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Are you going to be one of that group? Overall, MM is an excellent representative of its genre. I love this site! With that said, this mixture is essential to anyone wishing to keep English style blends in their cellar. Миллионы анкет для знакомств по всему миру.

Топы, дневники, фото, рейтинг, удобный поиск и. Truly a luxurious tobacco. Virginias are carefully conditioned to ensure sweetness. They are added to rich, heavier and cooler Virginias.

A unique flavor is added to. I gave the stem a bath in the Oxyclean for a couple of hours and the bowl after reaming with my Castleford reamer set of the lower three sizes, an alcohol bath over night.

Dunhill's My Mixture is for the connoisseurs of full bodied tobacco. Choicest small Latakia imparts a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added.

Great body, mouthfeel and smoke volume, and burns great for me. It does taste similar to a VaPer in some ways, especially the retrohale. Above all, this is a really fine tobacco. This tobacco seems to inspire real allegiance or hatred in excess of any other tobacco I know of, Pipestud, for one is enamored with it. Royal Yacht is comprised of fine Virginias, there are nice flavors of grass and hay, along with some citrus and bolder stewed fruits.

The topping is placed with a steady hand and is maybe slightly more or less than I would prefer. To me, it smokes similar to a bowl of fresh from the tin, undried read: Royal Yacht is touted for its nic hit among many. Royal Yacht was supposed to knock me over with nicotine.

One thing I should note, this tobacco, unlike many Virginias, really sours and grows harsh on a relight some of the time. The room note is nice to tolerable, with a slight cigarette odor like a lot of Virginias. This really is a tobacco everyone should try as it divides opinions so thoroughly. Nice for a change of pace for anyone who enjoys Virginia tobaccos, it really is unique. Also good for cravers of an easy smoking nicotine heavyweight maybe a light-heavyweight.

I am doing something that I rarely ever do - I am bumping this up to four stars. It has grown on me to the point where I can not find anything wrong with it, this is a perfect blend! Original review I tend to favour bolder virginias, and as such this one hits the spot. The topping is light and even giving the smoker something similar to a VaPer without any added perique. A deep taste of raisins and damp forest dirt and moss combined with spice is what I first discover. About a third through the bowl a bread and leather nuance starts making its presence known.

I find myself thinking that I am smoking a really good VaPer, but where is that plum topping? Then I realize that there is no perique in this blend, those hints of raisins and dried fruit are all due to the topping, and it works reall well! The fact that it is due to the topping means that it is evenly spread through the bowl, minimizing the interplay between flavours and somewhat making the blend less complex, it makes for one even experience.

And it is all good. Ribbon cut, ready to smoke out of the tin, easy to pack. No bite, medium to strong nicotine. Royal Yacht is a delicate, no tongue bite, narrow but nuanced flavour range Virginia.

One of the great tobaccos, what I love about Royal Yacht is the way it sneaks up and delivers an unexpected hit. Excellent tobacco which deserves to be savoured slowly, because it offers two different experiences if smoked moist or dry.

Moist, straight from the tin and separate the tobacco in a mixing bowl. Gravity fill and gently press. Perhaps a few pieces cut real small and sprinkled on top to better insure and even light.

Then sit back, light up, tamp down, relight and experience how this beautifully seductive mixture just delicately and elegantly satisfies. And the slower and more gently you take it, the bigger the exemplary hit! Each excellent bowl of this refined and quality Virginia is precious and deserves to be savoured. I know I do. Royal Yacht is not royal at all! I cannot understand those delighted reviews - a dry nicotine-bomb, Virginia without any surprise.

Maybe good as a background for your own home-made mixtures, but not for that price. Royal Yacht is a typical overrated pipe tobacco. If there is ever an apocalyptic event and I need to stash on one or two tobacco blends.. It is grand in every aspect.. Overall an excellent experience. Smoking Dunhill Royal Yacht is like smoking fine ribbon cuts of gold that have been grated from a gold bar which has been manufactured by mother nature.

Highly Recommended to Virginia lovers. Awesome and robust VAs, subtle plum topping, good nic-hit, perfect moisture and burning qualities An extremely good smoke. One of my favourite Dunhills. Popping the tin, all is pretty much as ever, except the tin note is perhaps more melded now, with the prominent plum topping jumping right out ahead of the full-yet-mellow, aged and partly ferment VAs, along with figs, cocoa, and forest floor. Short ribbons range from a smattering of gold to myriad browns, to almost black, reflecting both leaf selection and the range of treatments the various VAs have been subjected to, from flue to air cured, to stoved and fire cured.

Because it burns so well, one need not pull hard to keep it going, and I recommend a light pack and an easy draw, at least at first. The smoke itself is thick and creamy, fragrant and also spicy, in accord with the tastes, and I get Perique here, too, lots of real tobacco tastes and aromas. Room note is pleasant, particularly so if considering Perique. Reading about it, I just had to try it. Bought it, sniffed it, smoked the first bowl. And then the next. However having said that This is a very very great tobacco from the first bowl.

