting influences from the works of Islam and Kahn. Theatre in Bangladesh includes various forms with a history dating back to the 4th century CE.

The dance traditions of Bangladesh include indigenous tribal and Bengali dance forms, as well as classical Indian dances , including the Kathak , Odissi and Manipuri dances. Folk music is accompanied by a one-stringed instrument known as the ektara. Other instruments include the dotara , dhol , flute, and tabla.

Bengali classical music includes Tagore songs and Nazrul geeti. Bangladesh has a rich tradition of Indian classical music , which uses instruments like the sitar , tabla, sarod and santoor. The Nakshi Kantha is a centuries-old embroidery tradition for quilts , said to be indigenous to eastern Bengal i.

The sari is the national dress for Bangladeshi women. The shalwar kameez is also widely worn by Bangladeshi women. In urban areas some women can be seen in western clothing.

The kurta and sherwani are the national dress of Bangladeshi men; the lungi and dhoti are worn by them in informal settings. The retailer Aarong is one of the most successful ethnic wear brands in South Asia.

The development of the Bangladesh textile industry, which supplies leading international brands, has promoted the production and retail of modern Western attire locally, with the country now having a number of expanding local brands like Westecs and Yellow.

White rice is the staple of Bangladeshi cuisine, along with many vegetables and lentils. Rice preparations also include Bengali biryanis , pulaos , and khichuris. Mustard sauce, ghee , sunflower oil and fruit chutneys are widely used in Bangladeshi cooking.

Fish is the main source of protein in Bengali cuisine. The Hilsa is the national fish and immensely popular across Bangladesh. Other kinds of fish eaten include rohu , butterfish , catfish, tilapia and barramundi. Fish eggs are a gourmet delicacy. Seafood holds an important place in Bengali cuisine, especially lobsters , shrimps and dried fish.

Meat consumption includes chicken, beef, mutton , venison , duck and squab. In Chittagong, Mezban feasts are a popular tradition featuring the serving of hot beef curry. In Sylhet, the shatkora lemons are used to marinate dishes. In the tribal Hill Tracts, bamboo shoot cooking is prevalent. Pithas are traditional boiled desserts made with rice or fruits. Halwa is served during religious festivities. Naan , paratha , luchi and bakarkhani are the main local breads.

Black tea is offered to guests as a gesture of welcome. Kebabs are widely popular across Bangladesh, particularly seekh kebabs , chicken tikka and shashliks. Bangladesh shares its culinary heritage with the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal. The two regions have several differences, however.

In Muslim-majority Bangladesh, meat consumption is greater; whereas in Hindu-majority West Bengal, vegetarianism is more prevalent. The Bangladeshi diaspora dominates the South Asian restaurant industry in many Western countries, particularly in the United Kingdom. Pohela Boishakh , the Bengali new year, is the major festival of Bengali culture and sees widespread festivities. Of the major holidays celebrated in Bangladesh, only Pohela Boishakh comes without any preexisting expectations specific religious identity, culture of gift-giving, etc.

Unlike holidays like Eid al-Fitr , where dressing up in lavish clothes has become a norm, or Christmas where exchanging gifts has become an integral part of the holiday, Pohela Boishakh is really about celebrating the simpler, rural roots of the Bengal. Other cultural festivals include Nabonno , and Poush Parbon both of which are Bengali harvest festivals.

These occasions are observed with public ceremonies, parades, rallies by citizens, political speeches, fairs, concerts, and various other public and private events, celebrating the history and traditions of Bangladesh. TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs, and many schools and colleges organise fairs, festivals, and concerts that draw the participation of citizens from all levels of Bangladeshi society.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Bangladesh, followed by football. The national cricket team participated in their first Cricket World Cup in , and the following year was granted elite Test cricket status. They have however struggled, recording only ten test match victories: They reached the quarter-final of the Cricket World Cup. In July , they celebrated their first-ever win over England in England. Bangladesh hosted the Asia Cup on four occasions in , , , and However, it was the first time Bangladesh had advanced to the final of any top-class international cricket tournament.

They reached the final again at the Asia Cup. They participated at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, defeating Afghanistan to claim their Gold Medal in the first-ever cricket tournament held in the Asian Games.

Bangladeshi cricketer Sakib Al Hasan is No. Football is also a popular sports in Bangladesh. Kabaddi — very popular in Bangladesh — is the national game. The National Sports Council regulates 42 different sporting federations. Among them, Niaz Murshed was the first grandmaster in South Asia.

In another achievement, Margarita Mamun , a Russian rhythmic gymnast of Bangladeshi origin, won gold medal in Summer Olympics and became world champion in and The Bangladeshi press is diverse, outspoken and privately owned. Over newspapers are published in the country. Bangladesh Betar is the state-run radio service. Bengali broadcasts from Voice of America are also very popular. Bangladesh Television BTV is the state-owned television network. There more than 20 privately owned television networks, including several news channels.

Freedom of the media remains a major concern, due to government attempts at censorship and the harassment of journalists. The cinema of Bangladesh dates back to , when films began screening at the Crown Theatre in Dhaka.

The first bioscope on the subcontinent was established in Dhaka that year. The Dhaka Nawab Family patronized the production of several silent films in the s and 30s. During the s, 25—30 films were produced annually in Dhaka.

By the s, Bangladesh produced 80— films a year. While the Bangladeshi film industry has achieved limited commercial success, the country has produced notable independent filmmakers.