It smells great, smokes light and fresh but ever so satisfying. I think a lot has been written about this better than I could do, but I do want to state my initial findings: This tobacco keeps coming back in my rotation. Fermented well, smoking great, even in rotation with dunhill latakia blends tasteful enough.

Very well rounded, a product of highly skilled blenders. Had not good impression when i smoke this stuff except have a good tin aroma. The cut is good and with nice moisture level, easy to pack and not hard to light. But for the pleasure that had given by this stuff, i put a high rating on it. The plum flavor is so nice to smell and the sweetness is just right portion for me, not ovewhalming.

The smoke is quite great at my Stanwell 11 Black Diamond, and not get trouble when i puff it. Dunhill Royal Yacht is a pipe tobacco unlike any other. Composed of Virginia, the cut is a small ribbon, almost shag, and the color dark. Royal Yacht has a distinct flavoring added. I am not sure just what goes in it, but I would suggest that plum, chocolate, and tonquin are all present.

Is this a semi-aromatic or a light aromatic? I rate it a light aromatic, although the flavoring does not obscure the tobacco taste by any means. Royal Yacht is almost legendary for its nicotine kick, and some warn that it should not be smoked on an empty stomach. Personally, I am not overly sensitive to nicotine, and I can smoke it on an empty stomach.

But those who do not tolerate high nicotine levels should be wary of this tobacco. This is a somewhat pricey pipe tobacco. I enjoy smoking it, although there are a number of Virginias I like better, and almost all of them are cheaper.

Nevertheless I give Royal Yacht three stars, and a recommended rating, for it is a most unusual smoke, and it is highly favored by a significant number of pipe smokers.

Are you going to be one of that group? You will never know unless you try it. In the same way we have to distinguish between tobaccos with natural flavoring natural flavors and tobaccos with artificial flavoring artificial and chemical flavors. Sadly, Dunhill Royal Yacht belong to the last type. It is straight Virginia of course, but there is a lot of casing and it is not a pure tobacco.

Moreover it is not only natural flavoring, but also artificial flavoring. Openin the tin the scent is wonderful, the tobacco is nutty, with a white chocolate smell. However this Virginia is very very strong and the real taste is not of pure Virginia.

Chemical additives are add, put on top. If you like pure tobacco, this is not for you. I regret, for me is only a star: Tin note is heavy on tart sour apple, reminding me of the Apple Plug my dad chewed out in the field, that I was dumb enough as a kid to take a bite of thinking it was a candy bar! Caramel is also present, among the apple and cured tobacco leaf smells out of the freshly opened tins. A note about the cut of this tobacco Char and initial draw is very cigar like in the room note and flavor.

Royal Yacht, much in the same way, does not present any sort of subtlety or complexity. I purchased a fresh tin today from JJ Fox London, and bagged one of their own house pipes too straight billiard. This is a lovely rich full tobacco, and my my my, Nicotine delight too! My palate has matured and this is a easy smoke. But, take it long and gentle If you puff like a chimney it will whip you.

Take it easy, muse on its varied taste between straight VA and a deeper coffee taste You need time, chill and make sure your sitting down! I would not smoke this through the day though. I see it as a dessert, or more like a tobacco equivalent of a full pudding! I recommend this to folk who want something rich, luxurious and The reviews are splendid here so recommend a good browse.

Best stored in a sealed jar to keep it fresh. Room note seems accepted from non-smokers, but good for on the porch watching the world go by.

Like many reviewers have said, this is a fine tobacco. The tobacco hit is very strong for me. But the flavour is wonderful. Very enjoyable from a great name. An old, yet great mixture. I only sampled the Orlik version and it is a perfect bed time smoke.

Strong in nicotine and less sweet, but full of flavor and produces thick pillows of smoke. Airing out is a must, but then it satisfies to great extent. Can bite, but is generally well behaved. Smoke it in a Dunhill to get the full Dunhill experience. The aroma in the tin is sweet and reminds me of well fermented long cut chewing tobacco with a hint of raisin. The room note was tolerable but not preferred by bystanders.

I find the taste to be mostly a sweet, strong tobacco flavor. This is not a bad thing, as long as you are looking for this. This tobacco burns very well and creates mountains of dense smoke, even smoked slowly, which I like. After aging a month, I tried this again to see if it was any better.

If fact, I noticed how really one dimensional it is. This could be a good tobacco to blend with some other tobacco to add a little more body, but life is too short to smoke this by itself. This is a strongish Virginia blend with a rich and full-bodied flavour that in my experience lasts all the way down the bowl.

The ribbon-cut is easy to pack, but I find that it does need quite a few relights if you smoke it straight out of the tin. A little drying, though not too much, is a good idea.

It has to be said also that it gets very hot rather easily: Not an all day, every day smoke then, but one to be savoured of an evening in a comfortable chair. Not quite four stars in my opinion, but an easy three. This is my first review, so i thought it fitting to begin with my absolute favorite blend. Royal Yacht fits the bill of significant body, and has great flavor. Even with all the variety of brand and style and quality of pipes i have tried, the result has always been the exact same smoke.

Royal Yacht was on my daily smokes in the late 90s and early 00s. My preferences are now inclined to milder blends. However I am still consuming this fine classic occasionaly. The older tins, if I am remembering well, were a bit stronger.

Anyway, this is a top choice classic, and must have. RY is not what I expected from reading many of the reviews. I was expecting something more "floral" or cased. Instead what I got is a very nice burning VA with just the subtlest of added aroma blended in the with sweet smell of the tobacco. This really is a treasure. Whether a Murray or an Orlick era tin if you like straight VA with a light casing then give this one a try. Simply delightful, and, like a previous reviewer noted, a wonderful outdoor tobacco.

What in the bloody hell has happened to Dunhill-Royal Yacht??? The flavour which is added is thoroughly delicious,and of very high quality. I believe,aged tins would only enhance and improve this blend. Highly enjoyable,and easily smoked,to the bottom of the bowl. Leaving a nice clean grey-white ash,without goop. The heady tin aroma and strong tobacco taste were enough to keep me trying it. Like CJ I too found this weed a bit difficult out of the tin , mostly due to its moisture level I found it hard to keep lit.

This tin smells of figs and raisins and the other warm, rich things you expect of a well-aged, matured Virginia tobacco. The flavor is deep and rich, like a Christmas dessert, and has subtle hints of hazelnuts and chocolate along with some spicy elements. The nicotine strength is there in spades, but when smoked slowly it provides a wonderful cornucopia of flavors that makes me wonder why the heck they decided to case the new version so heavily.

The bad press this blend has received prodded me to try a tin; why would so many tobacconists still carry it if it were really that bad? Sticking my nose closer to the tin, I smelled rich, well cured, and perhaps slightly cased tobaccos. It easily generates a rich thick smoke, with a noticeable nicotine content and a full round flavor; it stays lit with little conscious effort, and burns to a medium-grey ash except for a tiny bit of dry charred tobacco at the very bottom.

I did get an unexpected taste of perique? I enjoyed the whole bowl, once letting it go out while I took out the trash; relighting returned me to my bookmark in the bowl with no change in flavor or additional harshness. In spite of the fact that my wife prefers the room note of aromatics, she said this smelled "nice".

Royal Yacht is a delicious Virginia tobacco. Instead of being more of a Shag Cut like the majority of Dunhill offerings, it consists mostly of Loose Cut mixed with some Broken Flakes. The tin aroma is superb and I enjoy it every time I smoke it. The plum topping remains subtle during the smoking but it is detectable and enhances the tobacco taste.

The nicotine content is perfect. Therefore, it has become a regular tobacco in my rotation. Especially, with at the time of this review, that the Dunhill blends are going away If this does occur and if it turned out I loved the blend I would still have time to cellar some. The cut is the typical Dunhill, a nice ribbon, very easy to pack and moisture content right out of tin was perfect.

The tin note reminded me of a cross of Elizabethan Mixture and Early Morning Pipe with a little more fruit like raisin aroma. The smoke is medium all around for me, flavor, taste and nicotine. However, the nic hit can a little more than medium, especially on empty stomach, but not unpleasant. It tastes close to how it smells in the tin to me. It is a nice richer type of smoke, but nothing that knocked my socks off frankly. I have 3 tins cellared and will likely not add to it. It certainly is nothing like I have tried so far, so not currently aware of a true match at this time.

So if you try it and like you should stock up "just in case". For me it is a good smoke, but at this time I am in the "smoke what I have and not cellar" camp. Royal Yacht, a name intended to conjure up their Royal Highnesses touring the world aboard a substantial luxury steamship in the company of impeccably uniformed genteel and cultured Naval officers and disciplined, respectful seamen in the s.

I taste bright spicy Virginia at a really high quality level of tobacco. Gotta be careful taking that savoring approach on this ship. My first bowls got me a bit light headed. Had to head back to shore due to sea sickness. That being said, I was just caught off guard with this type of smoke.

On about the 4th day and 5th bowl or so, I learned what to expect on this cruise. A little goes a long way with this baccy. A measured approach is slowing down and not hitting so much or smoking so fast that the Nicotene overwhelms. Once I got a gauge on dialing in my puff patterns to fit this tobacco, it became a smooth and pleasurable ride. Its not the best and will not be my favorite, but unique. I cant remember something similar to it. Medium in strength, with a bit plum flavoring and almost full in taste.

Cool, dry smoke, no chance of tongue bite. Not an all day smoke for sure, but repeatable during the week or month. I bought 5 tins for my cellar incase if Dunhill tobacco will disappear. The nicotine is strong with this one.