Zahir Raihan was a prominent documentary-maker who was assassinated in Cycle rickshaws are the most popular form of public transport in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi rickshaws are decorated with colorful posters and boards, often depicting movie stars, national monuments or religious icons. Rickshaw art is considered a form of neo-romanticism.

This unique trend started in Rajshahi and Dhaka in the s. Each region of Bangladesh has a distinct style of rickshaw art. For example, rickshaw art in Chittagong and Comilla are dominated by floral scenery and Arabic texts.

Auto-rickshaws are widely seen in urban centers. Cycle-driven carts are found in many parts of the country. Rickshaw driving provides employment for many poor Bangladeshis coming from rural areas. The Varendra Research Museum is the oldest museum in Bangladesh.

It houses important collections from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods, including the sculptures of the Pala-Sena School of Art and the Indus Valley Civilization; as well as Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian manuscripts and inscriptions. The Ahsan Manzil, the former residence of the Nawab of Dhaka, is a national museum housing collections from the British Raj. The Tajhat Palace Museum preserves artifacts of the rich cultural heritage of North Bengal, including Hindu-Buddhist sculptures and Islamic manuscripts.

The Mymensingh Museum houses the personal antique collections of Bengali aristocrats in central Bengal. The Ethnological Museum of Chittagong showcases the lifestyle of various tribes in Bangladesh. The Liberation War Museum documents the Bangladeshi struggle for independence and the genocide.

In ancient times, manuscripts were written on palm leaves, tree barks, parchment vellum and terracotta plates and preserved at monasteries known as viharas. The Hussain Shahi dynasty established royal libraries during the Bengal Sultanate. Libraries were established in each district of Bengal by the zamindar gentry during the Bengal Renaissance in the 19th century.

The trend of establishing libraries continued until the beginning of World War II. The Great Bengal Library Association was formed in The National Library of Bangladesh was established in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Bangladesh disambiguation. Government Seal of Bangladesh. Partition of Bengal East Bengal and East Pakistan. Military coups in Bangladesh.

Administrative geography of Bangladesh. Wildlife of Bangladesh and Fauna of Bangladesh. Foreign relations of Bangladesh. Human rights in Bangladesh. Economy of Bangladesh and List of companies of Bangladesh. Electricity sector in Bangladesh , Nuclear energy in Bangladesh , and Natural gas and petroleum in Bangladesh. Water supply and sanitation in Bangladesh. Science and technology in Bangladesh.

Information technology in Bangladesh and Biotechnology and genetic engineering in Bangladesh. Demographics of Bangladesh and Bengalis. List of cities and towns in Bangladesh. Largest cities or towns in Bangladesh calculation [] [] []. Religions in Bangladesh in [4] Religion Percent Muslim. Culture of Bangladesh , Culture of Bengal , and Bengali renaissance.

Textile arts of Bangladesh. Bengali cuisine and Bangladeshi cuisine. Public holidays in Bangladesh. Media of Bangladesh and Cinema of Bangladesh. Rickshaw art in Bangladesh. Museums in Bangladesh and List of libraries in Bangladesh. Retrieved 1 February National Web Portal of Bangladesh. Retrieved 13 February US department of States.

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The country is dominated chittagong lush vegetation, with villages often buried in places of datingjackfruitbamboobetel nutcoconut and date palm. Archived from the original on 11 December Pioneers of Indian politics like Mahatma GandhiSubhash Chandra BoseSardar Vallabhai Patel used to held secret meetings inside this place with fanatic young freedom fighters. A professional after-sales service, an best and satisfied solution will be supplied timely if you meet any problem. Matters reached a climax inwhen Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah captured the British base at Fort Williamin an effort to stem the rising influence of the East India Company. Famous Restaurant in Dhaka City & their illegal business

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An estimated 56 percent of the population had access to adequate sanitation facilities in In rural areas, village doctors with little or no formal training constitute 62 percent of healthcare providers practising "modern medicine"; formally-trained providers make up four percent of the total health workforce.

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Its Mughal-era name, Islamabad City of Islam , continues to be used in the old city. It will be greatly appreciated. Dhanmondi is one of the much planned locations of Dhaka which was developed back in the s and is located almost in the center of the city.

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    Retrieved 5 August Article 17 of the Bangladesh Constitution provides that all children between the ages of six and ten years receive a basic education free of charge. Set up for USA 60 htz, but could possibly convert to 50 htz as have some parts.

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    Please allow me to have a meeting regarding the compliance improvement. Bangladeshi security forces, particularly the Rapid Action Battalion RAB , have faced strong international condemnation for human rights abuses, including enforced disappearances , torture and extrajudicial killings. Deep and Deep Publications. The Economist — via Sudestada. Bangala Sahityer Itihas , Vol.

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    Junior Sewing Machine Opt, 2. Suggestions have also been made for workers to be given a stake in the industry, in its management, through participation in trade unions. They launched the Mughal conquest of Chittagong. Try to visit this church in the morning between 9: Country boats in Bangladesh.

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    The Ijtema is the second-largest Muslim congregation in the world, after the Hajj. Starting in the s, Bengali nationalists used the term in political rallies in East Pakistan.

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    Where females are employed, there shall be at least 1 one toilet for every 25 twenty five females. The electronics industry in Bangladesh is witnessing rapid growth, with the Walton Group being its dominant player.

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    Asian mythology is complex and diverse. Junior Knitting Machine Opt, 4.

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