Good luck finding a review stating otherwise. If you are new to smoking, you may find yourself dizzy after a bowl. I recently gave up cigarettes after years of smoking, so the nicotine is not a big deal for me. Sweet and grassy Virginia with a unique topping. The tin note actually smells like under-ripe tomatoes to me. Supposedly the topping is plum, but I do not quite get that. I get raisin and a kind of dark fruit with a kind of sweet sun-dried tomato taste always in the forefront.

I would recommend this blend to seasoned smokers, lovers or VA-Aromatics, and those who are simply bored or curious. It cracks me up when I read threads online from smokers looking for a strong aromatic and posters mention Royal Yacht.

The casing is typical Dunhill and I taste it in all their blends. As a strong, English style Virginia, RY excels and delivers a nice, rich flavor and nic hit.

The tin reads "exceedingly mellow," which is also hilarious. This is a powerhouse blend. Not recommended for beginners unless they are cigar smokers. The note from the tin is plummy like a bit of Xmas is packed in there. The tobacco burns evenly but beware burning ash billowing from your pipe and burning holes in blankets and stuff. Got myself in trouble there and this is the only tobacco in my current rotation that does that.

The room note has not excited comment either for or against and I guess it is anonymous. The taste is just sweet. Not in a cloying, syrupy way but just consistently. I can easily understand those who proclaim this a good all day smoke. RY is not demanding and will not surprise you with some intriguing new flavour coming out of left-field. A quality tobacco that would not dent my top 5 but I would be happy to have around when I want a fail-safe.

Some grassy and hay notes from the Virginias. It also has a slight alcohol or liqueur scent to it. There are also some sweet and biscuit notes. One of my favourite tin notes. No drying time is needed, and packs perfectly into the pipe. There are also some bigger, harder pieces of leaf similar to broken flake. This blend is well known for its strength. As soon as you take a flame to it, you can feel the heaviness of the smoke. Like most strong blends, it hits the back of the throat and burns on the retrohale.

This is definitely not an all day smoke. The nicotine is very high and even experienced pipers will feel it. A straightforward Virginia taste, but richer and darker, with some earthy and leather notes. The topping gives it a mild fruitiness, and makes the room note more aromatic. The biscuit note from the tin also comes through slightly.

The fruitiness of this blend will go perfectly with a sweet dessert wine like port or sherry. Truly a classic pipe tobacco which is loved and hated by many. As for me, I love it, and it is one of my favourite blends.

Make sure you have a full stomach before setting sail on the yacht. For most Dunhill Royal Yacht seems to be something you either like.. At least Josif Stalin liked it as his favourite pipe-weed. No wonder Stalin neglected cleaning process of his pipes..

Tin aroma was typical for high quality Virginia blend, typical sweet hay-like with hint of lemon. I did not detect topping at this point at all Moisture level was about perfect. Burning properties of Royal Yacht are excellent. First time I had quick 20 minutes smoke with full bowl of RY in Peterson system pipe.. And with one flame! I did not need to relight after tampering, it just kept going.

As typical for most Virginia blends, tends to expand in bowl after first flame and needs tampering time to time while progress But still, first bowl of Royal Yacht was a quick smoke, much quicker than my usual minutes smokes Only indication that I had smoked it bit too fast was the soapy taste for about 7 seconds during middle of the bowl. So, in total experience was strongly on positive side regarding burning.

So, Royal Yacht tends to be bit quick burning was my observation It is a pleasant smoke, does not bite and does not taste strong and still nicotine kick is proper. Rest of the tin I smoked while using Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe Dunhill Royal Yacht unlike other Dunhill blends is really as bad as all worst aromatic drugstore tobaccos in tarnishing the pipe with oily substance which even greased my stainless steel tamper in way I had to wash it with alcohol Oily goopy residual substance really tarnishes about everything it gets into contact with And to make it worse, that oily residue stinks like an old ashtray.

Because what Royal Yacht does to pipes: Dunhill Royal Yacht is liked and disliked, but it is worth of try I sincerely do recommend everyone try this blend..

Now has to remember.. If let the tin load of Royal Yacht dry completely and then smoke it slowly, it might cause less of that awful oily residue. And as all Dunhill blends age well, perhaps Royal Yacht stored 3 or 5 or even 7 years might bring entirely different end result I found it a bit bland and monotonous. The only thing it had going for it was that it satisfied the nic- cravings, but as I had started smoking cigarettes again, even that seamed to be a very mild satisfaction.

Anyway, I poured the contents of the tin in a jar and left it there, only having a smoke occasionally, maybe one bowl every two weeks, and continued smoking my other blends Nightcap, Elizabethan Mixture and After the tobacco had sat in the jar for a good few months, I suddenly discovered whilst smoking a bowl that this tobacco had matured and become something very interesting. Royal Yacht suddenly became my go to blend and now is sorely missed whilst I wait for the tins which I have just bought to mature in the jars for a couple of months before I can enjoy that fantastic tobacco again.

I keep thinking that I have found the best tobacco money can buy. I have tried many and am now smoking my first tin of Royal Yacht. Put a match to the first bowl and wow,as you yanks say ,this is something else. So easy to pack,so easy to light,so delicious to smoke. Virginia,no doubt, but a very high quality Virginia.. I just love it. Shame that I only have one tin,but will be getting more when I get back to London,albeit at a high price.

If you like a really luxurious Virginia,then this is for you ,I promise. Buy this and enjoy I am sitting here in India with a bowl of Royal Yacht and having smoked scores of different tobaccos,some good,some awful,as is the case with most consumables,I cannot think,for the life of me any other tobacco ,other than Penzance,which is now only a memory,anything better and more satisfying than this blend.

So,why do I keep searching for something that can give any more pleasure than this. I am totally baffled,but being the perfectionist seeker,I will not give up. Its only a good smoke I enjoy Royal Yacht. Not too sweet and not lacking in the vitamin N department. Just a nice, no-nonsense Virginia smoke to me. Perfect moisture level, only one relight after char. Burned to a fine white ash. Royal Yacht is a favorite of mine. The Virginias are also subtly sweet and grassy on there own.

The room note can be a little sharp or even cigarette-like but the topping helps push it to tolerable. I prefer to smoke it in a small bowl to manage the strength. I love everything Dunhill. Some of my favorite pipes are made by Dunhill. So, I was eager to try Royal Yacht again after many years. Sorry, this one is too strong for me. Dunhill makes excellent tobaccos. The Royal Yacht is the crown jewel of Dunhill in my opinion.

The overall experience of this tobacco is rich and elegant. On first opening this baccy gave me a blast of sour milk, which diminished considerably on repeat openings. I assume this was the product of some significant fermentation tho my tin is only 3 years old. Subsequently the tin note settled down to a vaguely vanilla aroma tonquin? The baccy itself is a short cut ribbon of mostly mid browns. There is no light leaf. My tin had a fair amount of twiggy material.

It is easy to pack and light. For the first part of the bowl this is one of the smoothest tobaccos I have ever put in a pipe. Smooth as silk, gently sweet, cool burning and no bite whatever. There is an interesting pepper on the nose and the sourness is almost under the radar. If perique is not part of the mix here then someone has done a VERY good job of fermenting Virginias to mimic it. The transition of the tobacco as one goes down the bowl is amazing.

It builds in strength and spiciness until at the end it is a true nicotine warhorse. It also produces huge plumes of smoke. The last third is full of plums, stewed prunes and pepper. Very sweet and tasty.

I keep smoking it a bit and putting the pipe aside so that I can think about the sweetness of this tobacco. While puffing I can also taste a special spicy taste. I bought an old two tin set of the "tobacco collection" box offered by Dunhill around approx. I kept coming back to open it and smell it again. It was a very good experience. This is my first time with an aged tobacco. I wish I had bought the other 2 tins they had available. Buttery smooth sweet Virginia.

Burns clean and smooth on one light. Black pepper notes on the retrohale. Full smoke, full flavor. Absolutely delicious when sipped. However, for an experience smoker who is looking for a good strong smoke on a winter evening, this is a good one.

For my personal pairing preferences, I would choose a sweet cognac or bourbon. My wife says it reminds her of incense in an Orthodox church service. Not fruity at all. Nice, dry smoke hits the nose like a good cigar. Burns evenly but hot. The cut is great for packing and has a perfect moisture level. A good smoke when your working on a project or wandering around. Not so complex that it demands your attention, not so strong that you feel you need a break from it.

Just a good smoke to pass time. This blend just happened to make me feel nauseated. Could not put my finger on the flavor component, other than to say it was dark and sweetish in a cloying way. Had to pull over and dump the bowl and toss the tin. Royal Yacht has become my constant tobacco for a good while. I remember the Murray being a much finer cut and more heavily topped. What I did enjoy was the nicotine strength that it delivers for a straight va of such a light color.

This is one thing I really enjoy about Dunhill tobaccos. The nic is always spot on to leave you properly sated. This does not rise to a level of 4 stars for me, but I easily recommend it to anyone who enjoys VAs, but wants more strength.

The topping does seem to dissapate enough to let the VAs come through so I would not call this a heavy aromatic. It comes as aged, apparently pressed, fermented slightly, then ribboned tobacco. Upon popping the lid on the 50g tin, I get nasal quaffs reminiscent of dried figs and raisins, with a sweet spiciness. Upon charing a strong sweet taste develops, and at mid-bowl, one has comfortaby settled in for a sweet Virginia smoke. Although reviewers mention some sort of casing, I detected none, and instead was reminded on simple, pure un-adultered Virginia tobaccos.

The Burley is also detectable, brining a "brightness" to the deep sweetness of the Virginias. I do think some fermentation went into this, and although it states flavoring as "Coffee, Brandy and Plum", my take on this is that these are volatiles that are developed during the short fermentation. In many respects, this tobacco reminds me of Escudo, put out by Peter Stokkebye, although that comes in coin form, and involves Perique as a condiment.

The smoke is on the high side regarding nicotine, and as such was a bit much for me. Not that I am a wimp in these matters, but I think its a bit on the edge.

I would rate this 2 out of 4 stars, reserving 3 for Escudo, and 4 for my best English and Balkan blends. Also, the high N content for me brought it down for me. Nightcap also has a high N content, but Royal Yacht has for me about twice the content.

And after a bowl, I am seeing stars! Perhaps its a Burley additive to generate bulk in the blends, or its some sort of anti-fungal or preservative of some sort, but whatever it is, for my palate it is really discernible. I simply can not bring myself to allocate 4 stars for these Orlick DK re-issues of the once famed Dunhill brand. See my review on Dunhill MM for more along these lines. Upon opening, the eyes are teased with a relatively monochrome presentation of Virginia leaf.

Or perhaps it is the sight of the maggots dancing among the leaves To me, the tobacco is a bit too moist upon opening. This is a tobacco that needs open time to breathe and air. I suggest doing this in a remote area. When I tried to air my tin inside the house my wife complained that the stench filling the house was far, far worse that a dozen cat litter boxes. Once dried to a more appropriate level, I resealed the tin for a bit.

And then came the loading. The ready-rubbed leaf begins to show a bit of coloration, with some lighter and some darker golds and browns. Here, I should throw in the warning that it is best to handle Royal Yacht while wearing gloves, kind of like when handling Habernero peppers, though the damage done to bare fingers by Haberneros is nothing as painful as from RY!!!

Thus, gloves protecting my hands I carefully stuffed the tobacco into a favorite Dunhill bulldog which, as it happens, is the only bulldog to ever bite my hand for loading it! With the false light came some pretty amazing flavor! I was immediately drawn back into a deep, long-forgotten memory of my childhood.

They raised cows, hogs, sheep and chicken, and the amazing draw of flavors of pigsty and sheep intestine rolled through my pipe and took me back to those now lost days. But this is not a tobacco to just sip, as I do with most Virginias. Rather, to appreciate the full experience of Royal Yacht it is necessary to inhale. I mean take draws like you did on that bong 30 years ago in college kind of inhale. Draw the smoke into your lungs like an almost drowned man finally getting his first gasp of fresh air after crawling out of a sinking submarine whose hull ruptured feet below the surface!

And then, after exhaling, it happens:. My first vision was of Satan. He was sitting in a bright red seat of flames, somehow now where, moments before, had been the television, laughing his low, gutteral laugh, and telling me that my soul was now his.

He smiled, and almost immediately was replaced in my vision by 70 dancing, naked virgins. Yet the flesh was not for me - these hags were 80 year-old virgins, having attained their chaste status through years of overeating, not washing, farting, and being just plain hiddeous!

I set the pipe aside, walked to the living room, and poured a double shot of bourbon in hopes of driving the witches away. Oh, those bitches left all right. And this, sadly, encouraged me to again lift and light the pipe. Once more, the relatively cool stream of smoke drew through the airway and invaded my mouth. Though not hot or acidic, the smoke still somehow burned away about 2 layers of tissue on my tongue.

I would liken the experience to drinking a freshly opened bottle of lye, though at least the lye has an acceptable flavor. And with this draw the witches were replaced by diahrettic flying gorillas circling my head, propelled in their flight by the jet propulsion caused by their condition. I watched them circle over me, faster and faster, until they suddenly began hitting me in the head.

Their fists were hard as rocks. My neck flopped like a broken rubberband. Finally, I was overcome with pain and fear and passed out. When I awakened, the tobacco, my pipe, and the table on which I had set the pipe, had all burned to a fine, gray ash. I found no dottle at all, though I was a bit troubled by having to clean up the charred hag and gorilla bones.

My favorite pipe tobacco thus far. I have sampled 40 year old tins to 5 yr. One of the best, uniquely flavored pipe tobaccos ever, IMHO, of course! Someone below called Royal Yacht an "acquired taste" which sounds right to me. This is not a pipe for rookies. The fill is easy, the texture is perfect for gentle tamps and rich smoke and the flavor is strong, round, rich and deep.

There is a casing that is not describable which will color the smoke and stick to your ribs. If you love light, faint and fragrant green tea then this is not for you. If you love a rich, thick boeuf bourguignon gone a bit overboard with too much brandy and red burgundy poured in then this may be the ticket. After smoking this one, I definitely understand what people were talking about when they said it was nicotine laden. The flavor was incredible. It was oddly sweet.

I would say it tasted almost like cocoa, or something like that. I can understand why some people might not like something this sweet, but for me, it was what I have been searching for. I need to try finding more of this stuff now. I have never delberately bought a tin of Royal Yacht: And, I have never been able to finish a tin.

It is strong, ranking with the likes of St Bruno and in nicotine content. The flavouring is odd - not so much savoury as briny. I have smoked it on a two-hundred tonner on a week long voyage near the equator.

It does improve with drying and breathing. While the flavour is not as bad as some of the harsher critics would have, its oddity combined with the strength of the tobacco makes it a mixture that takes no prisoners. I am smoking the last of my tins of RY and do not think that I will acquire another.

I decided to open a tin of the newer version just to find out if it has changed. The appearance of the tobacco is very similar to the Murray version, but the new manufacturer has not gone to the trouble of duplicating the unique top dressing of the original. The mouth feel of the smoke is similar, and I think it has similar strength compared to the old RY. The taste of the smoke is not bad; it is just not Royal Yacht.

And the smoking experience is very, very close. I will probably start smoking this newer version of RY in my regular rotation and save my stash of the older version for annual trips down memory lane. The blend would necessarily be something with a powerful nicotine content and a strong, tobacco essence similar to, say, SG Brown Rope, a blend that would appeal to those who liked a tobacco that could be either chewed or smoked.

However, it would have to be uniquely Dunhill, and therefore, much more elegant. It was decided to combine a bitterly strong tobacco, already sliced and diced, with a soupcon of a milder brown and top it off with a mysterious sweetener. And so Royal Yacht was created. In any case, they did a fine job. Smoked fresh, it is quite sweet with the darker flavors and strength skillfully submerged, a Sunday goody for the black plug smoker.

Either way a truly satisfying smoke. This has been an old favorite of mine for a good many years, not to be smoked every day. And it will bring your EKG reading up to slightly above where it belongs. Highly recommended to those who enjoy lightly sweetened, strong English tobacco. Mine seemed at about the correct moisture level upon opening the tin, so I just packed some up and smoked it. After that I was pretty convinced that its pretty good, so I smoked another bowl.

You get the idea. The flavor to me reminds me more of like a black espresso coffee than tobacco. It has a lot of flavor, but it seems more like a neutral roasty flavor to me than anything else. Its good, just kind of different.

I agree that this would compliment some coffee nicely adding some extra roasty flavor into the mix without being overly harsh on your tongue. In that regards, if you get tongue-bite from this tobacco then you are obviously doing something very wrong. This has got to be one of the least bitey tobaccos that I have ever smoked.

I was puffing away contentedly without the slightest irritation on my tongue. They are of the same type, i. The differences are that the British use hefty tobacs instead of tasteless burleys, and that the British flavorings are "natural". This is satisfying due to the strength and full flavor, and the casings are interesting for a while, but begin to wear thin after about 15 minutes.

I was urged to try this blend by Pipestud, and i bought a well-aged tin on Ebay. Upon opening the tin, I saw small crystals on the leaf; perhaps sugar or maybe even nicotine?!?

Upon opening the tin, I was greeted with a lovely scent of dried figs and dates. The cut reminds me of but it is much more dry than the former. Bruno and other similar blends. I will definitely stash more of this fantastic tobacco, Thumbs up for Dunhill, the epitome of quality!

The flavor is enjoyable, but one can get tired of it. The strength can surprise you if you puff too hard. So, perhaps one should try it to see I first tried this blend somewhere in the late Eighties. I must say I did not understand it. I did not mind the taste or aroma of RY as such, but the structure of the blend was just too enervating. Not even my first encounter with My Mixture produced such giddiness!.

As it happens, time and experience modify our perspective on a given tobacco. I smoked it again many years later and found it intriguing and interesting, but not to the extent of making it a regular smoke. This Virginia is dense and strong.

I believe the intention of the added aroma is to lessen the effects of the rather potent leaf if left in its natural state.

The smoke is a cool one and the cut is probably intended for outdoor use. IMO there are many other Virginias out there, some of them as strong as RY but less pungent, that are more amiable and palatable than this Dunhill. Then again it must have something, for I know a number of pipe smokers who thoroughly enjoy Royal Yacht. A strong Virginia with a sweetened twist?. For the brave of heart! I purchased a tin of this to see what all the fuss was about. On opening the tin, I was greeted with a putrid smell of rotten fruit that had me concerned.

The smoke was worse. It just tasted terrible to me, and I could not finish the bowl. He advised me to put the lid back on and put it away for a couple of months. I followed that advice. On revisiting the tin, that smell was gone. The terrible taste in the smoke went away. The tin aroma is now more of a matured Virginia. It is composed of mainly dark, short cut ribbons. It is easy to pack and easy to light. It is a full, deep, rich, powerful tobacco tasty smoke.

I find that I puff this pretty hard, yet there is no bite. It has a pleasurable taste and aroma when exhaled through the nose. The room aroma is very pleasant. It is nicotine heavy, and it should be avoided by those that have room spinning experiences. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Many blends need some extra preparation from the tin to the smoke. All this one needed was to break the vacuum seal, and let it sit for a few months.

The blend has dried a bit from the initial opening of the tin. It burns dry and clean and finishes with a medium gray ash. Another nicotine, tasty, power bar. For some time I have read reviews of RY describing it as "Royal Yak" and denigrating it in the most unqualified terms. In fact, the terms were so unqualified that I began to suspect the judgments expressed by the reviewers and decided to try it for myself.

Royal Yacht is a unique blend which simply has to be tried to be understood. The tobacco itself is composed of dark virginias which burn slowly and cooly, with little or no tongue bite. The flavoring is not overwhelming, but lingers throughout the bowl, always pleasantly in the background. Using an old tooth brush I went over it with more alcohol and was able to remove all of the grime that the bath loosened and clear the grooves.

They are very crisp all the way around. While the surface of the pipe is very good there is an underlying dark area round the front that looked like it was deep within the briar. When the bowl was wet it showed some very nice birdseye on one side and flame grain on the other.

Leaving it alone I let it dry, then using OxBlood Red leather stain gave it several coats and flamed it to set. I would like to believe that this is one from the same time but before I claim it I will continue to research the dating wherever I can.

You can see that this is in need of more of a good cleaning than a reserection. The bowl is in good shape and the stem, while very oxidized, has no major dents or scrapes and the emblem is in good shape as well. First up was to ream the bowl and give it an alcohol cleaning with pipe cleaners and Everclear. The next step was to immerse the bowl in isopropyl alcohol and let it soak for a couple of hours. When I took it out it went into a rice container to help dry it.

The rice will pull out the moisture and dry it nicely. This is a trick electronics techs use when they get wet and you want to make sure it is dry before you power it up. Good to know if you drop a cell phone in water. When doing a salt and alcohol bath the rice also allows me to sit the bowl at the best angle to maximize the alcohol and not have it leak out.

The next several pictures show the progress on the stem, bringing it back to a nice shine. Starting with grit flexible sandpaper and moving through the entire range of sponges up to grit you can see the finish come back. I used care not to get too close to the logo and damage it. I needed to use the pick to clear out some stubborn tar out of the bit. I was thinking how I might give this a nice contrast to go with the finish contrast.

I used the sanding sponges on the smooth areas that have geometric shapes. On the rusticated area I went with Black leather dye. I have long admired this combination in a number of pipe makers offerings. I still need to work on my technique to get the lines cleaner.

As I continue to learn more and more via experience I am encouraged by reading the blogs of Steve Laug and Upshallfan to see how veterans approach their work.

A contributor to Reborn Pipes, Troy, has shown that you can be daring in reworking a pipe and get great results. Thanks to you all for the fine work you post.

(Dating kaywoodie pipes)

I recommend the tinned version, as the bulk is never as good and always seems to have a faint but kaywoodie stringent taste. This is nice, because it gives it a very personal touch. As proprietary information, those figures are invisible to the dating of us. Every now and again you get a hint of it, but ever so slightly. This and these English Blends are turning me into a VA lover. As it happens, time and experience modify our perspective on a given pipe. And then the next. My Kaywoodie pipes (continued)

Tag: restored smoking pipes

Significantly better than Elizabethan or London, in the mid range of strength choices. Now to go find them needy pipes!!

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The tin aroma is just wonderful - woodsy and leathery,with overtones of damp earth after Summer rain. I have always kept a pipefull of old as a comparison so I can see the difference.

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  1. molgothor

    It leaves a nice rich cake in the bowl. They tasted ok, but acrid. When I was just moving into English blends years ago, I often blended half-and-half with Black Cavendish for a smoke my wife could stand and that I could taste. First light, you get the sweet, leather and musty flavors very up front.

  2. mail_master

    I watched them circle over me, faster and faster, until they suddenly began hitting me in the head. If this blend was widely available it would be my everyday English blend, its that good. This is my latest eBay buy.

  3. romanoff

    It is easy to pack and easy to light. This is one that I had planned on cellaring for retirement years. You can learn a lot from this tobacco namely because it sets a benchmark.

  4. checkerwizard

    Quality Virginia with a mildly applied plum flavour. Did you steal it Bert? Using a black stain I redid the rusticated areas and then with a dark brown stain I went over the rest of the bowl. The depth and craggyness is reminiscent of a Dunhill I own.

  5. missx

    Here, I should throw in the warning that it is best to handle Royal Yacht while wearing gloves, kind of like when handling Habernero peppers, though the damage done to bare fingers by Haberneros is nothing as painful as from RY!!! Good luck finding a review stating otherwise. The e-books market in the country may almost double this year to as much as 1 billion rubles… Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers. No matter which pipe i have smoked RY in, it always delivered the same spectacular result. The burn qualities are very, VERY good, leaving the oft promised fine white ash, and delivering voluminous plumes of grey-bluish smoke.

  6. konupaumep

    If you love to imagine and feel unique, it is time to sail in the Royal Yacht. The room aroma is heavy and natural and seems unwanted my most non-smokers indoors.

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